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Greatest Gay Lovers: Alexander the Great x Hephaestion

Alexander III of Macedon son of King Philip II, would grow up to be the worlds greatest military commander.

By the age of age of 18, he brought down the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Conquered most of the known world by the age of 33. While never losing a battle.

As a child Alexander had a passion for philosophy. He attended lectures at Mieza, tutor by Aristotle. While there he would meet Hephaestion. Who would later become the 2nd most powerful man in Alexander’s empire. As well as Alexander’s life long lover and confidant.

Their tutor Aristotle described the friendship as “one soul abiding in two bodies”.

Alexander would describe his relationship with Hephaestion, to that of Achilles and Patroclus. Who are said to be lovers by Plato and Aeschylus.

Robin Lane Fox, wrote: “Already the two were intimate, Patroclus and Achilles even to those around them; the comparison would remain to the end of their days and is proof of their life as lovers…”

In 324 BC, Hephaestion contracted typhoid. Hearing the news Alexander rushed to be at his side but by the time he arrived, Hephaestion passed away.

Plutarch says ”…Alexander’s grief was uncontrollable, he flung himself on the body of his friend and lay there nearly all day long in tears, and refused to be parted from him until he was dragged away by force by his companions.“

Arrian states ”…for two whole days after Hephaestion’s death Alexander tasted no food and paid no attention in any way to bodily needs, but lay on his bed now crying lamentably, now in the silence of grief.“

Alexander cut his hair short in mourning, this last a poignant reminder of Achilles’ last gift to Patroclus on his funeral pyre: Arrian states ”… he laid the lock of hair in the hands of his beloved companion, and the whole company was moved to tears.“

Long after Alexander own death one philosopher wrote, Alexander was only defeated once and that was by Hephaestion’s thighs.

oh but they were experts on women. if she’s on her headphones just talk to her, she’ll like your confidence. if she’s walking, she likes the compliments you give her. she’s at a bar because she wants to sleep with you, she’s just playing hard to get, keep pushing. women don’t like nice men, women like leaders. women don’t like gentle, they like being beaten. what’s the deal with this women’s march! it’s not like they’ve got anything wrong with them - it’s worse elsewhere, after all, isn’t it, than inside this land of freedom. no women have been president just because they’re not right for the job, obviously. women aren’t good at science, is all, that’s why they won’t make money. it’s just that women are emotional, bad drivers, aren’t really aware of what they want for their bodies. what if they cut those tubes and later realize they want kids! don’t even talk to me about how sad it is when a woman doesn’t have a uterus - or else disgusting, and vile, and she should be ashamed of it - you know, it’s what makes them women. but seriously though why don’t they just hold in their periods. i’m not joking! why should birth control be free? if you don’t want pregnancy, don’t get pregnant! the body has ways of preventing that. women don’t have anything to be upset about, what was even the message of the march?

the voice of a woman: we are upset about a lot. the violence, the discrediting, the constant backlash of society. that a man’s life means so much more than a woman’s life that a legitimately convicted rapist was given a shorter sentence for fear it might ruin his life to have committed the crime, rather than destroy hers. who cares about hers.

the voice of a man, again, louder, and on repeat: but i don’t care! listen to my voice! i’m an expert! i’m on t.v.! who cares what she says! just listen to me!

au where sokka is trans because in the water tribe it’s not so much about your genitals say as it is about what your heart says.

traditionally, in the southern water tribe the women are the benders, healers, spiritual leaders, and homemakers. the men are the warriors and hunters. most children spend time with the men and the women to decide which part of village life they’d like to partake in. and sokka, well he’s always wanted to be a warrior just like his dad.

none of the gaang ever really talk about it. katara is used to the concept. aang doesn’t care because they had a similar concept in the air nomads. toph really doesn’t give a shit and actually really likes the idea that sokka chose to be masculine.


Bayard Rustin - The Gay Civil Rights Leader

Bayard Rustin was the heart and soul of the black civil rights movement in the United States, He was Martin Luther King Jr.s chef organizer, the pioneer of nonviolent resistance, and the man behind the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, during which Dr.King delivered his momentous and influential “I Have a Dream” speech. Rustin’s open homosexuality was contentious, and to this day his impact on the American landscape is all too often overlooked.

