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Blackwall is such a nuanced character, it’s really amazing.

I get why some people think he’s boring, because on the surface he comes across as a reserved noble warrior, and those are dime-a-dozen in fantasy fiction. Being a quiet middle-aged soldier isn’t something as immediately interesting as, say, Sera’s colourful boldness or Solas’s air of mystery. But when you look a little deeper, Blackwall has so many different sides to him. His personality isn’t based around any single trait that really defines him - he’s a collection of many things.

He’s the grizzled Warden he appears to be on the surface, the man who’s seen war and fought darkspawn and seen (and caused) death, the lone wanderer who’s had no friends or companions in his life for years, who knows how messed-up and harsh the world is but who’s still determined to make what little difference he can.

He’s the absolutely broken man consumed by self-loathing, chronically lying because he can’t find any other way forward, who doesn’t think he deserves happiness or love or trust, who devalues his own life again and again because he thinks death is the only way he could ever be redeemed.

He’s the thoughtful craftsman who can create intricate shapes from wood, who carves out a wooden rocking griffon because he thinks the children of Skyhold have a right to play even in the midst of war.

He’s the gentleman who bows to a romanced Inquisitor and calls her his lady, who knows more about the Game than he lets on, who’s been among the nobility of Thedas and knows how they work - he may not fit in among them like Vivienne, never could, but he has the measure of them - who’s more cultured, more courteous, than anyone would expect from a gruff wanderer who sleeps in a stable.

He’s the cocksure, carefree soldier he once was in his youth, the playful rogue whose sense of humour is as dirty and infantile as Sera’s, who’s willing to goof around with her - you’re looking for ‘titsicles’, I stole all the beards and all the power held within - who swears the way you’d expect a soldier to (and surely once this side of him was full of arrogance and contempt, but that’s gone now, drowned out by his determination not to be everything Rainier was.)

He’s the gentle, uncertain and yet passionate man you only see if you romance him, the man who backs away from the first kiss but pins the Inquisitor against the banisters on the second, who opens himself up to her in a way he does with no one else, I’m just a man with his heart laid bare, who’d be ripped apart if he ever lost her - Maker, let her keep breathing - who finally comes to understand that he is her choice, that she stands with him, that he doesn’t need to be afraid, the man who smiles the most damn beautiful smile when he’s with her.

He’s the man who, pardoned, forgiven, is able to make a new life. To either continue his wandering protector-Warden life but not feel like he’s lying to himself when he does it this time, or else to seek out the most hopeless people in Thedas and show them ways to move forward. Either way, he’s a bringer of hope.

He’s a soldier, a Warden (at heart, if not in title), a recluse, a friend, a warrior, a craftsman, an atoner, an idealist. He’s so many things. And that makes him an incredible character.

(And there’s one thing he’s emphatically not: a boring stick in the mud. Seriously, put him in a party with Sera. You won’t regret it.)

So, I hear you liked TURN.

Apres the Season 4 finale, I know there’s going to be a lot of crying, and hand-wringing, and rewatching, and these are all good and proper things to do in the wake of a TV show you’ve enjoyed.

But after the smoke clears from all of that, you’re maybe going to go looking for your next 18th century fix, just something in between rewatches or while you’re trying to flesh out your next story idea. (Hey, now that we have our canon, go hog-wild on story ideas, guys, seriously.) 

So I’ve saved you some trouble and made you all a helpful list.

Obviously there are a lot of movies and TV shows out there - this is just a selection that I wish more people knew about.

Note: Everyone enjoys a show or movie for different reasons. These shows are on this list because of the time period they depict, not because of the quality of their writing, the accuracy of their history or the political nature of their content. Where I’m able to, I’ve mentioned if a book is available if you’d like to read more.

Before we get to the rest of the list, there are three excellent shows that are either currently on television or about to be very soon:

Poldark (BBC/PBS) is based on a series of books by an author named Winston Graham. It was made into a PBS series in the 70s starring Robin Ellis as the handsome Captain Poldark, who returns from the American Revolution to find his family farm in tatters and his long-time love interest married to his cousin. Drama ensues. The 70s series is worth your time, and the recent remake with Aidan Turner in the title role is also definitely worth a go. (If you like leading men who make terrible life decisions and the women who put up with them, this is totally your show.)

Harlots (Hulu) - If you really loved the TURN ladies, thought Lola and Philomena deserved more than they got, or are just interested to learn more about what life might have been like for the lower classes in London in the 1750s, have we got a deal for you. Harlots follows the lives of 18th century sex workers in this new drama, which was just recently renewed for a totally deserved second season. Female-lead ensemble drama. A little violent at points and deals with some pretty heavy-duty topics like rape, murder, and bastardy, but in a humane and understanding way. Totally bingeable.

Outlander (Starz) - Based on the wildly popular series of books by Diana Gabaldon, this time traveling drama jumps between a couple of different centuries and follows the story of Jamie and Claire, two very strong personalities trying to literally find their place in history. (Hewlett talks about the blade his grandfather picked up at Culloden; that battle forms a critical part of this show’s storyline.) It’s a real pretty show with very high production values.

And, without further ado, the rest of the list!

John Adams:  If you haven’t watched this already, do yourself a favor and go pick it up from the library. Starring Paul Giametti in the title role, this HBO miniseries follows John Adams’ role in the formation of America, through his early days in Congress up through his own presidency. As with any biographical show, characters that we know and love from other media (Rufus Sewell’s Hamilton comes to mind, but see what you think of David Morse’s Washington, too) are presented in a slightly different light and provide some food for thought about how history can be selective in how it remembers us. The costuming is great, the sets are fantastic, and the acting is first-rate.

