a lack of arrogance


Sometimes he struggled to fit in. He couldn’t switch off, couldn’t relax. He just struggled with people, I think. He was rude, yeah. Arrogant. Apparently lacking in anything resembling empathy. But I’d forgotten just how funny he could be. He was so charming. So…human. It’s bizarre because most people would say he was the most inhuman person they’d ever met. But he wasn’t. He was everything a good person should be. He’d just often say what he was thinking rather than lying to protect our feelings. Maybe we should all be more like that?

Horrible, Beloved Characters

@Rainydaysarehereagain asked: “My main character is not a nice person. He is arrogant, selfish, lacks empathy, full of ego… Plus, he is cheating his fiancé. So, I have two question: 1) How can I make this character lovable for the reader? 2) How can his character have a happy ending?”

I can’t say this will be an easy thing to pull off. Character is really so important to a story. It’s often a make-it or break-it element for a lot of novels. You want to give your story the best chance by making the protagonist someone they will like. That doesn’t mean they have to be a good person - they just have to be likable.

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I respected Robin Bengtsson’s instagram post, but out of sheer curiosity I searched his recent liked comments. I was immensly disappointed. I saw that he liked a comment which essentially said: ‘You’re the real winner, your song is so catchy and it’s still in my head. Instead the portuguese song was instantly forgettable.’ For me, that shows that Robin is simply bitter that a simplistic song, so different from his own won. So, Salvador asks for different genres to be represented in the music industry, while Robin through this post indirectly claims that really, there’s only room for pop music. Maybe I’m just making assumptions, but just like Robin rejected Salvador’s point of view, I’m dropping him. As I’m writing this he keeps on liking all these comments that call Salvador arrogant, rude, bad-spoken etc. The lack of class that Robin has surprises me.

Dear Robin, Salvador Sobral, an unknown jazz singer, won the Eurovision Song Contest. Not a pop star. Don’t be bitter about it - if it bothers you that much, talk to the winner about.

Healthy vs Unhealthy INTJ

I’ll probably do these upon request, since I’d like to do one huge master post but it’d be SOOO LONG so individually it is…

and since so many of my followers are INTJs I figured I’d start here.

So this is largely based off of the 6 total INTJs I know in person, of which some are “unhealthy,” and others are “healthy.”
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it just means, in essence, an individual’s overall rate of character development (or lack thereof). 

Unhealthy INTJs…

  • Will be extremely rude and arrogant and boastful, believing themselves to be the smartest, single most capable person in a room
  • Express insecurity through bragging/fits of anger
  • When in the wrong they will argue that they are right until the original argument is forgotten or the other person yields
  • Sees relationships and religion and sometimes life entirely as dumb and unimportant
  • May perceive school and work as stupid and may give up on such pursuits
  • Sees life as fleeting and insignificant 
  • Wants a lot of things they cannot have 
    • Desirable but unattainable wealth, partner, status, etc.
  • Terrible at friendships and relationships
    • Push too fast for things or far too slowly
    • Miss emotional cues and make partner feel alienated
    • Cannot express emotion 

Healthy INTJs…

  • Are proud of themselves, more so based on their accomplishments rather than their pure sense of self-importance
  • Highly motivated and driven to succeed
  • Desire healthy relationships with others, good at maintaining and building relationships
    • But only with very, very few people
    • Most people are still only considered acquaintances
  • Less inclined to brag about themselves rather than just list achievements over time 
  • See life as important and something based upon bettering oneself and (eventually) helping others
  • Good listeners of people’s problems and can talk about their own problems decently well, though probably will not be seeking advice
    • Still prefer dealing with their own problems 
  • Set tangible life goals and strive to reach them by realistic means
  • Relationships with partners will be steady, long-lasting (as far as it can be helped), and built on trust 
    • Able to grant appropriate attention to partners as to not make them feel alienated
    • For most, treating a partner particularly specially still must be planned beforehand, but they are capable of dealing with spontaneous showers of affection as well
  • Aren’t total assholes

Lol and there we have it! It’s pretty broad, but it’s still focused on INTJs. Remember that most people fall in between these two at “average health,” so don’t panic if “healthy INTJ” doesn’t fit you entirely. 

