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Recommended Art History Blogs

This took a long time to put together, but as I keep getting requests for recommended blogs I thought it would be good to have somewhere to direct people. I’m sure I might have forgotten a few and will edit if I remember! So here is a list of blogs that will bring art history to you. In alphabetical order:

a-l-ancien-regime | a-little-bit-pre-raphaelite | ageless-inspiration | ancientart | animals-in-art | antique-royals | arsantiquis | art-and-things-of-beauty | art-classique | art-mirrors-art | artfortheages | artmastered | artofrestraint | artpoteosis | artschoolglasses | astra-inclinat | artstoria | babypleaseremembermeoncemor | baroque-beauty-24 | books0977 | caravaggista | catonhottinroof | cecilia37 | centuriespast | cimmerianweathers | citrusina | clara–lux | classic-art | crests-and-coronets | daemonenkatze | daughterofchaos | detailedart | detailsdetales | detailsofpaintings | didoofcarthage | divine-paintings | female-arthistory | femalebeautyinart | gabrielsmirror | gnosister | hismarmorealcalm | history-of-fashion | imperial-russia | jeannepompadour | joachimmurat | kuntessa | laclefdescoeurs | lionofchaeronea | loumargi | maertyrer | manaartss | master-painters | masterpiecesindetail | medievalautumn | millefeuilleus | mythologer | nataliakoptseva | nigra-lux | ofquietness | oldpaintings | paintingispoetry | paintingses | pre-raphaelisme | radstudies | renaissance-art | rossodimarte | russian-painting | sforzinda | silenceformysoul | simena | slojnotak | sollertias | spanishbaroqueart | speciesbarocus | spoutziki-art | summerlilac | templeofapelles | the-esoteric-arts | the-garden-of-delights | tierradentro | tiny-librarian | titam | v-ersacrum | via-appia | vivelareine | windypoplarsroom | womeninarthistory

today i decided to just make recommended blogs and i just reblog some and follow too.

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Merry Christmas everyone!~ I’ve just hit 1k followers (after just one year!) and so I wanted to do a follow forever to mention all the awesome people I follow!

You guys are all so awesome – that is, the people I follow, the people who follow me, even random people who like/reblog my stuff – and I love you all!  It’s amazing that I’ve been here only one year and I’ve met so many awesome people, so thank you all so much!  Every single blog I follow is amazing!!!

Don’t forget, by the way, that to thank you all, I’ve been doing moodboards and aesthetic playlists – i know I said I would stop making them after I hit 1k but since I love you all so much (and I love making them) I’ve decided to keep doing them :)

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Jeremiah Goodman

Dining Room of the Interior Designer Carlos de Beistegui ,  Paris, 1960

Jeremiah Goodman born in 1922 has painted illustrations of interior spaces for nearly every design magazine from the 1950s through the present. His moody gouache paintings “interpreted” the homes of international luminaries and spaces created by global design leaders: Bruce Weber, Edward Albee, Yves Saint Laurent, Mario Buatta, Billy Baldwin, Elsie de Wolfe, Diana Vreeland, the Duchess of Windsor, Rose Cumming, Sir John Gielgud‚ Greta Garbo, Cecil Beaton, etc.

It’s crazy how fast this year went, now that I think about it. I passed 300 followers since I made this account it in late May early July and I had no idea I would get this many followers. I am only 200 followers shy of my very first tumblr account that I made 2 years ago, which is crazy!! This account has been soo much fun and everyone I meet on here is so nice.  I can’t wait to continue to make friends with my followers in 2016! :)


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