a kiss is a terrible thing to waste

Fic: How Lucky We Are (9/?) (M)

Author’s note: I meant to get this posted yesterday, but it wasn’t quite ready. After sleeping on it, I’ve finally got it where I want it. I hope you like it!

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Chapter 9

Emma rolled over, encountering something solid. Solid and warm. She unconsciously smiled to herself, snuggling closer. Her bedmate grunted, pulling her in, sliding his knee between hers. For the first time in ages, she felt content, happy, her fears far away. Most importantly, she felt loved. Killian loved her exactly as she was; how could she have ever doubted him? Somehow, she’d make it up to him.

“Go back to sleep,” Killian grumbled, fingers curling into her long tresses.

“Sorry,” she whispered, lips brushing his chest. “Just thinking.”

“Well, stop,” he teased, his little chuckle rumbling against her.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Your captain could order you.” He shifted; he still felt sleepy, but another part of him was waking up. What else could be expected with a beautiful naked woman in his bed?

“You forget, sir,” she teased, fingers sliding down his back. “That I am a princess.”

He felt her fingertips bite into his backside, earning her a low growl. “A very naughty one.” He pulled on her hair, forcing her face up. Emma mewled, all too eager for his kiss. He didn’t disappoint her, nipping at her lips hungrily. She arched into him, feeling him hardening against her belly. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, Princess.”

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Took me a while but how about Yugi taking care of a sick Atem? c:

that’s alright, dearie! Glad to see yah! Step into my trash can and let’s see what we can do…

This one is simply titled Sickfic because titles are Strange

There is a reason Atem retained his Ceremonial Duel body. Modern bacteria and his ancient blood would not have mixed well at all. So when he’s told he has bronchitis, he sighs―as much as he can―in relief and says, “Good.”

Yugi face-palms. “Atem. Bronchitis isn’t good.”

“Yugi, I have lived through plague epidemics. To me, this is a blessing.”

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Hi! Supercat things you said #44 please

things you said before you kissed me

“I’ve told you how much this job means to me?”

“Yes, Kara,” Cat replies, legs tucked under her and shoes kicked off as she huddles in one corner of the sofa by the window. “Don’t worry, if I’m firing anyone it’ll be whoever fabricated these budgets, not you.”

“This is important,” Kara pleads, leaning over Cat and casting a shadow on her tablet screen. “You know how much I don’t want to jeopardize working for you. That it would take something huge to make me risk that?”

“What have you done?” Cat sighs, still not looking up. She won’t be the one to acknowledge the crackle of something like electricity in the air between them. It’s been amplifying gradually, the fuzzy static before a storm. 

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So About Corporal Bucky Bear....
eledhiel13 replied to your post:Hey, I just read your fic about Mrs. Rogers. I really liked it, but towards the end you say Steve gives Bucky Bear a promotion to Corporal. That’s backwards, though, that’s a demotion. He would’ve been promoted to Staff Sergeant, which has three chevrons and a rocker.

Dude, that is adorable. Not to be demanding or anything, but any chance we could have the full story behind Bucky Bear’s promotion? I would dearly love to know how a teddy bear accomplished such a daunting mission.

Gabe Jones had an evil sense of humor, which was not surprising, considering the company he kept. 

He claimed that “Mom” and “Pops” must be feeling a bit anxious, what with having all their chicks out of the nest as it were, so he thought that it would be a fantastic idea that they ought to have one last baby to fuss over.

Hence, the Bucky Bear.

Also, “Fuck you very much, Gabe,” was Bucky’s reaction to this, which sent everyone into gales of laughter.

Gabe pretends to consider it.  “I think that’s against the commandments somewhere.  Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s wife — “

The bear gets thrown at Gabe’s head.  It would have hit except somebody intercepts it. 

“You don’t throw the baby around like that,” Steve says with mock sternness.  He’s also blushing and it’s hilarious that Steve’s been in the Army this long already and considering where they both lived and grew up, that he can still blush.  But the blush is at odds with the mischievous look in his eyes and at that point, Bucky just gives up.  Resistance was futile and he was just about FUBAR anyway. 

Bucky the Bear is solemnly drafted into the U.S. Army and into the Commandos as a Private. 

They’ve all been wounded in some form or the other during this whole damn war and personally, Bucky considers it a miracle that none of them are dead yet. 

So of course, of course Bucky gets hurt pretty badly during the last HYDRA raid they did and the goons opened fire on them using some sort of experimental weapon.  Again.  The first guy who got hit - some poor unfortunate soul from another unit - he’d gotten sick, God only knew what and died.  The second didn’t make it long enough even to get to the medics. 

