a joyful sound

Buzzo's laugh
Widdly 2 Diddly
Buzzo's laugh

Buzzo’s laugh from LISA: The Joyful. If I’m remembering right, I think Dingaling said he took a Dolphins cries and edited them for this sound.

Teddy Lupin can scarcely believe his luck. He had somehow managed to get through the garden without being seen by his grandmother, and was now standing in the garage giving his new favorite possession an appraising look. Why Harry had given him something so inherently cool he doesn’t know, but the motorbike - vintage, enchanted, stickered up the side - is so delightful he almost doesn’t - 

“Teddy!” His grandmother’s voice says from the top of the stairs. Are you knutting kidding. Well, goodbye motorbike. It was fun while it lasted, old friend. “Where did you get that?’ 

…if Teddy didn’t know better, he would think that Andromeda doesn’t sound angry. Her voice sounds rather…joyful? 

“Harry gave it to me,” he answers, cautious. “You’re not mad?” 

“Of course I’m not mad that he’s giving you your grandfather’s things. Where did he get that?” Andromeda descends the stairs, looking at the motorbike almost fondly. 

Teddy feels as though he’s fallen through the looking glass. “Wait. This was grandfather’s? I thought it belonged to Sirius.” 

She smiles. “It was. He passed off to Sirius when your mother was born, darling. Wait. Harry didn’t know that? Why’d he give it you, then?” 

There it is. Teddy takes a breath, ready to defend his right to the motorbike. As a teenager, he’s only supposed to do some dangerous things, right? 

He doesn’t even get the words out before his grandmother’s face turns red. “DID HE GIVE IT TO YOU TO RIDE?” 

He knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe he’ll get to ride it when she leaves to yell at his godfather. He’ll capitalize on all the family history he can get.

Guys I’m nervous... I wrote a fic!

I’ve never written fanfiction before but I bloody love bughead and I needed to let this fluff out of my brain.


Sleepless Nights

Jughead rolled onto his back, coated in sweat. He was tired of tossing and turning. Reaching out for his phone, the time shone from the screen.


“Fuck” he groaned, throwing his phone back on the side. This was all Betty’s fault. While his foster family had been on holiday for the past week, a certain blonde-locked girl had been sneaking out each night and so she could sleep soundly in her boyfriend’s arms.

Whilst both teenagers were loving the new intimacy they had found with each other, how they loved discovering and memorising each inch of each other’s skin, Jughead thought to himself about what happened at the end of the night. After she was done screaming his name and writhing with pleasure, Betty curled up against Jughead, tangling her long legs with his, and they talked. They talked about everything and about nothing.

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comic // peter parker

summary: peter parker meets you and is given a new vision of what girls can be when he sees that you fearlessly stand for what you believe in and that you don’t sit around waiting for your prince charming. mild dc universe references.

word count: about 2k

a/n: hey! wrote this lil thing for 4 hours today! unedited as per usual. i just went to see Wonder Woman for the first time recently and got a little inspired. warning for WW spoilers and mild profanity. not very angsty or anything but i wanted to switch up that trope of a girl being hopelessly in love with this cool ass guy! and I thought it’d be cute to see him fuss over little things she does, just like the usual trope but switched around. also i needed a break bc writing simple took a lot lot of work lol love you guys!! ok this is getting long so enjoy this fic and give me feedback <333



“Hey, Penis Parker!” Flash yells at the top of his lungs as he hits the gas and speeds past Peter.

Sighing, Peter turns away. He knows Ned would want him to do something about the prick, but he knows better than that. It’s not as if it doesn’t get infuriating sometimes, because it fricking does. But he can’t do anything but keep letting Flash punch him, trying to get a reaction.

Sometimes, he just wants to hit back. And by “hit back”, he means metaphorically of course. He just wants to say, Here’s your reaction, Flash. And then totally roast him. He thinks that would be the coolest thing ever, but pissing off a dude like him is dangerous territory that Peter just doesn’t want to get into.

Peter picks up the earbuds hanging from the top of his sweater to slide them into his ears when he hears low laughter. He glances up and turns to see who it was. He frowns a little when he sees no one, turning back to find you on the bench nearby. He jumps a little, surprised.

You’re sitting with your legs crossed and a book held in front of you. Correction, not just any book. A comic book, Wonder Woman. By the looks of the cover, it dates to just after the bronze age of comic books, late 80s maybe. Who are you? You look up to see Peter, his expression a synthesis of confusion, curiosity, and excitement. Gently, you close the comic and set it beside you. He’s glad you’re being so careful with it, because that thing looks like it might just fall apart.

His expression turns a little serious. You say, “Oh, sorry. Was I not supposed to laugh? Flash hardly seems threatening to me, that’s all.” A few seconds of silence pass. You look away, and then back at him. “So…do you speak, or…?”

“Uh, sorry. I just, um…Flash isn’t threatening. To me, that is. So…just to set that, like, straight…” Peter fumbles over his words, his eyes still on you.

“Really? Then why don’t you do anything about him? I hope you’re not waiting for Spider-Man to swoop in and punch him or anything.”

“I’m not. I think Spider-Man has better things to do, like beating up actual bad guys and hoping to be apart of the Avengers,” Peter says, sounding a little too annoyed. He quickly tries to take a step back, though. “Uh, I mean, that’s what I’d guess. Not that I would really know, though.”

You raise your eyebrows and tilt your head to the side slightly. “Please, you’re not fooling anyone.”

His eyes widen, and he slides his hands into his pockets to try and look more casual about it. “W-What are you talking about?” How could you know? There’s no way you know anything if he’s never even seen you, right? Maybe he should tell Mr. Stark about this. Oh, who is he kidding? He can’t lean on Mr. Stark forever, he has to deal with his own problems here. He has to prove to him that he can be an Avenger.

“You know what I’m talking about. You’re a fanboy for Spider-Man. Head over heels, I’d say. You couldn’t be more obvious.” Peter almost breathes a sigh of relief, his tension gradually draining away.

But this doesn’t stop a mad blush from flushing his cheeks and ears. “I dunno, I just think Spider-Man is cool, that’s all. I’m not crazy over it or anything.”

“The body betrays the mind.” You give him a lopsided smile, which practically melts him inside. It makes him want to make you laugh, just to see how it would look. “It’s okay, I don’t really care. But between you and me, I think Spider-Man isn’t as impressive as people make him out to be.”

“Why not?” Peter shoots back almost immediately, getting a little defensive.

“I mean, he can cling to walls and ceilings and can shoot a few webs. Big deal. Come back to me when he turns out to be an Amazonian princess that still stands today as a feminist icon. Or when he uses his powers to beat up the Axis Powers in World War Two. So tell me he’s amazing when he saves the world. Then he’ll be a hero worth regarding.” He watches you, seeing your passion for Wonder Woman practically radiate off of you. There’s a glint in your eyes, and for a second, Peter’s almost convinced.

Almost. “That’s not a fair comparison. Wonder Woman spent her whole life training for the threat that she overcame. Antiope was, like, this crazy good general! So she had basically the best training she could receive until she had to go and kill Ares in the war. Not to mention, she’s a goddess! How can you blame a kid like Spider-Man, who just started out, for not being like her?” And just like that, Peter is caught. His cheeks flame up again as he curses himself internally for not being able to handle a hit on his pride. You’re better than that, dude.

You look genuinely surprised at all of this. Slowly, you start laughing. It’s a joyful, sweet sound that lights up your whole face. Peter looks like he might just faint, both out of embarrassment and from seeing you laugh.

“Well, well. Looks like I might not be the only Wonder Woman stan around here,” you grin playfully and straighten out your legs. “But I have a question for you. How do you know that Spider-Man is a kid?”

Peter is in stunned silence at first, but he quickly scraps together a lie to save himself from exposure. “I-I…saw pictures, and his, uh, physique isn’t…one that you’d see on a grown man.”

“He should call himself Spider-Boy, then,” you snort.

Don’t say anything, Peter. Just laugh and be done with it, don’t do anything stup- “Just ‘cause he’s young doesn’t mean he’s not manly!”

You look slightly taken aback. “Okay, okay, sorry for insulting your golden boy. But anyway, I gotta go home.” You open up your backpack and slide in the Wonder Woman comic. Before you close it, you pull out another comic and hand it to Peter.

