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A Dance with Dragons - Jon XII

“Did they trouble you on your way south?”
They never came in force, if that’s your meaning, but they were with us all the same, nibbling at our edges. We lost more outriders than I care to think about, and it was worth your life to fall behind or wander off. Every nightfall we’d ring our camps with fire. They don’t like fire much, and no mistake. When the snows came, though … snow and sleet and freezing rain, it’s bloody hard to find dry wood or get your kindling lit, and the cold … some nights our fires just seemed to shrivel up and die. Nights like that, you always find some dead come the morning. ’Less they find you first. The night that Torwynd … my boy, he …” Tormund turned his face away.
“I know,” said Jon Snow.
Tormund turned back. “You know nothing. You killed a dead man, aye, I heard. Mance killed a hundred. A man can fight the dead, but when their masters come, when the white mists rise up … how do you fight a mist, crow? Shadows with teeth air so cold it hurts to breathe, like a knife inside your chest … you do not know, you cannot know … can your sword cut cold?” 

Victor Nikiforov definitely reads all the cheesiest gay romance novels. This man has been devouring them since he was a teen. If he finds one about figure skaters, he buys it regardless of quality and reads it in a day, even the self-published ones on kindle that are of the most dubious quality (I found one about a Japanese figure skater that had lucida handwriting as cover the font choice, and I was like oh there’s Victor’s post banquet reading choice). He gets very irritated when one of the novels does not end happily ever after (same Victor, same). 

Secret: Yuuri totally reads the skating ones too.  

Zodiacal Elements

First of the Fire Signs, Aries’ temperamental and dynamic nature is heightened. This Zodiac Sign is one of activity, adventure, and interest in just about everything. Much like a flame freshly ignited in a fireplace full of kindling, Aries has plenty of room for growth and expansion. For the same reason, Aries also is associated with a rather innocent and childlike quality.

First of the Earth Signs, Taurus is the most strong and stable. They seek a life full of harmony and happiness. Like the crust of the Earth, Taurus provides a solid foundation. Taurus is warm and nurturing, loving to care for anyone and everyone. They thoroughly enjoy material comforts, especially those with high aesthetic quality.

First of the Air Signs, Gemini is the most flighty. Much like a “dust devil,” this Zodiac Sign spins erratically through life without slowing down, meanwhile, they pick up carry with them anything lucky enough to fall in their path. This Sign also indicates a feeling of incompletion; as Gemini drifts along the wind searching for someone to make them feel complete.

First of the Water Signs, Cancer caring and empathetic nature is heightened. This Zodiac Sign is known for being genuine, compassionate, nurturing, and helpful, along with being reserved and secretive, wary to open up to anyone but those closest to them. Though this Sign is known for being gentle, Cancer can become quite aggressive when they need to defend themselves or those they care about – like a river that spills it’s banks.

As the middle Fire Sign, Leo enjoys being in the center - center of attention and center stage, to be specific. This Zodiac Sign is like fire at its peak; strong and steadily sharing its warmth and light. Leo is dependable, and grandiose, with a knack for making their presence known. With such a regal nature, Leo can comfortably command a crowd.

As the middle Earth Sign, Virgo is like the Middle of the Earth – not on one side, or the other; not too soft or too rigid, too hot or too cold. This Zodiac Sign is stable, observing, analytical, and helpful – Virgo carefully observes those around them, stepping in precisely when help is needed. Virgo isn’t as materialistic than the other Earth Signs; instead, this Sign often becomes rather fixated on taking comfort in order and organization. 

As the middle Air Sign, Libra’s air is steady and reliable – much like the vital air we breathe.  Libra seeks harmony, balance, and peace. They thrive on relationships – romance is as vital to Libra as oxygen is. Libra provides for loved ones like air provides for humanity. 

As the middle Water Sign, Scorpio enjoys observing those around them. Like a raging river, Scorpio is both intense and powerful. Rivers shape and control the environment in which they exist. Similarly, Scorpio’s tend to control both themselves and their environment. Fully equipped with an equally intuitive and cunning nature, Scorpio has a knack for  revealing secrets.

As the last of the Fire Signs, Sagittarius is the bottom of the fire – the unknown part, the mysterious part. Sagittarius is philosophical. Fire’s creative and idealistic nature is especially strong in this Zodiac Sign. Sagittarius is the most gentle of the Fire Signs, symbolic of fire slowly nearing its end. 

As the last of the Earth Signs, Capricorn is much like the lowest part of the Earth – the part that is shrouded in mystery, mostly unable to be studied, and composed by various minerals and elements. Capricorn enjoys materialistic possessions and public status. This Zodiac Sign is logical, realistic, stable, and steady. Capricorn values their social standing and will often fight to preserve it.

