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Easy Moving Platform (WIP)

I’m going to start putting together some real useful scripts to help speed up the level design process and then sell them on the Asset Store.

Here’s the first one in action, a tool that lets you quickly set up a moving platform and its path options.

You can quickly and easily build a pathway of nodes by duplicating gameobjects and moving them, then you can adjust the platform’s movement direction, looping, overall speed, speed type (constant or lerp) and speed per node.

It’s a little janky at the moment but it was fun to put together and learn how to do some more Editor Scripting while I was at it.

If you’re interested, keep tabs on this blog. I’ll let you know when the full kit is available to purchase!

The roman numerals there– it’s either <<<MDCCCXXXIII>>> or <<<MDC<CXXXIII>>>. (Like, so, it’s maybe MDC?CXXXIII or ???MDC?CXXXIII???). If it’s the first then it’s <<<1833>>> and if it’s the second it’s <<<1600<133>>>. Given that they’re calling Crystal Tokyo Era’s kingdom the Silver Millennium again – or at least it was called such in the Kodansha translation of the manga from 2003 – there could be a 1000 involved in there somewhere. what the hell is the significance of this number or these numbers?

If it’s indicative of a year, let’s go from using 2014 as when Usagi started being Sailor Moon at 14, which makes her born in 2000. 2022 would be when she took the throne, making 3022 the thousandth year of her reign, and if this is supposed to be 1000 years after the modern-day events in the Black Moon arc, it’s 3014 in Crystal Tokyo. If Chibiusa is 900 that year, it would have meant she was born in 2114. 

1600 + 133 = 1733. But that’s a <, not a +. Is it a separator? It can’t be a less-than, because derp-a-lerp. If it’s brackets, the brackets are unbalanced and there are extra brackets on each side anyway.

3022 - 1600 is 1422, which is 14 (moon) and 22 (queen). 3014 - 1600 is 1414. Meh. 

There’s a lot of fucking numbers I could mess with but there’s really no reason for any of them. 1833 is only a thing if that < is actually a C but why would it be a C if all the others look like Cs and that looks like a <?

In 1833, the United Kingdom abolished slavery, and Alfred Nobel was born… but like, wtf that makes no sense either. IDK.

Is there something super obvious I’m missing?

The amount of detail everywhere else in the picture means that it can’t just be random BS. 

I have been trying to outsource this to a friend of mine and she actually may have hit it on the nose. Musical compositions from 1833 include one by Chopin, who was a huge troll, just like King Endymion. Chopin is also the kind of music Mamoru would, in fact, listen to. 

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocturnes,_Op._15_(Chopin)#Nocturne_in_G_minor.2C_Op._15.2C_No._3:

Chopin originally entitled this nocturne “At the cemetery” when he composed it a day after he attended a performance of Hamlet, but erased the inscription when the piece was to be printed, saying: “Let them work it out for themselves.”

You can listen to this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTfeTJME7-I – it is of course sad and sometimes violent. 

Really though I have no idea but this is fun. Hi I’m a nerd.


This little spider is living inside a lerp made by a psyllid (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) of the genus Lasiopsylla. If you look closely you can see the ‘weave’ of the lerp; that is the woven strands of plant-based exudate used by the psyllid (not the spider) to build a house in which to live.

Sometimes when you build a house you need to be able to defend it. Perhaps the spider found its was into the lerp and consumed the inhabitat/s. Alternatively, the spider found a lerp that had been already vacated by parasites - like wasps - who’d already consumed the psyllids. The wasps leave distinctive exit holes in the lerps which act as convenient entries for others.

A ready made house perhaps with plenty of takeaway nearby.

One of the Many Little House-Sitting Things!

how 2 game juice 👌

Last updated: 23.5.2016

  • screenshake, zooming, tilting, wiggling/wobbling (hand-held camera)
  • tweening (don’t be afraid to use lerp, sometimes it looks good, when in doubt, a += (b - a) * .1), numeric springing
  • make stuff that doesn’t have to be static dynamic - like decoration and backgrounds
  • post-fx - filters, shaders, overlays… go wild (moderately)
  • 60 fps, please
  • randomisation everywhere! - sound pitching, different sfx variations (where it’s suitable), particle effects, colour tinting, names for stuff, dialogue, game over screens… again, just go wild with stuff you can’t possibly break gameplay with
  • audio panning (3D sound)
  • pretty UI elements - score interpolation (have a separate variable that slowly tweens to actual score and draw that), you can also prepend zeroes to it (this works best if you use a monospace font)…
  • speaking of fonts, use your own if you’re trying to include yourself more into your games
  • transitions (fade in/out, etc… DON’T MAKE STUFF STOP MOVING IN-BETWEEN TRANSITIONS, IT BREAKS THE IMMERSION), this also applies to audio, don’t just suddenly stop your music/ambience
  • procedurally generated stuff can be awesome if you know what you’re doing
  • choose a colour scheme and/or palette and stick to it
  • audio/visual cues are better than tons of text

Basically, the bare minimum you need is tweening and variations.

And sin(). USE SIN().

Feel free to add to this list, I can’t think of anything else right now.

Stuff to watch:


Today is Pyslli-Day…lerp forming Psyllidae.

Psyllids are tiny little bugs - true bugs, Hemiptera. Many are free-living, going about their daily lives crawling about on leaves and the like. Some make houses, sometimes galls, sometimes lerps. These are lerps, the lerp makers, and in the second image, lerp-tending Crematogaster ants. Lerps, composed of plant exudates, often sugary or starchy, are common on gum trees (Eucalyptus & Corymbia) here in Melbourne, Australia.

They are common on many genera of plants in many parts of the world, but here in Australia by far the most species are found on the eucalpyts.

Psyllids are often quite species specific in terms of the relationship between the host plant and the species of psyllid that feeds and produces the lerp, on it. The final image shows a lerp of Eucalyptolyma maideni. This species is found on two Corymbia species, C. citriodora (the lovely lemon scented gum) and C. maculata (spotted gum). Both these species are widely planted as garden plants in Australia and further afield and their pysllids have often traveled with them as far afield as California, for example.

They are, by the way, delicious - some like Glycaspis, better than others…

Some of the Many Little Sweet Things.

August 1, 2016 - Helmeted Honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops cassidix)

A subspecies of the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, these birds are only found in a small portion of the forests of southern Victoria, Australia. They feed on nectar, invertebrates, and sap, but the majority of their diet is made up of lerps (crystalized honeydew created as protective coverings by insect larvae, found on Eucalyptus trees). Pairs defend breeding territories, which are grouped into neighborhoods. If one is invaded, the neighboring birds will help to drive away the intruder. Both males and females care for the chicks. Helmeted Honeyeaters are critically endangered. While conservation efforts have shown some success, as of 2014, their population was estimated at around 130 individuals.

I’ve been absent for about two months, and I had some people worried about me, so I thought I’d post a quick note to let everyone know that all is well. I’m really sorry to have vanished without warning, but I had something come up that took me offline pretty suddenly. Everything is ok though, so no worries! It’s nothing bad, and nope, nothing online peeved me off or anything. I just had some life stuff come up. Lerp de derp.

Sorry again to anyone who was worried, and thank you so much to everyone who sent me Christmas wishes! Christmas was sort of weird for me this year, so it meant a lot. :) 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! <3