The Patriot: An oldie but a goodie. Mel Gibson plays a highly fictionalized version of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox while Jason Isaacs turns in a really stellar hottie we love to hate in Colonel Tavington. A little heavy-handed at times, this is a good movie to laugh over with friends.

Sons of Liberty: I’ll be really honest - for a show from the History Channel, the history on this show is pretty awful. But the cast is pretty. This one’s up to you, really. It fills a hole.

Garrow’s Law: William Garrow was a barrister and a pioneering legal mind in the 18th century, and this show (which ran for 3 seasons) is based on real Old Bailey cases and Garrow’s defenses, while also working in his fraught social life. Were you interested in learning a little more about Abe Woodhull’s erstwhile legal training? This is the show for you.

City of Vice: A miniseries that explains the origins and work of the Bow Street Runners, one of London’s first police forces.  Does a great job of opening up some of the early 18th century underside of London including a smidge of 18th century gay culture.

A Harlot’s Progress: William Hogarth was an 18th century artist, printmaker and social commentator whose “A Harlot’s Progress” famously depicts the downfall of a woman who goes into prostitution. This 2006 series explores the relationship that inspired the ‘Harlot’ piece.

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant: At around the same time America was busy trying to figure itself out, halfway around the world another one of Britain’s colonial possessions - Australia - was just getting started. Hundreds of convicts found themselves stuffed in ships and sent to the other side of the world - a sentence deemed almost more humane. This 2005 series with Romala Garai follows a very famous convict, Mary Bryant, and her experiences.

Banished: Another take on penal colonies in Australia. Currently available on Hulu.

Black Sails: A more recent offering from Starz, this show explores the backstory of the pirates in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Lots of great representation issues, a whole lot of ‘how does your story get told’ - and there’s a real big community on Tumblr who loves it and very actively produces all kinds of fic.

Clarissa - Simcoe fans, this one is totally for you. Based on the epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson, Clarissa follows a girl of the same name as the infamous rake Lovelace tries to seduce her. Another look at what how women can be corrupted. Also, for you fandom nerds in the crowd, Lovelace was one of the first characters to inspire fix-it fic. Yes, really! Fix-it fic in the late 1700s. Lovelace is one of the original men for whom the ‘No, really, I can reform him’ trope was created. (Richardson, his creator, was so horrified by this reaction by his fans that he actually revised the book several times to try and make Lovelace even more villainous and irredeemable, with little success. Then as now, women apparently love the idea of a bad boy.)

Amazing Grace - The history of slavery in England and its colonies is complicated and nuanced; this story deals with one of the more famous names from that story, William Wilberforce, and his contribution.

Belle - Based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral. Another look at racial politics in England.

The Aristocrats - One of my all-time favorite TV miniseries and based on the nonfiction book by Stella Tilyard, this show follows the (actual, nonfictional) Lennox sisters, daughters of the Duke of Richmond as they grow up, marry, and adjust to rapid social change from the early 1700s into the 1790s.

The Duchess  - About the same time the Lennox sisters were out in society, so was Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire. This is based on (I’m not sure how closely) Amanda Foreman’s biography of Georgiana, one of the leading ladies of her day.

Dangerous Liasons - Another story about corruptible young women, this one has 3 very well deserved Oscars to its name and an absolutely stunning Glenn Close.

Barry Lyndon - a very evocative, sumptuous film by Stanley Kubrick. Short on action, but very, very Aesthetic, as only Kubrick can do.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Based on the book by Baroness Orczy, The Scarlet Pimpernel is largely considered to be one of the world’s first ‘superhero with a secret identity’ stories. Sir Percy Blakeney uses his identity as a dim-witted fop to provide cover for his activities rescuing French aristocrats from the guillotine during the French Revolution. The 1982 version with Anthony Andrews and the 1999 version with Richard Grant are both a lot of fun.

Speaking of the French, where would we be without them? Our small domestic dust-up with Britain has far-reaching international consequences, setting in motion so many other social movements in Europe. The French, for instance, will have their own revolution several years after ours, which, of course, will lead to a total political shakeup ending with an artillery officer named Napoleon Bonaparte on the throne as Emperor. (You may have heard of him. He goes on to have his own series of large wars and, you know, completely changes the geo-political landscape of Europe. Like you do.)

La Revolution Francaise, filmed for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution, is available on YouTube in it’s entirety with English subtitles! Starts in 1774 and goes through the 1800s. C’est merveilleux.

Marie Antoinette - Sofia Coppola’s wild, modern romp through the life of one of the 18th century’s most notorious women. It may not be great history, but darn me if it isn’t fun to watch.

Farewell, My Queen - Another story about Marie Antoinette - this one is in French.

Nicolas Le Floch: An 18th century crime procedural set at the court of Louis XVI. The whole show is in French, so watch with subtitles, but the costumes are a lot of fun and it gives an interesting picture of the life a character like Lafayette would have left behind when he came to America. (He gets name dropped a few times, actually, though he never actually appears.)

Ekaterina: A 2014 miniseries from Russia discussing the rise of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796, contemporaneous to the Revolution. The 18th century is a fascinating time in Russian history and Catherine is a really, really interesting lady. Totally go and read about her.

Anno 1790: A Swedish crime procedural set in 1790s Sweden and following Johann Däadh, a doctor recently roped into the police force. Däadh is a bit of a reformer, interested in the rights of man and giving everyone a chance to be heard. Costumes are fun, and there’s a really great slow-burn romance between two of the characters, one of whom is (gasp) married. This show only ran for one season, but it was a really, really good season.