“…Justice League?” Peter asks questioningly.

“Yeah. Read that, and then you might not think the Avengers are so cool anymore. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, and the rest. And if you ever get the chance to meet the guy in the spider costume, give it to him too.” With that, you zip up your bag and slide it onto your shoulders, starting to turn away.

“Wait,” Peter calls out. You turn back and look at him. For just a moment, he gets lost in your E/C eyes. He doesn’t know what you’re doing to him, but he doesn’t want it to stop. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. What about you?”

What a beautiful name. But instead of voicing his thoughts, he just says, “Peter Parker.”

“Peter Parker. That’s a cute name. If you ever need someone to throw a punch at Flash Thompson, I’ll be there if your Spider-Man can’t.”

He grins a little, trying to play it cool even though you just called him ‘cute’. “Thanks, but I think I can handle myself.”

“No offense, but with what arms?” He glances down at his worn blue sweater, which is just baggy enough to hide the lean muscle underneath. He smiles modestly and shrugs.

“Exactly. See you later,” you give him one last smile and get going. He watches you walk, and then stop as you pull out earphones and untangle them before setting them in your ears. He wonders why his face is starting to hurt when he realizes he’s been grinning like an idiot the whole time.

That night, you occupy Peter’s thoughts for the longest time. He loves that you fight for your opinion, and what you believe. Because after all, it’s about what you believe. He reads the Justice League comic, which is practically a relic. It gets him thinking about the Avengers, and who he is as Spider-Man. In ways, the League is similar, but also radically different. He kind of wishes the characters could pop out of their stories and be apart of his world. Wouldn’t that be cool, having Batman on the Avengers? You were right, and now Peter wants to read more.

He still reminds himself of the distinction between fictional superheroes and the real ones. The Justice League doesn’t really exist, but the Avengers do. So he has to make the best of reality. Maybe he could even take a page or two out of the fictional characters’ books and become a better Spider-Man. Inspired by these thoughts, Peter falls asleep.

The next day is rushed. Peter practically darts from class to class, trying to get all of his work done so he can stay out longer as Spider-Man. On his way to his math class, he passes through the gym as a shortcut.

“Ninety-four, ninety-five, ninety-six…” A group of students chant, making him glance over. The whole class is crowded around a single student doing pushups. Her arms effortlessly move up and down, and he can’t help but admire her muscled biceps and forearms. He takes mental notes on her form. Looking a little closer, the face looks familiar.

Is that…you? You momentarily lift your head and give him your lopsided smile, your forehead pouring sweat. Peter stares in shock, and the only thing that jolts him back to reality is the late bell. He sprints out of the gym to get to class.

Was that really you? Of course it was, there’s no mistaking that smile that makes his heart pound. You really could throw Flash a mean punch. He flinches a little thinking about it, but now he has a whole new admiration for you and your strength. A girl with both a comic obsession and probably a six-pack? Peter’s heart flutters. With enough convincing, maybe he could get you to believe in Spider-Man, too.

After school, he sees you on your bench again. You’re in the same position, but this time, your hands hold a dated Superman comic. “How was Justice League?” You ask just as he opens his mouth to speak.

“It was really good, actually. I liked it.” He takes a seat beside you, suddenly nervous as you set the comic aside. You stare at him, and he gets even more nervous, not knowing what to do.

After a long silence, you say, “So…where is it?”

“Oh. Oh! Right, sorry.” He sees your patient, awkward smile and quickly digs around his backpack. “Uh, here.” He hands you the comic, hands shaking slightly. He stares at you, hopelessly lost in memorizing your features until you snap him out of it again.

“Peter, you realize that you have to let go of it for me to take it,” you say slowly.

“Right!” He quickly lets go and tries to give you a smile. He swallows, trying to calm himself down.

You smile back. “So you liked it. I thought you would. Do you want to read more?”

Peter grins a little. “That would be awesome. Oh yeah, I saw what you did in the gym today.”

“I know. Impressed?” You grin back.

“Not embarrassed to admit that I am,” Peter nods, starting to break free of his anxious shell as he sets an arm around the bench.

“Good. There are too many guys out there that take it as a challenge to their masculinity and get worked up over it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t really like those kinds of people, honestly.”

For some reason, this makes you smile widely. You tuck away the comic and turn to look at him. “Hey, do you want to, like, go out sometime?” You ask directly.

Peter blushes for about the millionth time, but he looks a little confused. “Uh, we met like yesterday -”

“Do you like me?”

“W-What?” He stutters slightly.

“I said, do you like me?” You gaze at him intensely.

“I-I…yeah, I do,” he admits, thrown off guard once again.

“Pete, there’s no time like the present. I’m not exactly the kind of person who waits for things to happen. I’m the one who goes out and does them. So do you want to go out or not?”

Peter realizes you’ve nicknamed him and is internally fanboying. There are so many things he admires about you right now. Your initiative, your straight-forward and non-hesitant manner. You’re so…strong. You’re what he aspires to be as a person, but instead he’s shy and can hardly speak in front of you.

“Yeah, I do,” he finally responds, blinking a few times.

You give him that crooked smile that he likes so much, nodding. Things are about to get a lot more interesting for Peter Parker.


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Summary: The Gallaghers and Mickey go outside on a snowy, winter day. Being that Mickey forgot a coat, he shares with Ian and ends up falling asleep.

Word Count: 1426

Notes: This was another request from my messages. I thought it was so cute :)

The Gallaghers and Mickey, of course, had all been comfortably lounging inside with a movie in. It was the middle of winter, and the first snowfall had just come around. They were all dozing off over the course of the movie.

Mickey was wearing a long sleeve shirt, unlike his boyfriend, so he felt warm enough. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Ian with such a big blanket around him. Mickey used the blanket as a pillow, and tried to sleep so he could dream about the summertime. Ian hated the coldness of the winter, and so did Mickey, but not everyone in the room thought that way.

Liam loved the winter. He always wanted to be bundled up with a warm cup of hot cocoa in his hands. “I think the snow stopped,” the little boy said causing Mickey and Fiona to jump up from their near slumber. “Can we go outside?” He asked.

“I ain’t fuckin’ going outside,” Mickey said without missing a beat.

Fiona rolled her eyes. “Sure, bean,” she said to her youngest brother. “I’ll take you outside.” She stood, but Liam crossed his arms.

At the age of seven, it wasn’t a surprise that Liam was going through a stage with such a terrible attitude, by it was getting somewhat comical. Liam was always a good kid, so seeing him lash out and be rude was undeniably funny even though it should be. “I want everyone to come with me. Mickey, you have to come too,” he insisted sternly, causing Mickey to roll his eyes. “Ian, make Mickey come outside.”

Ian laughed at Liam’s consistency. “Mick?”

“Fuckin’ fine,” the Milkovich boy said and stood up.

Lip, Carl, and Debbie couldn’t help but grin at the way Mickey did anything that Ian asked of him. It was kind of cute. Those three led the way outside, with everyone on their heels. Everyone besides Ian and Mickey had thick sweatshirts on or a blanket around them, so they didn’t bother grabbing a jacket. Ian, on the other hand, got the biggest winter coat that was in the house from the closet before joining his family outside.

When everyone caught sight of Ian’s choice of clothing, they started to cackle. “You look like a fuckin’ eskimo,” Lip let out with a snort, and everyone agreed.

“Shut the fuck up,” Ian said and took a seat on the patio next to Mickey.

“It’s too cold out here,” Debbie stood. Before Liam could protest, she spoke again. “Does anyone want me to get them a coffee?” Only Fiona, Lip, and Ian say yes to that question. She goes inside and get a few mugs and makes the coffee.

While everyone is waiting, Liam runs inside and gets a pair of gloves. He also puts on snow boots and a winter coat. When he comes back out, Debbie’s right behind him. As Liam plays in the snow, they all sit in a slight silence, just watching.

Of course, Mickey didn’t bring his coat out. He didn’t know why the thought didn’t cross his mind that he would need one, but he definitely felt like an idiot. He was also too tired to get up and get one, and too stubborn to admit he was cold.

