a level results day

To everyone who got results today, I am so proud of you. No matter what you got, you deserve a treat, so don’t forget to treat yourself. Two years ago I ate approximately my own body weight in food at this point.

Results Day Tomorrow!

Here is a collection of resources for you to look through in preparation for the A-Level results day tomorrow.

Please remember that while I’ll strive to answer every results day question I receive before 10pm, I will be at work for most of the day so they will be only be answered during breaks/when I get home.

YouCanUCASToo Ask Box

Ask your questions here, but don’t forget to check out the tag first (see below) to check if there’s already an answer.

Results Day 2013 Tag on YouCanUCASToo

This could be useful to see what sorts of things people were asking this time last year, and could hold the answer to your question!

Clearing/Adjustment Places List

Found yourself in clearing? It’s not so bad! Have a look through all the places available, and the resources here, and have a good think.


For everything clearing. I am working a clearing hotline this year, so this will likely continue to be added to with some more in depth information.

Adjustment Advice Post

For all you lucky folks who get better results than expected and want to have a browse at some courses with higher entry requirements,

Admissions Stories

Just some words from people who didn’t quite have a smooth transition into university, but for whom it worked out anyway.

Some further illumination on this most terrifying of days

I got into my first choice of the University of Sheffield to study Music, sooo…

(I’ve had that gif saved up for a year but now I CAN USE IT)

 I got BBB for Music, History, and English Language, which is a grade lower than what they asked for me (which kinda sucks because I thought my exams went much better than that), but I still got in so I’m happy.

Now I can watch Knighthouse Day on Emma Approved with a peace of mind I have not felt for YEARS.

I hate how fast Thursday is approaching.

I have that horrible, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach like how I used to have constantly while at college. I’ve felt better than I ever have since I finished for summer but now results day is on Thursday and I have that feeling back and all I wanna do is lay in bed and do nothing but watch TV Shows, movies and read books to escape.

My entire future rides on Thursday. Either I go to University and do Film and TV with American Studies and fulfil my passions for another 3 years and hopefully make new friends and make my life a hell of a lot better… or I don’t get in to University and I have to get a dumbfuck job I hate and get shitty wages for god knows how long.

I’m not one of those people who say “oh I’m not gonna do well” and then end up with amazing grades… no… I genuinely won’t get good grades because my social anxiety and depression made this year HELL for me. It sucks because I know I’m smart but my anxiety has made me out to be someone I’m not and my grades have suffered for that. My entire future has suffered for that.

If I don’t get into Uni I’ll never forgive myself for not getting the help I needed. I let myself get to rock bottom and it’ll be my fault if I don’t get in.

I’m just hoping some miracle happens and I just about scrape up the amount of UCAS points I need. I don’t know how that’ll happen but I hope my love and passion and hard work for my Film Studies class has bumped me up enough because I know in my other classes I’ve done shit.

  • One Day More
  • Les Miserables
  • Les Miserable

Tomorrow we’ll be far away,
Tomorrow is the judgement day
Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!

This goes out to all of you waiting for results day.

2015 = my year to America.

I was looking through my course details for American Studies (and Film & TV Studies) and it says in my second year at Uni I can go to a partnered American University to study for a whole semester and then stay on for the summer if I wanted.

My great grandad promised me that if I got into Uni then he’d help pay for my flight.

I can choose between - Michigan, Indiana, New Hampshire and Virginia.

My life long dream is finally in reach… I can’t even believe this.