If you’re still jonesing for period dramas after the rest of this list, here’s a lot of shows and tv series set during the Napoleonic Wars that are also totally worth your time - the Richard Sharpe miniseries, the Horatio Hornblower miniseries, the BBC’s War and Peace, Master and Commander, and then, of course, anything based on a Jane Austen novel.

Have fun!

Cursed Child Scorbus Rec List

This really has become more of an index than a rec list, with categories of: 

Full length chaptered stories, Series, arcs, collections and short chaptered stories, Atmospheric, poetic, ficlets and drabbles, Pre-slash, Fluff, Established relationships, Flangst, Dark Angst, Humor, Holidays, Coming Out, Smut, Fix-Its/Re-Writes, and AUs

Last time I counted there were over 200 fics on here!

Basically my requirements for this list are:
Is it Cursed Child compliant, in the CC universe or do the characterizations feel close enough to CC?
No disturbing side-pairings or themes (i.e. no dub-con, abuse, drug use, infidelity or major character death. Exceptions will have warnings.)
Is it decently written, easy enough to understand and not cringe-worthy?
Did it make me smile or feel things?
Have I actually read it?

There are many stories, especially multi-chapters and WIPs, that I haven’t gotten around to yet, so this list is mostly made up of one-shots. It is my New Year’s resolution to read longer works. Feel free to add your recommendations in your reblog! Happy Holidays you wonderful little fandom! 

Note: I have categorized these fairly loosely. Some fics may fit into more than one category, but I don’t list them twice unless they are individual parts of an arc. The first section is uncategorized. They are a few of my faves, though I definitely have favorites in other categories like atmospheric and fluff, however these ones seemed slightly more complex and are a bit longer. So consider this category…

A Good Place to Start

*Best Mates- picascribit

“You deserve to be with someone who really likes you. Who thinks you’re brilliant.“

Scorpius grinned. “I’ve got you for that.”

One of the first Albus/Scorpius stories I read after CC, and still one of my favorites. This is Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc, but it is perfect as a stand-alone. The stories do get more mature.

*The First Date- rainystreetlights

“Still under the impression that you should have been the first to get a girlfriend eh? What can I say… Ladies love me.”

“Ladies tolerate you.”

‘One-Shot set in Albus and Scorpius’ sixth year at Hogwarts. When Rose doesn’t show up, Albus and Scorpius end up going on an accidental first date. Pure Scorpius and Albus fluff. Awkward conversations and a lot of strange situations’.

I love this so much. This author has seen the play and it shows. Her characterizations and dialogue are so spot on. So awkward, adorable and heartfelt!

*The Ball- torestoreamends

‘A ball is being held at Hogwarts to celebrate the end of fifth and seventh year exams. Scorpius has agreed to go with Rose, and Albus shouldn’t be as upset about that as he is. Dancing, fancy robes, obliviousness, and a small sprinkling of brotherly advice ensue.’

This is so gorgeous. Just her description of the robes slayed me. Read everything by torestoreamends!

*Seasons- starlightpeddlar

‘From the moment Scorpius and Albus get on the Hogwarts Express for their fifth year, things start to change. Albus starts to gain confidence both in the classroom and out of it, and Scorpius’ realization that he has greater feelings for his best friend threatens to leave him more alone than he’d ever imagined’.

Wonderful four chapter prequel to ‘Quietly’. Quietly is quite long and intense, but this is a nice getting together story, though it is still quite meaty and introduces important themes for the series.

*Put Your Guns Away Its Tea Time- frombluetored

‘Ginny Potter estimates it will only take three days into the Weasley-Potter family holiday for Albus to act on his feelings for his best friend. Albus estimates it will only take three days for him to die of embarrassment. And Scorpius, well. Scorpius is just glad to be there with Albus in the first place.’

I love this so much! The characters are so spot on and we get to see other Next Gen kids as well as all the grown up characters we love. Come for the Scorbus, stay for Ginny and the whole Weasley clan.

Keep reading

When Bendy has an idea in mind there is nothing more to do XD during a beautiful sunny day endowed with charming cartoon intrigue of 1930-1940 worthy of the greatest love story of all Time, our sympathetic little demon decides to make happy his angel, the lovely Alice Angel who deserves without doubt to be thanked as it should. And of course, Bendy know how to conquer the heart of a woman, like all ladies, she probably likes a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Bendy looks confident, hope that Alice loves flowers      

That know that this scene was much shipped but please leave me, they are so much fun drew ^_^ it pleases me to see this two characters together, frankly they are adorable like this ? And then for once Bendy seems to do a good action and not pranks.

Have a wondeful day ! *wink*

Bendy and The Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Love Nikki 2b: The Gay

(First post
Second post)

So! This is Nikki:

This is Nikki’s “friend” Kimi:


“Tabloids: Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. The truth is Kimi prefers Nikki.”

To be clear: there ARE dudes in this game. Like, literally a handsome prince shows up. Nikki’s sidekick Yoko drools over a lead singer and laments that Toto has dated her way through the zodiac while Yoko hasn’t had a single date. Nikki? Not. A Peep. But when they get magic mirror hallucinations of the “person on your mind”, who shows up? KIMI.



Anyway, sometime next week I will be back to scream more about pretty clothes in Love Nikki 3: A Fistful of Nikkis.

“How many good guys are left?”

“he is beyond your reach”

“A beautiful lie”

“I used to want to save the world”

“You don’t owe this world a thing”

“He’ll be a god to them”

“The world changed when [he] flew across the sky”

“little boys. Born with no natural inclination to share” 

“I can save today”

“You are my world”

“They do not deserve you”

“I’m not a lady. I’m a journalist”

“You can save the world”

“She was my world” 

“in time they will join you in the sun”

“I’m too soon!” 

“the feeling of powerlessness…that turns good men cruel”

“Behold the voice of god”

“Do you bleed?”

