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Fan girls: Oppa, you’re handsome!
Dean: Thank you (laughing)
Guy: You’re handsome!
Dean: You shouldn’t say that.

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Hot Flashes - [T] - Caskett Babyfic

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Every woman experiences hot flashes during her pregnancy at least once. Except things are a bit different for Kate; she’s been experiencing them quite frequently and everyone at the loft is dealing with the repercussions. (I just have this image of kb walking out in nothing but a pair of shorts and an undersized tank top and rc walking out in a hoodie (with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath) and heavy pajama pants and socks bc she won’t let him turn the heat on

Two months, he thinks, has never seemed longer than it does right now. It is November in New York City and winter has truly arrived, frosty mornings and dark evenings arriving in the middle of the afternoon. Since his student days he has found that of the many luxuries his wealth affords him, it is that of unlimited heating whenever he wants that he enjoys the most. Yet here he is in fleece pajama bottoms, a long sleeved shirt he’s glad he didn’t throw out and a sweatshirt, pondering if the early arrival of their first child would be that bad. Just another two months, Rick.

At that moment Kate strides from the bedroom with purpose, straight to the fridge for a chilled bottle of water touching it to her chest, releasing a moan Rick previously believed only he could provoke. Really, it’s the stuff of dreams. Kate Beckett clad in the tiniest sleep shorts, the kind that show just enough of her bum to keep his mind occupied with thoughts of taking her back to bed. She’s sporting one of her strappy vest tops, tighter now than ever before as it stretches across her 7 month pregnancy bump and swollen breasts, leaving the bottom half of her stomach bare.

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