Everyone else seemed to be exhausted as well. Carl was leaning against the side of the house with his feet out in front of him. Every so often the kid’s eyes would close. He was awaken though when Liam hit him with a snowball. “What the fuck, Liam?” He groaned and wiped the snow off of him. Fiona scolded him as well.

For a while, they were relatively quiet. They were trying to relax in the coldness of the winter day. Suddenly, Debbie started to shiver, and that’s when Mickey decided to give up his stubborn front. “It’s too fuckin’ cold,” he grumbled.

Ian smirked as an idea popped into his head. He opened up his big jacket. “Wanna come here then?” He motioned for his boyfriend to come inside of his coat.

“Fuck yes,” he said. At the moment, Mickey didn’t even care that there was the whole entire Gallagher family surrounding them— they’ve been together long enough for this type of interaction not to be weird. He sat between Ian’s legs and leaned sideways onto him so his head was resting on the redhead’s chest. He let out a quiet hum as Ian wrapped the coat around the both of them.

Fiona looked from Ian and Mickey to Lip. They were both smirking at the sight. Despite the fact that it should not be weird, they couldn’t help but be surprised seeing Mickey seem so small and innocent. In Fiona’s mind though, it was adorable, and from the look on Debbie’s face, she thought so too.

Ian wasn’t taking notice to his siblings expressions; he was completely focused on Mickey. He was soothingly running his hand up and down Mickey’s back. The steadying breath that he felt on his chest let Ian know that Mickey was falling asleep, which made him grin.

Mickey didn’t realized the wave of sleepiness rush over him in a harder fashion. He just felt so peacefully being wrapped up in his boyfriend’s arm with the fresh breeze whirling across them. The silence of the Gallaghers was something that never happened, so Mickey utilized it. He shut his eyes and without meaning to, he fell asleep.

Kissing him head, Ian looked up from Mickey. His family was staring at them with, what looked like, a soft expression. “He fall asleep?” Carl whispered, and Ian nodded with his lips curving into a bigger grin.

“That’s so cute,” Debbie said with a scrunched nose.

They sat their for a while like that. Mickey was completely out, and Ian was holding him fairly tightly to make sure he stayed warm. The rest of the Gallaghers were going from watching Liam to the bundled up couple that was leaning against the house. It was undeniable that the sight of Ian and Mickey brought a pang of warmth to their chests. It looked so perfect and blissful, and they did not want to disturb it.

Suddenly though, Liam came running up the steps. “Shhh,” everyone hushed him as he stomped to them. They knew he was ready to start yelling or something.

Liam caught eye of the rested Milkovich and closed his mouth. “I’m got snow in my pants,” he whispered.

Everyone let out a little laugh. Ian titled his head towards the door, telling his siblings to go inside. He needed to wake Mickey up, he just didn’t want to do it in front of everyone because he would probably react crazily.

“C’mon, little man,” Lip said and led him to the door. Fiona, Debbie, and Carl were right behind them. They gave one last look to Ian and Mickey and smiled before walking into the house. They were totally going to watch through the window, but Ian didn’t need to know that.

Ian waited until the door was closed to tilt Mickey’s head up. He planted a wet and sloppy kiss on his cheek. “Mick,” he said in a dragged out way into his boyfriend’s ear.

As expected, Mickey’s eyes started to flutter open. He already looked confused as he realized no one was outside with them. “Did I fall asleep?”

Ian nodded. “Yeah, it’s cold out here,” he said with a slight chuckle. “Let’s go inside. We can go to bed,” he suggested.

Before responding, Mickey nuzzled his head back into Ian’s neck. He let out a tired yet joyful sound. “Okay,” he eventually said and unlatched himself.

As Mickey separated from him, Ian chuckled. There were imprinted marks on Mickey’s face from where he slept. “You look pretty, ‘specially when you wake up,” Ian said.

“Shut the fuck up,” Mickey playfully swatted at him. As the redhead laughed though, Mickey grabbed his big coat and pulled him in for a kiss. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” Ian smiled widely. “Now let’s get in the fucking house,” he looked around. “I think it’s gonna fucking snow again.”

Mickey nodded and followed Ian into the house. When they were fully inside, the Gallaghers were leaning onto the table, in the direction of the window. As their eyes caught the couple, they showed their looks of awe. “So fuckin’ cute!” Debbie exclaimed, making the other Gallaghers, including Ian, start to laugh.

“Oh, fuck,” Mickey rolled his eyes and chucked the finger. Fucking Gallaghers.

climb, climb -- or, K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.

K-2SO says, “There is a ninety-five per cent chance I will outlive you.”

“Gee,” says Cassian, “thanks.”

K-2SO has a comprehensive knowledge of human idioms and linguistic quirks: he knows precisely what sarcasm is.

He’s a little shit. He pretends he doesn’t.

“You’re welcome,” he says.

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Dammit Jim

Fandom: Star Trek

Summary:  Kirk is a flirt. That’s no secret. But, with Y/N McCoy it’s more than that.

Words: 1,600+

Pairing/Characters: JimKirkxReader, mentions of Bones and Scotty

Warning: Cursing? Suggestive comments/actions? Fluff?

Author’s Note: This might seem like it’s coming out to left field, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Look a my icon for goodness sake. I hope you people like this little thing, plz give it a chance.

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The bolt squeaked pathetically as you tightened it with a wrench. You groaned and used the back of your hand to wipe a little perspiration from your forehead. Some water leaked out of the pipe, splashing onto the side of your dress.

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Come Home to Me


Request: Hey!! I love your writing I was wondering if u can write one about Y/N being a famous actor and being away filming a movie and Shawn calling her and telling her how much he misses her??

Word Count: 1,175

Come Home to Me

“And cut” the director yelled at you.

“That was amazing, y/n. The scene turned out beautifully. Such a pleasure working with such a talent” his kind words made you blush, but you smiled happily back at him.

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Bts reacts to you crying because they scared you

Hellooooo. Sorry once again for posting rather late hehe. I really can’t watch scary things since I will be awake all night. Already getting the chills just by thinking about it plus that I have a brother who loves scaring me. You really have to be alert around him. It’s annoying. I hope you like it and once again sorry for the long wait. I am feeling a bit better now, so my imagination is getting better too hahahaha. Thank you for requesting, I love you, Bangtan loves you and so many more. Stay healthy and happy yeah? :)


‘’I hate you.’’ you cried out, hitting him over and over again with your pillow, silenty hiccuping after you calmed down from the shock. ‘’No sweety, I am sorry. I didn’t know.’’ Seokjin whined, grabbing the pillow from your grasp as he swung it away before trying to get you in his arms what failed miserably since you were still pissed at him for doing this to you and so dodging his hugs. 

‘‘Y/n? How do you call bees who give milk?’‘ 

Rolling your eyes,you couldn’t believe he was going to pull a lame joke right now however you could already feel the corners of your mouth twitching, a smile trying to break free. ‘’Well how do you call them?’’ you looked at him, arms crossed over your chest as if that could ‘protect’ you from the joke he was about to tell. 

Seokjin smiled his biggest smile at you, already having difficulties holding his laugh. This had you already cracking up more as you heard his contagious laugh.


You really tried to hold it together, you really tried to stay mad but hearing and seeing him laughing so loudly as he clapped in his hand you lost it. The joyful sound broke free from your lips and joined him. At that sound Seokjin perked up and brought you down with him, his arm under your neck as the night continued with laughter and jokes.

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His friends thought it would be funny pranking you after seeing you hiding in Yoongi’s chest practically the whole movie since you told them you weren’t scared at all. Yoongi at first was against it but eventually decided that it couldn’t do any harm, so he thought. 

Thus when he saw the fright in your eyes and tears streaming down your cheeks he would immediately pull you against him, apologizing over and over again while mentally punishing himself for doing this to you. He held you so tightly that he could feel your heart thumping fast. 