“Granny’s peach tea”

“I’m pretty sure that only counts when you’re kissing a human”

“She’s the key!”

“And I believe in love”

“save Martha”

“Diamond absolutes”

“Are you the devil?”

“a century of horrors”

“you will help them accomplish wonders” 

“Every boy’s special lady is his mother”

“I wish we had more time”

“I won’t fail him in death” 

“I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me”

“God help anyone who disrespected the queen”

“Men are still good”

“It’s not about deserve”

“I’m a friend of your son’s”

“Make a better world than ours”

“And then it changed again when he didn’t”

“this beautiful world”

“If you seek his monument, look around you”

“Welcome to the Planet”


ANGEL.  BEAUTIFUL.  BRAVE.  SELFLESS.  is not enough words to describe the young girl Sarah was in her many attempts to warn the community about a predator.  it is not enough words to claim the magnitude of what a selfless and incredibly scary act that must have been for a minor.  tonight doesn’t deserve to be cursed with the very name we have grown to hate.  as he must be addressed I hope everyone can take a moment to appreciate Sarah.

if it weren’t for Sarah and her callout post months ago we wouldn’t have had much of an idea of the full cruelness of Ollie.  she gave a voice to so many people who deserve to be heard.  only for sarah to have her voice taken away from her and in my mind, that’s one of the cruelest things to do to someone who is begging for help on the dashboard.  please,  we are her voice now and we should carry it with as much pride as she did. 

In Hebrew, the name Sarah means  "lady, princess, noblewoman" and that was everything she was and more.  this was a moment where we should of seen the signs of someone crying out for help and instead she was questioned, mocked and told she was a liar while those who did support her only wanted the best.  she deserves the best even if she can’t voice it for herself - demand respect for her.  demand love for her and most of all demand her story to be heard.

the roleplay community that has been harsh on minors managed to lose one of the bravest ones out there.  that is not to blame the community as we all know who is truly to blame for this.  please,  we need sarah’s voice to be more active than ever.  post images, songs, poems to #sarahsvoice.  if we don’t give her a voice then he wins.  if we don’t give her love then he wins.  if we let this die then he wins.  so, to our lady, our brave princess and our selfless nobelwoman I hope you know when we say we miss you that it comes from the deepest part of us.

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Marsali gif set, oh pretty, pretty please! X

Marsali slays and the actress is playing her exactly as I thought she would be….. Bonus: I LOVED how Fergus called her “Ma Cherie”. 

Look at her, Marsali! She’s Claire. You’re going to adore this woman. I promise. Trust me.

Ooops….. well, not yet. But wait for some more episodes.

They are so cute 😍…. Fergus deserves to be happy.

Fergus is like: “Ma cherie, can you say it because I’m really scared of Milord’s reaction.” 😆


Her? ….. sorry Marsali but she’s not “her”. She is “Claire, the Sassenach, Lady Jane, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Malcolm, Mrs Beauchamp, the doctor, the healer, the most beautiful woman Jamie has ever seen.” 

WHORE 😠 WHO?????!!!!!

“Ma cherie”😍❤️

Ooops…. sorry Jamie and sorry Fergus, but your women are the ones who wore the pants in your marriages.

Her faces 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What! 😅

Sorry Marsali but Claire always wins…. she knows how to treat stubborns like you.

She has a really long hair…..

Jamie is like: “Here she goes again…..” 😂


These two waiting for Claire to convince Jamie 🤣 They are like me with my collages waiting for our Math teacher to see if we could make him change the date of our next exam 😂

Fergus checking if she’s ok…. ❤️

Look at these two lovers laughing 😍

They wait for Jamie to turn around to kiss each other 😂

Muaks, anon❤️ 

for @itsbeaconhillsbaby, because lisa is the absolute best and it’s this gorgeous ladys birthday!! happy birthday you superstar, i hope you’ve had the most wonderful day because you more than deserve it 

instead of dividing up the CD’s, let’s play a drinking game to determine who gets what (it may or may not end in sex) (prompt from this list)

In hindsight, cracking open that expensive bottle of tequila Robert had brought coming back through duty free after their honeymoon while they tried to divide up their things wasn’t their best idea. That probably should have been obvious from the start, but when Robert had suggested a drink to make the rather depressing task of splitting their marriage down the middle more bearable, Aaron jumped - it wasn’t as if he was looking forward to the arduous process of Robert finally taking his fair share of what was in the Mill, and leaving for good.

Aaron had ended it, sure, but Robert coming back for his books, CDs, the two of them dividing the things they’d bought together up - well, it was hardly the most appealing way to spend a Friday night, and even less so when you weren’t over the gorgeous blond bastard sitting on your (their) living room floor, shoes off, sleeves rolled up, attempting to balance a shot glass on his nose. 

“If you break that, you’ve got to drink,” Aaron said, holding tightly to the bottle of tequila. It had cost a fortune, he remembered - Aaron had simply rolled his eyes as his excitable husband dragged him around duty free, eagerly picking out deals on cologne and alcohol. Apparently, they just had to splash out on this fancy tequila, because it would make it mean all the more when they opened it on their first anniversary, and cheersed to themselves.

They hadn’t even made it six months. How sad was that?

Robert caught the shot glass before it hit the floor, giving Aaron an incredulous look. “Why?”

“Payback for all the broken glass I’ll have to clean up,” Aaron snorted, pouring them another round of shots. 

“I’d clean it up,” Robert shrugged, swiping the shot before Aaron could say anything.

“Oi, this is supposed to be your fun way of us splitting our stuff!” Aaron protested, rolling his eyes as Robert knocked back the tequila without so much as a second thought. “This isn’t going to work if you’re just going to get bladdered, Rob.”

