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Heeeeeey i know you already have a fantasy rec, but could you do another? I need moreeee

Hey! I’m going to take the liberty and use this to recommend some of my favourite royalty AU’s, as it falls under the fantasy category 😊 (I’ll put some magic in there, don’t worry! ✨)

If you want to check out some of my other fantasy AU fic rec lists, check out my fic rec master list! There’s a whole section of fantasy fics there! 

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Royalty AU

of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake. Quick, very sweet day and night AU that is just.. everything! Must read!

Stargazer by Fahye, Teen, 22k
“No, see, we’ve all been trained a certain way. The training system is traditional; it’s centuries old. Nobody taught you. You ballist like it’s got nothing to do with war at all.” A sleepy, extraordinary smile crawls over Victor’s face. “Nobody else does it like that. That’s why we’re going to win.” This is so, so, amazing and has beautiful illustrations in it!

Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon by OathKeeper, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri, heir to the throne, is in an arranged marriage with Princess Mila. The only problem is that Yuuri’s attracted to men, and Mila’s attracted to women. Oh, and her brother, Prince Victor, is really attractive. I’m obsessed!

Dancing in the Snow by Tiger_Millionare, Mature, 14k (WIP)
That one moment with the prince, Victor, was the only thing Yuuri had to define his whole world on. Amazing wip of a royalty AU! Merchant!Yuuri falls for Prince!Victor… or is it the other way around? I love this fic so much!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 30k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. PHICHIT IS A FAIRY GODMOTHER THIS FIC IS AMAZING

born to make history by norgbelulah, Teen, 11k
Victor Nikiforov, Heir Tsesarevich and Grand Duke of Russia, needs a husband and only a Japanese Prince will do. So cute!

Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
A royalty, A/B/O Soulmate AU collection of oneshots of Victor and Yuuri growing up together! Cute!

Even Princes Can Relate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 6.8k
Phichit got an invitation to Victor Nikiforov’s birthday celebration, and he was taking Yuuri as his plus one. The prince of Petersburg was probably the most amazing person in Yuuri’s opinion. Not once did he think that they could get along so well though. Sooooooooo good!

Spring and Winter by MidnightCrow, Teen, 8.4k (WIP)
Viktor is the beloved second prince of the spring kingdom, Yuuri is the shy prince of the winter kingdom, in order to prevent war between their two kingdoms Viktor is sent to the court of his enemy as a peace offering, a husband for their own prince. Can flowers even bloom in frozen ground? Love this!

When the Sun Met the Moon by Birdieee, Not Rated, 5.4k
The rulers of the two kingdoms are as distant as the stars themselves, yet the invisible thread of fate binds them together. What happens when the sun and the moon fall in love? Lovely Day and Night AU!

all this, and love too by skeletalparade (boythighs), Gen, 3.8k
“I am wondering,” Viktor whispers into the charged air between them, and when did they get so close? Has Viktor’s nose always been a hair’s breadth away from Yuuri’s? “If it would be entirely improper of me to request a kiss.” LOVE THIS!!!!!

moonrise by fan_nerd, Mature, 4.3k
Prince Katsuki and Crown Prince Nikiforov have been dancing around each other for many seasons. After several moonlit meetings, they finally decide to formalize a union. Thumbs up!

A King Only Bows Down to His Queen by pilongski, Teen, 1.5k
After all, Yuuri realized how much it was a big scandal in the North Kingdom. Many princesses had tried to court the King, but to no avail. Everyone knew the reason. King Nikiforov had fallen deep to the foreigner’s bewitchment. Yuuri is sassy in this and I love it!

Warmth of Love by IceSensei, Not Rated, 14k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri Katsuri wished not the solitude of his cold exterior upon anyone, therefore he submerged himself in a life of solitude that he suffered alone. He wished not his pain on anyone and blamed no one for how he was. He figured that if he didn’t touch anyone, he couldn’t harm anyone. Can you hear my heart break???? This is so good!

A Warrior’s Heart by ElaineGaron, Mature, 17k (WIP)
Victor is a kingdom’s only prince and treasure, tired of his duties. Yuuri is a young man from the city, wanting nothing more than to join the Royal Guard. What will happen when their paths cross? Thumbs up!