After you calmed down, you smacked him across the head when you pulled back, mumbling swearwords under your breath. When you settled back on the bed and pulled the soft sheets around you tighter, you finally looked at Yoongi, who sat there, rubbing the place where your hand made contact with the back of his head. ‘’I deserve that’’ the quiet and soothing sound of his voice embraced the stillness of the night as your heart returned to it’s original pace and could feel the anger slipping off your body. You hated how much you loved his voice as it always could calm you down. Sighing you lay back down on the bed, eyeing the shape the lamp made on the ceiling when it was on. ‘’Yeah you deserve that’’ you replied with a quiet voice aswell not wanting to disturb the gentleness of the night. ‘’Come here.’’ patting the empty space beside you as you held up the covers, waiting for Yoongi to crawl in. The shuffeling sound and soon the warmth of his hand on your covered tummy and his body, you let the duvet fall down and snuggeled closer in his heat, intertwining your fingers with his. 

‘‘Now, since I am still a bit shaken up after everything I don’t think I will be able to sleep soon…’‘ you trailed off, giggling when you saw his expression. ‘‘So you better tell me honeysweet stories until I fall asleep.’‘ you couldn’t help but snort when you heard him groan, realizing your revenge for not letting him sleep. 

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After a long, long day, you finally laid in bed with the softest pajama on you could find, with warm tea standing on the nightstand and a book in your hand you were ready for the evening. You had closed the curtains and turned the nightlamp on which gave the room a warm glow. Plus Hoseok would be home soon and you couldn’t wait to snuggle against him or holding him close to you and with that thought in your mind, you flipped open the book and began to read. 

‘‘It’s probably nothing. Maybe it’s the neighbours.. or it’s just the sound of the house. They say that houses have sounds. It’s nothing.’‘ you told yourself after you heard the noise again. You weren’t someone who jumped to conclusions that quick but well… maybe you were getting a bit scared. It didn’t help that you watched a scary film yesterday with the boys knowing you would be more alert to sounds. Deciding that you would turn on the bedroom light to feel a bit more safe, you put down your book and swung your legs over the bed, landing them on the soft carpet. 

Just when you had taken a step, you screamed it out, feeling like your heart was about to jump out of your ribcage and the only thing you could do was cry and kick, trying to get away, not daring to look what it was. The angst you felt was immense, tears streamed down your face and no words were able to leave your lips as the room filled with your heartbroken howls as you fell down with your head against the closet but you didn’t care, you were terrified and only wanted to get away. 

‘‘No, no sweets! I didn’t mean to! Oh god.. what have I done?’‘ Hoseok pulled you up, burying your head in his chest as his arms enclosed around your body hoping you would feel safe and calm down. ‘‘Shhh y/n. it’s okay. You’re fine. Everything is fine. No-one is here. Only me. You’re safe.’‘ He whispered in your hair, stroking your back. ‘‘Y/n… I am so sorry! I didn’t think you would react like this. I am the shittiest boyfriend right now. I am really really sorry. How could I’ve been so stupid.’‘ He rambled on and on, hitting himself on the forehead repeatedly when you pulled back. Wiping your tears with your sleeve you couldn’t help but giggle seeing him hitting himself. ‘‘Yeah that was really shitty of you. It was not funny at all.’‘ the smile fell as you thought back, feeling the chills already running all over your body. ‘‘I know.’‘ Hoseok sighed. He shuffeled backwards, his back now against the frame of the bed and opened his legs. His hands shot towards your waist and pulled you closer, your back against his chest. Grabbing the fluffy plaid from the bed, he layed it over you and after that he snatched the book from the bed and circled his hand around you waist, his chin on your shoulder, pecking your neck in little kisses before he opened the book and began to read to you.

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‘‘Namjoon stop! I know it’s you so it’s not working.’‘ You shouted from the kitchen, rolling your eyes when the lights flickered on and off again. ‘‘I told you I’m not doing anything! I am in the bathroom!’‘ His voice greeted you back. 

‘‘Of course. Than why doesn’t it sound like your voice is coming from there?’‘ 

‘‘Don’t believe me if you don’t wanna.’‘ he said, this time a little bit softer but you could still here him. ‘‘Jerk.’‘ you mumbled. Again the lights flickered and this time you had enough. You were getting irritated. He knew you were sensitive with these things especially when he showed a clip from a scene from a movie with this kind of thing and well it haunted you for a couple of days. So you couldn’t help but getting angry. ‘‘Namjoon I swear, If I see you playing with the switches I will kill you.’‘ you breathed, walking towards the hall ready to kick his ass except when you got there, the lights flickered before shutting off completely as sweat started to appear on your back. Taking a deep breath, you walked farther, shuffeling your way to the bathroom as Namjoon said he was there to your surprise he actually was in the bathroom.  Darkness greeted you, and your heart quickened its pace but then a cold sensation touched your body, followed by warm breath slipping past your neck, and so you screamed it out, jumping towards your boyfriend but not without a hard kick against something behind you. 

The familiar groan that filled the room, had you halting in your steps. No way, no freaking way! Is this a freaking joke? and when Namjoon’s laughter reached your ears, you were done. You were furious. With loud and angry steps you switched on the lights and came face to face with Taehyung, who rubbed his sore shin. 

‘‘Fuck you!’‘ Was the only thing you said and left the room, pushing through the other members who were standing outside the door. With a loud slam, you let them know you were in your bedroom and very pissed at that.

‘‘y/n.. I am sorry. I thought…. I guess I crossed the line with this. I didn’t want to scare you. I really didn’t want that. It’s just… I actually didn’t know why I agreed to this.’‘ 

‘‘You know I don’t like these things.’‘ you whispered into the pillow, not sure if Namjoon could hear you. ‘‘But you still did.’‘ 

‘‘I know, and even a I am sorry is not enough. But I hope free ice cream for a whole year can make you feel a bit better?’‘ His hands gently gripped your shoulders and rolled you onto your back so he could look into your shining eyes. Traces of angry tears left on your cheek. ‘‘A year?’‘ your soft voice asked him. ‘‘hmmmm and lots of cuddles.’‘ he carefully smiled back, laying your head on his lap and stroked your hair.

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The rattling of the picture frames on the wall told him you were fuming as he stared at the door where you just left. He was dazed not really processing what actually just happened. What was supposed to be an innocent prank led to this? He didn’t really know what to do at the moment and so he just looked confused at the door. 

The thought of you with tears breaming in your eyes, the thought of you walking alone late at night was something his brain didn’t process yet as the only thought that swam in his mind was ‘What just happened?’ However when the sounds of the clock in the linvingroom reached his ears, he finally seemed to snap out of it. His gaze landed on his wrist and his eyes widened in shock when he saw it was midnight. ‘’Shit! No, no, no, no!’’ fear filled his body immediately everything suddenly made sense. How could he be so stupid.

shooting on his shoes he was out of the house with a flash, fishing his phone out of his pocket and called Taehyung knowing he was still awake at this time. Well he wasn’t really sure why he was calling him as if he could tell him where you were but he was still a bit stunned and two minds were better than one in this scenario. 

‘‘Yo Jimin what’s up?’‘ Taehyung had picked up surprisingly fast since Jimin knew he was playing a game and everyone knew he really didn’t took in his surroundings when was gaming. ‘‘A weird question? Is y/n perhaps with you guys?’‘ He really hoped you were, even if it was a small chance but Jimin knew you were smart enough to not stroll alone at night. Biting his lip in anticipation waiting for Tae’s answer. 

‘‘Jimin?’‘ Taehyung sighed on the other end of the line. Jimin didn’t reply.

‘‘Lucky for you she is. What did you do man? Ugh the sight of her really pained my heart. You better hurry and make it up to her. Eventhough I knew you were the source behind her appearance like that, she really needs you right now.’‘ And with that the line went dead. 

‘‘y/n! Come here!’‘ Jimin threw himself at you, pulling you in the tightest hug you had ever been in. ‘‘Can you forgive me for this? I’m such an asshole right now. I went to far with this one. You worried me so much! I love you, I love you, I love you.’‘ 

You knew Jimin was coming to the dorm, but him barging up to you like that and lifting you up from the couch to squeeze you like a stressball was not something you expected but you felt safe in his arms, his scent and warmth caressing your body. ‘’I’m sorry I reacted like this.’’ you muttered in his shirt, tightening your hold around his back. Jimin pulled back, his eyes locking with yours and gave you the warmest smile ever. ‘’You shouldn’t apologize sweets, I thought it was okay but I should have known better. Gosh I am the biggest idiot alive right now.’’