Unhealthy behaviour - NTs

INTJ: An astonishing amount of arrogance yet total lack of social grace, tend to scoff at the idea of love or believe themselves unloveable.
Mature INTJs have figured out there’s no objective measure of the worth of someone (intelligence, salary, achievement, and so on).

INTP: “My beliefs are right, mine.” Poorly processing their own emotions/emotions of others. Being argumentative to the point that it pisses people off, especially over trivial thing. Poorly organized.
A healthy INTP has a stronger emotional understanding for both themselves and others. Less argumentative over trivial things and overall more contrastive and open minded to other’s ideas.

ENTJ: Immature ENTJs believes that being out of touch with their feelings and being tactless makes one superior. They believe that everyone should default to their will without having to prove their leadership and skill.
Mature ENTJs are open to criticism from all angles. Emotionally intelligent. Leads by example.

ENTP: Unhealthy ENTPs are concentrating their energy (Ne) to acquire validation from people (Fe) or devoting their thinking (Ti) towards spreading information (Ne) to elicit a certain reaction from people (Fe), which can either manifest itself as trolling, manipulation, or insincerity. Other unhealthy ENTP things are an uncharacteristic focus on small details, demanding control over routines and having trouble remembering daily tasks or memories. This can lead them to become introverted, anxious, and narrow-minded, which is not their typical character.

punkrocknerdfighter  asked:

if we accept that the Others are so arrogant, which is v likely, does that imply the Others don't remember that they lost the last time(s) they went up against humanity? do the Others' arrogance imply a lack of cultural memory? can we even connect their homicidal slaving nature as a whole to anything resembling a culture?

Oh, they remember. 

Ser Waymar met him bravely. “Dance with me then.” He lifted his sword high over his head, defiant. His hands trembled from the weight of it, or perhaps from the cold. Yet in that moment, Will thought, he was a boy no longer, but a man of the Night’s Watch.

The Other halted. Will saw its eyes; blue, deeper and bluer than any human eyes, a blue that burned like ice. They fixed on the longsword trembling on high, watched the moonlight running cold along the metal. For a heartbeat he dared to hope.

They emerged silently from the shadows, twins to the first. Three of them … four … five … 

The memory of Lightbringer stops a white walker in his tracks, and spurs several others to step in as potential reinforcements. But once they realize they’re in no danger, the supremacist confidence returns. 

When the blades touched, the steel shattered.

A scream echoed through the forest night, and the longsword shivered into a hundred brittle pieces, the shards scattering like a rain of needles. Royce went to his knees, shrieking, and covered his eyes. Blood welled between his fingers.

The watchers moved forward together, as if some signal had been given. Swords rose and fell, all in a deathly silence. It was cold butchery. The pale blades sliced through ringmail as if it were silk. Will closed his eyes. Far beneath him, he heard their voices and laughter sharp as icicles.

That initial doubt is very telling, however. As I and others (heh) have argued before, the link between the political and magical plots is that the Others are an exaggeration and distillation of the political plot’s worst aspects. Take the Essosi slave system, turn it up to 11, and you’ve got the wights. The Others laughing as they cut up Waymar Royce gets across the same message as the Mountain’s men laughing about their gang rape. Probably the most direct link can be found in Jon’s arc: he confronts bigotry and alienation while trying to get the NW and the wildlings to band together in the face of the Others. In other words, dealing with the magical threat means dealing with the political threat. They’re two sides of the same coin. 

And one of the things I like best about the series is how thoroughly GRRM demystifies his villains, cutting through their pretenses and bringing them crashing down to earth. Tywin initially comes off larger than life, but is gradually revealed as a deeply petty man driven by ego and resentment, and dies on the can. Littlefinger is unquestionably a clever schemer and a financial wizard, but it’s hard to be impressed by him given his constant need to let everyone know how smart he is. Ramsay is both a terrifying torturer who subjected Theon to hell and a pathetic brat respected by precisely nobody in Northern politics. Even Euron has his “fled like a dog” moment. 

Exposing a bully’s weak spot lets you know that while you have good reason to fear them, you don’t have to respect them, and that applies to the Others as much as Tywin and Littlefinger and Ramsay. They have the power to end the world, but the way to stop them is to remember that hesitation displayed by the first one we met, and set out to multiply it a hundred times over, a thousand times, a million, until they’re dead or fled once more. 

