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American Teen

American Teen part 1

Sam Holland x Reader

I know this is trash but Khalid is my baby daddy rn and this was inspired by his song American Teen from his album

And this was also 100% inspired by @lovelyimagines and her Harry Holland fics so please read them

And guys btw I know the song lyrics should be in italics but I use my phone and it wont put the italics in when I copy and paste🤷🏻‍♀️
You were standing behind the register at your local bookstore. Your mom was close with all the local businesses so she got you a job there. It was all you could ask for in a job, never really busy or crowded. And you got to read all the books you could for free.

One day you were reading an old copy of The Outsiders when a large group of people came in. You could tell they were a family.

“Hello” you smiled at them

“Hello!” The woman said. She had an accent that was foreign to you.

“How are you folks today?” You asked stepping out from behind the counter.

“Oh just wonderful darling thank you” she said. “I’m looking for Chaos Walking do you have the books?” She asked.

You shook your head and waved at them to follow you. You knew exactly where they were. You’d finished them in a little over a week and put them in a display for the suggested young adult reads. Instead of the whole family following you a tall freckled boy followed you. You saw his cheeks turn bright red when you flashed a smile his way. And boy was he cute.

“Here ya go” you said pointing to the display.

“Thank you” his eyes roamed your body. Not in a sexual way but you knew he was looking for your name.

“Y/N” you smiled.

“Sam” he said.

Both of you walked back to the front and he handed you the books. You could tell he was looking at you as you rang them up.

“33 dollars and 60 cents will be your total today”

“Love do you have a 50?” The woman said looking through her wallet.

“I do mum” Sam said. He handed you the bill and his mom slapped his arm. He flinched and you giggled.

“Don’t take that darling here” the older man who you assumed was his father handed you a twenty, ten and a five. You handed Sam his money back and finished ringing them up. The woman was looking at the pamphlets at the front.

“Sam look there a poetry club here” the woman said.

“I don’t write mum”

“Don’t mean you can’t come” you chimed in. His mom smiled and agreed.

“There’s even a piano here Sammy” his father said looking around.

“Cool” the younger boy said running over to it.

“Don’t touch it unless you ask” Sam said.

“You’re fine” you said. You handed Sam the bag of books.

“You know” you began. “There’s a party going on tonight at the cliff. It’s for my brothers birthday and you should come”

He blushed and looked down giving a big smile.

“Are you asking me on a date?”

“N-“ you were taken back a little. “Yes” you shoulders straightened out and you stood up more.

“Okay I’ll go” he made grabby hands at you. You handed him your phone.

“Could you at least unlock it?” He turned the phone to you. You placed your thumb on the home screen unlocking it. He did the same for you. The two of you exchanged numbers and they left.

You couldn’t stop thinking about him and you hoped he couldn’t stop thinking about you.

Living a good life full of good vibes
My eyes are on the grey skies
Saying I don’t want to come home tonight

You began to doubt he was even going to come when you felt your phone vibrate in your hands.

“Hello?!” You answered quickly.

“I’m here but I don’t see you” he sounded confused. You stood up on your tippy toes and looked around. Finally you saw him standing on the outskirts of the party. You waved and he waved back. You ended the phone call and ran toward him.

“Hey” he said giving you a hug.

“I was doubting you’d even show up Sam” you looked up at him. His freckles looked like star constatations and it kinda turned you on.

“I’d never leave a pretty girl hanging” he shrugged his shoulders and you two broke out into laughter. He was awkward but it was okay because you were too.

Yeah, and I’m high up, off what?
I don’t even remember
But my friend passed out in the Uber ride

The whole night consisted of beers and laughter as everyone danced their hearts out. Some people were drunk but you and Sam stayed clear of it. One beer was enough for you and him. You lead him to a bunch of rocks near the cliff over looking the lake.

“So, are you on vacation?” You asked sitting on the tallest rock. He wasn’t far behind you. He plopped himself down next to you and you handed him a soda.

“I’m actually looking at schools” he said opening it up. He took a sip and offered it to you. You shook your head and he cleaned the bottle laying it against a smaller rock nearby.

“Schools huh?” You said. He looked at you and you could swear his heart was about to beat out of his chest. He closed his eyes and leaned into you. You placed your lips onto his. They were soft yet rough. You placed your hand on his cheek and moved closer to him. Next thing you knew you were making out with the cute British boy from the book store.

Oh, I’m from the city of the 9-1-5
Where all the girls are pretty
And they’re down for the hype
All my boys are with me
Going up for the night
But who cares, who cares?

His hand were all over your body and you wanted him here and now and you knew he wanted you too.

“Y/N?” You heard someone calling. The two of you broke your kiss and looked around.

“Oh my god there you are!” Your friend came up a little to drunk for comfort.

“Yeah?” You said a little frustrated. Sam looked away a little embarrassed. You propped your self up on your elbows looking up at her.

“Your-hiccup- brother-hiccup- is loo-hiccup-king for you”. You rolled your eyes.

“for what” you whined.

“The happy birthday song!” She pleaded with you.

“Fine we’ll be there in a minute” you sighed. She stumbled away and you looked for Sam. He was already walking down the rocks on the opposite side of where your friend came.

“Sam wait!” You said running to catch up to him.

“I’m sorry” you said panting when you caught up to him.

“For what?” He down at you with a smile.

“My friend”

“No need to be sorry love I just needed to take a piss” he kissed your forehead. “I’ll be back, promise”

‘Cause this is our year
So wake me up in the spring
While I’m high off my American dream

You waited near the center of the party where Sam said he’d meet you. You assumed he got lost so you walked around looking for him.

“Looking for your boyfriend?” Your friend said. You jumped in fear

“God Ty you scared me” You said putting your hand over your heart.

“He left like 20 minutes ago Y/N sorry” he placed a hand on your shoulder. You were a little hurt by the fact he left you hanging. Exactly like he said he wouldn’t

We don’t always say what we mean
That’s the lie of an American Teen

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OMG PROMPTS ARE OPEN YAY!!! so, in hbp, first potions class, when harry stands close to amortentia, he is able to smell things he liked most, including ginny (that the little nerd was still oblivious about). taking that slughorn's first class to sixth years is still that one on the following school year, can you write something about ginny smelling his scent and knowing it was his bc they had been together months before? maybe something about her missing him and stuff? love your work btw

A/N: I hope this captures some of what you are looking for!  Thank you for this prompt, I had fun working on it :)  (note there’s a semi panic attack in this one) Also thanks to everyone for your input when all I could think of was ‘musk’ xD

Also available on FF and Ao3!


The normally muggy Potions classroom is downright unbearable when Ginny slumps into her aisle seat and sets her cauldron on the creaky table with a thunk.  Normally, she would wait to choose a seat, favoring the old ‘safety in numbers’ adage, but since Luna…

At least Slughorn’s already in the classroom, fiddling with the broad, steaming cauldron that sits covered at the front of the room.  He sends her a wan smile as he swipes his forehead with a monogrammed handkerchief he’ll probably brag was a gift from some well known dressmaker from the continent.

A smile ticks the corner of Ginny’s mouth, gone like a whisper before it really settles once the heavy door creaks open, a couple of broad, beefy looking Slytherins eyeing her distastefully.  Unease trickles down her spine, following the sweat that drips from her hairline, as they settle down across the aisle and one row back.  Ginny can practically feel their dark gaze on her, dangerous and judging, as she putters with her ingredients, squinting at the Slughorn’s chalky letters curling across the board.

Slowly, in singles and groups, the rest of the 6th year Potions students filter into the room, voices pitched low and eyes hesitant, like everyone’s has been since the Carrows came, since Harry didn’t.

Ginny blinks rapidly, fighting the rush of tears pricking at her eyes and flips through her textbook until Slughorn calls the class to attention.  The students quiet fairly quickly, in fact most students have kept to themselves unless they’re among the chosen few in Slytherin or willing to risk detention with the Carrows.  Most of professors prefer to keep their chastisements to a minimum, knowing a bit of unruly behavior doesn’t deserve the type of punishment likely to be handed down to muggleborns and blood traitors by the new regime.  Early on, McGonagall and a few others attempted to deal out their own punishments quietly but were quickly outed by ‘do-gooder’ students on the increasingly violent Inquisitorial Squad.  Eventually, the heads of house decided privately that any indiscretion committed by a student wasn’t justification for inhumane treatment, and the students seemed to come to the same conclusion.  It wasn’t that the increase in corporal punishment was effective in a positive way – more that the spirit of Hogwarts students was slowly being crushed beneath the weight of Voldemort’s reign.

And apparently Slughorn’s preferred way of combatting the pressure was introducing a large vat of love potion to his Sixth Year Potions students.  After flicking his wand and instructing the class to turn to the appropriate page for the instructions, Slughorn asked them to file forward in an orderly fashion so they could observe the ideal result up close.

Ginny’s somewhere in the middle of the queue, jaw clenching with each angry shove from seemingly phantom limbs.  When she’s standing at the brim of the cauldron, her eyes slip closed of their own accord, her lungs drawing in the heady scent wafting from the swirling tendrils of steam.  

Gingerbread.  Late winter nights at the Burrow, crowded around the fireplace with the whole family wrapped in newly gifted sweaters, each cracking open their personal tin of freshly baked gingerbread lovingly prepared by Molly, and Ron and Ginny once they were old enough.  She can almost taste the sharpness of the unbaked dough on her tongue, small pinches stolen when Molly wasn’t looking to closely.

Fresh cut grass.  A smile spreads across her face, warmer, broader than she has since – a long time – as her mind drifts to late nights out in the Burrow’s paddock, toes brushing along the soft green shoots.  But not just that, she can almost see Harry’s flushed face, eyes alight with happiness as he goads her from his perch on a broom now smashed to bits.  

And then, it’s a combination of smells that calls to mind late nights piled around the wireless at the Burrow pressed close against Harry’s side, long hours spent battling over the snitch on beat up brooms with dangling feet barefoot and dirty, that smell that’s a mix of warm woodsy boy and fresh laundry dried in summer air.  That smell she knows from stolen afternoons beneath the beech tree, sticky with sweat and faces flushed with sun and each other.  She can almost feel the breeze off the Great Lake, hear the Giant Squid playing in the waves, and for a moment, she wants to turn and offer Harry a whispered quip over one sun-kissed shoulder and watch his emerald eyes spark with mischief and laughter.  That aroma that can only be described as Harry.