‘‘But I love my idiot. You still need punishment though.’‘ Putting playfully your finger against your lips, you started to think. ‘‘Ah! I know something!’‘ 

You turned around, quickly giving hugs to the others who had taken you in at this time at night and thanked them before you grabbed your man’s hand and led him towards the door. ‘’What are you doing?’’ Jimin questioned you as he again looked rather confused. ‘’Its a surprise.’’ you winked and shot him a smirk as you led him out of the dorm. And Jimin? Well let’s just say his cheeks coloured like a beautiful emerald sky.

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‘‘Uhm what exactly is going on here?’‘ Yoongi asked no one in particular as he watched you ignoring Taehyung again. Seeing his younger friend desperately searching for your affection. ‘‘He fucked up. that’s what is going on.’‘ Seokjin laughed as he too watched how his dongsaeng tried to get you to say something

last night

‘‘DId you hear that too?’‘ Taehyung’s eyes were wide when they met yours. ‘‘Tae stop! It’s not funny. I didn’t hear anything.’‘ Although you scoffed at him, you couldn’t help but to get closer to him, your eyes trained at the door. ‘’I’m just going to look what is going on. Wait here babe.’’ Taehyung pulled the covers off and got out of bed, your eyes following his figure until he dissapeared in the hallway. you knew he was bullshitting you, you weren’t that stupid but still you were getting a bit nervous, the movie Taehyung suggested tonight going through your mind. When you were about to go for ‘Fuck it’, getting back to sleep, his scream was heard loudly through the apartment. Rolling your eyes, you complained under your breath as you pulled the covers off you, slipped into your warm slippers and stepped your way to the kitchen. ‘’Keeping me awake at this time of night. He should know better. He knows he shouldn’t deprive me of my sleep, ass.’’  Turning on the lights, you were about to set Taehyung straight but the sight that greeted you, made your stomach turn. Red liquid everywhere. Splattered against the cabinets, on the floor and lastly on Taehyung. He leaned on the counter, whimpering in pain while holding his stomach. 

You just stood there, gaping at everything, feeling the burn in your eyes, your tears trying to escape their way to freedom. You couldn’t believe he would go so far for scaring you, did he thought he was being funny. Doing as if he was hurt was a freaking joke to him? 

‘‘I can’t believe you.’‘ you managed to get out before the dam broke, tears now freely streaming down as you just stood in the kitchen, crying your heart out. The thought of him hurt, crushed your heart. 

This startled Taehyung as it wasn’t the reaction he thought he would receive from you. It was now him who felt like someone just shot an arrow in his heart. The sight of you standing there, hands near your sides and just openly sobbed made him feel like a total jerk. 

Slapping his hand away when he stood before you, trying to bring you in his arms, you turned around, going back to the bedroom, angry wiping your tears from your cheeks as you hiccuped and crawled back in bed, the blankets comforting you. And the whole night you shrugged his attempts to console you off, really hurt what he did. 

‘‘Woaaaa, he is lucky he didn’t have to sleep on the couch. That’s what I would have done.’‘ Yoongi answered after Seokjin told him everything. ‘’Well it seems like Taehyung got her to forgive him.’‘ Hoseok spoke up, sitting down beside Jimin. All his friends looked at him, asking silently how he knew this. Hoseok laughed, pointing a finger to the corridor. ‘‘When I came in, Taehyung sat on his knees and begged her to forgive him and after a smack on the head, she kneeled down aswell and pecked him on the lips. Not before telling him she would kill him if he ever does that again. plus he needs to clean the bathroom for 2 weeks.’‘ 

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With his arms tightly holding you, your face pressed against his chest, you both sat down on the bathroomfloor as he rocked you back and forth, his fingers rubbing circles on your lower back as he let you cry. Jungkook could feel you shaking, your hands clutching the back on his shirt as if you were afraid to let him go. He was taken aback, he didn’t expect this reaction from you. But than again, scaring people like that wasn’t always received well and knowing how jumpy and easily scared you were, he should have approached it better. You didn’t mind pranks, Jungkook knew that too and most of the time you laughed with him after you calmed down your heart, but now he was sitting on the cold floor, trying to shush you. 

How could he be so freaking dumb. Scaring you like that after the horror movie you finally agreed to watch with him, since he pleaded you to go with him for weeks. How could he hide in the closet waiting for you to lay in bed, ready to go to sleep and then jump out of it, pouncing on the bed, holding you down. 

The utter fear in your eyes he saw when he looked down, the tears which instantly pooled in your eyes as he watched them pour out, trickling down your cheekbones as they ended up swallowed by the soft pillow. He saw when you finally got back to reality and pushed him off of you with a loud scream, stumbling your way out of the bedroom. Jungkook quickly followed you, grapping your arm and swiftly turned you around, trapping you in his arms. You didn’t fight him, just holding him close to you, trying to calm down your beating heart, trying to calm down your breathing as you cried and fell down on the floor, your legs shaken up from the scare, feeling Jungkook fall down with you, still holding you close to him, silenty humming your favourite song in the hope you would quiet down and it did. The sound of his soft voice, the lullaby you loved so much got you to stop crying and were now just breathing gently. Your hands letting go the tight grip you had on his shirt and were now gently holding his arms. 

‘‘Are you feeling better?’‘ Jungkook asked you softly, holding you at arms length so he could look into your eyes. It was strange to him but everytime you cried your eyes looked so mesmerizing. They showed your innocence, They showed how you still embraced your inner child and the most fascinating was how open they looked. They say eyes are the mirrors of the soul and it was definitely true. You looked so open and vulnerable, he could see the things he loved so much about you, that lots of people weren’t allowed to see. 

‘‘I am.’‘ you shot a tired smile and wiggled back in his arms. ‘‘I am such a coward. Crying like a five year old.’‘ you scoffed at yourself, feeling embarrased for reacting like that. Hearing him sigh, you looked up at him from his chest and saw he was looking down already. ‘‘No you’re not. Everyone is scared of something and I am pretty sure everyone would have a scare like you if I did it to them. Yoongi would have killed me already.’‘ he chuckled, wrapping your hands in his. ‘‘I am sorry y/n. I will never do it again. Will you accept my apology?’‘

‘‘How can I stay mad when I am wrapped in the most comforting and safe blanket.’‘ you laughed and held him close.

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A/N: I really made this dramatic, didn’t I? Woops.  if you find grammar mistakes that really really annoys you, please tell me so I can fix it! Feedback is always appreciated.

Lost At Sea Until You Found Me part 4

Part one here- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/164338728198/lost-at-sea-until-you-found-me
Good days can happen.
Lance hummed quietly to himself as he finished mixing the dolphin’s food, a messy job but bearable. It had been nearly a month since Pidge had saved him from his drowning, and he couldn’t be happier.

Walking down to the tank, he waved a quick hello to Hunk and Plaxum, another Mermaid who was being treated for a jellyfish stung tail.

Setting the buckets down next to the dolphin tank, he swished a certain pattern in the water. Moments later the pod broke to the surface, chittering excitedly.

“Hey guys! Red, Green, you two haven’t been fighting recently have you? Black, has everyone played nice today? Yellow, you look chubbier you silly dolphin! You’ve been sneaking treats from Hunk again haven’t you? Blue! My lady love! How are you, sweet girl? Hungry? I brought breakfast!”

Lance’s face was always alight when he was with the dolphins, there was just something about them that always lifted his spirits. He laughed and tossed the nutrient stuffed fish to the pod, eyes bright with joy as they twisted arcs in the air to catch to food.

His bright grin never faltered around the dolphins, and it was noticeable.

“Shiro, come on man, you can’t be seriously pining over a human?” Keith hissed, legs stirring the Mer tank’s water as he sat on the edge of the deck.

Shiro merely sighed. “Mom fell in love with a human, why can’t I?” He asked, eyes still trained on the lanky man laughing as Blue wriggled delightfully at his strokes on her muzzle.

Keith opened his mouth to reply, paused, then closed it. Shiro clicked smugly at his half brother.

“Okay but he’s barely been here for a month. How do we know he likes you back? How would the relationship even work? You’re Mer and he’s human. Unless you want to give up your scales?” Keith asked lowly, so Lance wouldn’t overhear.

