14th May 2016 – I’ve had a couple of days of relaxing a bit more which in retrospect wasn’t such a good idea (film exam in 3 days!) so I’m brushing up on my poetry and then will move onto film. Good luck everyone! 🌸🍑



I had work today and I’m quite ill so I haven’t done much in terms of studying, but I did manage to compile a file of all the past AQA fp3 polar coordinates questions before work, so I’m just working through that now. Hopefully I can finish most of the questions today and then go over some other topics tomorrow. Only 4 days left till my FP3 exam now… 😥




Woke up a little early so I’m getting a bit of chemistry revision done before school! Don’t really have much time for chemistry revision at the moment with my further pure 3 exam being so close but I do try to do get some chem done here and there so as to retain information in my mind!

I have my LNAT tomorrow so just doing the last Practice Test in this book and going over my essays and making flash cards on key things to put in different essays, if they come up tomorrow. Super nervous and multiple choice is nerving me out 😬😖