a lady from naples

Chess ||Period Drama || AU

1559, England

King Bertrand is ruling the Brittanic kingdom with his Welsh wife the Queen Doris by his side, and she has produced for him five healthy children and four heirs. A beloved king he is (mainly for producing so many heirs), gives plenty to the poor, his wife visits orphanages and helps build churches, and many wars he has won, but they are not as protected as they seem, England needs allies, the long history of the rivalry between England and France still remains standing stronger than ever, especially with them being a protestant nation which Ireland and part of Scotland do not like, Scotland is split into half Catholic half Protestant, and most of the Protestant Scots fleed to England.

An odd yet more than reliable and much needed ally has risen, Michael I of Russia has offered his country’s friendship to England and has sent his son and heir Tsarevich Steven of Russia and Tsarevna Anastasia to England, the Prince and Princess will be speaking on their father’s behalf, partly because Michael needs Steven to prove if he will be ready to be Tsar when his time comes and his father ends, also he needs Steven to find a bride, and one that will be more useful than a Russian one, a bride that will strengthen the alliance between kingdoms and perhaps a husband for Anastasia as well.

Not only was the English King making allies in the East, but he was planning his own children’s marriages, his mad son struck with illness in the mind, they kept him hidden mostly but he needed to be married and he had engaged him to the Holy Roman Emperor’s daughter Princess Elise, a handsome girl especially after seeing what Matthias and Anna look like.

Richard is to be king after Betrand, he will be secured and fine and will find a bride when he becomes king, but Keith well Keith is not keen on listening to his father. Every bride his father offers to him he turns them down finding them either ugly or stupid, or not useful enough, Queen Doris worries that no woman would ever be enough to settle her son’s temper, and then there’s young Prince Marc still lost in the fantasy world and Bertrand doesn’t know whether to set him up with the Princess of Spain or Burgundy. And Lillian, Princess Lillian who does whatever her father wishes, she is his favorite and trying to find a husband suitable enough for her, he’d have to be a prince or king.

It was cold but bearable in the cloaks and furs all the noble wore, awaiting the arrival of the Russians and the single German. Prince Keith excitedly spoke to hsi good friends the Duke of Glasgow and the Archduke of London about the Russians ruthless battle techniques and was ecstatic to meet Prince Steven. Charles Watts, the Archduke spoke of their literature and how eloquent and vivid their words are admiring that greatly.

Beside the young Princess Lillian was one of her ladies, the young Lady Ava from Naples. She is quite flirtacious for one so inexperience and giggled as she whispered to her friend. “I heard that the Prince Steven is most handsome and quite the philanderer, I wonder if he’d set his charms upon me, probably not…for I am such a lowly station.”