a killer among friends

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After many months of work, the free FE Brave New World Fanfiction Anthology is finally done! Inside this book you will find seven amazing stories about the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, all centered around friendship and family, made by and for the fandom. Enjoy our reading our work! (The printable version works better on mobile devices and kindle readers, while the web version is optimized for desktop.)

Art by Vy. Stories by Abby, Acqua, Brenna, Emma, Rashi, Rose and Yuki. Beta’d by Sarai and Arihime. Organized and assembled by Emma.

Please let them know what you think of their hard work! More information about the individual stories below the cut.

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Red Riding Hood starters.

‘ my mother always told me “don’t talk to strangers. go get water and come straight home. ’

‘ I tried to be a good girl and do what she said. believe me, I tried. ’

‘ do you have the knife ? ’

‘ what will you give me for it ? ’

‘ they’ve arranged for you to marry (name) ’

‘ my mother finally got what she always wanted: money. ’

‘ and (name) get’s what he’s always wanted: you. ’

‘ do you want to marry him ? ’

‘ run away with me. ’

‘ you’d leave your home ? your family ? your whole life ? ’

‘ I would do anything to be with you. ’

‘ I thought you’d say that. ’

‘ let’s do something about it. ’

‘ we’ll be half a day’s ride before anyone notices we’re gone. ’

‘ I’ll race you. ’

‘ (name), come with us to the tavern. let the women grieve in their own way. ’

‘ it’s been almost twenty years since the wolf has taken human life. ’

‘ so now we kill it ! ’

‘ I wonder why she was out on a wolf night. ’

‘ maybe she snuck out to meet a boy. ’

‘ maybe she chose to die rather than to live without him. ’

‘ you’re the pretty one. ’

‘ you have nothing to offer her. ’

‘ (name) is her only hope for a better life. ’

‘ if you love her, you’ll let her go. ’

‘ maybe, my son, you should find your courage. ’

‘ you want to hunt the wolf ? let’s hunt it. ’

‘ don’t make this something it’s not. we had our fun. that’s all it ever was. ’

‘ I was going to wait until our wedding but, uh, just in case. ’

‘ you will be happy again. I promise. ’

‘ the wolf doesn’t want me, I’m all gristle. ’

‘ there are so many things she didn’t tell me. ’

‘ we all have secrets. ’

‘ all sorrows are less with bread. ’

‘ I was making it for your wedding. ’

‘ I don’t feel like it’s my wedding. I feel like I’m being sold. ’

‘ you better watch yourself. ’

‘ no, we should stay together. ’

‘ (name), your father was a brave man. ’

‘ you know, I was close enough to smell it and I was afraid. and I hid from it. I didn’t do anything. I should have saved him! ’

‘ just leave! I don’t want you to see me like this. ’

‘ I think you know the answer to that. ’

‘ I want you to say it. ’

‘ welcome ! you’ve arrived just in time for our festival ! ’

‘ as you can see, the werewolf has been dealt with. ’

‘ we know what we’re dealing with. ’

‘ well, no disrespect, but you have no idea what you’re dealing with. ’

‘ it never occurred to us we might actually find it, but find it we did. ’

‘ it ripped my best friend in half. ’

‘ this is a very dangerous time. ’

‘ this is the only time a new werewolf can be created. ’

‘ the wolf lives here, in this village, among you. the real killer could be your neighbor, your best friend, even your wife. ’

‘ no one leaves until we kill the wolf ! ’

‘ tonight, we celebrate ! ’

‘ I’ll just flick this off. I’ll be fit to see the Pope. ’

‘ you’re my good girl. ’

‘ looks like (name) has a new conquest. ’

‘ take it easy, friend. ’

‘ I said we should stick together and you left us, and my father is dead because of it ! ’

‘ please don’t do this. ’

‘ you keep your hands off her or i’ll cut them off ! ’

‘ what’s the matter with you ? what do I have to do to make you stop ? ’

‘ I love you, (name). ’

‘ what are you doing with (name) anyways? you don’t even like her. ’

‘ I don’t have to like her to get what I want from her. ’

‘ you think I care about (name)’s money ? ’

‘ I’m wrong for you. ’

‘ I could eat you up. ’

‘ the only life I want is with you. ’

‘ where did you disappear to ? ’

‘ you can’t escape from me. ’

‘ let me take you away. ’

‘ no, I’m nothing like you, you’re a murderer. ’

‘ you’re a killer too, aren’t you ? ’

‘ then the streets will run red with blood, starting with hers. ’

‘ they’ll call me a witch, don’t tell anyone. ’

‘ if you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. ’ 

‘ a man bitten, is a man cursed. ’

‘ we’re all in danger, we’ve got to leave now. come away with me. ’

‘ I know you don’t want me … like that. ’

‘ I’m not going to force you to marry. ’

‘ listen to how he sings his love of Satan. ’

‘ we do this for the greater good. ’

‘ what’s the good in this ? ’

‘ our methods of pleasing God are sometimes flawed. ’

‘ you had best develop a stomach for it. ’

‘ I have more than money to offer … ’

‘ and what was the nature of this conversation ? ’

‘ I thought you cared about her. ’

‘ I do care, I’m just trying to be smart about it. ’

‘ you’re gonna try and rescue her ? well, I’ll help. ’

‘ you need me. ’

‘ fine, but if you’re the wolf, i’ll chop your head off. ’

‘ I do not want you to use that knife. ’

‘ I’d like your blessing in this, but I can live without it. ’ 

‘ she’s in love with someone else, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about her. ’

‘ are you accusing me of murder ? ’

‘ I’m not accusing you of anything. I just want to find out the truth. ’

‘ I know what you’re doing, and I’m not gonna let you turn this on me. ’

‘ it’s time to put on your harlot’s robe. ’

‘ you tricked us, and now you’re going to get what you deserve. ’

‘ it won’t be long now. the wolf is coming. ’

‘ we claim sanctuary ! ’

‘ come with me, before the sun rises. ’

‘ I won’t let you destroy my home, I’ll go with you. ’

‘ no ! I won’t let you sacrifice yourself for us. ’

‘ you can’t hide from me. ’

‘ I meant only to serve, to protect us from darkness. ’

‘ I’ll do what I have to do. ’

‘ don’t come near me. ’

‘ I’ll hurt you. ’

‘ I had no choice. she finally realized what I am. ’

‘ I have been so disrespected, I’ve settled for far less than I deserve. ’

‘ but you knew that already, didn’t you ? ’

‘ after all these years of being so clever and so careful, I just lost control. ’

‘ one bite, and you’ll be like me ! ’

‘ I won’t do what you do. I can’t. ’

‘ it’s a gift that my father gave to me, that now I can give to you. ’

‘ think about it. we will be invincible. ’

‘ there must be a God because you’re the devil. ’

‘ and you’re the devil’s daughter. ’

‘ you’re not so terrifying when the sun is up. ’

‘ I’ll wait for you. ’

‘ I found more comfort in the shadows of the forest. ’

‘ to live apart carries it’s own dangers, but, of those, I am less afraid. ’

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the movie "A Killer Among Friends"? Its based on the murder of Michele Avila. They change all the girls names, but other than that, the movie is exactly like the case, including the murder scene. It was made back in 1992 so its pretty old, but I think its a really good movie.

No. I haven’t even heard of the movie before. It sounds good, I’ll need to check it out. Thank you for the suggestion!