a kid in an adult body

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You have a mostly adult fan base. Why do you keep everything so G rated? You don't cuss, talk about sex, your love life or anything. Do you think we can't handle it?

Yup! That’s what I think!

Lol no!! I do talk about my love life to an extent, only to the point I, myself, am feeling up to talking to you all about it. And as much as you may think I have a mostly adult audience, I do have lots of kids who follow me, and it is a great opportunity to keep my videos accessible to them, while also discussing things that may not get to be talked about a lot in school (Black History, women’s rights, gender identity, body positivity, etc.). Future topics will cover other things like sexuality, gender identities, possibly even safe practices, but my channel is still relatively new. And it’s not just kids, a lot of people of all ages would prefer not to watch something with expletives or sexual content. It’s not that they can’t handle it, but that they would prefer not to have it, or that they would like to watch something while there are kids around. I’m not even a big curser myself, although I’m never offended if anyone were to curse around me. I’m just a big believer in keeping my videos accessible to all!


ASAN Vancouver’s protest at the 2016 Autism Speaks walk in Burnaby, BC.* Part two! Photos by Marvin Schaber :)

[Photoset description: A series of six photographs taken of the attendees, the colourful signage, the flyers we distributed, and the location of ASAN Vancouver’s protest against Autism Speaks. We set up alongside a paved path that the Autism Speaks event used as the walk route.

Some of the signs say, “Listen to Autistic adults”, “Got questions? Autistic adults are the best resource for parents of autistic kids”, “Autistic rights are human rights”, “Protest against Autism Speaks”.

Two visible flyer titles say “What’s the Problem With Whole Body Listening?” and “Neurodiversity”. End of image description.]

*Correction: No brain, it was not. It was in Richmond this year.

Okay so first the the Kindergarten was The Enigma of Amigara Fault

(plus the beta kindergarten essentially being the reverse side of the mountain in the original manga) 

Now this? 

All I’m saying is someone on the crewniverse is a Junji Ito fan and that’s both amazing and more than a little disturbing. 

White alternative culture is so weird to me because these punk/goth/whatever kids/adults are out here with Mohawks, dreads, body and face piercings, and tattoos and so much of it is stuff from cultures that are not their own. Once I even saw some white goth chick with a bindi and a nath. It’s clear that they know poc are outside mainstream culture, that we and our traditions are taboo and scary. Then they put it on as a costume against mainstream white culture which appropriates, steals, and excludes poc also. Like what kind of paradoxical irony type shit is this?


Oh look, it’s my second time drawing Voltron fan art xD

I’m honestly not sure what I did. All I know is 1)This is purely platonic because I don’t ship anyone in this show, 2) I was too lazy to draw their armor or the rest of their bodies :P

So, I kept it metaphoric and space-y xD

Excuse me while I internally cry over the Paladins. I’m not going to say anything because spoilers but let’s just say these kids (+adult) need to be happy. 

Already Making Vows

Summary: After years of being friends, Sam finally asks you on a Halloween date to a haunted house.

Words: 2.9k

Sam x Reader

Warnings: clown, haunted house type stuff, smut (use a condom kiddos this is fiction), fluff

Square Filled: Free space

A/N: This is for my free square on @spnkinkbingo, plus, this is part eight and therefore the final part of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr‘s birthday! Happy birthday kiddo! You can find the smutathon masterpost here

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Oh what’s wrong now Cole?

Dad won’t preform a blood magic binding ritual on me! I saw the guys at Adamant get one! Why can’t I have one?! MUUUUM!

I said no Cole!

But you like magic and spirits and bindings… Last night I saw you and….

Saw what? You said you locked the door Solas!

He doesn’t need doors…I forgot he doesn’t need doors!

You have to be kidding me…

Look Cole I can get you a Rivaini Amulet, it’s basically the same thing.


Solas why did we keep a spirt who is essentually a 10 year old in an adult body?

Because you thought it would require less care than an actual 10 year old.