She’s still wrapped in the warmth of her memories when another shove, harder and angrier than before, nearly sends her toppling into the bubbling cauldron.  Before she can even think, rage boils up her spine and floods through her fingertips, and somehow her wand is in her hand, spell after spell leaving her lips with dangerous precision honed during those hours in the Room of Requirement with the DA.  

Maybe her temper sparks because for a moment, she forgot that the memories weren’t reality – that she was estranged from one brother, while another was wandering who knows where with one of her best friends and her brother and her – Harry.

And as if they can read her mind, three grumbling Slytherins begin spewing hatred for Harry and anyone associated with him, promising torture and death and worse.

Blood pounds in her ears and she can barely hear Slughorn’s increasingly frantic shouts as her spells slice across the room, students diving for cover.

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5 and Aaron/Laurens


Idk what to call them so maybe??? Burrens?? IDK?????? Hel p ??

Burrens - fingertip kisses

10 Reasons why Aaron Burr is the best Boyfriend ever

  1. He sings me to sleep
  2. His voice is really nice
  3. He holds my hand when I feel scared and tells me he’s here (I’m usually never scared btw)
  4. He tries to cook
  5. He’s kind of bad at cooking actually which makes me seem better by comparison
  6. He’s kind when I’m reckless
  7. He has held my hand even when I don’t feel scared
  8. He says he loves me everyday
  9. Sometimes I think he lies about that but inside, I know he does
  10. I think I love him too

John placed the pen shakily on top of Aaron’s writing desk and tries to re-read what he just wrote. It was short and simple, like Aaron. It was straight to the point but also a little ramble-y, just like John.

He was supposed to write a letter, but he was not as prolific with words as Alexander.

He was supposed to make a playlist of songs, but he couldn’t sing at all.

He was supposed to do a myriad of things for Aaron Burr but his insecurities stopped at the door. He held his arm a little bit tighter against his chest as he tried not to cry. This was stupid. Fuck, why does he always get so emotional when it comes to Aaron? It just wasn’t fair how much Aaron makes him feel but he could never truly repay him.

“John?” He turned around at the sound of his name and saw that Aaron was standing there with a large stuffed turtle toy.

11. He buys me gifts about things that I like. 

“I’m sorry I’m late, sweetheart, it was traffic on 5th avenue.” John held out his other arm for the toy almost like a child and Aaron gave it to him with a chuckle. “I saw this in a shop window on my way back. I thought of you.” He knelt down in front of his boyfriend and smiled at the way John’s eyes lit up at the sweet gesture.

12. He thinks of me all the time.

“Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, babe! I was thinking we could spend it with some of our friends. A lot of them agreed to come visit over the summer.” John was a little surprised when Aaron carried him bridal style over to the edge of the bed but he smiled happily when he was settled on top of his boyfriend’s lap.

He hugged his stuffed turtle closer to his chest while grinning brightly up at Aaron. He smiled back just as brightly, just like the time they went on their first date.

13. He hates PDA but when we’re alone, he holds me tenderly

“What were you writing there a while ago, love? A letter or something?” John blocked Aaron’s view when he tried to sneak a peek at what was on the desk with his shoulders shaking with silent laughter. “Oh? Is it for me? Why won’t you let me see it?” 

14. His smile is beautiful, especially when directed towards me.

John bit his lip and shook his head as his answer and Aaron got it immediately. “Is it a surprise?” 

John shook his head and he placed the turtle on his own lap before raising his hands up to sign: It’s not finished yet. I have so much more to say.

Aaron nodded in understanding with that same soft smile he reserves only for John.

15. He learned sign language so we could still talk even if I’m mute.

“Take your time then, love.” With that statement, he took John’s hands in his own and kissed his fingertips with all the tenderness in his heart. John absolutely melts every time he does that and the action only proved item number 10 further. I think I love him too. 

So with a watery smile he took his hands away from Aaron’s and signed as clearly as he could: I love you. Aaron returned his smile with as much adoration as he could muster. This was the first time John told him that. 

He kissed his fingertips that were frozen in mid-air before he held up his hands as close to John’s and signed: 

I love you too.

John then placed his hands on either side of Aaron’s face and kissed him with all the love in his heart.

16. Number 10 was a lie. I don’t think I love him. I do.

Wow I managed to make this non-angsty @elysiangrace are you happy??

Send me a Hamilton ship and a number!

David x reader: like real people do part 1

I love me some reader inserts!! Mmmmmmmmm boy get ready because this will probably be a mini series. I love me some David and this is how I get my passion for this young man out. Btw this is in the point of view of my oc, Val. Max is your younger brother and you knew David wayayyyyyy back when. There will probs be some angst because it’s me. And I’m an angsty bitch™ this is also written in she/her pronouns. If you want me to write other things, just ask because I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m camp Camp trash. I also put this in New York because that’s where I’m moving and NY up north is BEAUTIFUL and would be perfect to put a camp in. A lot of this is also head canon because I don’t know Max’s or David’s personal lives outside the camp. But I enjoy jumping to conclusions.

It had been a full week since (name’s) best friend, Sara, moved in with her boyfriend. She didn’t know what she expect would happen after college, but certainly not this. They had been through a full four years together, but the change was inevitable once Sara got a boyfriend in their second year of living with one another. (Name) had always been supportive of her friends, but this one stung more than ever. If she wouldn’t have to be alone, (name) wouldn’t mind so much if at all. (Name) sat on a folding chair where there once stood a rather large couch for the tiny apartment. The place wasn’t too small nor too large. It was a decent size for a New York urban apartment for two. Now with just her in it, she would either have to resell or find a roommate. Neither were preferable, but there was no way she could have this much space to just herself. (Name) had never felt so alone.

It had been two weeks since (name) dropped her brother, max, off at summer camp where she too had gone when she was his age. While there, (name) saw a familiar face and felt a rush of nostalgia. David and her hadn’t seen each other for almost 12 years, so it was nice to see his face again. The two of them didn’t get along well in the past due to their personalities clashing. She had to leave suddenly when her parents up and moved her to a different state. (Name) remembered swapping numbers with the now much older (and happier) David to keep in touch and in case Max gave him trouble; and oh did he give him trouble. (Name) just knew Max would because of how he was raised. Their parents were always fighting and Max was what you’d call a “happy accident” except no one was happy. With their parents being much older now, they didn’t pay much attention to him and left Max to fend for himself. Surprisingly, David hadn’t messaged her yet. That gave her a rather sharp pain in her chest to think that another person didn’t need her.

(Name) sharply exhaled before picking up her phone. She looks at the symbols and panics before looking up David’s number in her contacts.
“This is it” she thought before texting.

“Hey” it was only a matter of seconds before the message went from delivered to seen with a little check mark. Minutes flew past with no answer.
“Great. Left on read.” (Name) rolled her eyes before throwing her phone on her bed and going into the bathroom to brush her teeth.


(Name) dived into her bed and quickly snapped the screen lock to open her phone and see what was causing her phone to give the short text tone.


(Name) grinned. This had been one of her first human interactions in a week and she was craving someone to talk to.

“What’re you up to?” (Name) wanted to keep it casual.

“Getting ready for tomorrow’s activities. You?”

(Name) could feel butterflies spill over in her stomach before answering. “Getting ready for bed. How’s my brother doing? Causing any trouble?” Her phone went silent for a few more minutes and then a text bubble popped up signaling David’s response.

“He’s great! Always ready to participate :)”

(Name) rolled her eyes. He’s lying. Max was a little shit and everyone knew it, but she kept quiet.

An hour passed of texting back and forth until (name) checked her clock to see what time it was.
“Holy shit!! It’s 2 AM!!” She exclaimed. It was there she felt a knife twist in her stomach and she decided to do something risky. The camp was a good hour away from the city and a small town a half an hour. She hitched her breath and began to type.

“It’s getting late. We should probably go to bed. However I was wondering if you were free this Friday night?” This was it. (Name) pressed send and immediately wanted to take it back. An agonizing two minutes passed before getting her answer.

“I’m sure I could manage to get out for one night. My co workers are quite capable. Where do you want to meet?”

(Name’s) face grew red and she fist pumped the air and turned her attention back to her phone.

“How about that tea/ coffee place that stays open late in the town? Around 7?”

“You got yourself a deal ;)”

Huntress- Part Five: Let’s Kill Hitler

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E5, so (duh)warning: SPOILERS

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

A/N : I’m sorry it’s late again and sorry it’s a little shorter but I’m trying really hard. These are written from memory btw so I’m aware not everything is in here and for what is in here it’s not all that accurate. But I am trying. There is only one of me so bear with. Tysm for reading and I always appreciate any kind of feedback, if you want to be tagged in any upcoming parts let me know ^^

Walking towards the kitchen, you realised you didn’t feel as much of an intruder as you had done previously. It felt good to walk in the room knowing the routine a little more than the last times. It seemed to be some sort of custom to just lounge about the kitchen for a while, eat some breakfast, have some coffee…or in your case hot chocolate…and discuss the next case. Your Uncle Dean was sat down, his head buried in what must have been this weeks’ newspaper. For once it wasn’t a pie. If there was one thing you’d learnt over the past month, it was that your Uncle Dean loved pie. 

You pour the boiling water in a mug, stirring the cocoa powder before sitting down next to him. “Morning, sunshine.” He remarked. You smile lightly.
“You okay?” He frowned, his green eyes squinting slightly as his brows creased.
“Yeah…just tired.”
“I hear that.” He nodded, going back to look at the paper.
“What happened to your Dad?” You asked after taking a sip.
He paused from reading , put the paper down, and sighed. “We were in a car crash. He uh…he didn’t make it.”
You looked down, it was almost more shocking to hear that a Hunter had died from something other than a supernatural creature. You were expecting a demon or werewolf or something. But not that. “I’m really sorry.” You say respectfully.
“Don’t be, kid. At least he didn’t make a deal or something.” He picked the paper back up as if to say that the conversation was over, but he stopped himself from going back to reading and turned to you: “Did Mom say anything to you…before she uh, you know.”
Your heart broke, he was so hopeless and obviously not coping well without her. He couldn’t even bring himself to say it.
“She  just said she was proud of you both…and me I guess. Said she wanted me to look out for you,” He smiled at this “She said I belonged here.”
“Do you think you do?” He asked
“I am a Winchester…half of one anyway.”
“Family don’t end in blood, kid.” He said. The way he said it was as though he was quoting  something…or someone. Whoever said it, he was clearly in agreement.

