a lamp!!!

@bigcalavera from (x)

 “ No! But Gelato can help you! “

Their voice rang out with vibes of positivity lurking around every syllable. They had gone to gently let the box down, setting it just in front of Guzma’s feet so that he’d have easy access to it. Now the question remained – why had they thought this would be a good idea? Why would they try to give a gift to someone who’s famous for givin’ them beatdowns?

Well, because these were lava lamps! And everyone loves lava lamps, right? They’d make the perfect gift for him and his goons to decorate their place with! 

… yeah that’s the only reasoning they had. But it was enough to make it worth the effort, apparently.

“ I am Gelato! It’s nice to meet you mister Guzma! “

They’d been doing a little stalking too, it seems. They knew about Guzma from occasionally stalking the outskirts of Po Town and, well, everywhere else.

My new gravity shot and bong lava lamp! ✌💙👽 Side note: the Bong.Lava.Lamp. is not a functional piece, it is a lava lamp as stated.