Whenever Sandler plays a man-child (like his character in Pixels), he almost always does a piss-poor job with it. Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, The Waterboy: some of those movies might be good, but Sandler’s performance isn’t. But Pixels was especially grating because Adam Sandler is now an old man, so it’s more painful when he tries to act like a big kid. Twenty years ago, it was alright for Sandler to pull his “I don’t want to grow up. I want to get drunk and cause funny havoc!” shtick. Now, at fifty, whenever he tries it, all you can say is “Yeah, that’s cool, but where are the bodies?

That’s why he should stop doing that and only play actual adults from now on, and not just people that are adults in the sense that they have more pubic hair than the rest of the cast. And also because he’s really good at it, like in Hotel Transylvania where he voices Count Dracula being overprotective of his daughter.

There is real nuance to his performance there. While he is alone with his daughter, he’s sweetness itself, especially when he’s teaching her to turn into a bat and becomes so beautifully giddy after she succeeds. But there’s always this under-layer of fear and dread in his voice because he doesn’t want her going out into the human world where his wife was MURDERED. The scene where he talks about the night it happened is absolutely gut-wrenching. It’s leaps and bounds above anything where his main character descriptor is “Shouts at Rob Schneider.”

5 ‘Bad’ Actors Who Do One Thing Incredibly Well

White Winter (A Gency Christmas)

A story based off of Blizzard’s Christmas comic, Reflection. A story of Genji’s reflection and Mercy’s endearing surprise.

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he’s. shaking.

he’s just standing there. fukcign shaking. 

hallucinating about watching his baby brother die while his flesh melts off his body and his younger self tells him he’s a horrible person.

Yugi + co don’t even know anything’s wrong.

someone help this kid

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Hi Mods! Firstly, thanks for providing these great writing resources. My question is quite general, and I hope you don't mind that: what kind of autistic representation would you like to see (or see more of) in media?

Hi! This is a great question!! Now, this is a non-exhaustive list, but here are some characters I’d love to see more of in media:

  • Adult autistics and autistic teens. Elderly autistic people.
  • Autistic girls and women.
  • Trans, nonbinary and gender-noncomforming autistics.
  • Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace and aro autistics.
  • Non-white autistics.
  • Autistics with (other) disabilities.
  • Autistics with diverse body types.
  • (summarized: intersectionnality!!)
  • Autistics who are neither geniuses, neither intellectually disabled.
  • Intellectually disabled autistics who are still written as fully-fledged human beings rather than walking tragedies or burdens.
  • Autistic children who are loved and supported by their parents.
  • Autistic families with autistic parents of autistic kids. That one allistic uncle sometimes comes to family meals and kind of weirds them out.
  • Autistic teens and adults in healthy, loving, supportive relationships.
  • Autistic adults who have sexual relationships, tell lies, drink, and are all around not depicted as pure angels or as little kids but as human adults.
  • Autistic people who live independently and have successful and enriching professional and social lives.
  • Autistic people who cannot live independently but still enjoy successful and enriching professional and social lives.
  • Autistic people who dedicate their lives to pursuing their special interests.
  • (summarized: death to stereotypes!)
  • Autistic people who are not only sidekicks but protagonists.
  • Autistic people in genre fiction: autistics in medieval fantasy! autistics in sci-fi! autistics exploring the jungle in adventure books! post-apocalyptic autistics! autistics discovering government conspiracies in thrillers! autistics in horror movies who are the last survivors!
  • Autistic people whose autism is often mentioned in the book but is not relevant to the main plot
  • Coming-of-age stories with autistic people discovering their identity
  • Badass autistic characters. Autistic characters autistic kids (and everyone else) will want to identify with.
  • (summarized: positive and diverse representation!)

-Mod Cat

Ditto to all that, plus: autistic characters who show empathy and emotion and have a sense of humor. I am SO SICK of the “robot autistic” trope, the one who speaks in monotone and talks like a computer and is physically incapable of lying. We have enough of those. Give us some fun characters too, please.