As the last of the Air Signs, Aquarius symbolizes the jet steam that flows high above our humanly forms. This distance allows them to observe those around them in their mission to achieve originality and progress. Aquarius can be unpredictable and erratic, but also are known for their advanced thinking. 

As the last of the Water Signs, Pisces is highly philosophical and spiritual. Much like a small creek that changes directions by even the most gentle of environmental factors. This Zodiac Sign is mystical, calm, and have lovely charm – like the creek that artists venture to for inspiration to paint their canvas. Pisces value beauty in their lives, both physical art and beautiful personalities. 

Does anyone else have the problem where you want to start a book, which was bought months ago, yet you’re terrified you’re not in the right mindset or stage of life to start it? I’m a firm believer that books come into your life when you need them most…but does that work when there’s so many other books on my shelves and my kindle that are waiting the same treatment?

Women are considered of no value, unless they continually increase their owner’s stock. They are put on a par with animals. This same master shot a woman through the head, who had run away and been brought back to him. No one called him to account for it. If a slave resisted being whipped, the bloodhounds were unpacked, and set upon him, to tear his flesh from his bones. The master who did these things was highly educated, and styled a perfect gentleman. He also boasted the name and standing of a Christian, though Satan never had a truer follower.
—  “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself” by Harriet Ann Jacobs

honestly bloomsbury it would be nice if you could release master editions of the books with all the extra content and fanart- and like, make those editions available at local books so I could support indie bookselling and also buy special editions and not have to buy 3 different copies of the same book just to get all the extras, in addition to the kindle copy ill have to purchase

10 Ways I Can Spot an Aspie Girl

1. Deep, soulful eyes which perhaps dip down slightly and/or are very distinguished and large. There is someone in there with a story. There is truth.

2. An uncomfortable smile that cannot find a home which fluctuates between a chiseled, serious frown and the most amazing genuine smile, wherein the whole self and soul lights up—a childlike expression, too pure to be mistaken for anything else than authenticity.

3. Continual statements of second-guessing, checking for understanding, clarifying self, and offering out extra information in an attempt to be understood. Indications of never reaching a full conclusion, as there are limitless possibilities. Questioning self, harvesting advice, and then tossing everything out and starting anew. Having the kindling of multiple thoughts about multiple directions, all at the same time.

4. Fleeting, unnatural eye contact, that is either over-intense and attempting to linger or constantly moved about to find an object of focus. Unusual gestures whilst conversing, and seemingly never fully engaged in the speaker, unless strongly intrigued; and even then the imagination takes over and causes a drifting appearance. Unless overtaken with a special topic of interest; then all mannerisms and ways of being become forgotten, and all that exists is the spoken word.

5. Eyebrows that raise up when a smile is formed, or a distinct maneuvering of the facial features, as if to represent who they are, even when smiling, as to not distort a truth.

6. Unnatural appearing stances and movements; never quite comfortable moving in body unless preoccupied and/or in the midst of strong emotions or a special topic of interest.

7. A sweetness that isn’t outgrown entangled with an enchanting childlike nature and naiveté. Swirling within a constant flux of varying emotions, and heavily influenced by the happenings of everything and everyone.

8. An undeniable unique way of self-expression in all forms: in thought, in writing, in art. All is an extension of the greater self. Spread out with an openness lacking self-need and wanting; and instead represented by an honest soul in search of connection.

9. A flowing nature with undercurrents of stability and predictability. At first glance the person may seem unstable, but with careful observation she follows the ebbs and flows of life, much like the tides to the moon, and the flowers to seasons. She rises and falls. She opens and closes. She is a manifestation of the greater good of cosmic unity, of togetherness, of the interwoven web of us.

10. Her deep reflective state, no matter the topic or situation. The way in which intensity is brought into the room, even as a lightness of being remains. There is a quandary of sorts, an advanced duality, in which she is powerful, yet she is meek, she is substantial yet she is invisible, she is love yet she is fear. She carries the badge of courage in her heart, the white dove of humility in her hands, and everywhere she goes she is either touched or touches down, leaving a trail of fairy dust, or a slough of mud, either way, the path altered.



this is actually really beautiful and accurate.