Bucky doesn’t know how he’s still alive.  Granted, Steve had tossed him his shield and he’d managed to deflect most of the blast.  Still, everyone else thinks he’s lucky that he’s pretty much holed up in bed with what looks like a pretty bad case of ‘flu, to say nothing about a couple of gunshot wounds to the shoulder and leg from regular good ol’ fashioned firearms. 

Long story short, Sergeant Barnes is sitting out the next mission.

He hates it. 

The good news is that the meds seem to be kicking in and the docs are predicting that he’ll recover pretty soon.  In fact, they’re already amazed at his progress.  Healthy as a horse, that was James Buchanan Barnes for you. 

He’s still sitting out this next mission.  Which means he can’t watch out for Steve’s six, the way only he can.

Okay, so Bucky knows he’s being irrational and that, right there, is part of the reason why the guys have playfully christened him “wifey” and “Mrs. Rogers” and “war bride.”  Well, only the Commandos are allowed to do this.  Anyone else gets their face beat in.  Dum Dum doesn’t mind enforcing that lesson with the other fellas. 

But Bucky still can’t get rid of the feeling that if he’s not there to watch Steve’s six, his trouble-prone punk isn’t going to come back alive.  And Bucky knows perfectly well what he’s going to do in a world without Steve Rogers. 

So because this is how they operate, the night before Steve and the rest of the guys go on their next mission - which happens to be a search and rescue by the way - the two of them are arguing.  Bucky’s feeling slightly more human, which for him, is a vast improvement and he can walk and shoot, which translates to: “I’m coming in on this one, Steve and you can’t stop me.”

So Steve pulls rank.

On the goddamn teddy bear.

Bucky’s not sure how Steve manages to keep a straight face as he addresses the fuzzy, blue-coated stuffed toy but he does.  “Private Bear, your orders are to keep Sergeant Barnes from leaving his sickbed and impeding his recovery.  You sit on him if you have to, do you understand me?”

“Sir, yessir,” Bucky drawls, sarcasm levels at an all time high.  

And Steve sniffs.  “I’m not speaking to you, Sergeant.   I’m speaking to the bear.”  And he plops the toy on the pillow, right next to Bucky’s head.   Then he takes his leave.

So Bucky looks at the bear, who, he imagines, is solemnly looking back with big button black eyes.  “Whaddaya lookin’ at, pal?”  He growls.

Nothing, Sarge.

Goddamn Steve anyway.

So this is how the next few hours crawl by, Bucky’s restlessly shifting on his bed, brain working overtime, all sorts of scenarios of how things could go terribly fucking wrong going in his mind.  He tries to pass the time by reading from the battered copy of The Hobbit next to his bedside table - a gift from Monty.  But little wooly-footed Bilbo Baggins makes Bucky think of Steve and oh wow, this is so not the time to be thinking of Steve as his tiny, scrappy self going off to face the proverbial dragon in his lair. 

It doesn’t help that he didn’t have the sense to kiss his punk good luck instead of wasting time arguing with him. 

He tosses the book back on the side table with a smothered curse and just hits the bed in frustration. He should be out there.  Maybe he could get up, look for Agent Carter —

— and Bucky Bear tumbles right onto his chest. 

You sit on him if you have to. 

And damn it if the bear didn’t just fall the right way, so that it was looking up at Bucky and somehow has this same dopey, puppy look that Steve gets when he’s trying to wheedle Bucky into doing things, not that Bucky’s actually immune to that particular look, not when it was Steve Rogers.   

If he takes a whiff, the bear smells a bit like Steve.

When Agent Carter comes in to check on Bucky, she finds Bucky fast asleep, cuddling with his bear namesake.  She smiles, lifts the blanket up a little higher on his shoulders and leaves him to his rest. 

The mission was a success.  Steve and the rest of the Howling Commandos are safe and sound.  She’ll tell Bucky all about it when he wakes up. 

She doesn’t actually get a chance though.  Captain Rogers ends up finding his sergeant and their bear sleeping soundly and quietly passed the time by sketching them both for posterity.  When Bucky the human wakes up, there are quiet “I’m sorry’s” and “I’m sorry” kisses involved from both Captain and Sergeant and well, the Howling Commandos are pleased to learn that “Mom and Pops” aren’t divorcing any time soon. 

It must be said that Captain Rogers was so pleased at how loyal and efficient a soldier Private Bear was, to say nothing of him helping Sergeant Barnes recover a lot faster than expected, that he field promoted the little bear to Corporal immediately.  Corporal Bucky Bear wore his stripes proudly. 

It was soon discovered that Corporal Bear was also quite effective in taking charge of the unit when Captain and Sergeant were indisposed. 

