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The ONLY acceptable Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime show

-First bars of Cry Me A River

-JT stops, laughs, shakes finger at camera


-At the line ‘take it to the bridge’ JT points at the sky over stadium


-Britney Spears is on stage, sings chorus solo

-Segue into Stronger

-Return to SexyBack duet

-On the line 'take it to the chorus’ point at sky


-Janet Jackson is on stage

-Segue into Together Again, Janet Jackson solo, the audience has electric candles

-Segue into TKO chorus, JT solo, points to sky

-F I R E W O R K S

-JT has left the stage, Janet Jackson medley joined by Britney Spears

-Finale new Janet Jackson song featuring Cardi B and Missy Elliot

anonymous asked:

i am literally so S I C K and T I R E D of Jonathan getting the hate. And i just really wanted a place to vent. I am baffled by how strong the hate is and i DO NOT understand how you can even hate him in the first place. Seeing this on the internet is common but when you're actually talking to a friend who is one of these haters. its just...i can rebut every one of her reasons but i know that in the end, everything comes down to his looks.

I am here for your venting; it’s been a bit rough lately if you like Jonathan, the hate has been over the top. I think the Jonathan hate comes from a combination of 1) the pictures and somehow totally missing his arc afterwards, 2) that people don’t like how he looks and get bizarrely angry and unforgiving and annoyed with everything he does 3) I think all of these get more intense the closer he gets to Nancy. Like would they hate him as much if he had stayed alone, or been with Goth Girl Sam? IDK. Jonathan needs character development and I wish the writers cared about him, because they don’t seem to. But he’s a wonderful character, his emotion makes him unique, he’s been a caregiver and is a wonderful brother. It confuses me that people try to take away those things from him just because what, they don’t like how he looks? They wish Nancy was with someone else? What exactly did Jonathan do wrong in s2? 

“Don’t you just hate when inanimate objects attack you?”