Ravenclaw Raven and Hufflepuff Monty secretly setting up internet at Hogwarts, finding a way to deflect or disable the protecting spell against electronic devices and creating a whole new network only for young wizards (so information/videos doesn’t get leaked into the muggle world). Octavia putting a GoPro on her broom during Quidditch. Clarke and Raven overusing snapchat and annoying everybody. Jasper and Maya being gross, listening to music with the same ipod sharing earbuds and offering each other mixtapes. Clarke getting Lexa a tablet and being frustrated because “why is kindle the only app you have!!?”. Bellamy playing candy crush during History of Magic. Every Houses dorms having a secret movie night every Wednesdays. The hosting House changes every week in turn. Snacks are provided by the Hufflepuffs sneaking food out of the kitchen. 

bonus: Nurse Abby finding out one day and not saying anything as long as Raven download her the newest Grey’s Anatomy episodes every weeks. They watch the new episode with Callie every Sunday nights. Headmaster Kane is oblivious of everything, or pretends not to know.

Nature comes in many forms. It finds a voice in anything created. All things are sacred. Everything— including concrete, glass, steel, and even plastic— come from the same source. Don’t be fooled into thinking things are unnatural. Why is one thing, like honey, made from materials found on Earth natural, while another, like a compact disc, made from different materials found on the same planet, not natural? Both are made by other beings, bees and people respectively, from natural resources. The original materials go through a great change.
—  Penczak, Christopher. City Magick: Spells, Rituals, and Symbols for the Urban Witch. Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
100 Days of Booklr, Day 78 - Exhausting Books

Sometimes even though a book is really good, it can be exhausting or difficult to read. Some of the best books are the ones which make you ache and cry, the ones which don’t necessarily have a happy ending.

What’s your favourite exhausting book - the one that made you hurt and fall in love with it all at the same time?

Schrodinger’s BTS: Teaser

Teaser, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6Part 7

You awoke to an unfamiliar setting. The ceiling was black above you; glancing to the side, you saw one of the bed posts holding up the ceiling you were looking at. Your eyebrows scrunched together as you tried to process what was happening. You sat up, clenching the maroon comforter in your hands. You threw the covers off of you and rolled off of the bed. It took you a noticeable amount of time to reach the edge; the bed was a California king-size. It dominated the room. When you stood, you felt a soft fabric move with you; you were wearing a short, silk nightgown. The only thing that you recognized was the BTS anklet you had on.

You saw a leather chair and a fireplace to the left of the room, which was kindled with a small fire. It helped the candles along the walls to dimly light the room. The walls were the same dark color as the bed spread, and there was a chest at the foot of the bed. It was made of the same dark wood as the bed posts. You walked up to it slowly and brushed your fingers over the lid. You idly wondered what was inside, but you noticed the wooden door to your left. You took one more glance around the dark red room before padding across the plush carpet to the exit. You clenched the door handle nervously, taking a deep breath before pushing the door open. It was a bit heavier than you had anticipated.

Looking around you warily, you stepped outside into a very dark hallway. You glanced to your left and right with uncertainty. The door slammed shut behind you, and you jumped with a yelp. You scurried back to the door, totally spooked at this point. You pulled the door back open quickly and tried your best to keep your calm. The door started to slide shut once you were inside, so you eased its closing until it clicked quietly into place.

You settled your breathing while you stepped backed to the bed. Your eyes scanned the room once more, and you jumped again when you saw a figure in the leather chair. Biting your lip, you tip-toed over to the person quietly. It was a man wearing a white, button-up shirt, black slacks, and a black tie. You saw the cover of the book he was holding before his face completely settled in. He looked up at you with a small smile.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Jagi.”

The next part will be posted tomorrow, the 24th, at 12pm EST. Look forward to it. It’ll be worth the wait; trust us.

~Admin Sugar and Bibi

Linking or Reblogging: is there really any way to share differing opinions without being considered “a bully” or “rude” in the Magi fandom anymore?

I’m really at a loss as to how I’m supposed to interact with people in this fandom anymore. I’ve been called a “childish bully” for linking back to people’s posts that I’m trying to engage in a debate with. It was used as kindling for the last great flamewar I got dragged into by the Magi fandom. Now I’m being blocked and called out for doing the same thing via reblog. I figured it was something up for discussion as two of my mutuals who agreed with the OP had reblogged the post. But apparently offering up a differing opinion offended the person so much that they felt the need to block me AND post a PSA stating the following:

If anyone ever wants to argue against any analysis I make please make your own post and feel free to link my own post you are arguing against as reference in your post. It just sucks to see people reblogging my own post for someone else’s comment.

Why not send the offending party a private message, ask, or comment on their reblog making the above statement rather than blocking them and leaving an unrelated negative comment on a different post on the offending party’s blog? 

In a situation where someone isn’t being personally attacked, I lean towards contacting the person to explain how you feel about your posts being reblogged and asking them to remove them. Isn’t that a better option than shutting down communication altogether? What am I missing here?

