a late submission that i just got to

We won?

So this is from a second campign of mine. in it we are on the run from a lych king trying to go on this quest to gain the powers to defeat him. i missed one session and so next session i find out we have a ring of limited wishes. they decide since i didnt get a wish last time they’ll hand over the last wish to me.

Me: Ok so i doubt this’ll work but.. i wish that Lych asshole never existed. but thats dumb so let me think of a real wis-

DM: *rolls for it*…what the fuck

Me: what?

DM: *rolls again and laughs* YOU GOT 20 TWENTIES IN A ROW!

Me: wait what!? W-wait can i change my wish!

DM: to late you already said i wish!

Time and space begin to break apart


Druid: ok from now on no one let him make aby decisions

Me: ok fuck you guys i just saved the day


Me: but i beat the lych

My team now hates me

determinedduality submitted:                        

“No Memma, go find Becky”

((Probably out of character but after all the nonsense with Memma and Choco happening lately I just lost control of my pencil.  This was also because I got dared to do it. 


Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

Waiting for our final player

Our final player is known for always being a little late, though to be fair everyone else did arrive rather early that night. In boredom, our Dreamer decided to seduce our NPC Warlock (previously and once again being played by me once again just for a couple sessions)

Dreamer (OOC): I roll to seduce the warlock. *Rolls a 16 on the die*
DM: Make a will save.
Me: *Rolls and stares at the die*
Dreamer (OOC): You got a 1 didn’t you?
Me: Yep.
DM: You two had such an epic night that history called it “The Duel of Whirlpools”.

not too far off from reality, really...

i wanted to get breakfast before class. So I needed to get food, and head over to class before 11. So here I am, getting food ready when I’m coming across all kinds of adventure set up things… I noped out of them like someone with other shit to do because I don’t want to go on adventures, I want to eat. 

Next thing I know, I’m infiltrating some sort of bad guy convention with someone on my phone like “Stop these dudes. They’re bad.”  It’s 3 PM. I’m starving. I didn’t want to go on an adventure in the first place… so I did the very sensible thing and just got face down on the ground and groaned until I woke up too late to actually get food for my actual 11 am class.

@siblean-and-others submitted: Mod(Sibby): I was super bored and saw your crop top pictures and got modivated with your art to draw something! (Might be a little late lol) but I just drew what I think is boyfriend shorts and fishnet of course to finish the picture! 😄 and got a sorta stripper idea for that lol

ahh !!!

HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH!! Hope you’re having a good one! I don’t know if it’s late or not but here!

Don’t worry, I totally saw this fantastic drawing the minute you submitted it!!!! Wasn’t late at the time!! :DDDD it’s so nicely crafted and lined!!! Her poof is AMAZING. And omg you got her colors so perfect and exact?!! LIKE HOW is this so fantastic???? Thank you so much for this beautiful gift, darling!!!! I love this so much EEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

hi just out of curiosity, u do reblog stories right? so if i wanna write one for u i don't need to submit it?

Wow I am so late answering this I’m sorry! Yeah, I do reblog stories, but you’ve got to message me the link because I’m pretty unlikely to see it otherwise.

I don't get it maybe you all can help...

So I’m a manager and as trained when making schedules when someone is not working up to par or comes in late or leaves early (all the time) the first thing we do is cut your hours. If you ask why you get your hours back (most of the time depending on your boss). It shows you care about your job and you want to know what your doing wrong and want to fix it. If you don’t ask it shows you don’t give a fuck and usually are the first to go.

I don’t get why nobody asks why their hours got cut in the submissions unless you are asking but not putting that….. Idk is it just me being an odd ball

anonymous asked:

When will the face of hambury return from war *sob*

stares in sadly through the window

IM STILL HERE… IM STILL HERE…….. life has just been hectic lately (trying to get my shit together) BUT I THINK I’VE ALMOST GOT IT SO I’LL BE BACK SOON!!! VERY SOON!!! I’LL COME BACK TO YOU!! ALL OF YOU!!! (REACHES ARMS OUT AND CRIES)


also i got a ton of submissions/got tagged in a bunch of stuff while i was gone so when i’m free again i’ll be posting those!!! sorry @ the submitters/taggers if it seemed like i was ignoring you or i missed ur submission/post, but i want to put a long comment on all the stuff you submitted!! i feel bad when all i write is like “omg cool!” or “thank you!” JCHGJCF

i’ll be back soon!! thank you for your patience!!

for-the-love-of-dean  asked:

Hiya Kimmy! I was wondering if you are still accepting porn gif drabble submissions, I realize that I am incredibly late to the party but adulting got in the way lol. If you aren't taking them anymore, I completely understand.



Yes, they are still open. I’m not writing them until the middle of this week, so there’s still plenty of time. Please excuse my shouting, I’m just excited about it, lol.


Fate of the Fallen (Fan Theory)

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t done Theory Thursday in a long time, but I just got a really detailed speculation submission! Hopefully this’ll hold you guys over until I can get through my behemoth of an inbox. Anyway, without further ado, here is the submitted theory!

How did the 6 humans die? This is a theory I started shortly after the release of Part 15 late at night. After weeks, I concluded my ask about it was eaten. Now with new information in Part 19, I'm determined motivated to restart this.

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