Footsteps broke the comfortable silence as your Dad entered the scene. He had two shopping bags in his arms as he strode towards the counter. Planting them on the top, he smiled at the pair  of you. “I brought pie.” He declared.
A voice next to you mumbled “Not hungry.”. You shared a confused look with your Dad., who questioned him “You sure?”.
“I found a case.” Your Uncle Dean ignored the question. “Two people have died in a mystery fire.”
“And a mystery fire is?” You frown, taking the paper from his hands and holding it so that your Dad, who  had wandered over, could see too.
“The kind of fire that only burns the bodies. No sign of a fire anywhere else in the building.” He explained, pointing towards the picture on the front. It was of two piles of ash. You grimaced a little. “What…you thinking cursed object?” Your Dad said, taking a sip of coffee.
“Maybe. Or ghost possession.”
“You sure you’re up for it?” Your Dad raised an eyebrow at you, he didn’t say it but you figured he’d be referring to the last hunt. But you knew hunting was dangerous. You’d already accepted that.
“I’m sure.”
“Okay. But for once maybe do as I say?” He smirked “You know, like don’t run off or anything.”
“Oh you said don’t run off?” You chuckle, making him laugh.
“Come on, I’ll grab the duffle’s.”

Another car ride in Baby. It was beginning to feel so normal to you, her low hum as she took you to the next case. You relaxed in the back seat, pulling your phone out of your pocket and glancing down at the notifications- most of which you swiped away.

Your Dad went in first, followed by you, then your Uncle. The shop was definitely an antique shop. It had all sorts of bits and bobs. You noticed there was a significant number of boats on display on the balcony the floor above you. “No one’s in. Split up. I’ll check out the computer.” Your Dad said.
“Okay. Kiddo you look around. I’ll be on the first floor.” He headed to the stairs and you nodded in response. You look about the place. Lots of globes ,maps, and mannequins dressed in retro clothing littered the room. A jewellery cabinet looking old enough to be an antique itself displayed some frankly hideous items.
You searched the nooks and cranny’s of the place but no such luck. Nothing interesting anyway. A clutter sounded, making you and your Dad’s heads turn up to see your Uncle Dean’s arms fumbling about the place in attempt to catch a model boat. You giggle, alerting to him he had an audience. Your Dad smiled at your happy face in such a strange situation. He admired your ability to find such small things entertaining. He wanted your optimism on the inside. A gruff “Shut up.” Came from your Uncle.
You follow after him, your hand tracing the banister of the twisting steps. Old and large paintings covered the yellow-stained walls.
It smelt really strange, but it wasn’t sulfur- a sort of dusty and old musk. You grimaced slightly before following after your Uncle. His hands traced the tops of the book shelves searching for hex bags.

You frowned, annoyed by the place. Everything was normal, which was the problem- too normal. You turned your head when a clicking sound came from behind you. What appeared to be a regular bookshelf had been shifted to the right and behind it was a dark room. Your Uncle Dean glanced back at you and you shared an impressed look. Hurrying over, you found the light switch.

In front of the two of you were looming mannequins dressed in Nazi-Germany attire. Their pale uniforms and swastikas were glaring symbols of hatred. You look around in disgust. Everything was set up like it was a freeze frame from a play or strange idolised production.

Rushing footsteps neared you both as you continued to stare. The footsteps then slowed to a halt: “Wow.”.
You took a step forward, being the first to actually fully enter the room and walk around the desk. The most worrying thing was that everything looked genuine. Everything was genuine.

“Well this is normal.” Your Uncle Dean remarked, his eyebrows knitted together with concern for whomever put the shrine together.
“Yeah…totally normal.” Your Dad nodded.

You hold your gun up, it’s nose facing a girl tied to a chair. She had terrified eyes and was shaking her head as much as possible. You lower it and rush over, cutting the pieces of rope binding her pale wrists. You open your mouth to call your Dad, but stop yourself. “Hey you okay?” You ask Ellie, giving up on calling for them.
“What the hell is going on?” She said, her face expecting answers.
“I’ll explain in a minute, but it’s not all that safe here.” You say, gesturing for her to move.

Your Dad and Uncle walk in. “Why didn’t you call?” Your Dad frowned, putting his gun in his pocket and going over to help Ellie, only his eyes never left yours. 
You shrug awkwardly. heading back to keep watch.

The moment you turned the corner of the hallway you practically walked into two tall men. You take a stride backwards, staring up at them to see what they would do. 
The lunge towards you, guns in hand. You kick the pistol out of the right ones hand, it clattered to the floor an he shouted something in German. Hopefully that would be enough to let the others know they were soon to be in trouble.The other took aim and shot, you dodged behind the wall and cocked your gun. 
“Y/N!” Your Uncle Dean shouted, almost walking into you. He sighed with relief only to be thrown to the side by one of the men. He grunted, struggling to get back up. 

You shove one of them with all your might, you don’t think he was expecting you to. He fell against the wall and you grabbed his gun this time. One down.
This time you were the one taken by surprise: your body hit the wall only to be lifted by one of the men. He looked you up and down, dragging you to the floor.
Your Dad then burst in “Hey!” He threw the man off you and they got into a full on fight. You watched, unsure of what to do. To your left you noticed your Uncle Dean fighting the other man. You grabbed a metal bar lying on the floor and in one clean hit he was out cold. 
“Thanks.” Your Uncle caught his breath, standing back up straight.
You smile a little and turn round where the other one was unconscious also.

Your Dad placed his arm on your back and gently took you back into the main room. “You okay?” He asked, glancing round nervously.
“I’m fine.” You smiled…then you frowned “Where’s Ellie?”

The three of you turned on the spot to try and see where she went. You head to one of the offices where she went to hide earlier. Your Dad pointed above your head to where the window was open. Looking out of it, you tried to find a sign of someone but nothing. “She legged it” You mumbled, slamming it shut and picking up a gun off the floor.

You, your Dad and your Uncle were sat at one of the cafes near where the case was. You had a hot chocolate and were sat next to your Dad. He had his laptop up, researching as usual. He seemed to prefer the theory side of things where as Uncle Dean was much more into the field work- anything practical.

“We have no idea where she could be. For all we know, they already found her. All I’m saying.” Your Dad mentioned, looking at Dean instead of you.
“Still, we have some whatever percentage of the DNA of Adolf Hitler walking around. She’s more than wanted at this point. They need her.” Dean replied.
You smiled awkwardly at a Waitress walking by who gave you a stern look.

Out of nowhere Christoph sat down next to Uncle Dean. “Hi.” He looked directly at you before looking between the three of you. You’d questioned him earlier about the wacky plan to bring back Hitler. It was mental.
“Hi…?” You replied, not sure what else to say.
“I can help you guys.” He said decisively.
“Okay.” Your Dad nodded slowly, still a little taken back by Christoph’s approach.
“Why the hell should we trust you?” Uncle Dean asked.
“Why not? I gave you information before, didn’t I? Look, I’m fed up of this life and I want out. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be the kid of a maniac?”
You wanted to nod but instead you just shrugged before adding “I mean…he’s got a point.”

“What have you got for us?” Your Dad questioned, a little more uncertain than you.
“I can take you to, Ellie. But you have to trust me.”

You pulled up to what appeared to be a massive warehouse. Guards patrolled the outside like it were a prison. You got out, watching your Dad suspiciously as he had his hands round his back as he neared Christoph. He held up some handcuffs and locked him to the car, sitting him back down in the front seat. “What so you don’t trust me?”
No one spoke.
“You’re just gonna leave me here?” 
“Pretty much.” Uncle Dean nodded, taking out his gun.
Your Dad handed you a torch and stopped you going to the boot to get a gun. “You’re on guard duty. Make sure he doesn’t blow our cover.” He nodded to Christoph.
“Seriously?” You frown, pouting.
“It’s safer for you. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He sighed, turning around to show it wasn’t up for discussion.
“Don’t even think about following me, Missy.” Uncle Dean warned, pointing at you.

You sigh and get in the drivers seat. You didn’t bother lecturing the poor man, he wouldn’t blow your cover. He wasn’t that stupid.
“You’re not actually listening to them are you?” He laughed bitterly.
You ignored him.
“No offence, but it looks to me like they’re way too protective. You obviously know how to fight. You might as well follow on.” 
You sit there in silence, contemplating doing something incredibly stupid but potentially helpful to them. You sighed, unlocking the handcuff from the car and snapping it round his other wrist.

You grabbed a sniper rifle, looking forward to using something other than a pistol for once. You grinned at the firearm and loaded the ammo. “Okay, is there like a skylight or something?” You asked.
“Yeah, right ahead.” He nodded. You grabbed his arm and dragged him with you. 
Reaching the open window you climbed onto a ledge and peered inside. There, was Ellie strapped to some sort of Hospital-like bed. She was hooked up to a blood transfusion machine. Her face was like death. There was another bed next to her where her blood was being pumped into…well…Hitler.

“One wrong move and I’ll start aiming this thing elsewhere.” You hissed, unlocking Christoph from the cuffs. He smirked, taking the pistol.
You were about to shoot at him when he aimed it through the window directly at his father. You shot your hand out and lowered the gun. “Not yet. We need to be sure.”
You were worried if nothing else…dd he really hate his Dad so much he was willing to pull the trigger?
Just then a crash and shouts could be heard. You leaned in, lining up the scope so it was targeted at the man lying down.
“In came three armed men, their weapons forcing your Dad and Uncle to abide to them. No one had noticed you two.

You both watched in anticipation. Was this for real? Did Hitler really plan this far into a return?
It was impressive…if not sick.

Everyone was watching when the führer rose. He pulled the tubes away from his bare chest, not bothering to cover himself any more than he had already. He then laughed. It was an amused laugh, loud and full of relief. He slapped one of his comrades on the back, so amused by the situation for some bizarre reason.

“He’s a tad odd.” You whispered to his son, who laughed lightly.
“Sure is.”

You then noticed Ellie stirring in the bed. She dragged herself onto her feet, barely staying upright. Her shaking hands reached for a gun on the table. She then froze, her eyes fixed on yours. You nodded slowly. She nodded back.

You hold the trigger, your finger just applying enough pressure for it to not move. The cross was lined up perfectly on one of their heads. He wasn’t Hitler, but he was still a Nazi. You pressed down. The shot rang out and the man fell to the floor, the bullet having gone straight for his brain. All heads turned to the window you were at but you ducked beneath cover and dragged Christoph down with you. “That should be enough to kickstart something.” You noted aloud.

“We should help.” You decided, getting ready to stand but this time he dragged you back down. “No way.”
You frowned at him. 
“It’s too dangerous. Let’s just go back to the car.” He suggested instead.
You sighed. But what if they were in trouble?