If doing what they suggest above is enough to start a flamewar, but reblogging something in main tags on my mutuals’ blogs is inexcusably rude as well…what the hell are we on this website for? Why don’t we all just have members-only, password protected group blogs for every fandom? That’s essentially what this fandom seems to expect.

What is the point of reintroducing Magi content to my blog when all but a handful of followers I’m familiar with take such offense with someone partially disagreeing with them on something they posted publicly on the internet?

I honestly would like some follower feedback on this one. Part of the reason I stopped writing about Magi here is that it was a turnoff for for current followers here. But now we’re shifting back to a dynamic where writing about the franchise (which is something I like to do) is delaying progress on writing projects for other fandoms and generating even more time-wasting controversy.

Again, I don’t read or reblog posts with ample references in my response if I’m not interested in a civil dialogue. I’m already able to do that without clogging up this blog and driving others away.

I’d really like some feedback on how to keep from making this a lose-lose situation.

Please don’t fall in love with me
I need to know first we agree
So until then I’ll stay the same
And even kindle our small flame

Though I can’t tell if you’re a tease
I’ll breathe in whatever breeze
You try to blow and send my way
I’m all yours if you dare stay

—  Stephenstilwell “Breathe in Whatever”
A Case For AO3

Dear fellow fanfic writers,

As more of a reader then a writer I am asking you to please consider posting your fics on AO3 (archiveofourown.org). I understand that posting across platforms takes time, but here are my reasons for asking:

1- Some of your blogs are hard to read (but not all!). As someone who has needed glasses since I was 4, large print is key. AO3 not only allows users to create their own theme for how they view the site, it also allows you to download fics in formats that work with most ereaders. This allows me to download fics onto my kindle and read with much less eye strain (as the screen of a kindle is much easier on the eyes then a phone, tablet, or computer) AND I can increase the font size to what works best for me. This makes reading a fic a more enjoyable experience, and I can read for longer without having to take breaks. [sidenote: along this same vein, it is much easier to download as one big fic, then as many parts to a series. Please consider posting as multiple chapters in the same story, as opposed to multiple stories linked together as a series.]

2- It is easier to find all of your writing. Unless you are really good about updating your masterlist, it is much easier to find all of your writing because AO3 creates a masterlist for you. It also gives me a description (and tags) of what each story is which is way more than 90% of masterlists on tumblr have.

3- It has a better tagging system then tumblr so I know what I am in for before I start reading a fic. Some of you are great with posting this kind of stuff on tumblr, some of you are not.

4- It keeps your long fics together so it is easier to read. If I want to start at chapter one and read all the way thru a series, it is so much easier to do so on AO3. Unless you go back and edit your posts, or create a good series masterlist, there is a ton of clicking back and forth to be able to read an entire series in one go.

5- It is much easier to search for fics that you want to read on AO3, when you search for tags on tumblr a lot of things come up, not just fics. When I am in the mood for something specific I always turn to AO3 to find it.

6- I can subscribe to you as a writer, or to a series. When you do that on tumblr you get notifications about ALL of your posts, this way I can get notifications just about the posts that I really want to see.

7- AO3 is a safe place for fanfic and started with the goal in mind to never take things down because of ‘questionable’ (i.e. stuff that other people don’t like and were able to get other sites to take down, not going into that here but just look at what happened to LJ and FF.net) content. It is a site by fans, for fans, as a safe place to express your love of fandom without fear of being removed. This is such a beautiful thing guys. Tumblr is great, but who knows what will happen to it if it ever gets sold or wants to be bought out.

8- There are no ads on AO3, it is completely supported by user donations and is a nonprofit organization.

I understand if you do not want to do this for short fics. But please consider posting anything long, with multiple chapters or parts onto AO3. I’m not trying to tell you how to do anything (keep doing what you do, you rock for even writing fanfic!), I just want you to understand why I would appreciate crossposting to this particular forum. My eyes thank you.


A lover of fanfic

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I know of the nights you thought you were destined to be deserted
You stare through the ceiling, watch planets drift without orbit
Like satellites floating out in space
Looking for a signal, a star to illuminate
You reach out for something to keep you stable
You are made of moon, beautiful yet unable to kindle
So when gravity pulls you in,
Do not worry, let the black hole swallow suspicion
Fall hard, I will not let you fall into pieces
Crash into me, let’s turn into shooting stars
Let’s create constellations from our scars,
Our lips were made to create new worlds for us to inhabit
To smile and feel everything uncontrollably without fear nor judgement
Creating fireworks as stars and planets collide under the same sky
I have been waiting for you, my satellite.