On Matters of the Heart by infinite_imagination, Teen, 7k (WIP)
In a world where magic is rare and soulmarks even rarer, Yuuri, the youngest prince of Hasetsu, has somehow managed to be born with both. His name means strength and courage, but he doubts he is enough to become worthy of his soulmate, or if he even wants them. Amazing soulmate/royalty AU!

There’s a Rumor in Saint Petersburg by MagicalGirl15, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov, the prince of Saint Petersburg, now twenty-eight years of age, needs to find a suitor appropriate enough to please his father, the king, and continue the blue blooded Nikiforov line. What happens when he meets an attractive peasant in town and sees him in secret? Rec’d by a follower!

Royalty AU Masterlist

Even Princes Can Relate -  Phichit got an invitation to Victor Nikiforov’s birthday celebration, and he was taking Yuuri as his plus one. The prince of Petersburg was probably the most amazing person in Yuuri’s opinion. Not once did he think that they could get along so well though.

A King Only Bows Down to His Queen - After all, Yuuri realized how much it was a big scandal in the North Kingdom. Many princesses had tried to court the King, but to no avail. Everyone knew the reason. King Nikiforov had fallen deep to the foreigner’s bewitchment.Yuuri did not care what the others think. He was beyond them all. He might not be from here, but he knew the country as much as them. He might not be a general, but his advice had helped this country. He might be a political prisoner, but he was the only one who can satisfy King Nikiforov—and the whole country was jealous of him.(In which Viktor Nikiforov is a king and Yuuri Katsuki is his beloved mistress).

what’s a king to a god? - And he sits on the king’s throne, heart pounding and hands shaking.Viktor lifts his foot delicately, slipping off his left boot, and places his lips right on the ankle, as if Yuuri was the king and not him.“Good,” Viktor mumbles against his skin, and Yuuri drowns.

Tales of King Viktor Nikiforov and His Mistress
Everyone knows this tale. Centuries ago, there was a prosperous kingdom named the North Kingdom. The kingdom was lead by a king named King Viktor Nikiforov. He is handsome, well-cultured, kind, and loved by people in his country. But of course, when you talked about King Viktor Nikiforov, you can’t forget about his mistress, Yuuri Katsuki from the East, the only person who ever managed to sway Viktor Nikiforov onto his feet.

moonrise -  Prince Katsuki and Crown Prince Nikiforov have been dancing around each other for many seasons. After several moonlit meetings, they finally decide to formalize a union.

In the Meadow -  Otabek is a newly knighted prince and accidentally upsets the prince of the woods.

Warmth of Love - Prince Yuuri Katsuri wished not the solitude of his cold exterior upon anyone, therefore he submerged himself in a life of solitude that he suffered alone. He wished not his pain on anyone and blamed no one for how he was. He figured that if he didn’t touch anyone, he couldn’t harm anyone.Though in that process, he forgot to get himself that companionship that he desired for everyone else and left himself vulnerable to the claws of loneliness.

Like a Fairytale -  In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

Magic!!! On Ice -  Prince Viktor is bored with his life. Routine has taken over his day. Perfection is no longer enough for him. What will it take to breathe some excitement into his life? Maybe a good kick from his brother Yuri, or perhaps a chance meeting with a young wizard, who knows.

The Search for Spring - Yuuri Katsuki would like nothing more than to make his family proud, and maybe one day learn how to control the magic burning under his skin. When he encounters the chance of a lifetime to perform at the wedding of a royal, his path crosses with that of the legendary adventurer and mysterious fourth prince of Corrusva, Victor Nikiforov. From that moment, everything changes.But Prince Victor hides a secret under his cheerful disposition, and it might just relate to the end of the world as they know it. The threat of an eternal winter looms before them. Between fairies, dragons, monsters, and magic, it won’t be enough just to survive. If they can’t band together, it might spell the end of the world as they know it.

These Foreign Lands - Viktor Nikiforov, the crown prince, rules his country with stubbornness and obliviousness, often never willing to listen to anyone around him. It drives Yakov, his advisor, and Yuri, his brother crazy.Nobody has ever been able to change his mind before. Until someone does.

