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Dating Trevor would include:

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  • We all know Trevor is a smart boy, so often he’d just tell you fun facts during the day, either by texting you or when you’re together
  • When his roots eventually began to show you’d help him re-dye his hair, whilst also trying to convince him to add some colour in there
  • He’d always bring you to events because it was sorta like getting time off work (although it 100% wasn’t) and he loves spending time with you
  • Hand holding! His hands are bigger than yours and it makes him happy knowing you’re right next to him
    • Also he rubs his thumb on the back of your hand whenever you hold hands
  • When you cuddle he rests his head on yours, which leads to many forehead/hair/temple etc kisses
    • And you can hear his heat beat just that little bit faster when you snuggle in closer
  • You have a cork board hanging up in your shared apartment - probably in the bedroom - which is full of memories from your relationship, like saved movie tickets, photo booth photos and polaroids and sometimes you just stare at it and smile
Hiccup Pro Tip

if u have hiccups just think with complete confidence “hey. actually fuck this im not gonna hiccup anymore” and you just stop hiccuping? it’s probably not guaranteed to work for everyone but it’s worked for myself and everyone I’ve told to do this 100% of the time so !!! hell yea !

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life