a leprechaun


The museum wasn’t busy that afternoon - there was only the faint murmur of the few tourists as they chatted softly to each other and made their way around the various exhibits. 

Ember: This place is huge. 

Ang, Orion and Em stood on the second floor, looking out to the main lobby. There were another three floors above them, each of them a different gallery. 

Orion: It is…Ang, you know the plan? 

Ang: Course I do leprechaun. 

Orion: … Just do your job. 

Ember: And what exactly is our job? 

She may have said that a little two loudly as Orion gave her a glare and put a finger to his lips.


this will FOREVER be my fave homestuck animatic 

Dark’s voice in fanfiction: “His voice deep and gravelly, yet sophisticated and enthralling, luring people in like a deadly siren, etc.”

 Anti’s voice in fanfiction: “w͠h̢at t͘e͜ f҉ook d̶o y̢e ҉wa̵nt t̴h̶is̕ ̛ty͞me ͘ya͢ ̵ars̵e͜ piec̵e͟ of shi̸te̵? foo҉kin͡'͞ ͞c͟irc͞l̡e̢ş ̀i͠ tel̸l ya͞,̷ ̡jeasu͝s͝ ͘chri̢st͏🔪🔪🍀”

I am SO happy with how this came out!!! I hope @wiishu looks beautiful enough! I really do enjoy G/t stuff and thought this might be a funny idea with those jokes about Jack being a leprechaun and the little reference to the “Whose More Likley…” video. :3 

 It’s the beginning of March and spring is on it’s way, and with it LOVE! XD These two are just the best together and I really look up to Wiishu has a fellow artist. This is my first time drawing her, but definitely not my last.

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