Before you could resist he tugged you towards the Impala and, too your amazement, cuffed himself to the car. He then held out the gun for you to take. You did. Putting it back in the boot along with the sniper you frowned. “Why didn’t you run? You could have just left.”

“Something tells me your Dad doesn’t want me cuffed to the car for the rest of our lives. I figure you’ll let me go soon.”

You sat on the hood, your legs swinging off the side because they didn’t quite reach the ground. “Are you gonna go back to Germany?” You wondered aloud.
He laughed “No…are you gonna go back to England?”
You were taken by surprise. Not that you had a reason to be, after all you didn’t have an American accent. You thought about it before admitting defeat. “…No.”

You looked up to see your Dad and Uncle heading back tot he car. Safe and in one piece still. You smiled, relieved to know they were okay. “I said don’t move.” Your Dad scolded, his eyes squinting at you.
You grin “You said keep watch. I did.”
“And she didn’t let you go?” He turned to Christoph.
“Not once.” He winked at you when you Dad turned his back, making you blush.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Did I mention I killed Hitler?” Uncle Dean poked his head round the door to say those same words for the billionth time.
You glared at him. It was no longer amusing. 
“Did I mention you were annoying?” You remarked.
“Once or twice.” 

Your Dad chuckled, grabbing his coffee and sitting down on the sofa next to you. “How are you doing?” He asked, looking at you with an expression that said ‘this is going to be a serious conversation whether you like it or not’.

You sighed. “I’m okay.” 
“You getting used to life like this, huh?” 
“Yeah I guess. It’s just so different.”
“I know it’s been a huge change for you. You’re taking it really well.” The way he spoke wasn’t patronising like you were expecting, he actually respected the sacrifices you’d made. He understood.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but…how did your Mom die?” He asked gently, as if aware you could snap.
“They shot her.”
“Why?” You knew he wasn’t asking rudely.
“She didn’t agree with their way of hunting. England used to be like this- everyone who hunted did it their way. Then the rich and posh lot met the Men Of Letters and decided Hunting needed a change. They’re typical snobs…they don’t care about how it affects you.” 
“And so they shot her?” He sounded so amazed.
“She had close connections with the US and their Hunting customs. She just refused to allow communication. So they tried to get her to give in through me, only I wasn’t fully trained at the time. So they got to me through her….at least they tried to…”
“How did they do it?”
“They just shot her, right in front of me. I got home from school and…” You sucked in a deep breath “I still didn’t tell them anything.”
“I’m so sorry.” He looked down respectfully, as though it were a funeral. A funeral of thoughts.

“Me too.”

Part Six: Reaper

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Nice to meet you. I don't really think that Beth is coming back. I think she is dead. Btw, I'm not a hater. You know, I think it's good to hear opinions about this, so I just wanted you to convince me about Beth being alive. I'll be waiting for your answer. xoxo

First, Beth had a survivable gunshot wound (GSW). The bullet entered high up on the left side of her forehead, and it exited out the back of her skull. Because TPTB used Dutch angles to film the scene, they were able to make it look like the bullet entered from below Beth’s chin and exited through the back of her head, top-wise. You can see the entry here:

There was no blood on her chin, and in Coda’s BTS video, an SFX worker confirmed that the forehead was the entry wound (X). She was also not shot point blank, as some people think. Depending on the exact angle, the bullet might not have even touched her brain, as it could have skimmed along the inside of her skull. Either way, she would not die immediately, as she sustained no damage to hindbrain or brainstem, which handle primary bodily functions. What would likely kill her is infection if left untreated, and the treatment she would really need is stitches and antibiotics, as the bullet exited. Edwards could treat that. You can read more about Beth’s gunshot here: X.

Beth’s GSW is actually a parallel to comic!Andrea’s GSW. In issue 44, Andrea sustained a graze to the head, resulting in her forehead scar. Her scars are mirrors of Beth’s facial lacerations, which Emily referred to as “scars” long after she should have finished filming. Beth shares many parallels with both versions of Andrea, and many believe that her Grady arc is Gimple fixing Andrea’s Woodbury arc. You can read about the Beth-Andrea parallels here: X.

We also never saw Beth be buried onscreen, never saw a funeral, or even a grave marker. There is no contextual/canonical evidence that she had one. The opening clip of 5x09 showed what appeared to be Beth’s funeral but was actually was Tyreese’s, which TPTB had no reason to do unless it was to emphasize Beth’s lack of one. Nicotero said on 5x09 TTD that they intentionally misled the audience and you just don’t do that unless there’s something to mislead from. Why not show something? Closure and funereal rituals are very important to the show, as they have been emphasized since season one when Glenn insisted they bury their loves ones, but funerals are especially important to Beth. Instead, we have 17 days unaccounted for, Beth’s body unseen, and a continued, increased focus on closure and honoring the dead. Nicotero at a con supposedly told a fan that Beth was buried offscreen, but that cannot be trusted. He couldn’t say anything else without spoiling the show. These people lie. This is compounded by the fact that the theme song played in her “death” episode, which never happens for a main character’s farewell. For the most part, and always under Gimple’s reign, when a main character dies, they either receive silence or sad music in the ending credits. It would have been especially poignant if Beth received silence, as she represented music. Instead, the theme music played. (Incidentally it also played for Glenn in 6x03, which had the same writer as 5x08).

Regarding Beth’s body, there is a theory that she was left in a car after being brought to Maggie and then taken back to Grady, where she received treatment. Nicotero mentioned filming 800 walkers for 5x08, but they were never seen. In 5x09, twice we saw in Tyreese’s flashback the men running to cars waving their guns. There has been a focus on cars, walkers/people in cars, coupled with cars being connected to Beth. Andrew Lincoln said that going to Virginia was the only physical way to honor Beth. Emily recently said in an interview that Beth would understand not being given a funeral, because Team Family had to leave in a hurry, though that was never indicated at the end of 5x08. A herd of walkers descended on the group and forced to run, had to leave Beth behind in a car, protecting her. When they came back, she was gone. (You can read more about Beth and her lack of funeral here: X. You can read more about the Beth-left-in-a-car-theory here: X).

The 800 walkers are part of many unseen spoilers from season 5 that never made it onscreen. They were too numerous and too large to be cut. A notable example is a pair of white houses that were filmed at in late May 2014. Some of the main cast was spotted/photographed there, including Emily as Beth and Lennie James as Morgan. Security was noted as being tight, and they filmed there for at least a day, though maybe longer, and yet it never aired. Many TDers believe that Emily filmed a large number of scenes, mainly involving what happened to Beth in those 17 days after 5x08, during season 5 so she wouldn’t be spotted by spoiler sites in season 6.

Here is a breakdown of some of the big stuff:

  • Missing body/no funeral
  • Theme song played
  • Survivable gunshot wound
  • Parallels
    • Narratively
    • Characters (Rick, Andrea, Jessie, Denise, etc.)
  • Missing season 5 and 6 spoilers
    • Bethfoot 1 and 2
    • White houses
  • Bethyl promotion
  • Foreshadowing (I am strong; there’s a new sheriff in town; religious symbolism)
  • Clocks
  • Music Box
  • Emily not having done any panels
  • Emily using TWD in present tense, both on her social media and in interviews
  • Boots/Binoculars Bethfoot

If you would like to review any of the pieces of TD’s evidence/theories, you can read more summary posts here (X), and I archive it all here (X).

Shattered Glass-Yuta fluff

Request: “i’d like to request a yuta scenario where he confesses to you in cutest way possible, if you want to, please incluse kissing, thanksssss”

Song: Gorillaz-Andromeda

Note: I added a bit of comedy? I guess to this just because I really couldn’t think of a super cute way for someone to confess so i searched and I found one way that’s really cute but kind of funny. This is also kind of short

Yuta slowly woke up as he felt his head continuously bobbing against the window in the back seat of his dad’s car. He looked up and was met with a new neighborhood filled with houses he had never seen before, full of strangers that he was sure he would soon come to know in the coming years. He turned to face the front and saw his parents chatting away happily at the good first impression they were getting from their soon to be new home in Korea due to his mother’s job relocating her to Seoul.

I’m glad they like it. Hopefully I’ll like it soon, too, Yuta thought to himself.

He felt the car slowly come to a stop in front of a house, the for sale sign still plastered on the lawn. He unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the car, finally taking in the full view of the neighborhood while his parents began planning out what to take out of the moving truck and where to put it. As he stretched his body after the long ride from the airport, his eyes caught a figure sitting peacefully in a second story window. He covered his eyes from the bright summer sun and saw you sitting there, a book pushed close to your face in your hand. He could hear music playing faintly so he assumed you had a speaker somewhere in the room. He almost didn’t see you due to the branches of a large tree being right in front of your window but fortunately, he did. You looked ethereal to him, letting the sun cover your body as you read. He grew intrigued, wondering who you were, what you were listening to, what you were reading.

“Yuta! Come see your room!” Yuta turned his head to see his mother waving him over enthusiastically to enter his new house. He gave her a nod to let her know he was coming before turning back towards you. He was shocked to find your eyes already on him, giving him a soft smile. He smiled back and finally turned around to join his parents.

I think I’m gonna like it here.

You were sitting in your room, taking time to yourself during your busy summer. You were planning on catching up on some shows and reading a new book you had borrowed from your best friend. You decided to start with the shows. You pulled out your laptop and logged into your netflix account, ready to start the new season of your current favorite show. You were enjoying yourself until you started to realize how the early morning heat was slowly getting hotter and hotter as the time passed. You were getting so hot you couldn’t focus on the show anymore. You closed your laptop and hooked your phone up to your speaker. You began playing a simple song and went to open your window. You looked over your unorganized desk and saw the book you wanted to read sitting there. You grabbed it and made your way back over to your window. There was a small sitting area where you had a safe and large enough seat to be able to read your book while the sun warmed you up with the breeze still being able to cool you off. You were getting immersed into the book when you heard loud chatter coming from below. You looked down and saw a small family and a moving truck in the yard across the street. You looked closer and saw the mother waving at her son to come inside the house. You heard her yell what you guessed to be his name.

Yuta? Doesn’t sound Korean.

You looked at his figure just as he turned back around, eyes seeming to search for you. You were surprised at yourself as you felt a soft smile be given to the boy once his eyes met yours. He smiled back and turned on his heel to join his mother in the home.  