If I hadn’t been caught or lost my job, I’d still be doing it, I’m quite sure of that. I went on doing it and doing it and doing it, in spite of my anxiety and the lack of lasting satisfaction… How arrogant and stupid of me to think that I could do something like this and just go about my life normally as if nothing ever happened. - Jeffrey Dahmer

Listener - Request

Requested by anon:  Being Sherlocks first girlfriend and him only listening to you during one of his boredom cravings? Thank you so much!

Summary: Reader realizes Sherlock doesn’t listen to her unless his bored, which makes her feel a bit down and Sherlock notices.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,505

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: It’s been a while since I write in the “you…” format (whatever it is called) so I’m curious as to what reaction you’ll have.


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Sherlock Holmes, the most famous high-functioning sociopath and your boyfriend.

He was a lot of things, but a good boyfriend wasn’t one of them. For instance, his high ego about his intellect made it hard for him to give you a decent compliment which resulted in: “Your… shirt looks nice, although that colour doesn’t really fit you”, “Your un-used mind amuses me” and “I’d rather keep you at home than out on a case, you might ruin it… And I also want you to be safe, although no one is really safe. Bye!”

However, you were enamoured with him. His aureate language and his multiple talents had you head over heels, without mentioning those small but highly appreciated moments in which he would actually show affection to you.

It was weird, and nobody understood how you could date a man like him, but that’s exactly what love does: it turns you into a stupid person. Sherlock would remark that as constantly as possible, making sure to add a “maybe that’s why my IQ is becoming lower… because of you” Which was as romantic as he’d get.

You’d find yourself brooding about him when he and John were on a case. He had had a few love affairs in the past, nothing to worry about, and they had proven to everyone that Sherlock Holmes could actually feel; after all you were his first girlfriend. However, there was still something off about your relationship. An effervescent feeling, down your gut, that begged you to re-think.

But what was it?

It took you a while to find out, but once you reached the denouement, you couldn’t help but to feel a tad bit down. Sherlock wouldn’t listen to you unless he was bored, and yes, he didn’t truly listen to anybody else but him and sometimes Watson, but you weren’t just anybody.

“You’re upset.” He observed, although he hadn’t moved his gaze from the book he was reading. You looked back at him, sitting in his seat, crossed legs and tilted head. He was like a fine piece of art, and yet, your broken heart made you focus on the conversation.

“I’m just tired.” You muttered and gave your back to him once more, pretending to be rearranging the books at the nearest shelve.

“Tired?” Sherlock chuckled, “If you were tired you’d be yawning, or at least looking sleepy. You’re not tired.”

“Well, you’re the expert.” You sighed and walked over to sit in front of him. “Tell me, Mr. Holmes, what do I have?”

“I think that’s a question you should answer to.” Sherlock commented, putting the book down.

“Are you telling me the great consultant detective can’t deduct his girlfriend’s thoughts?” You provoked him, “The first time we met, you said I was clear as water to you. So tell me, what do I have?”

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Love to Hate You (part 1)

Words: 1k (sorry it’s so short)

Summary: You discover your profound bond with an unwanted and unlikely archangel who happens to be possessing your boyfriend.

Warnings: Pretty sure Casifer needs a warning right now.

A/N: I know we’re all not loving Lucifer so much right now, but I started writing this before the finale. Also, Tumblr can be a twat so I don’t always get notifications. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list just shoot me an ask or a DM.


You paced in your room at the bunker, worried sick about your boyfriend Castiel. He hadn’t been answering your calls or texts and both Sam and Dean refused to tell you what was going on. They seemed to think keeping you in the dark would be better than knowing the truth; that he had was currently possessed by Lucifer.

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Negative qualities the signs possess
  • Aries: Impatience, impetuousness, recklessness, selfishness, jealousy, vanity, pride, ruthlessness, and possessiveness.
  • Taurus: self-Indulgence, laziness, stubbornness, limited outlook, and possessiveness.
  • Gemini: duality, evasiveness, instability, indecision, Laziness and Untidiness.
  • Cancer: temperamental, pessimism, suspiciousness, Insecurity, wavering emotions, tendency to take hurts to heart, and inability to forgive easily.
  • Leo: Arrogance, impatience, the need of validation, and neediness.
  • Virgo: Critical viewpoint, contained yet stormy aggression, and fastidiousness.
  • Libra: Insecurity, insincerity, detachment, artificiality, selfishness, laziness, and superficiality.
  • Scorpio: Possessiveness, impatience, dominating behavior, cunning, inability to forgive and forget, and strong sense of vengeance.
  • Sagittarius: Arrogance, brashness, inconsistency, and lack of focus.
  • Capricorn: Pessimistic, Awkward, detached, self-centred, gloomy, and stubbornness.
  • Aquarius: Unpredictability, detachment, tendency to go off-track, and inefficiency.
  • Pisces: Prone to gloom and melancholy, pessimism, lack of initiative, and Laziness.