Shiro thought for a moment. “I’m sure I could figure something out. Though the more I think about it, the more appealing being human sounds. My tail has caused me nothing but trouble.” He scoffed irritably, old memories threatening to bubble up.

Keith narrowed his eyes. “Shiro, I-”

“Keith! Shiro! Perfect timing! Can you get the other Mer? It’s feeding time and I brought some mainland food I made that I’m pretty sure they’ll like!” Lance called, smiling at his two friends.

Shiro flushed slightly and Keith sighed, getting to his feet. “Sure. You need any help carrying whatever it is you brought them?”

Lance nodded and motioned Keith to follow him. Shiro waved and dove under, swimming down to where the other Mer were currently playing cards.

“No, Nyma, I don’t have any threes. Go fish.” Swirn said, grinning as the blonde Mermaid pouted and drew another plastic coated card.

“Nyma, Rolo, Swirn, Plaxum, Hunk, time to go. Lance brought mainland food this time!” Shiro called, causing the others to stop everything they were doing and surface excitedly. Shiro followed with an amused clicking in his throat.

“Hey guys! Nyma, any luck on shifting your legs back yet?” Lance asked as he started handing out little plastic containers full of tuna stuffed enchiladas.

Nyma nodded. “Yeah, managed to retract my scales a bit today. Can’t fully get them formed, but at least the bone is healed. A bit of practice and I should be okay.” She explained as she pried off the lid and sat on the shallow ledge to eat.

The others joined her, munching away happily with the plastic forks provided by Keith.

“My tail doesn’t ache anymore, by the way! I think it’s thanks to that aloe vera stuff you suggested Pidge give me. It really helped! Sam said I could go home tomorrow!” Plaxum trilled, Lance joining them by rolling up his pant legs and dangling his feet in the water.

“That’s great! I know you’ve missed your homeland. The queen was… Luxia, right? I’m sure she’ll be glad to have you back.” Lance said, though Shiro noticed an almost wistful look on the human’s face.

It vanished when Rolo made a surprised trill. “Lance, this is really good! What is this?”

Lance’s face brightened as he excitedly explained how he’d spent some extra savings to indulge a little at the store today to buy ingredients for the enchiladas, though they usually were stuffed with something called chicken rather than tuna.

Shiro tasted his and was surprised to find it made his tongue feel warm, different from normal heat. It wasn’t that bad, so he started to chow down. After licking his container clean he smiled at the human.

“That was excellent, Lance. Do you think you could make more sometime?” Shiro asked, and was accompanied by a chorus of ‘please!’s and ‘can you really?!’s from his fellow Mer.

Lance flushed. “W-well, if you guys liked it that much, then I can definitely make more!”

The closed clinic echoed happily with the sound of joyful cheering from its inhabitants.
….you guys are gonna kill me for part five tomorrow.
Part three here!—-> https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/164360114738/lost-at-sea-until-you-found-me-part-three

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13 for Fenrys if it hasn't been asked for already?

Another short one, but I decided to include the reader in on this! Hopefully it sounds good and that you can enjoy the fluffiness of this adorable puppy!

Soft Spot/Weakness Headcanon:

- This tough fae male is no match for intimate hand-holding.

- He’ll always want to lace his fingers with yours so the world can see.

- And his heart skips a beat anytime you bring his scarred knuckles to your lips for a gentle kiss.

- Fenrys goes weak in the knees when his back or hair is stroked.

- The feel of fingers threading through his hair and traveling down to the base of his back sets Fenrys into a relaxed state.

- At times he’ll even randomly shift into a wolf, because the sly fae knows his soft fur is irresistible!

- This leads to a petting session complete with belly rubs, ear scratching and some kisses on the nose.

- And when Fenrys shifts back his head will be in your lap and he’ll fall asleep to you gently running your hand through his long hair.

- This male also loves to make you laugh.

- Just hearing those joyful sounds makes his spirit soar to heights he is sure even Rowan Whitethorn couldn’t reach in his bird form. 

- Fenrys is filled with immense relief and happiness when his twin brother  is there laughing with everyone. 

-  His brother also makes sure to let EVERYONE know Fenrys’ secret weakness…

- He is extremely ticklish.

- And so randomly during a petting session you’ll tickle him which leads to Fenrys emitting a choked noise that shifts into barking laughs.

- When Fenrys manages to shift you still have the upper hand until he flips you over and decides to punish you with kisses and tickling hands.

- Eventually Fenrys will pull you onto his chest as you both try to steady your breathing.

- But there will still be a few chuckles shared between you as Fenrys tightens his hand securely around your waist. 

Speak Now

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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A/N: I wrote this so long ago and now I’m finally creating the courage to publish it here. I hope you all enjoy. And please, let me know. Feedback is everything.

Warnings: a little bit of cursing and lots of fluff. slightly angsty. also, this was based on the song “speak now” by taylor swift. 

Word Count: 1400

“I’m out for five months and when I finally get back, he’s about to get married?” I shrieked, shaking my head in disbelief.

Frustrated with my response, Julia O’Brien sighed, dropping her shoulders in defeat. She had been the one imbued with the responsibility to tell me the news. But I simply couldn’t believe what the girl had told me. I mean, it all happened so fast! There’s no way my poor head would be able to assimilate it. In fact, it never even occurred to me that I’d lose the love of my life. No, no way.

I should explain how my life came to this mess, right? Oh, well, it all began with me having to go away so I could help my sister out; she had just given birth, to a eight pound baby, yes, poor woman, and needed someone to take care of her, mainly because her husband was this huge wanker and refused to his job as a partner. This, alongside my mother’s constant preaching, made me feel bad, which means I ended up accepting it. Of course I didn’t want to leave my life behind, but I refused to be the bitch who wouldn’t lay a hand to her own flesh and blood. 

Do I have to say it was extremely stressful? Fuck, I can swear that I never hated my name more in my entire life. “Y/N, watch out for Jimmy!”, “Y/N, bring me tea!”, “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!”. I must admit that, for a brief second, I fantasized about killing my sister. Or kill myself. Who knows? It would be a lot faster and I could leave a note blaming my sister for the whole thing.

Alright, I’m done with the acid comments.  

The real problem was, actually, that she lived in a small town far away from London. It was so isolated that I could pretty much say she lived in a farm. And I couldn’t just be travelling all the time, therefore its location forced me to move there. It would only be a few months, so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t do it. Who would have guessed that, in the meantime, my boyfriend, or so I thought he was, whom I loved and trusted deeply, would get engaged and would be about to marry another woman? Oh, God, he is even at the church right now! 

“Y/N, it wasn’t his wish to be marrying her. He loves you more than anything in this world. You know that.” Julia argued, her brown eyes trying to persuade me. "Still, my parents forced him to do it. She’s the daughter of a big ass business man who works with my father and-” 

"Stop it right there!” I quirked a brown, narrowing my eyes, clearly infuriated. “Dylan is grown man, he doesn’t need anyone making his choices for him.”

"Yeah, Y/N, but you have to understand he wasn’t given much of a choice…”

“I don’t want to, and I won’t, understand this, Jules.” My voice was strangled, I could feel the tears welling up on my eyes. “I can’t do this.”

Oh, fuck no!

I would not let my gorgeous pumpkin tie the knot with someone else without at least explaining to me what the hell was this entire thing about. Clumsily standing up from the couch I was sitting on, I ran out of the house, not even giving a word to my former sister-in-law. I needed to act quick, otherwise I would lose him forever.

I’m not a kind of girl

Who should be rudely barging on a white veil occasion

But you are not the kind of boy

Who should be marrying the wrong girl

Julia had said that the church was close to their home, so I didn’t bother to get my car and drive there. It was time to put into practice all my years of jogging. It didn’t take long for me to spot the beautiful arranged place. The same one his parents got married. 

Due to my running, the short sundress I had on was drenched in sweat; not that I cared, though. I could only set my thoughts on the lots of people who were coming in and out of the church. By the looks of it, the ceremony was yet to start. 

I stealthily walked in, watching the guests buzzing around me and trying to recognise them; but they were completely unknown. That was until I found his best friend standing next to the old looking priest. Tyler had a tired expression on his face, like he rather be anywhere else but here. I saw his other friends as well; they were seated on the front row, mirroring Posey’s traits. No one appearing to be happy. Not even her parents, who set it all up.