On the Cusp of Dawn -  Otabek had bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he’d set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.
The Prince had frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.
“Mmm-hum… ” the Prince had hummed, closing his eyes, as he chomped on the bites of the plump fruits in his mouth. He opened his eyes, fixing his crystal green glare on Otabek. “Bring me more tomorrow,” he’d ordered, taking a few more from the basket.
“Y-yes, your highness,” Otabek had stuttered, bowing again before he was shoved away by a royal guard to clear the area. He hadn’t missed the way the Prince had shot a burning look at the guard.

Vanilla like scent -  When he was nine, just the day before their trip to Russia, Yuuri wondered for the first time if Victor had to go through the same for the sake of their marriage. Little did Yuuri know that his future husband was not even aware of their union.
Not yet at least.

The Castle Atop the Hill - “I was calling you. I’ve always been calling you.“ Viktor looked up brightly, smiling as if he just explained everything. “And now you’re here.”—
In a cursed land covered in unforgiving ice, Yuuri becomes a knight so that he and his family can survive. In the castle is where he finds Viktor, a prince with a magical gift, whom Yuuri believed could save anyone. But maybe Viktor needs saving too.

Drape me in your warmth -  So Victor being Victor, he kidnaped Chris, bought less aristocratic clothes to wear and went to the brothel. It wasn’t his first time in a brothel, god no, but he heard that the dance, which was performed there, was something to die for.


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City Lights | one

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genre: angst, fluff

word count: 3k

prologue, one, two

The part she hated the most about being a Princess was that one. When she needed to dress up and smile for a bunch of people who didn’t give a shit about her. They weren’t her people, the people to whom she had promised her life to. They were just people who could, but wouldn’t, help her country.

It had been like that for years. Once a year the King would throw a month of parties to other Kings and Princes and Princesses from all over the world. But that month, in that year, it was special. It was special because the King would choose a husband to his daughter.

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So… I’m (finaly) reading AWoIaF and this part got my attentation: 

Song and story tell us that the Starks of Winterfell have ruled large portions of the lands beyond the Neck for eight thousand years, styling themselves the Kings of Winter (the more ancient usage) and (in more recent centuries) the Kings in the North. …

ch.  The Kings of Winter

The Kings of Winter

King of Winter

Catelyn was thinking of her girls, wondering if she would ever see them again, when the Greatjon lurched to his feet.
“MY LORDS!” he shouted, his voice booming off the rafters. “Here is what I say to these two kings!” He spat. “ Renly Baratheon is nothing to me, nor Stannis neither. Why should they rule over me and mine, from some flowery seat in Highgarden or Dorne?
What do they know of the Wall or the wolfswood or the barrows of the First Men? Even their gods are wrong. The Others take the Lannisters too, I’ve had a bellyful of them.” He reached back over his shoulder and drew his immense two-handed greatsword. “Why shouldn’t we rule ourselves again? It was the dragons we married, and the dragons are all dead!” He pointed at Robb with the blade. “There sits the only king I mean to bow my knee to, m’lords,” he thundered. “The King in the North!”
And he knelt, and laid his sword at her son’s feet.
“I’ll have peace on those terms,” Lord Karstark said. “They can keep their red castle and their iron chair as well.” He eased his longsword from its scabbard. “The King in the North!” he said, kneeling beside the Greatjon.
Maege Mormont stood. “The King of Winter!” she declared, and laid her spiked mace beside the swords. And the river lords were rising too, Blackwood and Bracken and Mallister, houses who had never been ruled from Winterfell, yet Catelyn watched them rise and draw their blades, bending their knees and shouting the old words that had not been heard in the realm for more than three hundred years, since Aegon the Dragon had come to make the Seven Kingdoms one … yet now were heard again, ringing from the timbers of her father’s hall:
“The King in the North!”
“The King in the North!”

She isn’t just proclaiming Robb her king, she’s acknowledging eight thousand years of history with one simple phrase.

you’ve got stars in your eyes

i want you all to know that i love eren jaeger very much. happy late birthday my beautiful boy and happy season two to the rest of us!

special thanks, as always, to @baegerbombtastic, who reads my garbage whenever i send it, regardless of what we were talking about at the time, and thank you to @ereriere for telling me i’m not a failure for taking too many months to post this.