thetourguidebarbie  asked:

college au + established!kc + cuddling

Hey guys! Just wanted to get this out before I become complete Feysand/ACOWAR trash for the next week or so. This is short, fluffy, and straight to the fluffy meaningless point :)


Klaus Mikaelson wasn’t what people would call “affectionate.”

In fact, his nickname for most of high school and part of college was the “Cold Hybrid,” based solely on his emotionally detached demeanor and the fact that he was a colossal ass who chased anything in a skirt. In fact, his younger sister likened him to being a real life Barney Stinson despite the fact that he lacked the tv character’s semi-lovable sense of humor.

Klaus was arrogant, passionate, confident, smooth, and a total douchebag most of the time.

Other than his family, Klaus rarely made an attempt to get along with anybody. Women flocked to him and his brothers, mostly due to their good looks and the British accents. Klaus’ social life consisted of a string of one-night stands, kicking the women out before breakfast and forgetting them almost as instantly as he met them.

He rarely felt anything other than lust for them, and he didn’t care.

Commitment was a joke, and not for him.

Until he met Caroline Forbes.

Caroline Forbes.

The woman that he never saw coming.

The one who wanted nothing to do with him.

So, obviously, he fell for her.

She was beautiful, strong, had a smile that light up a room, an infectious laugh that he felt down to his toes, and Klaus was hooked the minute he first saw her.

He met her at a bar in Chicago that he and his brothers frequented. It was a surprisingly slow Friday night and he was on already on his second glass of scotch. Elijah and Finn, his older brothers, were having a debate on Oxford versus Cambridge that bored him to death. His younger brother, Kol, was off trying to flirt with a beautiful brunette who studiously ignored him.

And then he saw her.

A beautiful blonde made her way across the bar, her gold sequined top catching in the light and making her radiate like the sun in the middle of the dull bar. He was immediately drawn to her, wanting nothing more than to see her beautiful form writhing in his sheets. His fingers flexed involuntarily, thinking of how he would commit her curves to memory in his sketchbook.

Her smile was intoxicating, eyes sparkling enticingly under the dim lighting of the bar, her legs went on for miles under that short navy skirt she wore, and she shut him down straight away.

His first attempt ended with her rolling her eyes and stalking away while he grinned at her retreating form. Never had he ever felt so gleeful at being turned down, and he found himself even more determined. He tried again that night and was met with the same rebuff, this time coupled with a small smile and eye roll.

And so it became their thing.

He’d show up at the bar and immediately look for her to attempt to talk. She’d try to ignore him, but humor him eventually at the end of the night. It took him a few weeks, but soon enough, he learned her name.


Klaus couldn’t explain the fascination he had with the beautiful Caroline Forbes, but always knew it ran deeper than just feeling challenged. He found himself wanting to know everything about her, her hopes, dreams, everything she wanted in life.

(She didn’t fall for that line at all which hit  Klaus with the realization that for the first time ever, he actually meant it.)

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the signs & their downfall

Aries- temperamental / impulsive
Taurus- lovesick 
Gemini- lack of stability
Cancer- inability to let go
Leo- either arrogance or insecurity
Virgo- obsession with perfection
Libra- intense desire to please 
Scorpio- inability to be vulnerable
Sagittarius- lack of empathy 
Capricorn- stubborn / rigid 
Aquarius- god complex
Pisces- playing the martyr

When you romanticized someone, you’re making him or her to better suit to your idealistic expectations and making that person better than they actually are.

This is what I see with Chaorice. Despite the many wrong things he’d done and it was shown throughout the entire series what he’d did, there are fans who have put him on a high pedestal and romanticized his character as someone good, someone kind, someone ideal. In real life, a character like Chaorice is far from ideal. He’d be an utterly horrible person and you wouldn’t want someone like him as a boyfriend, not when he hurts and mistreats your friends. Azazel is the exact same but that’s another story.