I sneak in and see your friends

And her snotty little family all dressed in pastels

As I went a little deeper into the church, I heard someone loudly complaining in the back. I quickly recognised the grumpy person as Britt Robertson, Dylan’s ex. He had told me about her a few times and I never really pictured her as the obsessive type. I was obviously wrong. 

Britt was yelling at one of her bridesmaids, clearly quite annoyed by something the poor girl had done prior my arrival. But, as much as I was delighted to hear her in such a bad mood, I still wanted to find Dylan in that sea of people. In my mind, I thought I could convince him to ditch this whole thing and run away with me.  

Nevertheless, before I could find him, the nuptial march started to play in the background, announcing the wedding’s beginning. Despite it being a joyful sound, I started to feel nauseated by it and a few disgusted shivers went down my spine. 

From behind a curtain, I watched her slowly walk inside the church, so full of herself, looking like a freaking model. My mind screamed that I should be the one in her shoes. Wearing a white gown, moving happily towards the man I loved, not her. Not someone who treated him like a prize. 

And the organ starts to play

A song that sounds like a death march

And I am hiding in the curtains

It seems that I was uninvited

By your lovely bride to be

She floats down the aisle like

A pageant queen

When she got there, everyone sat down and I was finally able to see him. Dylan was standing next to the priest, looking handsome as ever in a black tuxedo. His brown hair messy, his pink lips in a straight line and a ghost of the scruff I loved so much against my legs were there, brightening him. Everything seemed to be unchanged. Except for his eyes. The beautiful whiskey coloured eyes I fell for had lost the sparkling beam I saw every time he looked at me. They seemed tired. Sad. Which should make me happy, but instead, I was saddened, a sinking feeling reaching my stomach as if I had been punched. 

Fear crept through my form completely, making my hands shake and making me forget what I was supposed to say. Should I really disrupt this marriage? Would I be this kind of girl? The answer was clear in my head: Yes, I would. Despite being selfish, I needed Dylan in my life. I could not afford to lose him. 

I bit my bottom lip, sitting down and deciding to wait for a while. It wasn’t the time to speak up. No, I’d wait for the priest’s words, then I would act. Yes, it sounds like a good plan.

Do not say yes, let’s run away now,

I’ll meet you in the aisle of the church by the back door

Do not wait, or say a single vow,

You need to hear me out,

And they said speak now

The minute I heard him say “speak now or forever hold your peace”, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to stop this bloody joke right now. So I rushed to the church’s entrance, walking down the red carpet until I was in front of the couple. In front of him. He seemed surprised when our gazes mingled together, but it swiftly faded away, being replaced by tenderness. Only then his lips curled into a smile. Plus, in that moment, I didn’t care how crazy this was, I just went and linked our mouths together, fully aware of the horrified looks everyone was shooting at us. I couldn’t care less, though. 

I pulled away, locking my gaze on Dylan’s. Suddenly, it all felt right again, despite my awful bad timing. He gave me a reassuring look, squeezing my hand and making me feel unique, like he always did. Oh, damn you, O’Brien!

“Don’t this to me please.” I quietly begged, not bothering to understand Britt’s angry squeals. “I love you so much, Dyl.”

“And I love you, Y/N.” He then looked at everyone inside the church, his eyes apologetic. “I’m so sorry, but I can’t marry. Not when I love her. This was a huge mistake.”    

I hear the preacher say

‘Speak now or forever hold your peace’

There’s a silence, there’s my last chance,

I stand up with shaky hands

All eyes on me,

Horrified looks from everyone in the room

But I’m only looking at you

I never really believed in fairytales or happy endings. It just wasn’t my thing. However, from time to time, they do happen. And as I firmly intertwined Dylan’s slim fingers on mine, running far away from that dreadful scene, I was sure that I would never again doubt that true love existed. 

Not ever. 

And you’ll say” let’s run away now,

I’ll meet in the aisle in my tux by the back door

Baby, I did not see myself,

I’m glad you were around

When they said speak now

So I used both these prompts. Thank you @scully-loves-ruthie and @ladystelladumaurier! (prompts were that trespassing sign and 12. “I am not your secretary!” + 67. “How much does it cost to rent you for cuddling purposes?”)

Mulder tries to think of a clever thing to say to Scully that won’t make her go off at him. Again. So far he has a 100 % success rate of making her angry with him today. He is not sure what’s going on and when he asked her earlier all he got was an I’m-fine-Mulder-shut-up-and-drive speech and a matching expression. He is not going to ask her again.

They have spent plenty hours in cars together of course. There have been silent moments, both comfortable and uncomfortable, screaming matches and even laughter. That must have been a long time ago, Mulder thinks, fumbling with the radio dial. Nothing but fancy static. They’re not even in the middle of nowhere, but technology seems to be on Scully’s side.

“Did you bring the Henderson’s case files with you, Scully?” His voice sounds too loud here in the silence, but at least the question seems innocent enough.

“I’m not your secretary!” Or not.

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Seokjin Scenario: Waiting On Your Love - Pt. 2

Request: Hi hi hi hi, im so happy youre opening requests!! Could you do a second part of Waiting on your love? First angst when jin (not wanting to) denies his love for the kid and reader hears it? But a fluff ending, thank you 

Genre: Fluff / Family

Part 1

The apprehension you felt in your chest couldn’t be named, you simply couldn’t describe it neither you wanted to believe what you just heard. You stepped away quickly without wanting to be noticed. There was a soft joyful music sounding in the place, light chatter and laughter was filling Jin’s apartment, you and some of his closest friends had gathered there to celebrate his birthday but now the only thing you wanted to do was to get away, to leave, to forget about what you’d heard your boyfriend saying while you passed by one of the rooms.

Maybe you shouldn’t have gone to look for him, would he admit what he’d said if he knew you were listening? You didn’t mean to eavesdrop but with the mention of your son’s name, you couldn’t help it, you had stayed outside of the guest’s bedroom where Jin had gone to fetch whatever he was needing but he was taking too long and then you heard his conversation with one of his friends, it kept repeating in your head while you walked fast back to the living room, you could still hear him say that no, of course not he didn’t like Sanghyun.

You took a deep breath, he’d sounded so sure and serious, did it mean that the Seokjin who’d been with you for almost a year and a half had been outright lying to your face? Faking to care for your son in front of you? It made you feel enraged just to think that he could have been using your son just to get close to you, it made you feel stupid and unease because you’d been so sure of him, that the eyes with which Jin looked at Sanghyun weren’t faked, that he truly cared for your baby boy and for you as well, it didn’t make sense and it was making your head throb.

– Sorry the delay dear, I didn’t remember where I had stored the extra wine–  Jin’s voice made you jump in the spot and you forced a smile on your lips.

– Oh don’t worry…– you cleared your throat and noticed the way Jin was eyeing you up so you averted your eyes and tried to look composed, but there was so little you could fake in front of him, he could always read you like a book.

– Is something wrong Y/N? –

– Just Sanghyun…–  With those words Seokjin placed away the wine and took your hands.

– Is he alright? Did something happen to him? Should we go to your house? –  his tone and demeanor changed drastically, he looked like he cared and you’d never doubted it before that moment. It felt so wrong.

You eased your hands away from his and denied with your head, moving to pick up your purse. –He’s alright, is just that the nanny has an emergency and has to leave early, so I have to go home, I’m sorry–

– Oh…–  Jin nodded. –Do you want me to go with you? I’ll just tell everyone that I’m…–

– No need to–  you interrupted him, if Jin went home with you he would find out the lie, and what you needed was a bit of time away from him and cooling your head. –I don’t want to ruin your day-

– You would be ruining nothing babe, just give me a second and I’ll thank everyone from coming – he was ready to go and do what he’d said but you held him in place by the arm.