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: T (but E for last chapter)
Summary: Stillness hits the dancefloor with all the weight of a summer storm, ending just as suddenly as it had started, and the index and middle finger of the Queen Regent’s right hand are pressed to Eren’s throat, her left pressed to the crook of her own elbow, while Eren’s fingers are curled around her wrist. It’s a scene from a fable that Levi had never retained over his decade of royal service, though Isabel had told it to him more times than he’d asked. 

The Queen drops her arms when silence settles back over the ballroom, dropping into a curtsy modest enough for a Regent but deep enough to show gratitude—and the marble beneath Levi’s feet vibrates with applause. Nobles ten paces in front of him chatter back and forth in languages he doesn’t know, but some words are familiar, if only because of the context. 

Prince. Regent. Beautiful

Levi wants to agree, can feel the force of it climbing onto his tongue, scraping the insides of his cheeks.

When he looks back toward the center of the ballroom, he finds Eren’s eyes on him. 

Or you can [Read on AO3]!

chapters:  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi

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Don’t Lie To Me

AU:  the one where it’s impossible to lie to your soulmate.

Relationship: Soulmates

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Kaldur


You and Kaldur had known you were soulmates since day one at the Conservatory of Sorcery. Yet he still held feeling for Tula and you for Garth. The four of you were still close, always hung out and trained with each other. When he left for the land above with the King, Mera had also taken Tula, Garth and yourself under her wing. You watched as Tula and Garth’s relationship bloomed and you didn’t dare come in the way of that. So instead you focus more on your studies and trained hard with Queen Mera almost besting her in a duel.

“Y/N you are doing wonderfully.” The Queen commented which made you proud.

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Title: Sleep of the Sword

Author: @ladsnightout // KelliDiane

Art: @sleepymouses

Coming November 1st to @1dreversebang!

The next morning sees Liam leaving the castle’s courtyard among cheers and a massive fanfare that only the King himself could have arranged. He bows once before the royal family, taking note of the pure anger upon the princess’ face, and mounts his horse to begin his quest.

He is excited to finally have a proper quest to help him feel like he has earned his position in society. He loves that his father left him with such a title and wealth that would mean he could be barred from nowhere, but the thought of working for all of his wealth and glory was rather appealing as well. He would not fail.


Liam recites a lot of pretty poetry, Louis tries to get Liam to see what’s wrong with his love life, Harry hops along for the ride, Zayn has a fiery temper, and Niall just really like to rhyme.

A King Bows Only to His Queen

.:Imagine losing your virginity to Hux:.

Request for me because I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time so shut up.

Also: His first name in this is Brendol, so, I mean, just remember that before you start complaining to me. Thank you. Yeah, Hux is a little OOC. But guess what. I wanted this to be as fluffy as it could be ok. I’m such Hux trash it’s not acceptable.

Enjoy <3

All through the night of my coronation, my eyes and my mind kept drifting to my fiance, now turned Empress, Y/N. She looked beautiful. I wonder what I did to deserve such an amazing woman like herself. Someone like me, ruthless, cold, and distant. She believes in me. She believes that I can make the whole galaxy a better place. Little does she know, I’m doing it all for her.

The dress she was wearing clung onto her immaculately. The black fabric wrapped around her beautifully, she looked like a goddess. Her H/C looked amazing, showing off her beautiful E/C eyes. I could look into them for forever. The way she walked, hypnotizing. She could have any man she wanted. And she chose me, and I chose her.

After everyone had left, we walked hand in hand back to our shared quarters. I stroked her soft hand. I felt her wrap her arm around mine and lean her head into me. I kissed her on her head. It was just a soft one.

“I love you.” She whispered. “I’m so proud of you.” Y/N looked up at me, I could see tears in her eyes. I turned to her, “Why are you crying?”