Later that evening, Yuta found himself tired out and sitting on the front porch of his new home, enjoying the cool summer breeze as the sun just began disappearing. He had just spent the last few hours unpacking and now he was resting up as he waited for the takeout his parents had ordered to be delivered. He was admiring the sky and his new neighborhood a bit more. He felt his eyes land on your house, beginning to think about your soft eyes and your cute features that he couldn’t seem to get out of his head ever since earlier that day. He looked away from your window as he saw the front door of your house opening. You appeared from the house holding your phone and a wallet in your hand. You turned around and yelled into the house that you would be right back before turning and skipping down your steps.

You were humming a song softly to yourself when you stopped due to the feeling of eyes on you. You looked up from untangling your earbuds to hold eye contact with your new neighbor for the second time that day. You didn’t know what to do since he was staring so hard. It didn’t seem as if he even realized he was staring so much until you began giggling softly at his cute trance like state. His head bowed and you could make out a faint redness growing on his cheeks at having been caught staring. You decided to ease his embarrassment by going over to introduce yourself. As Yuta realized your figure was headed straight towards him, he immediately grew self conscious as he tried to fix his appearance quickly. He stopped fidgeting as you finally came to stand in front of him.

“Hi! I’m Y/A, your neighbor!”

Yuta silently thanked himself for actually paying attention in his Korean/English classes back in Japan. (The setting is in Korea but I didn’t want to imply that the reader is Korean at all btw)

“Hello. I’m Yuta! It’s nice to meet you Y/A.”

You could hear an accent when he spoke, sparking your interest.

“Where are you from Yuta?”

“I’m from Japan. We just moved here because of my mom’s new job. Plus I just transferred to the university here.”

“Cool! I’ve never been to Japan but I heard it’s great. What university are you going to?”

“Uh [Insert your school name here]. I heard it’s one of the best in the area.”

Yuta watched as your smile lit up at the new info.

“Wow that’s great. That’s my school. What a coincidence. We’re gonna be neighbors and classmates now.”

Yuta flashed a smile just as equally as bright as yours, glad to be conversing so easily with you already.

“Yeah that is great! So, where are you headed right now when it’s already dark out?”

He watched as your bright face scrunched up cutely in alarm as you realized it was almost completely dark out.

“Oh no! I was on the way to get some oil so my mom can cook dinner. I need to hurry before it gets too dark. I hate walking alone at night…”

Yuta knew opportunity when he saw it and he wasn’t about to miss this chance to talk to you for longer.

“Well! I co-could walk with you. I wouldn’t mind going for a walk…if it’s alright with you.”

“Sure, that would be great actually. C’mon, let’s go! The store isn’t far at all.”

That was the start to you and Yuta’s beautiful relationship. You two had found out that you had a lot in common on the walk to and from the store. You had even exchanged numbers and began talking almost everyday throughout the nights that you weren’t glued to each other’s hips. You had also let Yuta meet a lot of your other friends, including this dance crew in the dance department of your school called NCT. He soon mingled into the crew of boys effortlessly and you all were now a close group which continued when school started again after the long summer.

It was now a full year since Yuta had come into your life and you were never unhappy with him. Until now actually. It was another summer and you and Yuta were still in the routine of making late night walks together after a long day. You were happy about that it was just whenever you hung out with Yuta lately it seemed like he was being extra flirty and touchy. You had found out the boy had an abundance of confidence soon after you became friends but you didn’t know if you could handle it anymore since you had developed romantic feelings for Yuta. You kept hearing from all the NCT boys that he had liked you too but it was hard to tell when neither of you seemed to be making a move to confess anytime soon. This was annoying you and Yuta could tell. Little did you know, it was all apart of his plan to surprise you with a great confession! After extensive research and getting advice from the NCT members, Yuta had found a way that he thought would be exciting for you both.

You were sitting in bed late one night, finishing up your skin care routine while listening to a song Yuta had recommended you earlier that night during your nightly walk. You had finally finished and climbed into bed, ready to go to sleep. You decided to keep your music playing softly as you slept. You were almost asleep when you heard your phone ring. You answered it without looking at the caller, hoping it would be a quick conversation.


“Hey uhhh. Are you asleep already?”


“Yeah…were you asleep?”

“Well, I was trying to sleep but I guess I’m not anymore. What’s up?”

“Could you do me a favor really quick?”

“…Sure, what?”

“Open your window please.”

You jumped up out of bed alarmed at his request. You wanted to ask him why but you were too tired to question him so you opened the window. You peered down and saw Yuta standing in your yard in front of your window. You put the phone back up to your ear.

“Why are you standing in my yard right now?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just, step back away from the window for a second please.”

You rolled your eyes at his weird behavior and went to plop yourself down onto your bed, waiting to see what would happen next. You were stared at your phone and saw that Yuta had hung up. You played with your nails bored as you waited for him to do something. It wasn’t until you heard glass shattering that you grew alarmed. You looked up at your closed door and saw the full body mirror that you had hanging up on it shattered, the glass laying out across the floor with a large rock near the mess.

“Oh…my…GOSH!!! MY MIRROR!”

You ran over to the window to see Yuta smiling in an accomplished way. You began yelling down at him. Lucky for you, your parents weren’t home so they wouldn’t hear the profanities you were saying.

“Yuta! What is the matter with you?! Why would you throw a rock through my window!?!? You broke my mirror! Are you insane?”

You watched as his smile dropped from his face altogether. You could see the fear in his face at your anger.

“I-I what? Your mirror broke?”


“Ok, wait, Y/A. Before you get even more mad, pick up the rock.”


“Ok, ok! I’m coming up, unlock the door.”

You slipped on your slippers to be able to open your bedroom door without stepping on glass. You looked down and saw the rock Yuta was talking about. You picked it up and walked towards the stairs while you flipped the rock around.

Why would he tell me to read this rock? It’s a rock why would it-

You looked at the rock and saw that something was actually carved into it. You actually just noticed that the rock wasn’t just a regular rock but it looked designed and the words on it were professionally carved into it. You stopped at the top of the stairs and read the words carefully printed on the rock.

I Like You. Always have, always will. Be mine? - Yuta

Just as you finished reading it you heard the doorbell ring. You ran down the steps and hurriedly opened the front door. Yuta was standing there nervously ready to get yelled out some more. Instead he was met with you jumping into his arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips to his. Yuta was startled but he composed himself quickly and began kissing you back. He gripped your waist gently yet firmly and let the kiss take over the both of you. It wasn’t until you felt yourself losing the ability to breath that you pulled away. You buried your face into Yuta’s neck as he continued to hold you.

“I like you, too.”

He chuckled as he realized now why you were being so cute and clingy all of a sudden.

“So, you read the rock?”

You pulled away and let him into the house fully. You closed the door and looked up into his eyes, a smile plastered to your face.

“Yes, I read it. And I’m glad you confessed.”

“I figured I needed to soon. Yuta told me you were getting kind of annoyed with me.”

“Well, I was. But I’m not anymore. And of course I’ll be yours.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours once again. He pulled away with a smirk on his face.”

“Good. Now I can finally do that for as long as I want.”

“Haha. But…why couldn’t you confess in a regular way? Or at least do the cute thing in the movies where the guy tries to get the girls attention by throwing rocks at her window? Well, that would suck too but I don’t know! You could’ve just handed me the rock or something.”

“Well, I actually tried to get your attention with small pebbles first. Then, I was gonna climb the tree all romantic like and hand you the rock. But your music was too loud for you to hear the pebbles hitting the window. So I improvised.”

“Awww. You’re cute Yuta.”

“I know,” he said, beginning to lean in for another kiss. You pulled your head away before his lips could meet yours.


“You still need to clean up your mess babe.”

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I love you’ - 22: “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.”

Another from the list of prompts from @queseraone. This list is amazing, btw :)

Massive thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait again for her beta’ing help :)

Thank you to everyone who is reading too, and all of the feedback! <3 Please let me know what you think again, and if you have any prompts off this list you’d like me to write, just message me!

Wiping the back of her wrist across her forehead, Erin pushed the tendrils of hair that had fallen out of her haphazardly formed bun out of her face and let out a tiresome breath. Her- their living room was still covered in cardboard, pieces of plastic and white protective styrofoam despite her best efforts in cleaning it up for the past hour. At least the dust had been swept away, and the furniture was now arranged as she liked it. It was definitely better, and definitely decent enough that she didn’t feel complete panic soar through her when she heard the key in the door.

“Erin?” Jay called out, knocking out of habit when the door didn’t give way even after he unlocked it.

“Hold on a second,” she replied, doing a quick 360 where she stood before sighing and accepting that there was no way to make it look any better without more time. Shrugging to herself, she wiped her hands down her jeans whilst approaching the front door. Removing the security chain she had only locked to ensure Jay couldn’t enter before she was ready, she opened the door only a fraction of the way. “Hey!”

He arched a brow in her direction, eyeing her from head to toe and back again as she stood in the doorway and refused him entry. “What’s going on? Why’s the chain on?”

“‘Cause it’s Chicago and I’m home alone?” she replied with a dimpled smile.

“Never in the 5 years we’ve known each other has that ever bothered you before,” Jay countered in amusement, to which she had no reply. Silence stretched between them for a beat before he tilted his head towards the door she still held to shield the interior of their apartment from him. “Erin. Can I come in?”

“Um,” she mumbled, gnawing on her bottom lip as she threw a look over her shoulder to take survey how bad it was.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got another guy in there,” he joked when she failed to give him a more definite response.

“No, of course not. He climbed down the fire escape,” Erin shot back with a smirk to match his, nodding and opening the door a little bit wider so she could push herself fully into the gap it created to explain herself first. “Okay look, your brother was meant to message me when you left so I didn’t have a timeframe, alright? So it’s a bit of a mess but I will clean it up. I was halfway there.”

“If you say so,” Jay said wryly, both them knowing that now he was home, it would mainly be him doing the cleaning.

“I do,” Erin told him nonetheless. Taking a steadying breath, she straightened and opened the door to allow him in. He kept his eyes on her as he entered, mirth still playing on his features even as she redirected his gaze towards the rear wall of their living room. “Happy birthday.”

Joining him after closing the door behind her, she watched with slight apprehension as he took in the brand new TV that was now decorating the wall which had previously been exclusively reserved for her posters. To say he was shocked was an understatement, but the incredulous laugh that left his lips a moment later was enough to assure her that he was impressed.

“Whoa. I mean- wow. Seriously?” Jay asked in awe-filled disbelief, pointing towards the TV and gazing at her with a questioning look as if he might be imagining the rather large piece of equipment, as well as the mess it had created.

Erin laughed and nodded, adding pointedly, “Yup. I even got your guy to come and install it.”