Nina calling him cruel and terrible is right because he is that. He is cruel, he is malicious, he is remorseless and he is not kind. He is intelligent, he is arrogant, he is capricious and he lacks empathy. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not a fool. He just essentially declared a war with the gods, uncaring of what is going to actually happen afterwards.

He stormed into Cocytus, killed the demons there, destroyed the place, enslaved them and used them in a hideous blood sport that is the exact same as the Roman gladiators. He killed the lower dominion gods and stole something of theirs for his own use just because he can. He wants power, he has power. He found out that Jeanne has a very special and powerful child, someone he can use and he sent solders to pursued them. He is the reason why Jeanne is in the prison, why she and her son are split up and why she did what she could to make sure Mugaro/El lived. 

You can like a character like Chaorice but you must also accept his many flaws and imperfections. I like Azazel but I also know that he is incredibly skewed. 

It’s okay if you like these types of characters, no one said you shouldn’t. However, it’s not okay when you take them and turn to them that idealistic, unrealistic versions to make them better than who they are when they aren’t.

Loki and Divination

So as you guys probably noticed, I usually refrain from posting my UPGs and personal experiences with Gods on my blog (But I am always willing to chat about it through messages) in order to protect myself from some anons that may be hateful, but I found this way too interesting not to post. It’s kinda lengthy, but might be worth a read!

Tarot: So when doing one of my readings to find out what Loki wanted, this occurred and was for sure one of the things that really told me what Loki was all about.

I asked a question, pulled an answer, and was shocked that it was kinda negative when his energy around me seemed so positive, so i asked for a clarifier.

Q1: Why do you like me?
A: Tower– which in my deck (and most others) means some pretty negative qualities. To name a few– Ruin, arrogance, presumption, prison, desperation, punishment, lack of balance.
Clarifier: Justice– Which is pretty much the reverse of Tower in my deck, it means literally the opposites of Tower meanings– Balance, law, fairness, inevitability, the consequence of an action.

After talking with a friend about this, we decided he either meant that he likes that I am both unbalanced and yet balanced (as I suffer from chronic mental illnesses– depression and anxiety) or that he means that he likes my positive qualities, but also sees my negative qualities and likes those too. (which from reading other posts about Loki, seems to be a trend.)

This also continued onto Q2.

Q2: What am I to you?
A: The Moon– Which again in my deck is pretty negative– disappointment, visions, eccentricity, traps, dreams, insincere relationships– so again I asked for a clarifier.
Clarifier– The Stars– which again was almost a direct contradiction in meanings– hope, faith, grace, beauty, propitious sign, indication, ambition.

So again my friend and I discussed it and decided it could be furthering that flaws and positives idea or could be a literal “read the title of the cards” meaning, AKA You’re the Moon and the Stars. (Which my friend and I giggled about that because well not only is it cliche and cheesy, but my friend calls me Moon as a nickname.)

This was a few days ago, but today I found a Rune Card deck with a book that i bought a while ago and never used:

So I decided why not?

While doing a personal reading for a friend with Loki using it for basically the first time, something similar happened today. I used the Rune deck, which as stated above I have like no experience in. The question had to do with relationships and well the way I do my readings even in tarot is i shuffle until the God throws the card at me they want me to read in some way: IE, falls out, I drop it, it turns sideways while shuffling, etc. I did a two card reading for my friend, the first card Loki picked one for me, the way I usually do it with my kemetic Gods, but the second card he refused to. So I said: “Loki, you have to pick one! This is too important and what if I pick the wrong one??” So he threw reverse Othila at me, which according to the book the deck came with, means verbatim to the book, “Face up to your responsibilities and do not expect help from others. A reversed Othila can suggest that you have wasted the gifts you have received– whether an inheritance or the support of family– and are behaving immaturely.”

So I sucked it up, told my friend what happened and that i would pick the card myself as Loki told me to. I shuffled, hovered my hand over the spread out, upside down cards, and chose the one that gave me a feeling that i should stop and choose that one.


Othila, again. this time right side up. Which fit because it confirmed the card Loki had chosen for the question my friend asked pertaining to relationships. 

Leave it to Loki to say to “trust my own intuition” while subtly giving me the answer the whole time…..