“I’m just,” I wipe the tears off her face. She sniffs. “I’m so proud of you. You’re an emperor now, and I can’t believe that I’m engaged to the best.” I couldn’t help but smile as she said that, as selfish as it was. I look at her, and place a kiss on her lips. I could kiss her all day, if only she would let me. Y/N places her hand on the back of my neck. I pull back, breathing heavily. I press my forehead onto hers. We both smile.

I nod. “Come on. Let’s go.” Y/N nods, and we walk back together.

I enter the code to our room and step inside after Y/N. I lock the door behind us. I take off my gloves and watch Y/N. She takes off her dress and steps out of it. She goes over to the closet and hangs the dress up. She takes off her shoes and places them in the closet. Y/N grabs one of my black t-shirts and black sweats. She sits on the bed and puts the clothes on. I get changed as well. Wearing a black shirt and sweats as well. Y/N walks into the bathroom to clean the makeup off her face. I let out a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair, slightly pulling. To say that I was completely calm about me being Emperor was an understatement. I would not show it, but I am scared. I’m nervous as hell. I sit on the bed and wait for Y/N to return.

When she does, she sits by me and leans her head onto my shoulder. “You’re troubled.” She says. I nod.

“You’re right I am. I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I am capable of doing it.” I reply.

Y/N places a hand on my face and turns me to look at her. “You are. I know you are. Bren, there is no doubt in my mind that you can do this. I love you. You will bring peace to the galaxy. I believe that.” I look down. I feel her place a kiss on my forehead. She lifts my head up and kisses me on my lips. I feel my eyes flutter close. I move my lips against hers, savoring her addictive taste. I slip my tongue from my mouth, asking permission to enter hers. Y/N allows it. Our kiss gets more heated and passionate, I place my hands underneath her thighs and have her straddle me. Immediately I could feel myself harden under her touch.

How little she does for me to be completely under her control, and lose myself. I feel herself grind lightly on me. My breath shudders, she felt so good on me. I knew she had little to no experience in this area, but I didn’t care. I just loved Y/N. The way she is, I wouldn’t change a thing. For her to trust me with herself like this, I don’t think I have ever felt more honored.

I pull back from her and stare deep into her E/C color eyes. “Y/N, we, we don’t have, to… We can stop. Don’t push yourself on my account.” I say quietly. She nods understandingly. “Brendol, you know I know my limits. It’s okay, I, I, I want this… I want… I want you…” Y/N looked at me. My eyes trailed down from her eyes to her lips, then to her neck, her collarbones, her breasts, then, back to her eyes again.

I quickly place my hands behind her neck and slam her lips against mine. We both moan into each other. I reach under her shirt to trace the skin there lightly. She responds by placing my hands on her hips and taking off her, well my, shirt off. I pull away and look at her. She was beautiful. I look into her eyes, silently asking for permission to caress her. She nods softly with a slight smirk on her face. I concentrate on the sight before me. I placed my left hand on her breast. She takes a sharp breath in and I pull my hand away. Y/N leans in and kisses me and places my hand back onto her soft skin. She bites my lip in between her teeth.

I quickly take my shirt off and Y/N grabs onto my arms. I slip my fingers under the waistband of the pants she wore and slid them off, continuing to kiss her. I rub my hands up and down her soft S/C skin. I caress the inside of her thigh, close to her fabric covered core. She moans in my mouth. I pull back, and lay her down, back to the bed. I place kisses along her jawline and neck. I move to her collarbone, I lightly graze my teeth over it. I suck. Hard. Y/N moves her hands to pull at my hair. I moan. I look to admire my work.

She’s now mine.

I continue to kiss down her chest. I suck on her breast, tweaking and licking her nipple with my tongue. Y/N arches towards me, a mewl leaving her swollen lips. “Bren.. Please…”

I shush her gently against her skin. I leave a trail of kisses from in between her breasts to her navel. I reached to her heat. Looking up, I ask permission. “Y/N. May I?” She nods. “Yes.” She says with a smile. I draw my eyes back. I kiss her hipbones, I latch my teeth onto the waistband of her underwear and drag it down her legs. When I reached her ankles, I threw them off to across the room. I settle myself back in between her legs. I close my eyes and let my tongue find its way to Y/N’s body. When it did, I licked her clit softly, slightly nibbling. I lick in between her folds, finally getting a taste. As soon as I did, I was addicted.