She had to recruit the help of Will to lie to his brother and ask if he knew anyone who could potentially help set up a new stereo system in his apartment for Erin to get the name and number of Jay’s installation artiste. She had never seen the issue with cables, but she had to admit that it looked pretty neat and tidy with the wiring all hidden away. As if the TV simply hovered on the wall by itself. It also left space for making more use of the wall for some time in the future.

“Wait, so you did have another guy here?” he asked, turning to face her.

“Only for, like, an hour. You know I prefer a guy who can go a bit longer than that,” she teased, stepping up to him to nudge him gently with her shoulder.

“Damn straight,” he muttered, leaning down to press his lips to hers for a chaste kiss. “This is amazing, Er. But you really didn’t have to.”

Erin smiled at his sentiment and shook her head, knowing this was exactly what he was going to say. They had been living together for nearly 8 months now, and the topic of getting a new TV as Jay had initially mentioned when he had first moved in had never been brought up again, and she knew it had everything to do with her unenthusiastic reaction. However, with his birthday approaching, she had taken the time to revisit the idea.

It wasn’t that she had been against it but simply that back then, making such a huge change seemed daunting when she was still getting used to the fact they were moving in together. She had never lived with a boyfriend before and had had no idea what it would be like, especially with someone who she saw all day at work too. But the past 8 months had been amazing, and having him there made it all the better.

He had moved in with ease, not having much stuff he was attached to that needed bringing over. The fact Jay had stayed over at her place often enough before they had made the official step only made it easier. He hadn’t demanded much of her either, not batting an eyelid at the mess she made in their bathroom or hardly ever doing the grocery shop, or even at the added pillows she always felt she needed in their bed to sleep. It was all rather unconventional; she knew that living together meant they had to it both make sacrifices and come to a compromise, but Erin could swear her life hadn’t changed at all since Jay had moved in. Not unless it was for the better.

So when she had remembered that the one comment he had made about changing her place when he had moved in was her TV, she had thought long and hard before deciding that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. The living area could do with a sprucing up, and what better way than with some new tech and a rearrangement.

“I wanted to. It’s a pretty awesome TV, if I do say so myself. I went to great lengths to research this, Jay. So just appreciate it,” Erin told him jokingly, not wanting him to know the hours she had actually put into finding the perfect TV for them.

She knew he had wanted a 60-inch, but after the Googling, measuring and gathering expert advice, she had figured they had the space for anything up to 68-inches, which is what she eventually went for. It was made for both sports and movies, as well as having a dedicated Netflix button on the control which she knew had helped sway her.

“Oh, I definitely appreciate it,” he assured her, dropping another kiss to her lips. “When did you even get time to research it?”

“Online, mainly. Why do you think I’ve been letting you drive lately?” she stated, laughing silently when he pulled away, looking taken aback as if he was finally piecing it all together.

“Because you love me?” Jay questioned, to which she rolled her eyes. “Does this mean I can’t drive anymore?”

“We’ll discuss it,” she lied, the two of them both knowing that Erin would be behind the wheel when they went back to work the next day, using the fact she had just bought him a new TV as another reason why she got to drive.

“You even moved your posters,” he pointed out, waving a hand towards where the two posters which once stood where the TV was now resting in the corner of the room. “And the couch. By yourself?”

“I only had to swivel it around,” Erin dismissed lightly with a shrug, scoffing when he clearly didn’t believe her. Sure, it had taken the two of them to get it into the apartment, but that was only because they had floors to climb. “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.”

“Trust me, I know that,” Jay commented with a smirk over his shoulder as he moved to stand in front of the TV, peering around it. He skimmed his fingers around the bottom corners, grinning at her in excitement when he was clearly satisfied with the installation job. “Have you switched it on?”

“Not properly. Wanted you to have the honours,” she told him, plucking the remote control up from where she had thrown it onto the couch and slipping it into his hand when he approached her.

Jay eyed the mess around them, and she could see the internal debate going on in his head as he thought about what to do. They both knew that if they settled in to enjoy the TV, there was no way they would be getting up again until their bodies told them they needed food, drink or each other.

“We can clean this up later,” he finally decided, much to her surprise but also to her delight, and tugged her down onto the couch with him. “C’mon, let’s christen this TV.”

anonymous asked:

You should do a spicy boom!sonamy prompt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok for real tho, would you write some cute, fluff, slightly angst boom! Sonamy prompt? I need some feels! Btw you're awesome I love all of your work. Is the only thing I've been reading for the last week and I'm obsess <3

Haha, just kidding! I would love to do some fluff~ I’m still not quite sure on the definition of ‘spicy’? But I think it means ‘steamy’ right? Well, I think you were kidding, right? Cause you said, ‘but for real’ so I’ll go with fluff, cute, and some mild angst. Boom is hard cause it’s not very easy to place these two in a moment of vulnerability besides-….


…..Oh my gosh.

(Also thank you so much!!! XD I know it’s a deep pool of prompts to swim through since 2 or 3 years of writing these suckers but I thank you for liking them so much~<3 I love you for your love and support! XD)


Sonic walked with a wide swing in his step, looking around before directly to Amy, and seeing what she was doing on the ground.

“Uh… Ames? Not that I’m trying to be a bother to your… ‘experimentation’ thing or whatnot, but…” he shook his hands in the air, looking a little bored before leaning over to see what she was doing, fiddling with what looked like puzzle pieces placed in a slider.

“Sorry, Sonic. I know I called you over here for your speedy abilities, but I honestly can’t seem to figure out this… stupid… errkk!!!” she tried to slide one more square piece over, tugging and struggling before getting it’s rusty self in place.

“Ha!” Amy was forced back by her own power, but the titles in the small square glowed suddenly, and Sonic’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he leaned back.

“I did it!” Amy jumped back forward, holding her hands up triumphantly. “Okay, now I need you to- AHHH!!”

The two were suddenly pulled into the small, miniature vortex and spiraled into it, becoming small and only pint-sized selves.

“Oh no!” Amy looked herself over, “The effects of those ancient geared tablets must have triggered some form of…. of an ancient shrink ray!” she gripped her head, looking worried. “I must have misread it!” she suddenly ran over to a large book, hitting it open and then looking down at the page as Sonic raced up to look at her.

“It’s no use… it’s all the way on page 380…” she looked at all the pages, seeing how hard it was to flip each individual one separately.

Sonic jumped up, gesturing to himself and for her to move as she smiled and got by his side.

She laughed as she jumped while he ran over the pages, having them flip quickly under his speedy shoes before she was finally able to see the right page.

“Oh! Stop, stop, stop!” she motioned her hand out before dropping to her knees, using her hand to read over the now large printed words.

“Shoot!” she hit her hand to the paper, “I thought it said sight array, not shrink ray!”

“How could you mess those up?” Sonic had his arms folded, before parting them with a shrug and leaning his head back, “They don’t even sound the same!” He then looked back at her with the expression that he was somehow smarter at getting this than her.

As he shook his head in complete haughtiness, she just stared at him as if he had no idea what the difference was in hieroglyphics and modern language.

“Some things can mean a number of things, Sonic.” she rolled her eyes, and continued to read. “Now… let’s figure out how to fix this…”

“Pfft, boring!” Sonic jumped down from the book, taking off a ways.

“W-wait! You can’t just go! It’s dangerous!” Amy stood up, looking upset and worried before he about faced, hearing her words, and coming back.

“Did I hear dangerous?” he gave her a funny look, “Amy, I’m magnetically pulled to dangerous!”

“I really hope you weren’t just winging words there.” Amy insulted, as he did in fact looked offended.

“What’s your problem?! You act like I can’t understand anything!” Sonic put a hand to his hip and then gestured up to her, “Like, what? You’re some sort of ‘high scholar’ above of me?” he turned around, folding his arms and looking behind himself, pouting in a grumpy way.

“Well… yes.” Amy nonchalantly answered, even looking up a moment to bounce her shoulders as if that was ‘matter-of-factly’ a true statement, and then looked back at him with drooped eyelids. “And you’re point is?”

“Augh! I don’t need this!” Sonic threw his hands up in the air, fed up with her attitude as he was about to take off again.


“Sorry comes after the brooding, Amy. You know this.” he stayed bent down in his running pose, arms up and ready to swing out like a running man and his toe tipped up to start the first step.

“No, not that! I mean, how am I gonna get around if you take off like that?” she jogged to the corner of the book, and looked down over at him.

“Sonic… we can’t just abandon each other!”

He slid his mouth to the side of his muzzle, narrowing his eyes and drooping his eyelids as if he wasn’t really disagreeing on that comment… but he could just go if he wanted too..


Her voice turned more desperate.

He looked down, his frown slowly stretching out and untensing.


He shook his head and ruffled his hands in his quills, getting up and waltzing back to her. “Ahhh.. fine! FINE! But you have to say you’re sorry!” He stuck a finger up at her, still looking upset.

“Fine.” Amy nodded, liking that deal as she sat pretty up top, tilting her head slightly side to side to rustle her own quills into a neater place from looking down. “I’m sorry for referencing that most men are blind idiots who state their opinions as fact.” she smiled down to Sonic.

She acted so innocent…

He hated it.

He glared and puffed up his own chest, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m sorry for referring to all women as pompous and stubborn!” he folded his arms, turning away. “Acting so high and mighty… but then needing someone to cuddle with in the dark~” he suddenly mocked her by throwing his arms around himself, then placing his hands together and to the side of his face, as if doting or acting ‘feminine’ as he pretended to sleep and close his eyes.

His eyes shot back open when he heard a battlecry and looked up, jumping a bit in shock and parting his legs, racing away as Amy came down with a hammer.

The dust piled up and he coughed while fanning it away.

She breathed loudly, looking ticked.


“Yes. Thank you. Adios!” he nodded, saluted her with a flick of his two, put together fingers goodbye, and was about to race off.


“WHHHYYY…?” he groaned, swinging his arms down and back around himself in a huge, over-exaggerated whine.

He looked to her with arched eyes, as if so done with fighting her already.

“I thought that’s what you want!”

“We need to get that-!” She pointed to the tablet’s holder. “To Tails!” she threw her pointed finger down, looking ready to chew his head off.

“Hmph. And why should I help you?” he folded his arms, sticking his tongue at her before turning his head away. “All you ever do is unappreciated me.”

“Excuse me?” she raised an eyebrow, confused by his wording.

“You never listen to me!” he suddenly over-acted, flinging the back of his hand’s wrist up to his forehead, leaning himself back. “I’m all alone in this big empty world, and all I ever wanted was for you to notice me! Ah!” he suddenly dropped to his knees, laying with an arm supporting him up, looking helpless, and clearly seeming to reference a previous conversation he must have had with Amy Rose…

“I’m just a woman! With feelings too!” he kept mocking, and as he did so, Amy’s face shifted from anger to hurt, as if he was making fun of her feelings when she had spoken those words long ago.