Robert gave another shrug. “I’d rather not be doing this at all,” he admitted, nudging his shot glass against Aaron’s, giving him an expectant look, a sort of ‘go on then, drink’ look.

“We’ve got to,” Aaron sighed, wincing as the tequila burned against his tongue. “We’ve got to move on, haven’t we? I can’t keep living in a house that’s full of your stuff and - and you can’t keep living like you’re going to move back in here.”

Robert sighed, sprawling his legs out in front of himself, leaning against the couch. “It’s just stuff,” he said, a tired, sad twinge to his voice now, the fun-loving, halfway to drunk Robert long gone, replaced by a far more depressing version of Aaron’s ex-husband. “What’s the point of stuff if I haven’t got you?” 

“Robert, don’t.”

Robert didn’t seem  to be listening, reaching for the bottle. “This was supposed to be the rest of our lives,” he said sadly, tracing over the lettering on the bottle with the pad of his thumb. “I imagined getting to drink this with you, you know - on our first anniversary. I was so excited for it, couldn’t want to spend every single year with you.”

“You cheated on me.”

Robert nodded. “I did,” he said quietly, setting the bottle back down. “And I’m going to hate myself forever for being the reason we didn’t even make it to the first anniversary. All of this - all the hurt, it’s down to me, and I am so sorry, Aaron.”

“You don’t need to apologise.”

“But I do,” Robert shifted, shuffling closer to Aaron, eyes wide and sincere. “I would do anything to take it all back. I - I’ll spend the rest of my life being sorry, you know.”

“I thought the alcohol was supposed to make this more fun,” Aaron waved the bottle at him, not wanting to talk about their breakup, about all the reasons they weren’t together anymore. No, sitting on their living room floor, drinking like this - it had been enough to make Aaron feel as though he could pretend this was just a Friday night in with his husband, the two of them getting drunk and playing dumb drinking games, the kind of domesticity he still craved, months after they’d called it quits. 

Robert laughed, genuinely laughed, the expression lighting up every inch of his face, right down to those crinkly smile lines around his eyes. Robert always did look gorgeous when he smiled, when he really, genuinely smiled - it was the kind of expression that had lit up Aaron’s world for so long, and he missed it. 

Aaron missed everything about Robert, from his terrible jokes and obsession with fluffing pillows, to the way his fringe would always fall over his forehead when he was relaxed (or drunk like he was now), making him look deliciously unkempt and downright gorgeous, Aaron’s heart racing as Robert got closer, close enough that Aaron could caught the familiar whiff of the expensive cologne his ex-husband was such a fan of.

Maybe it was the tequila, Aaron thought to himself as he poured them another round of shots, flashing Robert a cheeky grin as he slipped a slice of lemon between his teeth, giving Robert an expectant look.

It was probably the tequila, Aaron decided as Robert leaned in and took the lemon from between Aaron’s teeth, barely letting it sit in his mouth for a second before he spat it out, his lips on Aaron’s, kisses hungry and desperate.

It was definitely the tequila, Aaron laughed to himself as he and Robert laid on the floor of their living room, stark naked and chests heaving, trying to catch their breath as they lay in silence, the sex they really shouldn’t have had not feeling like enough of a regret to weigh on either of their minds.

(”Sure, blame the tequila,” Robert had laughed as they recounted the story of them getting back together at their stag-do, Adam laughing like a hyena as they admitted all. “I’m just that irresistible, Mr Sugden.”)

Rewatching Dark Cupid

*cracks knuckles* I’ve been looking forward to this one

Juleka’s secret little smile while her cute girlfriend Rose is gushing about true love <3

Nathanaël is carrying… an art project? Isn’t that the drawing of the bracelet from Rogercop? Idk what he’s doing with that… omg is it a present for someone??? Tomato son tell me everything

Tikki whoa


Also Justin Extra and Jean Duparc are hanging out together

This kid looks really sad, I guess Kim’s not the only one who got his heart broken today



This. This is an actual thing that actually happened on the show. This is the real, actual, 100% CANON EXPRESSION ON MAX’S FACE WHEN LOOKING AT KIM. I think I need to lie down.

That’s it, I’m dead. The Ladynoir scenes haven’t even happened yet and I’m dead. My nerd son’s overwhelming gay-ness killed me.

I love how there’s casually a poster of Adrien, with a copy of the exact same poster of Adrien stuck over the top. I also love how the weather girls + some other background children are fawning over him

Chloé’s copy of this exact same poster has a QR code on it, just thought you ought to know

Eat the chair

My son, why do you have a pen in your mouth? You’re not even writing anything that’s just so random

Hey isn’t this that same face Max was making earlier??? Like I’m not saying Max is in love with Kim or anything but like… he’s totally in love with Kim

I found Jean Duparc again

This is that same bridge where Princess Fragrance tries to marry Prince Ali, right? Seems kinda unlucky in this show

Okay I feel really sorry for Kim but WHY DID HE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. DID HE NOT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR MORE THAN LIKE ONE SECOND. I mean to be fair in Lady Wifi Chloé was pretending to cry all over him so like. Maybe he thought Chloé liked him. Maybe he managed to convince Max of this too. BUT SERIOUSLY KIM I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT BUT PLEASE. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN CHLOÉ.

Who is this jerk on a bicycle who cruelly splashed water on my poor son Kim, like THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM ON THIS BRIDGE, YOU DID NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PUDDLE OKAY

This pose just looks so Stereotypical Evil Mastermind, I love it

Hey it’s that kid I adopted in the Copycat episode

I’m sorry this is really dangerous? This guy could fall onto the steps or in the water… tbh I’m surprised the lady didn’t push him in when she got hit with the arrow

Alya why aren’t you looking at Nino’s messages omg (also she’s friends with Mylène, that’s really sweet, my little hobbit daughter deserves all the friendship and support)


Everyone looks awesome with black lipstick tbh. (Also I like that Dark Cupid treats platonic love just as importantly as romantic love. I mean it’s bad that he’s trying to split everyone up but like, it’s nice that he considers friendship so important.)