- end -

Note:   There, does that answer all your questions? :D 

Fic: Be My Savior (M)

Author’s note: My contribution to the post sneak peak craze! Set a few days (weeks? who knows with this show) in the future. Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Be My Savior

Emma fidgeted, nervously tugging the hem of the leather. What was she thinking? This was a horrible idea! Killian would walk in here and just laugh at her. She was certain of it. Flopping down on her back, she covered her face with her hands, wishing herself anywhere else. Anything but this horrible terrible idea she’d had about surprising her pirate. Why would she have ever dreamed this was a good idea?

Because you’re horny and desperate and this town never lets you breathe, she thought.

Well, that much was true. Ever since Killian came back (she didn’t like to think about where he had come back from, better to imagine him on some awful vacation), they’d been trying to find some time to themselves, to relearn each other and just revel in the fact that they were True Love. Something else Emma found extraordinary. A few years ago she refused to believe love existed, let alone True Love. But Killian? He loved her. He loved her with everything he had, his heart, his soul, his body.

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Fitzsimmons + 1. “i jokingly told you that the only way i’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and i’m kind of charmed.” please?

“You’ll never believe what Sally Weber told me today,” Jemma calls out, stumbling through the doors with an armful of groceries. Fitz appears around the corner and takes a few bag from her, rifling through to see if she got anything good.

“Sally? What, from the Academy?”

“Yes! You can imagine my surprise when I saw her in the frozen foods aisle.”

“What, because you’d somehow managed to bump into each other after all these years, or the fact that she was buying frozen food?” he asks, pressing a kiss to her nose when she gives him an exasperated look. “Sorry. What unbelievable thing did our long-lost friend from the Academy tell you, then?” 

“Her partner proposed by filling their entire living room with roses! Can you believe that?”

“Knowing Sally, yes,” says Fitz, putting the cold foods away in the fridge and missing Jemma’s expression. “Awful waste of roses, though.”

“It’s terribly romantic, though, don’t you think?” Jemma says, smiling down at a box of cereal. “Bit of a dream.”

Fitz takes the box from her with a fond shake of his head. He’d kiss her, but he likes seeing her smile. 

“So what, you’re saying you’re saying you wouldn’t accept a proposal unless it came with a room full of roses?”

Jemma laughs then, and seems to snap out of her stupor. “Why, I wouldn’t accept a proposal unless it came with a whole house of roses, Leopold. And here I thought you were the romantic one.”

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can you make a detention master list or a mini masterlist? thx <33

A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - Young, inexperienced Dan is in detention with cool kid Phil. When the teacher leaves the room, anything could happen.

Detention - Phil Lester gets detention again, and meets Dan Howell, who is a shy and quiet kid and never talks to anyone. Phil picks up a conversation with Dan and they take a liking to each other. Phil doesn’t want to stop talking to Dan so he offers him a ride home and a friendship blossoms right before their eyes.

Detention - Phil purposely gets detention to spend some time with his favourite teacher.

Detention Twists 2 - Phil hates his teacher with a passion. A firey passion to be honest. But when Mr. Howell starts making advances towards Phil after detention, will Phil forget about his past disliking and do things with the young and attractive Dan Howell?

Secrets and Detentions - Dan and Phil meet in detention.

Trouble Maker - In which Dan gets into a fight and has to serve two weeks detention, where he meets his shy and usually quiet classmate Phil.

You’re Worse Than Nicotine - Innocent!Phil and bad boy/stoner!Dan meet in detention and end up smoking a joint while getting each other off.

~ Tori   

Hello, I love your imagines omg, anyway can you write one where y/n has never kissed someone before and she confesses to jack so he decided to teach her and end up having hot make out session?

AN This was super cute to write, thanks so much for requesting, guys. I try to get to you as soon as I can and I’m really sorry if it takes so damn long to get to you. I don’t work Tuesday, so maybe I can double update tomorrow night? That’d be cool. Thanks so much for your guys’ support and patience, I love you so much. [PS 13k reads on Wattpad???? wowzers]

Your POV

To say you’re my age and you’ve never been kissed is pretty embarrassing. Considering most of my friends have already gone further than first base, it’d make sense that I’d be nervous to tell my secret to anyone.

You talk to anyone at school and they’ll either ask you who I am, or they’d think I’m some experienced whore that fucks everything that moves. All this because I have a couple of guy friends. If anyone has had guy friends as a girl, you’d know that regardless of whether or not they like you romantically, they’ll automatically flirt with you. It’s in their blood as a dude. So that makes me automatically the world’s biggest slut just because I’m friends with people that have dicks.

This comes as a shocker to people when I tell them. This is why I refuse to tell anyone. But recently I’ve been getting really close with my friend, Jack. It started with just a few movies, but weeks later, we’d be at each other’s houses constantly. I think his mom is seriously questioning adopting me.

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