I lap my tongue over and over and over. Y/N rolls her hips against me, I moan into her. “Shit!” She moans. I place two fingers in my mouth, wetting them. I look up to her. “This will prep you, love.”

She nods. “Okay.” I run my pointer finger along her slit, and push in slowly, feeling her heat around me. I hear her moan. “Are you okay, Y/N?” I ask worriedly. She nods. I pump in and out of her. I hear Y/N curse and moan my name. My breath became heavy as I felt myself getting even more hard. I add my middle finger. Y/N grabs onto my hair tighter, pulling up. I let out a yelp. Her delicate fingers around my hair felt amazing. I kept them going in and out of her. Y/N bucks up against me. “Bren… darling, I-FUCK” I brought her to her first orgasm. I felt herself tremble around me, her legs shaking. Y/N was moaning coming down from her high. I quickly look into her eyes. “Are you alright?” I ask, was it too much for her? Am I too rough. The last thing I would want is to make her even a little bit uncomfortable. Y/N has allowed me to see her in such a precious way, the least I could do is make her comfortable.

“Yes. I’m fine, just… Keep going please.” She gave me a lust filled smile. I laugh and kiss her lips. She moans, she could probably taste herself on my lips. Y/N reaches down towards my pants, but I catch her hand in mine. “No, my queen. This is about you.” She nods. I felt the sudden need. I needed to be inside her. I need to feel her warmth around me. I just need her…

I quickly shove off my pants and boxers. Y/N sits up and leans her forehead against mine. “Take me, my Emperor.” She whispers. Something about her saying that fired something up inside me. I lay myself on top her, trying to do it in a protective manner. Yes, no one else was here, but, no one else can see her like this. Only me.

“Y/N, this might hurt at first. You tell me to stop at anytime and I will. I promise. If you are uncomfortable at all, tell me.” She nods. “I will. Thank you Brendol.” I give a soft smile. I position myself at her entrance and look deep into her eyes. I slowly push into her. I shudder at feeling her tightness around me. Y/N felt warm and it felt, it felt… Right. I push in further, and she lets out a small scream and screws her eyes shut.

I start to panic. “Y/N. Look at me please, we can stop. Please…” Y/N responds. “I’m fine, I promise. Just give me one second, please.” I wait patiently. I dare not take my eyes off her. “Move… Please, Bren.” I take a deep breath and lean my forehead on hers. I start to roll my hips gently. I pull out and back into her again. Y/N lets out a moan, but that only spurred me to go on. I wrapped my arms around her and had her straddle me once again. We looked deep into each others eyes.

I can’t describe the feeling I have. Having the one woman I love more than anything else in the world give me something so special. There was nothing else I wanted. Our bodies moved with each other, we fit so perfectly together. I could feel her leave scratches on my back, I paid no attention to it. I latched my mouth onto anywhere I could reach, desperate to mark her again. The both of us were nearing the end. My pace started to become sloppy, uncoordinated.

I leaned my head against the side of hers and whispered in her ear. “You’re taking me so well. You’re such a good girl Y/N. I love you so much.” I pause to steal a quick kiss from her lips. “Can you come for me, Y/N?”

I could feel myself coming to the edge. I focused on Y/N, trying to get her to come before me. I thrust into her two more times and I felt Y/N shatter around me. “Fuck! Bren… Oh my-Fuck!” I lost control after that. I scream her name as I feel myself empty into her. We cling onto each other for dear life, catching our breaths.

I leave her warm and comforting body and lay down on our bed, pulling her with me. I hold her close to me. The room smelled of sex and sweat. I kissed her hair. “I love you, Y/N. More than I could ever say.” I felt tears start to well up in my eyes. Y/N looks up at me. “Stop, don’t cry.” She places her hand on my cheek and I lean into her comforting hand. “I just wish I could do more for you. You deserve the whole galaxy and yet I-”

“Sssh. My love, you owe me nothing but your love. You are the most amazing man I have ever met. And I cannot thank you enough for it.” Y/N smiles at me. I smile back. I pull her close and stroke her skin in a soothing way, luring us both to sleep.

How lucky we are to have each other.