Yeah Marinette, hiding behind this bench will totally stop people seeing you transforming


Sabrina has an eight pack, Sabrina is shredded

This competent fabulous evil flying being of awesomeness is actually my trash son Kim… I guess anyone can achieve anything (also in the French dub his voice got so growly like wow it’s almost as cool as English dub Evillustrator)

This is the coolest pose Hawk Moth has ever done in the show

I don’t think Max and Juleka are the only gay classmates tbh

And so we are all connected in the great circle of life…”

Ladybug… remember who you are… you are my son and the rightful king of Pride Rock”

I love this guy and his plant. My new faves

Sabrina’s nails are purple

“Ba-ta-la-ta-la-ta!” I can’t believe Dark Cupid is actually Baymax

Did she just jump on his head??? Ladybug what the heck he could have died

I love that Lucky Charm didn’t fix this

“Why do I suddenly ship Ladynoir???” (Hey… psst… Kim! Since Chloé didn’t want that brooch, you could always … you know… give it to Max  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

people who watch tbt just for kadena (and don’t when they’re not in the spotlight) wyd?? you do realize you’re gonna get the show canceled like that and that means no more kadena, right?? also the show is amazing?? badass ladies? empowerment? representation? stereotypes being broken? i’m just- why

anonymous asked:

Joe Alwyn loves her so much that he would literally run away with her. She doesn't need him to save her but she'd sometimes need is to run away from this madness that's called her life and he? He loves the real Taylor, not the Taylor Swift™, so much that he would RUN AWAY with her. As in leaving everything behind to just be with each other. The Calvin Harris can't even attend Grammy's with her but Joe Alwyn, an almost unknown boy from Crouch End, would run away with her & that's the tea, ladies.

This man would literally run away and fight for their love despite knowing what he’s getting himself into, and honestly this is exactly the kind of love Taylor deserves. From someone who loves her for her and isn’t insecure over her success, because he’s more interested in getting to know her than believing all the shit he must have read about her. I love this man a lot wow


Hey bunnies,

like/reply/reblog this post if you are down with answering starters for and seriously and actively roleplaying with female muses. ‘Cause y’know, attention disparities between male and female muses do exist in the rp community and that’s lamesauce. Our lady muses deserve more love than they get, especially when they’re well-written! It shouldn’t be so hard to play who you wanna play, amiright? So spread the wealth, friends!   


While I was procrastinating on doing my ACTUAL homework, I figured I’d throw together a little appreciation post for these ladies who deserve more breath of public mention. I sincerely hope I’ve piqued somebody’s interest about at least one of these underrated women.


((This is not a request. This is just something I decided to put together because I realized that I hadn’t done anything for Seungcheol in a while. Also, this is dedicated to my beautiful curly-haired, plus-sized, women of color who are K-Pop fans, but don’t really get any representation in scenarios or imagines. We deserve love, too, ladies! More of these will be coming, ya’ll. Stay tuned!))

Pairing: SeungcheolxReader

Genre: Fluff/The barest hint of angst

Word Count: 7,521 (Apparently I go hard for the leader) 

Summary: Summer days were on the verge of murdering you, but Seungcheol had a way of making it all better. All he wants in return is for you to be happy…to believe his confession…and to say yes. 

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Web Series Wednesday | Couple-ish Season 2
External image

What? Couple-ish

Who? Created by Kaitlyn Alexander. Written by Kaitlyn Alexander, RJ Lackie and Candice Hudson. Directed by Christian Tribuzio. Starring: Kaitlyn Alexander, Sharon Belle, Mercedes Morris and Premika Leo.

Why Should I Watch? Reasons, so many reasons but the most important reason I’d like to point out: representation and if you’ve followed Couple-ish from season one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Alexander’s writing has a way of reeling you in and thrusting you into the heat of the moment. In a world where being non-binary, bisexual, or even a person of color is often stigmatized, Alexander takes these stereotypes and places them where they deserve to be, up front and center stage.

The second season still follows Dee (Alexander), a non-binary bisexual, Rachel (Belle), a sassy British lady loving lady and Amy (Morris), Dee’s sister who loves to stir the pot but this season we also get the lovely addition of Cal (Leo), Rachel’s co-worker and person who makes Dee stumble on their words, like a lot.

External image

Fans of the first season won’t be disappointed as the second season is filled with even more wit, more sarcasm, more jealousy and more of Belle’s British accent that makes people swoon.

A few things not cast related that are noteworthy, guest writing appearances from the likes of Lackie and Hudson, next level production value, the editing, oh the glorious editing and so much more. Don’t believe me? Seeing is believing, get your binge on!

Where Can I Watch? The series is 20 episodes in with only a few more left (le sigh) but don’t worry because rumor has it and by rumor I mean Twitter has it that there may be a prequel in the works. Catch the second season below or check out Couple-ish’s YouTube channel for even more goodies!

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  • Also WWE: More than???? 4 women????? on Raw????????? i cant believe this "emma" lady thinks shes a "wrestler" who "works here" and deserves ""respect""??????????
The Water Bender

1.It’s the Painted Lady
2.The Blue Spirit
3.The Painted Spirit
4.The Blue Lady

Katara follows the blue spirit out through the gardens, right as the spirit jumps onto the fence Katara calls out.


