a kiss for jade


Still For You - Jade Hark

Hey guys! I wrote a new song, and it’s really mean a lot if you could check it out!! A reblog would always help too!!!

kwamimusings  asked:

For the doodlefest: DJWifi Spiderman kiss. Please. Just. Those two, man.

Turtle!Nino x Alya Spider-man style smooches  ;) 

I keep saying I’ll only add a splash of color at most but I get carried away with these doodles sometimes, lol.

FYI, the reason why I don’t stream (someone asked if I was planning to on my original post) is because my two kiddos (4 and 5 yrs old) are both sick, so I keep having to go AFK even after they’ve gone to bed.  I may do it someday, but tonight it was not meant to be.  ;) 

****Dramione, acts of love through books Pt. 2****
  • *a couple of hours later*
  • Draco: *laid out on the couch watching TV*
  • Hermione: *emerges from the library, follows the sound of the TV, finds Draco, and stands in the doorway*
  • Draco: *looks over, smiles, opens arms wide*
  • Hermione: *smiles back, walks over, curls up with Draco on the couch*
  • Draco: *kisses the top of her head under his chin* Are the characters in your book better now?
  • Hermione: Mhmmm
  • Draco: *pulls her closer* Good.

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a fic where Bellamy is a grounder and he can shape shift into a dog. He watches the camp in disguise as a dog so he can see if his clan should invest in aiding the delinquents.

Facing Tempests of Dust

Anonymous said: I’m looking for an instagram based oneshot. Where Clarke friends Octavia’s brother, because he’s nice eye-candy, but she ends up liking his posts (he keeps track of his plant’s progress and has an asshole cat) and eventually they meet.

I believe you’re looking for Chapter 42: Fleek Instagram Game of Love and Joy Come to You.

Anonymous said: Hi! Do you know if anyone has written a Bellarke fic with them cuddling on that bed? Thank you :)