a lamp!!!

sanders sides spoilers



ok but Virgil & Patton’s simultaneous, sad, dejected sounding “Can they?” broke my fucking heart, man. they were all so concerned, and Patton just faked a smile. god. and Virgil was like “whoa… did that really just happen?” in a sad, worried way and i just?????? im so sad.

Patton: This is Virgil. He’s very sarcastic.

Virgil: Suuuure. I’m reeaaally sarcastic. *rolls eyes*

Patton: This is Logan. Be careful around him, he easily loses his temper.


Patton: Here’s Roman; the dramatic one.

Roman: *gasps and puts hand to chest* I am not! Where ever have you heard of such accusations!

Patton: And I’m Patton! The responsible adult of the group! *throws confetti while in a onesie*


ok listen i know we’re all very aware of Virgil’s dramatic character development but some thoughts popped into my head and i just need to write them out.

when Virgil is first introduced he’s this intimidating & guarded kind of confident tough guy that scares Thomas into doing what he needs to do or scares Thomas away from what he thinks is potential danger, but the others don’t so he’s an annoying, grumpy, negative hindrance.

as the series moves along his intentions are now completely misconstrued. antagonist. negative nancy. negative end of the spectrum. bad guy. unwanted. holding Thomas back.

and now finally his true colors are shown. protector. vigilant. fight or flight. good guy. protagonist. part of the group. family.

he’s trying really hard not to be, but he’s still brooding & startling at times. but hey that’s his job. and his job isn’t bad.