Feel free to comment, add to this via reblog, or message me about it. I just thought it was cool and really seemed to be a good Idea of what Loki is like.

cjtitties  asked:

Paladin Danse, 14,21,25,31,35,36,47-49 thank you 😄

#14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.)

He’s got the scar on his eyebrow as his most obvious physical flaw. Being (spoilers) a synth, the Institute designed him to be genetically perfect, to have no flaws or weaknesses that might make him unfit to ‘redefine mankind,’ as they call it. However, there is one thing. He’s a terrible lightweight. For being such a large man, and for preferring lighter beers (he can’t stand liquor) he can absolutely not hold his alcohol. Whether it’s a medical issue or a psychological one, three beers in and he’s crying over how soft Quinlan’s cat is.

#21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Danse has a tremendous… respect, for authority. As a soldier, he enjoys the organization of the military. He likes his life clearly laid out for him, likes being given clear orders, likes obvious expectations. This goes the same way in the bedroom. He can take a powerful role, sure. But nothing works for him the same way as his partner giving orders. As long as he’s serving his spouse in some way or made to feel like he’s working for their needs, he’s completely happy.

#25. How do they see themselves 5 years from today?

If you asked Danse how he saw himself tomorrow, he might not have an answer for you. Even long after Blind Betrayal, he’s not sure where to go or what to do with his life. The closest thing he has to a plan for the future is a desire to get a house. Somewhere. Anywhere. With a garden. Maybe a distillery? Somewhere he can drink weak beer in peace and figure out what it means to be human. Somewhere he doesn’t have to be judged. Maybe someday he’ll want to bring someone with him to that house.

#31. Most prized possession?

His power armor. He’s spent years modding it and fixing it up and making it the finest piece of equipment in Brotherhood possession. Losing that after Blind Betrayal is a dire blow to him. It’s his shell - without it, he’s completely exposed, in more ways than one. After Blind Betrayal, he makes it a personal quest to get a new set.

#35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?

Playing music. He love bluegrass, and actually knows how to play the banjo, but considers it a pointless activity. Even if he does get pleasure out of it, he never plays in front of others, and almost never has the time to himself to play without anyone hearing. 

#36. What makes them feel guilty?

What doesn’t make him feel guilty? Disappointing people he cares about or looks up to. Not living up to the expectations of his superiors. Lacking the social skills to say what he means or mean what he says. Many of his frustrations come from perceived imperfections in himself. He’s all too willing to call himself a failure, a poor friend, a sub-par warrior. Being in the military or a group like that gave him purpose and confidence. Being alone is terrifying.

#47. If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal?

Danse has never fallen in love in his life. Not for any arrogant reasons - he just lacks the social skills or interest in people to form emotional attachments outside of work. He’s never really had a life outside of work, outside the Brotherhood. But if he ever did… It’d have to be someone who gave him confidence. Who made him feel strong and valued without having to serve or give something in return for that validation. Someone who tells him “you’re worthy” and makes him believe it. Danse is a very stubborn and principled man. Sometimes he just wonders if he can live up to those principles.

#48. How do they express love?

Danse isn’t the most honest when it comes to his innermost emotions. In a relationship, he’d avoid saying “I love you,” sticking to other, less committal affirmatives. But he expresses love in other ways. Like the way he cleans up for them when they don’t feel well, or makes them breakfast in the morning, or repairs their armor and weapons because he’s scared of them getting hurt. He can be difficult to live with sometimes, but even if he can’t say sorry first, he always means it when he does.

#49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like?

You’d be surprised, but he has gotten in a brawl or two before. Used to utilizing brute strength in power armor, he wouldn’t be fast or agile. Rather, he’d hunker down, thick fists in front of his face, relying on his ability to hit hard and withstand more punches than his opponent. If he couldn’t fight them fast, he’d outlast them, waiting until they’re tired out and then striking them down with a series of brutal blows.

Look, it’s really simple. The SAT 50 years ago pulled a lot of smart people out of every little town in America and funneled them into a small number of elite institutions, where they married each other, had kids, and moved to an even smaller number of elite neighborhoods. We created the most effective meritocracy ever. But the problem with the meritocracy is that leeches all the empathy out of your society … The second you think that all your good fortune is a product of your virtue, you become highly judgmental, lacking empathy, totally without self-awareness, arrogant, stupid—I mean all the stuff that our ruling class is.