a levon


Here’s a background tutorial that was intended to hand out to the painters on Over the Garden Wall…I’m actually not sure if I ever did (maybe German or Levon can chime in on this) Anyway, I whipped this up super fast in the early days of pre-production and it might be of interest or help to some aspiring digital painters out there. 

EDIT: It was just pointed out to me that there’s a missing step 8…that was a typo in the original document…sorry about that.


This is Levon. He’s 7, has googly eyes and the smallest paws on the planet, and LOVES his wubba.

He likes to scream and pee on things you leave on the floor of the laundry room, but we love him all the same.

WISHING MY HONEY A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a superrr fun one!!

 You always do so much for me, I don’t even know where to begin ack- I’m happy every year I can celebrate how much you mean to me like this (w-we didnt have a new PF chara this year huh!!) ENJOY OPENING YOUR GIFTS! catch wait to catch up with a date again soon! take care and hope you can have a good rest from your busy!! Will always rooting for you waifuu~! Thanks for being everything you are to me!