The spirit stops and looks back to Katara, but then but just jumps over the fence.

Katara frowns and then heads back to her room discreetly.

The next morning she has breakfast with Zuko, but her mind is on the blue spirit.

“Kat, is everything alright?” Zuko snaps Katara out of her thoughts.

“Yes,” she smiles, “Just thinking.”

“A letter came in last night,” Zuko says, putting down his spoon, “From Aang.”

Katara stiffens at the mention of the avatar.

“More details about your disappearance,” Zuko continues, “He’s worried, he’s joined up with Sokka and Toph, it’s only a matter of time until they track you to the Fire Nation.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Katara asks, her voice is soft and frightened.

“Tell me what happened.” Zuko says, “Did he hurt you?”

“No, he’d never hurt me,” Katara sounds distant, distracted, Zuko waits patiently, “after the war was over it just happened so fast. Zuko, I-I don’t think I love him, I don’t know if I ever did.”

Zuko sits back and watches Katara as she fiddles with her hands.

“Aang, he just, leaves responsibilities for me to do, I work so hard, he just goofs off,” Katara says, “Everywhere we go I was ‘the avatar’s girl’ or ‘the avatars water bender’. I was a part of him never just me.”

“I understand,” Zuko says, “What do you want me to say to them?”

“The truth,” Katara sighs, “Tell them I’m here.”

Katara stands and excuses herself, she walks out of the dining room and then through the halls. She doesn’t go back for lunch, instead opting to seat with Iroh.

When she walks into the room the royal physician is leaving.

“Perhaps you could get him to eat something,” the physician says, “he’s stubborn.”

Katara nods and then sits by Iroh’s bed.

“You do need to eat,” she says, looking to the food on the bed side table.

“I need tea,” he says, groaning and moving the pillows behind his back.

“I’ll make you tea if you eat,” Katara negotiates with a smile.

“Spirit and tea maker,” Iroh smiles.

“Shh.” Katara winks and then makes Iroh some tea with jasmine and cherry bark.

Iroh eats as instructed and accepts his tea gratefully.

“How are you feeling?” Katara asks.

“Much better, thank you.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t fix you the first time,” Katara apologises, “I didn’t know you had the fire bug; I thought you had what the others had.”

“Why do you hide behind the veil?” Iroh asks, “Why not be who you are.”

“Because I know that not too many in the Fire Nation take kindly to water benders.”


“Who’s smart?” Zuko asks, walking into the room, Katara stands to her feet.

“The Painted Lady,” Iroh says with a smile.

“Right,” Zuko smiles, sitting down on the edge of Iroh’s bed, “I heard that you saw her.”

“I did,” Iroh says, “And she was more beautiful than her statues.”

Katara blushes as she slowly sits down again.

“She was followed by a Blue Spirit,” Iroh says, “I saw him too.”

Zuko seems shocked at this, Katara doesn’t think much of it.

“The Painted Lady followed him,” Iroh says, with a smile that suggests he knows more than what he is telling, “Perhaps trying to chase down her lover?”

“Lover?!” Both Katara and Zuko gape in unison.

“It’s been told that the Blue Spirit and the Painted Lady are connected, friends, even lovers. They are usually seen together in times of stress, one bringing protection, the other, healing and helping those in need.”

“I don’t think so,” Katara scoffs, “The Painted Lady works alone.”

“Sometimes,” Iroh smiles, finishing his tea.

“I think you need to rest,” Zuko says, taking the cup and standing to his feet.

Katara nods her head and then follows Zuko out of the room, trying to ignore Iroh’s coy smile as she goes.

“I sent the letter to Aang,” Zuko says, as they walk down the hall together, “he should be here before the months out.”

“Great,” Katara sighs, then she looks to Zuko and watches how he walks, his eyes forward in concentration.

“So,” she says, clearing her throat and bringing his attention back to her, “Where’s Mai?”

“I don’t know,” Zuko says with a shrug of his shoulders, “She didn’t tell me where she was going.”

Katara follows Zuko back to his office before continuing to ask questions.

“Why did she leave?” Katara asks, “Is she coming back?”

“She left because I pushed her away,” Zuko sighs, sitting down at his desk, he looks tired, exhausted even.

Katara sits down on the edge of his desk and waits for more.

“Mai is difficult,” Zuko says, “Her father is in open rebellion against me. Do you know how hard it is to love someone whose father you’re trying to kill?” he shakes his head, “She wanted me to make her Fire Lady, my council is against the movement.”

“And you?” Katara asks, “Do you want her to be your Fire Lady?”

Zuko looks to Katara and when their eyes meet a spark ignites in their hearts.

“Truthfully,” Zuko breathes and Katara knows that he feels it too, “I don’t.”

Katara blinks out of the spell and moves away from Zuko, knowing she is walking in dangerous waters.

“Maybe one day you’ll find someone who can be your Fire Lady,” Katara says, “And you’ll love her too.” Katara smiles and then places her hand on Zuko’s shoulder, “You deserve all of that and more.”

Katara places a kiss to Zuko’s half scarred cheek and then walks out of the room, not knowing that Zuko stares after her, his hand pressed to his chest, where his lightning scar sits right over his heart.

“Maybe I’ve already met her,” Zuko whispers, staring at the door that Katara just walked through

Happy request,

I have to request in 2 asks lol Happy imagine where your a bigger girl not so confident but you had been seeing happy in secret chibs is the only one  who knows you arent sure he wants people to know chibs encourages you to surprise him at the club, you show up surprise him he plays it off like your just a friend blows you off. Chibs lectures him and he begs your forgiveness you end up together


I was looking at my reflection on the mirror, Happy was taking a shower on the room next to me. I touched with the tips of my fingers my tummy and my thighs, paying attention to every detail, every insecurity. I felt disgust turning my stomach but I could see the love marks Happy left through my skin starting to turn purple and I asked myself why, why would he chose me not once or twice but several nights a week for how long? Six months. Things were taking a serious turn in my heart, it was not a last night stand since about two months ago when he started staying the night, then taking a shower in the morning and now even a cup of coffee while both of us talked about our days, our favorite movies and expectations.

