a knight's hard day

Merlin: Ey, look at the talent!

Lancelot: Let’s give ’em a pull.

Arthur: Should I?

Merlin: Aye, but don’t rush. None of your five bar gate jumps and over sort of stuff.

Arthur: What’s that supposed to mean?

Merlin: I don’t know; I thought it just sounded distinguished-like.

Lancelot: Merlin, the Scouse of distinction.

Kiss Me

word count: ~1400

A/N: This came about from a quotation prompt: “Kiss the hell out of me. Please.”  I also want to make a note that guys who can’t take a hint are disgusting, but I can’t help loving Dean as a ‘knight in shining armor’ role. :)

You had a long, hard day behind you, and all you wanted was to go to your favorite bar and nurse a few drinks.  (Maybe have a couple shots in between, too.)  You needed to take the edge off, so you settled on a barstool, waving the bartender over.

After you ordered a gin and tonic, you glanced around the place seeing if any of your friends were there. You had frequented this bar since college – well, actually since high school, when you all had fake ID’s – so it wouldn’t have surprised you if you saw someone you knew.  However, it being a Tuesday night, you didn’t see any familiar faces.

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KATHERINE MARY KNIGHT - Australia’s Most Evil Murderer

In the early hours of the 29th of February 2000, Katherine Knight a mother of 4 cold bloodily killed her de facto husband John “Pricey” Price, in what has to be one of Australia’s most horrific murders…

It all started when Knight sent the children away for a overnight stay at a friends house. Now by herself Knight went and got a long boning knife and a sharpening steel, she then began sharpening the knife until it was sharp enough to cut through bone. A couple of hours later the victim John-PriceJohn Price came home after a hard days work, he was told by Knight that the kids were sleeping out and that they had the whole night to themselves. At around 11pm Knight and Price decided to have sex, after they finished John Price dozed off and Katherine Knight went and got the boning knife. John Price woke in horror to find Knight screaming and stabbing ferociously at him, with multiple stab wounds to his body John Price lept out of bed and made a desperate dash to escape, with Knight running right behind still stabbing him in the back, Price made it to the front door “opened it” then collapsed in a large pool of blood.

John “Pricey” Price’s post mortem (Autopsy) revealed that Mr Price had been stabbed in the front and back of his body at least 37 times and many piercing vital organs..these including the stomach, both lungs, the aorta, liver, left kidney, the descending colon and the pancreas..

Well for “Katherine Mary Knight” the fun had just begun …

A long while after Mr Price had died, Knight dragged his body through the hallway to the lounge room where she proceeded to skin him, using skills learnt as a meat worker at an abattoir. She skinned Price with great skill removing his head, face, ears, nose, neck, torso, genital organs and legs all in one piece, only a bit of skin and flesh in the middle of his chest was left.. A little while after John Price was skinned Katherine picked up the pelt (the skin) with everything still intact and hung it on a meat hook which was on the lounge room door!

After Knight hung Price’s body, she proceeded to the kitchen to prepare a large pot of stew with a variety of vegetables, she then went back into the lounge room where Price’s body was and with great expertize began to pot-of-stewslice off Price’s head. She then took it back to the kitchen and placed it in the pot. While this was left to cook slowly she cut three slices of flesh from his buttocks to roast in the oven. All this was in preperation for the nights evening meal with Price’s son and daughter. When finished cooking Katherine Knight served it out accompanied with a horrifying note to each of his children. The third steak was found on the back lawn, coming to the conclusion that either Knight herself had tried to consume it and freaked out or she threw it out for her dogs.. Luckily all this was found by Police before his children returned home for dinner..

Katherine Knight became Australia’s first woman to be sentenced to life without parole. In handing down her sentence, Justice Barry O’Keefe described her crime as premeditated and horrific, “evil actions“ that indicated cognition, volition, calm and skill.

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal on Monday rejected Knight’s appeal against the sentence, which she claimed was manifestly excessive. This was such an appalling crime almost beyond contemplation in a civilized society,” Justice Peter McClellan said in his written judgment. The psychiatric evidence indicates that her personality is unlikely to change in the future and, if released, she would be likely to inflict serious injury or perhaps death on others, Justice McClellan said.