-Mod Aira

sometimes i think about how fucked up the Pevensie children must be mentally after coming out of the wardrobe at the end of the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. like they’re bound to have serious body dysphoria after being adults and then suddenly becoming kids again, and they’ve gone from being battle-tested kings and queens to a bunch of powerless kids still stuck in the middle of a war they can’t fight in and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When I was a kid, I thought everyone went to foster care at some point in their lives. And that everyone sometimes ran out of food in their refrigerators and had to live off of fast food and pb&j for the rest of the month. I thought everyone’s parents were divorced and that everyone got so used to hearing gun shots at night that they could easily sleep through them. Until I got older and I saw more and experienced more and I realized, not everyone lives the same life.

People that refuse to recognize their privilege are basically children walking around in adult bodies. If you’re in a position of privilege and you can say and believe that other people are just whining and didn’t work hard or didn’t behave well enough or didn’t have the qualifications to get where you are to be ALIVE like you are…you need to open up your eyes and grow the fuck up. Meet new people. See new things. Take a trip to the other side of town. Get out of your little box. Not everyone lives the life you live.

What ACTUALLY happens
  • <p> <b>Minor:</b> I'm Asexual<p/><b>Other Minor:</b> I'm Straight<p/><b>Another Minor:</b> I'm Pan<p/><b>Minor 4:</b> I'm not sure yet because I don't think my body and mind are at a level where I can determine my orientation. I have no orientation, but I'm not Ace.<p/><b>Adult:</b> NO NO NO! ALL WRONG! YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO KNOW YOU'RE ACE, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO KNOW YOU'RE PAN, AND YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR BODY MIGHT BE FEELING!!! YOU'RE ALL BAD KIDS!!!!<p/><b>Straight Minor:</b> So I'm too young to know I'm Straight, right?<p/><b>Adult:</b> Of course not. You're just the right age to know that you're exactly what I want you to be.<p/></p>
Shit I'm convinced most adults weren't taught as kids

-no means, you guessed it, NO.
-a sincere apology
-how to take criticism
-admitting when you’re wrong
-reading body language
- admitting when you’re wrong
-not expecting people to read your mind
-hypocrisy is bad
-appropriate behavior in certain situations aka ‘HOME TRAINING’
-“well at my house…” Boo, this aint your house.
-“So and So let’s me ______” I aint So and So.
-lying is a no no
-lying to yourself is equally a no no
-omitting the truth is still a lie, thus = no no
-filing taxes
-wtf a mortgage is

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otayuri as they are now would be pedophilia. yurio says his body hasn't been through changes yet that would affect his skating (puberty). and it would be gross for beka, who's a 19 y/o adult, to be interested in a kid. plus their friendship is lovely. its really sad to me that people value a romantic relationship above friendship. i don't think yurio and otabek would ever become interested in each other romantically. they really don't have that kind of chemistry from what canon shows us, anyway.

aaa well, if u dont think that theyd be interested in each other romantically or u think they dont have that kind of chemistry, then thats ur opinion and no one should judge you for it :o

but tbh, i have said that i dont like the thought of otabek and yuri going into a relationship right now. like all of my fics depict them going into a relationship when yuris 17-19 lol

and uh,, who said that we value relationships over friendships? the fact is, we think that after a few years, these two could develop a healthy and happy relationship, but getting into a relationship with someone doesnt erase the friendship you had with them beforehand :’)


Silvia: So Jules agreed to call you dad from now on. 

Danny: I can’t believe we need to negotiate this with our kid. He’s like an old business man stuck in a kid’s body. Totally evil. 

Silvia: He’s not-

Danny: But damn I love that kid. I would take a bullet for that evil adult child. I’m so glad he decided to stop calling me adult human male. I want to cry. This deserves a drink.

I Love All Of It

Request:  Hi!!! Can I have a suga fic where his girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body ( short, big boobs,& Thick thighs) and he comforts her ( if you write smut can you include some please thanks :)))) Also sorry for bad English

Member: Min Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 982 


A/N: Wowie our first request! Uni will be posting soon so do not fret everyone! Enjoy this and remember you are absolutely perfect the way you are.

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