I heard the water close and I ran to get a shirt to cover my body with, when the door was opening I was already sliding on some sweats, god forbid he seeing my legs in the light of the day, he came out only wearing a towel covering his lower region and I blushed a little at the view.

“Mornin’” he said in a hushed voice and I looked at him with a smile “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, Hap” I said before getting up, I opened one of the drawers and took a clean shirt for him. He raised his eyebrows at me “You let me borrow your shirts sometimes, I wash them and keep them in the drawer” I said and he smiled at me before embracing me for a short second “I’ll make some coffee, alright?”

I met Happy through Chibs, we became good friends a while ago one time when my old car broke down and from that moment we became pretty close, he was my confident and helped me work on my self-esteem and self-worth even when times were looking blue more than anything, he took me to one of the club’s parties one night and that was the moment all began. Sitting on a sofa next to two crow eaters sat the man I would fell in love with no more than three months later, he had that bad to the bone aura that attracted me since the minute we looked at each other in the eye. Chibs introduced me to Happy on the couch that night and Jax and Tig who were standing next to the bar, immediately the dark haired one started flirting and making me laugh the whole night but it only developed into a silly friendship unlike the look in Happy’s face through the whole time. Not even a week later I was in bed next to Happy.

“Hey Lass” said the Scottish man on the other line of the phone “Happy invited you to the party tonight?” he said and I just sighed

“He didn’t. This whole thing is a secret.” I said on the phone, 10 minutes ago Happy had left in his roaring motorcycle he parked on the back of my place “I don’t know if I can keep playing this game anymore”

“Lass…you should come”

“Why? He’s definitely embarrassed of the fatass he’s fucking with. If I was like one of the CaraCara girls I might would be able to come” I said while tears ran down my cheeks

“Lass, don’t think that way” he said sighing “You’re fucking beautiful, girl and you should never forget that. Go put on some nice clothes and come tonight, 7:30 make sure he knows what he’s missing out”

I put on my best jeans, a nice shirt and a leather jacket on top. My high heels clicked against the pavement in from of the TM, the music roaring in my ears, the smell of alcohol heavy in the air and lots lots of people and motorcycles. I approached the entrance unsure if it was a good decision but before I could leave back to my car, Filip was dragging me inside, putting a drink on my hand and putting his hand around my waist. I saw Happy seating on the same couch I met him the first time, Bobby next to him while some crow eater danced on the latest lap. Happy had a blonde chick hanging around him but he flipped her off at least two times since the first time I saw him, Chibs dragged me there Bobby putting a hand up as a hello and Happy immediately meeting my gaze.

“Look, who’s here brother” said Chibs pushing me forward, the blonde chick looking at me up and down but Happy didn’t say a thing. I just stood there quietly looking at Chibs and he put his arm around my shoulders while we drank, a few Nomads approached us no long after.

“Hey, I’m Marcus” said one and I introduced myself “So YN what brings you here?” he said and Chibs nudged Happy.

“A friend of the club” said the Tacoma Killer looking at Marcus making the last one nod. I felt my heart breaking at that moment but I just looked down putting the sour beer against my lips, I waited a considerable time before heading outside without it seeming obvious.

I heard someone come outside no long after “Chibs, I’m not in the mood” I said

“I’m not Chibs” Marcus was standing there next to me, he motioned us to sit on one of the picnic tables and I followed him.

Happy POV

“Man that was a total asshole move” said Chibs in a whisper next to me, I looked at him with a serious look and he just called me out to move. When we got outside there she was talking to Marcus, the beautiful smile in her face for him. “You’re missing out in someone so beautiful and kind brother” said Chibs but I couldn’t take my eyes of the sight in front of me, she looking at him, paying complete attention to what he said. “You’re gonna lose her” he said and in that moment something clicked on me with a few long steps I was next to them, Marcus looked up to me expecting a reason for my outburst, she had a clueless look in her face.

“Something you need brother?” said Marcus but I couldn’t keep my eyes off YN

“Your hands off my old lady” I said and Marcus looked at me with wide eyes before stepping up and leaving us alone.

“I’m not your old lady” she said with a cold tone and I felt a lump inside my throat. “You are embarrassed of me, how can I be your old lady?”

“No baby, I’m….I’m an idiot baby girl” I said trying to approach her but she took her hand away from me.

“I’m going home, Happy” she said, No No No I couldn’t loser her not this way, never.

“I love you” I said and I saw her breath heavily “I love you so much, I was scared. I didn’t want this club, the shit surrounding it to destroy what we have” I said taking her hand in between mine and kissing it softly “I adore you, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I want to make sure you never forget that” I said before putting her even closer to me and kissing her softly “I love you, I love you. I’m sorry I ever made you feel like you were not enough, YN. You are even more than what a man like me deserves, love.” I said

“I love you too Happy” she said hugging me, I felt her tears wetting my shirt but I just held her closer to me.  

“Will you be my old lady?” I said and she nodded slowly

“No more hiding?” she said and I kissed her deeply

“No more hiding”

This request touched my heart because I’m a heavier girl myself and I have dealt with self-esteem problems since I was a little girl, I hope someday someone loves me for who I am and I know all of you beauties are going to find someone who loves you and adores every single inch of yourselves, never take any less from anyone because you deserve only the best.