“But of course! You wouldn’t understand!” he hit his hand down in a fists, “Because, what? What!?” he suddenly threw his hands up to his face, shaking his head back before glaring at her, turning back to his old self.

“Because men don’t understand love!?”

He bounced himself up and walked over to her, looking much more serious as she stepped back, a little afraid that he wasn’t just acting anymore…

“I came here to help you! Not be told I’m stupid!” he thrust a finger at her, and she tripped over the side of the book’s cover, hitting the stacked papers to break her fall.

“..A-Ames?” he suddenly pulled away, worried.

She looked down, sniffing as she rubbed her nose and got up.

“Is that what you think of my feelings?” She walked past him, before looking up as she did so, “That their a drama to be acted out?” she looked deeply hurt, and turned away as she squinted her eyes shut, before running off to get the tablet, pushing it as it started to jut-forward.

“…H-hey now… hold on! I’m the one that’s suppose to be offended and hurt here!” he stomped his foot down. “Don’t suddenly make this about you!”

She kept struggling to push it, but little by little, she got it going.

“Just don’t come, Sonic! I get it! You’re better off alone…” she looked away from him as she passed, before his face drooped and he watched in sorrow as she pushed the square puzzle passed him.

He outstretched an arm, “Amy..?”

He had taken it a bit too far, and looked away, scanning the ground as if he could find answers there.

“Ah, man…” he rubbed his head again, before he moved down to his neck, looking regretful.

“Amy… Ah, Ames. Don’t push it yourself!” he gave in to his better nature, rushing up and helping her push, causing the square to go must faster.

“I said I didn’t need your help anymore!” Amy felt the ease on her shoulders while she pushed, but it didn’t change the fact of how she was feeling toward his little act back there…

“Look, okay, I have feee… feeel… feelllllingggsss toooo…” he contorted his face and mouth as if saying that was difficult, before shaking his head and sighing as if relieved he got it out.

“Ah, there. Now we’re doing what you love to do. Talking about the inner-crisis of our teenage lives!” he kid, still shoving the darn thing forward.

“At this rate, we’ll get to Tails’s soon enough!” he then stated, as Amy looked back at his expression…

She smiled.

At least he tried.

The two finally made it, with a sandy and dirt trail behind them, to Tails.

Changing them back, just before he did so, Amy and Sonic stood in the box that Tails had closed the door on.

She bounced her feet, looking up and waiting expectantly for the beam to change them back to normal.

Sonic looked away, as if nervous, before scratching the tip of his head, and turning back to her, putting his hands together.

“Umm… A-about what I said…”

“Forgiven. Now brace yourself.” she happily squinted her eyes.

He looked back up to her, almost sorrowfully, before chuckling lightly and leaning closer to her.

“No.. about not treating your feelings fairly.”

“It’s in the past! Afterall, you’re a ‘solo-rider’ I get that.” she continued to let it all go, but Sonic just frowned more, trying to be real with her.

“…Ames, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked danger.”

The computer started rotating a countdown.

“Yeah? So?” Amy kept her eyes closed, still acting cheery like she didn’t care what he said.

He looked more gently to her, his eyes showing more in them then what he was saying.

If only her eyes were open to see.

“I mean…” He leaned closer, as tenderly as he could, he leaned his head behind her shoulder.

“I’m not afraid of the most terrifyingly, dangerous adventure any hedgehog could ever go on…”

The computer started counting down from 3…2….1…

“What’s that?”

Loving a stubborn woman.”

Her eyes shot open, turning to look at him as he moved his head, acting as though he hadn’t done or said anything.


The two zapped back to normal sizes, as the door was flung open in a light of blue.

Tails raced up before watching Sonic spin out the window, and then went to open the swinging close door for Amy, but she just knocked it clear off it’s hinges with her hammer, chasing after him with large smiles on her face.

And if there could be, hearts piling out around her from thin air.


arcticblade  asked:

How about 2D playing pranks with/or on his S/O. Awesome blog, btw. Love your writing style. :)

Thank you, you are sweet as heck and you deserve like cookies and hugs and stuff I am love you. Also I decided to take kind of a weird turn with this so I hope that’s okay?

You rolled over and slammed a hand forcefully onto the alarm clock screeching in your ear. It relentlessly continued assaulting your ear drums, and you continued to pound on the buttons blindly, your frustration growing until you heard the snickering from the other side of the room. You opened your eyes to see that the object emitting the dreadful noise was not your alarm clock, but rather an alarm 2D must have set on your phone charging on the beside table. “Stuart, I swear to fucking god,” you grumbled, unhappy with his antics at–wait–what time was it? You glanced at your abused alarm clock. The green, fluorescent numbers read 4:17 am. “Jesus Christ, D, what the hell?” you groaned, rolling over to glare at him. He continued laughing, and you realized he’d been recording you the whole time. “Fuck,” you said with an eye roll and buried your face in the pillow. “whun thahfuchkjauh ouod ooijk ayhwhys,” you whined at 2D, your words muffled by the pillow. “’Wha’ was that, love?” 2D asked still giggling slightly. Your lifted your head enough talk clearly, “I said, ‘what the fuck are you doing anyway?’” you complained before plopping your face back down. He hopped onto the bed with you and proceeded to clamber on top of you. He straddled your body, bouncing childishly, and poking you in the most irritating fashion possible. “Don’t yew know wha’ day it is?” he said devilishly. Though he couldn’t see it, you contorted your face into a quizzical expression, trying to add up the days in your head. “Oh shit it’s not–” “APRIL FOOLS,” 2D shouted, cutting you off and leaping off the bed. “Betta’ get your rest now, love, you’re gonna need it!” 2D exclaimed, giving you a sly wink and disappearing down the dark hallway. You sighed and decided to take 2D’s advice. 

As the sunlight pried your eyelids open and flooded your vision, you rolled over expecting to be met with a sleeping lump of blue hair. However, this was not the case. “Stu?” you called, sitting up and stretching your limbs. You swung your legs over the side of the bed and decided you should investigate. You yawned and rubbed your eyes attempting to perk up your visage. You shuffled towards the bathroom, stopping suddenly as you recalled the events of the early morning. The bathroom was absolutely not safe. Nowhere was, really, but the bathroom was practically a war zone on April 1st. Deciding to forgo the bathroom, you crept down the stairs hesitantly, making your way towards the sound of a busy kitchen. You peeked around the corner–just Russel frying eggs. “Hey, Russ, you seen 2D lately?” “That fool? Yeah I saw him runnin’ around all sneaky-like. I don’t know what he’s up to, but it looks like mischief.” “Thanks Russel,” you replied, sliding a fried egg off of the plate and stuffing it into your mouth. You wandered off aimlessly in hopes of finding 2D before he could cause too much harm. Churning over possible locations in your head, you decided to check the recording studio first. When you arrived the door was closed, which was not likely an indicator of good fortune. You pressed the door open gently, leaning as far back as possible to avoid the dumping of mystery liquids onto your hair. To your surprise, nothing. You entered the darkened room cautiously, feeling for the light switch along the wall. Your fingers stumbled over it and the room was illuminated to reveal a large bear in the center. You gasped and slammed your body back against the wall before coming to the realization that it was only Murdoc’s taxidermied bear from his room. “Holy shit,” you sighed, gasping for breath and attempting to slow your heart rate. As the fear subsided, you peered at the bear, as if to ensure its lifelessness, noticing a folded piece of paper poking out from between its sharp teeth. You removed the paper and unfolded it, exposing what appeared to be a clue of sorts. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my, come to the place where a new beast resides. He’s ugly and smelly, and rude to the brim, this bear is a clue where you can quite often find him,” you read aloud, immediately recognizing the aforementioned pace as Murdoc’s room. With confusion, you headed to your destination, pondering along the way what exactly Stuart had in mind. You approached Murdoc’s door and mentally preparing yourself for whatever was lurking behind the door. It creaked open displaying nothing obviously amiss. You stepped in and began your hunt for the clue. And there it was, pinned to Murdoc’s dartboard. You unfolded the note anxiously. “A bulls-eye is good, but what I have is better. I promise it’s more than this stupid letter. Come to the place where we had our first kiss, and I what I have next I hope will not miss,” you read, beginning to feel an anxious excitement. The kitchen had been where you’d had your first kiss, it happened while he was taking you on a tour around the house after a date. Nervously, you started for the kitchen. Stepping in, you saw the four of them, 2D standing in front of the other three. He stepped towards you and outstretched his hand, offering you another note. You took it and glanced at the other three, Noodle appearing the most eager. You unfolded the note. You read silently, “Y/N, today may be April Fools, but this is no joke, I think it’d be really cool, if you put down this note.” You looked up from the note to see 2D kneeling before you, withdrawing a small box from his pocket. Your eyes widened as he opened the velvet box to reveal a glittering ring. “Y/N, I’m not kidding when I say I love yew…”

Waiting for you

Genre: Angst because I’m trash for angsty stories these days

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 5085 omfg

Originally posted by imaginesbts

Anonymous requested: Okay so Mint Green had me dying like y u do dis to me!!!!!!! But i want to make a request: can you do an angsty scenario with mafia jungkook of smth. It can have a happy ending, but i’ll let it up to you to decide :) i really love your writing style btw, it’s amazing, keep going ❤️❤️

[Listen to this while reading]

Tick, tock, tick, tock. 11:45 PM.

If there was one thing you absolutely hated the most, it was waiting. Whether you were waiting for the bus, or for your friend who always arrived later than the promised time, finding yourself anxiously looking at your watch to check the time was not one of your favorite activities.

Tick, tock.

Tapping your foot along with the ticking sounds of your clock, you anxiously bit down your lower lip as you tried to watch some television. You were watching Running Man’s rerun of last week, trying to lessen your nervousness. Normally, Lee Kwang Soo’s dumb and silly remarks would make you lose your shit right on the spot. However this time, Lee Kwang Soo’s remarks did not help to get rid of the anxious feelings inside of your stomach.

You glanced at the clock to check the time once more, but a feeling of disappointment overwhelmed you as you saw that barely a minute passed. You hated this.

“Jeon Jungkook, where the hell are you?,” you whispered softly, secretly hoping that the guy would hear your small whisper and immediately knock on your door afterwards. Sadly, the knock on your door never came. Instead of that, you could only hear the annoying ticking sounds of your clock.

