a knight's tale*

as it turns out, the knight’s tale by geoffrey chaucer has VERY LITTLE in common with the heath ledger film of the same name, so i feel MISLED

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*smol pat* "Hello, short Trickster." The Knight mused in her height a lot, she was really tiny compared to him, not that he minded.


            [    ]         Baby pouted, a frown on her lips as he teased her. “Shuddup. ‘m not short, you’re just freakishly tall,” she responded, sticking her tongue out at him.


Copycat: This one’s name was Squire, I think mama met him once and I think there’s a ghost story about him…

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the herald and the duchess

“It only…it takes a lot of courage to even pronounce words like that in the presence of my father. But even he had to agree that you made an exceptional figure on that battlefield, even better than some of the actual warriors.”

“Oh, but I do fight battles of my own, Milady. Battles with sharpened quills and empty pergament pages, battles of wit and battles of wisdom. I am a writer, and my weapons may not be as impressive on the eye as those on the battlefield, but I can assure you, they weigh just as heavily.”

bonus gift for cassiaazure98​ / by denaariansaal

Medieval/Fantastical AU (inspired by the movie A Knight’s Tale) in which Wanda is the daughter of the Sokovian feudal lord and Vizh a herald and writer who announces his troup at a tournament Erik Lehnsherr holds

There is a whole fic belonging to this, but my imagination went overboard and it got so long I didn’t finish in time. The edits are actually the bonus and give a slight idea of what’s happening in the story. I hope you like it!

created for the scarletvision exchange

Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué,
Told to the children by Mary McGregor
Illustrated by Katharine Cameron.
London : T.C. & E.C. Jack.
New York : E.P. Dutton & Co.

Gladly they obeyed, and then in the little cottage were heard the solemn words of the marriage service, and Undine became the wife of Huldbrand, the knight of Ringstetten.

I’m half an hour into The Reckoning again while I wait for The Fic That’s Going To Ruin Me to be completed and wait for my body to wind down from the absolute hell that was today and the cider to properly kick in, and it’s been a few years and I had forgotten:

  • Paul Bettany’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
  • Gina McKee’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
  • Paul Bettany and Gina McKee, NOW KISS
  • this whole cast honestly, it’s a white dude fest because of course but what a selection of white dudes
  • all that wool!!!!1! I want to make hats like those! and look ridiculous when I wear them in public but still be like “ha ha motherfuckers, I’m warm as shit!”
  • the plot and the whole experience stands up really well despite apparently being filmed on VHS
  • stories involving non-noble, non-knight characters in the Middle Ages are cool as fuck in general and this one is pretty solid
  • it’s still super hard for me to not just quote A Knight’s Tale while I watch this

And then there are the things I had not forgotten because I didn’t realize then:

  • Tom Hardy’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
  • Tom Hardy’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace putting on fucking stage makeup I shit you not, if you need a reason to watch this movie, THERE IT IS
  • the Fury Road fusion I want to write, oh my God
  • the Pacific Rim fusion I want to write, OH MY GOD
  • (actually back when confab and bloglikejaeger were spitballing a high fantasy AU ages ago I threw in something about Hermann and Vanessa and a mummers’ troupe and I’m pretty sure this movie was a direct influence but I digress)