Eight years ago today,
I walked into my second grade classroom
and didn’t know what my teacher was showing on the projector.
I didn’t know what the word “inauguration” meant,
or what the words our new president spoke really meant.
I’d heard the words liberty and justice for all.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
All men are created equal.
And that is what I learned to associate with America.
Today, I know what is happening.
I know what an inauguration is,
and I know what those words really mean.
I know that they don’t mean what our reality currently is.
And I am scared for the second graders of today.
The second graders of today who are learning
that liberty and justice for all doesn’t mean much
to our new leader.
Who are learning that maybe all men all created equal,
but all women and all immigrants and all
people of color and all disabled people and
all religions and so many others
are not given the same chances.
When you have to sit down and tell a bunch of
nine year old children that they have to be
bigger and stronger inside than
the leader of the free word-
that’s a problem.
And I’m scared for all the second graders of today.
—  of life and liberty // c.r.h.

That quote from the Rogue One novelization is actually in the middle of a really interesting (at least to me) passage:

“Pray I get a chance to work,” Cassian murmured, but both men seemed to ignore him.
Chirrut stopped his chant abruptly. “It bothers him,” he said, “because he knows it is possible.”
Chirrut’s partner laughed again. The sound was brief and ugly, but Chirrut only shrugged and told Cassian, “Baze Malbus was once the most devoted Guardian of us all.”
Baze Malbus. Cassian ran the name through his mental database and came up empty. “Now he’s just your guardian?” he asked.
Neither man took the bait. Cassian ran his hands over his face, scratched at his beard. Both of the Guardians were formidable fighters, to be sure; and Chirrut, Jedi or not, half mad or overzealous or sincere, was an echo of an era the Empire had nearly erased.

Even the leaders of the Rebellion rarely spoke about the Jedi. Had men like Chirrut been common? Men so certain in their faith that they wielded it like a shield? Men so disciplined that, even blind, they could down a dozen stormtroopers with nothing more than a stick?
How many people were alive to remember?
Before the rise of the Empire, Cassian would have considered the Jedi his enemies. But he’d been so young, too young to understand who he’d been fighting or who he’d been fighting for. Now the Separatists were as forgotten as their Jedi foes.
“Why did you save us?” he asked.
“Maybe I only saved her,” Chirrut said.
Cassian grunted. “I’m beginning to think the Force and I have different priorities.”
“Relax, Captain,” Chirrut answered. “We’ve been in worse cages than this one.”
“Yeah? Well, this is a first for me.”
“There is more than one sort of prison, Captain,” Chirrut said. “I sense that you carry yours wherever you go.”
Baze laughed again, but there was no boisterousness this time—just a coarse, hollow sound.
Cassian frowned and turned back to the lock and the cavern. It was some minutes later that he realized no one had told Chirrut he was a captain.

It’s interesting to me for several reasons, actually:

1. Background information hints and character development for Baze! So what precisely made him lose his faith? Was it Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, or something else altogether?

2. The whole “now he’s just your guardian” line can totally be interpreted in a shippy fashion if one so desires. Which I do.

3. It discusses the perception of Jedi long post-Order 66. We can see that they’re all but myths by now, even to many of those who were alive when they existed.

4. I find it fascinating that apparently the Separatists are as forgotten as the Jedi, considering what a huge impact the Clone Wars had on the SW universe and its inhabitants. Then again, I suppose they want to forget it all, and I’m sure the Empire is more than happy to oblige…

5. “[…] the Force and I have different priorities.” Enough said. I love discussion of the Force and its nature, and this really ties into some of my thoughts on this subject – as does Chirrut’s death scene, for that matter.

6. Cassian background hints and character development and angst!!

7. That hint of the supernatural at the end. Did the Force tell Chirrut that Cassian was a captain or did he merely pick it up from being observant/overhearing something in an earlier scene? (Of course, one can also argue that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.) I like that the novelization leaves the interpretation up to us.

fuck this i’ll stan every single character in check please and none of y'all can stop me

jack zimmermann? a comedic genius, an icon for the ages, biggest heart in the world

shitty knight? truly the definition of a bro, always has your back, while somehow managing to give off hot dad vibes

eric bittle? actually the softest boy to ever exist, sweeter than the pies he bakes

justin oluransi? ride or die, 10/10 would recommend being his friend, too beautiful to comprehend

adam birkholtz? terrible table manners, flawless manners in all other areas, jaw cut from marble

the zimmermanns? love their son unconditionally, are invested in his life, obviously learned from their past mistakes

larissa duan? no judgement ever, fully supportive, ring leader of the chaos that is samwell men’s hockey and somehow manages to be graceful while doing it


Upcoming comics X-Men: Gold and X-Men: Blue will be led by Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey, respectively.

X-Men: Gold will be written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ardian Syaf. The phase-shifting Kitty Pryde at long-last will become an X-Men team leader, whose squad includes Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Rachel Grey.

X-Men: Blue will be written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina. The roster will consist of the five original, time-displaced X-Men: leader Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel. The twist? With Professor X dead, their mentor will be the greatest enemy of their time, Magneto.