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anonymous asked:

The chapter that shows his full name for the first time is 83. I recommend reading the chapters 83 and 84, which is his "comeback". I really like these chapters and they are good for "Hide investigations". I, personally, think that is interesting how people at CCG get along with him well.


So, the “yoshi” was revealed because Hide attracted the CCG’s attention with his anonymous tip and his part-time job, which was done in the first place because he needed some way to save Kaneki! Just like how he traded away his Magician status - “Nagachika Hideyoshi”, to save Kaneki at V14!

That’s oddly fitting.

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Q & A with Bleach Lists Girl

As requested by obscuroangelo. :)

Today’s Q & A is a little different, insofar as it’s not with a Bleach character but rather with me, the blogger who writes this blog (commonly known as BLG). Normally in these Q&A posts I go for the questions that seem the silliest and try to give silly answers, but man! You guys asked me such sweet and serious questions! So I guess I’ll go ahead and answer them honestly! There were too many questions for me to answer them all, but here are the answers for some. And thank you to everyone who participated! 

1. cant-kill-this-dragon said: What inspired you to create Bleach Lists? / benjaminblue101 said: what gave you the idea to start bleach list / suns3ta said: How did this idea of Bleach Lists came and how was it after the few lists? / thekuchikiclan said: Where did you get the idea for this blog? / kalikia said: What inspired you to make Bleachlists?

BLG: Bleach Lists started because I got really into Avatar: The Last Airbender. Oddly enough, I guess.

BLG: Zuko was my favorite character from ATLA, and I made this list of my favorite Zuko quotes with sarcastic commentary. I decided that this was the funniest thing ever, and so I showed it to all of my friends who I thought would be interested….all two of them.

BLG: One of the two (she was also my roommate) suggested that if I wanted to share it around, I should try out this website called ‘tumblr’ and post it there. So I did. That was the start of my first list blog, ATLA Lists.

BLG: At the same time, my roommate and I were watching Bleach (I had watched it already, and was rewatching it to show her). I became really obsessed with Bleach, and just had a lot of feelings that I needed to share. So I decided to start a new list blog about Bleach.

BLG: This was terrifying, because I didn’t think I knew enough about Bleach or about its fandom, and I was afraid that I would be laughed out of town.

BLG: And in fact, my first few lists were resolutely ignored, so I sorta shrugged and decided that a Bleach blog wasn’t going to happen.

BLG: But (this story is almost over, I promise!) I had this idea for one more list, which was about how people said the word “bankai,” based largely on the way my roommate made fun of Ichigo’s ridiculously long pauses between the two syllables. 

BLG: That list was the first one that got the tone right, and also the first one that people actually noticed and liked. So I decided to keep on writing lists. Eventually, Bleach Lists took off and I, um, abandoned my original ATLA blog (sorry, ATLA Lists!).

2. our-flame-never-goes-out said: when you started this blog, did you expect that it would become what it is today?

BLG: Definitely not!

BLG: All of my expectations were based on my ATLA blog, which only received 1 request ever (although I begged for them), and whose lists usually received like 7 notes.

BLG: But you guys! You’re hardcore about Bleach! And also very sweet! So you made this blog take off way more.

3. lykanr7 said:
Which zanpakuto would you have if you were a shinigami? / renruki-fan said: If you were a shinigami, what would be your zanpakuto like? / duende71 said: If you woke up and had a zanpakuto, what do you think your shikai and bankai would be like? / cute-assassin29 said: What zanpakuto would you like to have? And why? / happypanda4444 said: What type of Zanpakuto would you want to have?

BLG: Ah, the age-old zanpakuto question.

BLG: Now, I am not the greatest at coming up with new powers (unlike my old roommate, who is the best at it), but this is what I have.

BLG: My real life “power” is the ability to make something out of whatever I have in front of me - like one of my professors said I had a reputation for being able to write a paper on any topic. Or there’s the whole thing where I have a blog where you guys give me topics and I make something out of them. *cough*

BLG: So I thought I’d have a power based off of that? Where my shikai would allow me to create weapons out of whatever was around me.

BLG: So….if I stabbed a wall, the wall would fall on my opponent. If I stabbed a bush, it would, um, grow legs and attack my opponent. And so on.


BLG: This suddenly seems like a silly power.

4. otaku-child-4-life said: what squad do you think you would be put in if you were a shinigami and why? And btw you are amazing :3

BLG: Oh, thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoy it!

BLG: I’ve always imagined myself in Squad 10, actually. I work hard and I’m cool with following orders, so I thought Hitsugaya’s leadership would work for me.

BLG: In large part because the other squads wouldn’t? I am far too clumsy for Squad 2, not artistic enough for Squad 3, hate blood too much for Squad 4, can’t even kill bugs so no Squad 11, etc, etc.

5. alienbeing said:
Who would you get along best with, out of the gotei 13, if you went to SS?And who would be worst? (sorry if youve been asked this before!)

BLG: Nope, haven’t been asked this, so no worries!

BLG: Maybe I’d get on well with Matsumoto? I’m kinda nervous and high-strung myself (Isane style), so I tend to gravitate towards people who can help me, you know, chill out.

BLG: As for worst….well I think I’d be absolutely terrified of Kurotsuchi and hide whenever I saw him. Does that count?

6. xxxxanimebitchxxxx said: How do come up with what characters are going into which list?

BLG: I start out with whoever has to be there - so any characters who interact with the character that the list features (a list featuring Kensei has to have Mashiro and Hisagi, for instance) and/or who is shipped with them a lot. 

BLG: After that I just cycle through the characters in my head and add anyone for whom an amusing comment occurs to me.

BLG: Some characters are funnier to me than others, which is why some show up a lot more often. *coughs*

BLG: Sometimes if I’m stuck I use a random number generator and try to come up with a line for whichever character comes up.

7. tygerlander said: Which characters are the hardest to write as? Which are the easiest?

BLG: Hardest are the ones that I don’t really feel like I have a good sense about. Like Mashiro. I don’t have an innate feel for what makes her tick, so writing her kind of terrifies me (especially since I follow a Mashiro blog that *does* know what makes her tick! So I’m like - “I can’t do that!”)

BLG: Easiest are the main characters and the ones whose voices I can hear in my head. Like Byakuya, because he has a distinct canon personality and a distinct omake personality, and the two work really well against each other for humor, I think. 

BLG: Also I just like to make fun of him?

8. zahere-zafar-zawhereeveryouare said:
Based on powers, would you be Quincy or Shinigami? / synderflames said: Whose “race” would you like to be : Shinigami, Arrankar, Quincy, Fullbringer or Human?

BLG: As much as I like to imagine I’d be one of the cool shinigami, I have a feeling I’d do best as one of those powerless humans. 

BLG: Because I’m kind of scared of everything and I injure myself daily by running into things?

BLG: Let’s be real: if I had a zanpakuto, I would stab myself in the face.

skylar-hawthorne said: A question to the real blogger-how do you manage to make the characters act out of character and still feel in character?

BLG: I’m glad you think they bear some resemblance to canon! I think I basically try to copy the tone of the filler / omake writing.

BLG: Heavily exaggerate characteristics that are vaguely canon (Hitsguaya isn’t just good at paperwork; he is basically in love with it) and make serious characters act in silly ways (Byakuya / Ulquiorra). 

BLG: I don’t know. I guess I figure people like silliness? 

10. maou-mawxd said: Heya BLG! We all know you’re a busy gal, but how do you manage your schedule? Any tips you can share? / mlunamoore said: Alright Miss BLG. Somehow you have the superpower of writing. How do you manage to keep up with all your lists and still manage everyday life? PS you’re still as awesome as you were when you started this venture XD

BLG: Awww, thank you!

BLG: I manage my list writin’ time by basically writing lists in the cracks of my schedule - when I’m on the bus or when I need a break or really late at night when I’m too tired to do anything else. 

BLG: It also tends to be what I’m thinking about if my mind is wandering.

BLG: I-I don’t know that I have any tips, though! My current strategy is to get up early, work until dinner, and then use the evenings for spending time with my friends and/or girlfriend. 

BLG: So basically I just work a lot.

11. cixibao said: How long have you been reading and/or watching Bleach?

BLG: About three years, I guess! The blog has been going for two years, and I think I started Bleach about a year before that.

BLG: I started the manga a few months into my blog, I think.

12. ggiofon said: Which Fraccion(s) do you like the best?

BLG: My favorite fraccion is Ggio, actually! Mostly because I always loved Ggio’s design, and the fight with Soi Fon was fabulous. 

BLG: While writing this I realized that it sounded familiar, so if you want to hear baby BLG talking about her love for Ggio…..here.

13. ainsusyaga said: What characters do you feel attracted to?



BLG: Y-Yoruichi mostly!

14. realifezompire said: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse/how long do your think you would last?

BLG: Not long at all. I have instructed my friends to push me at the zombies as a diversion and then run.

15. squadron-of-damned said: What is the answer you always wanted somebody to ask you and you have perfect answer for it but nobody has ever asked? And what’s the answer?

BLG: I kinda love this question - thank you!

BLG: The question I choose to answer is “What power would you have if you were a Quincy?” Because I have a fabulous answer for that, which my roommate came up with.

BLG: My Quincy power would be to remove one layer from anything. So, for instance, if I were cleaning my apartment I could strip the layer of dust off of my ceiling fan.

BLG: Or in battle I could strip somebody of their skin.

BLG: It would be the coolest thing.


BLG: um

anonymous asked:

Iwaoi and nine for the pairing numbers!! Thank you!!

Hello and thanks, Anon! :D I hope you weren’t expecting any sort of sinful writing from me, but if you were, I hope you are prepared for DISAPPOINTMENT (6w6 ) (lots of love and thanks to Isy and Viv for the idea!)

Btw, overall ficlets progress - I ended up with a whopping 18 prompts (I LOVE YOU ALL) so I’m going to go through them slowly, and really appreciate your patience in the meantime! ( `v’)b Now, onto the fic!

(aged-up characters, restaurant AU, first meeting)

IwaOi + 9. grinding


“Cracked pepper on your steak, sir?”

“Oh, uh…” Iwaizumi gave the waiter, who was holding a large pepper grinder out to him, a quick half-glance in his direction out of politeness more than anything before returning his attention back to the document he was reading. “No, thank you.”

“How about with your mashed potatoes, sir?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

“On your salad, perhaps?”

“No, I’m–”

“Your mushroom sauce, sir?”

“I– no,” said Iwaizumi, now looking up to throw him a look of annoyance. “I don’t need any p–”

Keep reading