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A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 35: Letter | A Reylo Fanfic

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Chapter summary: It is always darkest before dawn.

Chapter Preview: 

Rey had believed in fairytales as a child. She had believed in Love at First Sight, had wanted it for herself. She’d dreamed of finding her Prince Charming, eyes wide open late into the night in the suffocating heat of her tiny room, daydreaming of the day her prince would come save her. Or anyone. She would have been happy with anyone coming to save her, royal title or otherwise. It hadn’t even needed to be a prince, in her head. Just… someone. She would have killed to have somebody express affection for her.

Author’s note: I TOLD Myself I wouldn’t update late at night. I lied. Enjoy. 


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[30] Naked – The Next World, 6x10

I want to personally thank Andy ‘Ricky Dicky Doo Dah Grimes’ Clutterbuck and My Girl Danai Gurira for their unyielding dedication to their craft. Their performances here as Post-Coital Couple #1 are truly unparalleled. As if the kiss wasn’t enough to make my head explode, this quick little follow-up scene just about finished me off. Every detail of the frame has been carefully constructed to kill me. Hand placements. Leg positions. Mostly hand placements. One hand in particular. Ass man, as established in… err, almost every episode?

Any argument that Rick and Michonne will be softened by their relationship is swiftly addressed here. Even at their most vulnerable – asleep and naked – they are ready to leap into action and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Look at this couple of warriors turning into a warrior couple.  

  • Andy: It’s great. Two warriors, two warrior lovers. Bring it on! […] The final scene was supposed to be a little more demure. Danai and I just said, “The audience has seen us have a kiss. Then, there’s this reveal of us in bed. The only way we’re going to up this ante and make it real is we’ve got to be naked. We wouldn’t hide under sheets. We’d go for the gun and katana.” We wanted viewers to know nothing’s changed. They’re just ferocious.
  • Tom Payne: So Danai and Andy get up out of bed. First of all, she’s pointing her sword at my face and worrying about me looking. I’m like, “I’m just looking at the sword because I don’t wanna lose my eye.” And then Kari comes in and says, “Can you look Andy up and down and then smile at him?” I’m like, “No!” There was a moment where I was like, “Yeah, maybe I’ll do that…” but Andy was completely naked in front of me. 
  • Danai: It was fun. It was very bonding and, ultimately, we had a great time that evening. 

Raise your hand if you absolutely like fire loved younger, still-hopeful Barry reaming out older hopeless Barry for abandoning everybody.

It was just terribly satisfying to see Barry recognize that tendency in himself and say loud and clear, “That is not okay. You need to do better for the people who are still here. Even if Iris isn’t here, you need to be the man she loved.”

Reverend Jonas Nightingale; The Miracle Man

So, I was going to post a text post about: “If you ever want to feel like a magician, blow bubbles for a child who can’t." And, well… I immediately thought of good ole Reverend Nightingale.

Canon Character: Jonas Nightingale, from Leap of Faith.
OCs: Townsfolk; school-teacher Maryann and her daughter, Suzy.

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No warnings, maybe a profanity somewhere.
Actually, if you don’t like my typical pseudo-dark take on the smarmy Reverend, you’ll probably fancy this one much more.

For @yourtropegirl ‘s Raúl Esparza Appreciation Week.

Suzy was desperate, but no more desperate than anyone else in their town. The adults thought whispering could hide the woes- it did no good; little ears heard all, and discussed with their peers at recess. Their city was going down, crops were dying, the dinners had become smaller and sweets more scarce. Daddies were going far out of town to find work, and Mommies were crying after they read bedtime stories. 

But, at this very moment, Suzy was desperate for more than cash, rain, or corn, or anything else all those droll adults spoke about after they were supposed to be asleep. She was nearly out of breath, hands sticky, and a smile plastered across her face.

Little Suzy was in a hurry; a rush to see if this miracle could give her something she hadn’t seen in too long- her mother’s smile.

"Momma!” At the sight of her mother with other gossiping women, Suzy came barreling down the street, momentum bringing her crashing into the skirts of a woman in blue, who bent benevolently at the waist to catch her fall. “Momma, there’s a new man in town!”

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How to Become Sticky With Parachutes

Wonderful seismographs
leaping out of a half-eaten sandwich
projecting from the wooden spoon coming out of your wrist,
coming out of your arm, which is part of the esoteric whole
of you. Let’s sink into this tea and think about all the art
we could make together, if you would move in with me.

art by Colleen Mcculla


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Apparently the disturbance in the water at the beginning is called a footprint. More:

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Félicié, Victor and Camille from “Ballerina/Leap” (2016) as teenagers! :D Victor is a little too close to the ground, but I imagine that he is on his knees. ;P  Totally recommend the movie! It´s beautiful!!

Watch the making of these images HERE!