a letter from a friend font


Troian Bellisario currently has only 2 tattoos.

Troian’s first tatoo is the word “Soeur”, meaning “Sister” in French in a script font on her left foot. She got the tattoo along with her best friend (and co-star) Lulu Brud at Shamrock Social Club on October 27, 2015. I believe they both got matching tattoos (since they both got tattoos on their foot), as a celebration of Lulu’s birthday. 

On October 27, 2016, Troian, along with Sasha, Janel, Lucy, Ashley and Shay, visited Shamrock Social Club during the night to get a finger tattoo. Each one of the girls got the first letter of their character from Pretty Little Liars’ name and a full stop tattooed on their fingers. Troian got an “S” for for Spencer on the proximal of her right index finger. The idea of the tattoo is that it’s only seen when the person raises their index finger to do a “Shh” motion and is a tribute to PLL - as each of the girls do a “Shh” at the end of the theme song.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

So I just recently started reading the Harry Potter series and I absolutely fell in love with it. I started reading it after a good friend of mine, who is obsessed with it, recommended it so to show her my appreciation I made her a little gift.

I spent several hours trying to actually figure out what the letter looked like but I ended up just typing the whole thing up myself.

(For letter- Font: Baskerville Old Face Size: 15 Italics)

I printed the customized letter, the supply list, and the envelope

The supply list is pretty easy to just find on the internet.

Because my handwriting is awful, I opened the envelope file in Publisher and I filled in the ‘To’ and 'From’ slots so I wouldn’t actually have to write it.

I recommend printing everything on cardstock. Regular printer paper rips too easily when wet and cardstock looks more official. 

I cut out the envelope and the seal from the template before staining. 

To stain the paper I poured brewed coffee into a baking pan and fully submerged each piece of paper (how long they were submerged didn’t seem to affect the color) then laid them out to dry on some paper towels. You can place them in the microwave for anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds incase you need them to dry quickly.

Once everything is dry I folded up the envelope accordingly and folded each sheet of paper in half 3 times (make sure the folds are crisp especially if using cardstock!!)

Once I fit everything into the envelope I used real sealing wax and placed the paper seal on top but it you can’t do that, you can use regular glue or double sided sticky tape to secure it shut.

 The envelope template is not mine however I found it to be the easiest and best looking template to use.