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G-Dragon - Vibrant colors ♥ [Part 2]

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Member: Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Pairing: Idol!GD & You [ColorblindSoulmate!AU]

Genre: Fluff probably. Some smut and angst later on

Warnings: This is really unrealistic, but i just saw him live and I want to write stuff with him ♥

Words: 2,089

Summary: Seeing your idol at the concert was more than amazing. Especially when it turns out he’s your soulmate.

Part 1,

“Where are you?”

His voice rings through the entire hall and you look at your best friend. “Y/N. Please” You sigh, remembering how someone pulled your hair when you first met him. “SHE’S HERE!” Your friend screams and you look at her angrily. The others are looking at you and you friend and Jiyong walks down the steps of the stage and into the security area. “Where?” You can’t see him anymore, but his voice rings through the arena thanks to the mic. “Here!”Your friend screams once more and suddenly, the red haired man is in front of you. “You told me you don’t have tickets.”

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