– Jin – he looked at you attentive and you were tempted to ask about what you’d heard, but you decided to bite your tongue for the night. –I’ll be alright on my own, stay here, there’s no need for you to go with me, I’ll take care of my son-

The last part had sounded more serious than you intended but it seemed to do it because Seokjin nodded after a torturous silence. –Ok, it won’t be the same without you… keep me updated at least? –

You nodded without looking at his eyes and he accompanied you outside like he always did because that was just how Seokjin was, always proper, always a gentleman, always kind. He kissed you goodbye and waited for you to turn on the car and leave to get back inside but you couldn’t make it further than two blocks and parked on the side to take a deep breath, holding back the tears stinging in your eyes.

You’d never been in this type of situation before, Seokjin was the first man you actually had a proper relationship with after Sanghyun was born and you loved him, you were clear about your feelings, but you loved your son and you couldn’t be with someone who wouldn’t care for him, that was out of discussion.

The first tear made it past your left eye and you wiped it away furiously, you didn’t want to choose between them, Seokjin was important to you, Sanghyun was important to you, you didn’t want to be in this position even if you already knew the side you were always going to choose; when you had Sanghyun you swore you were always going to do what was best for him and you weren’t planning on breaking that promise.

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Devil In A Red Dress | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

The Devil In A Red Dress | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

word count:
genre: witch!au, smut
warnings: mentions of selling your soul, mentions of Puritan religion
A/N: anon asked for a Jennie or JiSoo scenario and I wrote this. Off to hell I go!

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jimon + the sunlight

sunlight in his eyes (jimon)

this kind of turned into a ‘what could have happened at the end of the latest episode’ so i hope it’s okay!!

rating: teen & up
warnings: brief mentions of death



he hears the overly dramatic whisper of his name but does not acknowledge it. his eyes are trained on the scene in front of him. people he knew are lying on this floor, lifeless, and it’s down to him. the lump in his throat seems to grow and he attempts to swallow it down, blinking fast before the tears can form.


he exhales shortly before taking a deep breath. before he can even begin to turn to simon, a hand reaches out and smacks his arm playfully. jace’s eyebrows raise in question as simon appears in front of him, his happy grin out of place in such a morbid setting. 

‘come with me!’ jace thinks that perhaps simon is trying for a soft tone to be respectful, but his words still come out bright and exctied. he’s bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet and his eyes are glittering with happiness. jaces begins to shake his head, unfolding his arms, but simon seems to have other plans. he firmly takes a hold of jaces wrist and begins to tug him out of the room.

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"we were designed to be disposable"

Hercules Mulligan’s laugh comes from deep in his chest, a rumbling, joyful sound that wraps Laurens in the feeling of summer warmth and a good meal, an arm around his shoulders, a kiss pressed to his cheek.

He’s not laughing like that now.

This laugh is almost a sob, a pathetic little sound that heaves up from his throat and makes him tremble. He reaches out for something, and Laurens grabs his hands and steps forward until his forehead is resting against Hercules’ chest, listening to his heart hammer.

“You will come home. Washington wouldn’t send you on a suicide mission.” He’s trying to convince himself, too, that the spying mission won’t end in disaster, that they’ll all come back together, safe.

Hercules laughs again, like broken glass, closes his eyes. “Oh Laurens, my dearest Laurens. We were designed to be disposable.”

Uncle Shawn

Requested: Could you do one where y/n’s sibling goes into labour/finds out she’s pregnant and your siblings tells them together and Shawn is more excited than y/n is, and everyone keeps calling him uncle Shawn



The second you open the door to your childhood home, you’re immediately hit with the joyful and heartwarming sound of your family talking and laughing from the living room. You enter the house with your boyfriend in tow. When you enter the living room, you hug your parents first, and Shawn follows suit, hugging your mom and shaking your dads hand. Then you go around, greeting your older sister and her husband, and your little brother. You take a seat next to your sister, and she asks about your new job. As you enter into a conversation with her, Shawn takes a seat on the other end of the room, talking to your little brother. And while you talk to your sister, you can’t help the smile on your face because of how well your boyfriend gets along with your family.

You’ve been dating Shawn for nearly two years now, and even your little brother, who normally shies away from talking about things like relationships with you, has told you that you should marry him. That’s a big deal, especially coming from him. Your family is really close, which is why it is so important to you that Shawn gets along with them. Even though you’re twenty and don’t live at home anymore, you and your sister always return home every Sunday night to have dinner as a family. Sunday dinners were always a thing growing up, you were all allowed to stay out for dinner with friends or do other things on most nights if you had to, but Sunday nights were sacred. Sunday nights were family nights, and they still are. Shawn has been coming to your family dinners ever since you first started dating. With his career, he isn’t able to always be home, but whenever he is in town you can count on him to be there.

About ten minutes later, you’re all seated around your big dining room table, digging in to your moms roast with Shawn complimenting your moms cooking like he always does, and she loves it. Your sister stops eating when there is a lull in the conversation, saying, “Scott and I have an announcement to make.” She doesn’t pause long enough for anyone to say anything before she blurts, “We’re pregnant.” Everyone is thrilled because they’ve been trying for a while, so its great to hear that they’re finally pregnant.

Shawn is the first to formulate a response. “Congratulations!” You’re thrilled and excited, but your excitement is almost overshadowed by the excitement you can feel radiating from Shawn and it makes you laugh.

After everyone offers their congratulations, and even stands up from their seats to hug your sister and her husband, you finally all settle back into your seats and continue eating.

“You’re going to be an Aunt,” Shawn tells you, his eyes shining, and his smile huge.

“That’s right Uncle Shawn,” Your sister tells Shawn. His smile gets even bigger at her comment, if that’s even possible and his cheeks immediately turn red, but you can tell that he likes the sound of it. 

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I- Um- Feels.


Prompt: (Sonic Forces, cause I can’t stop thinking of scenarios xD ahhh!!! lol)

After a pretty big fight concerning leadership decisions and ethical standings, Amy stormed off away from the team, and carried off Classic her too.

Once far enough away, Amy tried to make a plan for retrieving the Ancient Powered Gears that Eggman was using to control the world and get his wishes and way.

She paced back and forth, as Classic Amy seemed worried about her, before looking over her shoulder, concerned as well that she wasn’t able to be with her hero…

“We could do this in a safe, strategic, and morally correct way where no one needs to get hurt or feel used and unappreciated. Don’t you think my plan will work, little m- ROSIE!”

Classic Amy twitched at her nickname, and swiftly spun around, sitting on her knees politely, she shivered slightly at the abrupt noise, before pouting at how rude it was to yell her thoughts away from Sonic.

Amy bent down and placed her hands on her hips, looking upset she wasn’t listening, and slightly frustrated too.

When she saw her face, she immediately knew what she was feeling… and her heart filled with loneliness too…

It just… wasn’t like how it was before… But she still wondered…

“I know, little me… I know.” she turned her head down and away, placing a fisted-hand up to her chest, and seeming sorrowful.

“I-… Ohh! I would miss him more if he wasn’t being so.. so.. difficult!” She stomped her foot down and looked away.

Classic Amy bent her ears slightly and smiled emphatically, before her ears perked up with a spinning noise and she turned around, jumping to her feet.

Holding her hands in light fists up to her face, she scanned over the area.

“Huh? That sound..?” Amy turned, and immediately looked hopefully surprised for something, and raced to Classic Amy’s side, before stepping further up…

When the two heard it again, Classic Amy’s face lit up, seeing a stream of blue light coming over and arching down the hill.

“…He came back…” Modern Amy breathed out, as if amazed and touched. “He came back for me…” She stepped a few, several wobbly steps forward.

When the streak of blue swerved towards the girls, Classic Amy jumped in a type of happy-victory dance, and waved both hands up wide to signal where they were.

In amazement, Modern Amy stopped.

When the light drew closer, she squinted her eyes…

It.. it was small.

The light dimmed to reveal a small stature, but a determined little face, holding a striking stare that could only mean annoyance.

“…It’s not-…” she stumbled backwards, lowering her hands and looking down.


Had he not forgiven her?

Was he not going to come back?

Classic Sonic sped right past Modern Amy, as she held her head down, her eyes covered in shadows, as her hair moved with his speed in a delicate, but swift motion.

Bouncing giddily at her hero’s appearence, Classic Amy hopped to the side and waited for him to skid to a halt.

In the which case, he paused and put his hands on his hips, leaning forward as if to scold her a moment, though realizing it wasn’t entirely her fault for being whisked away by her older self.

He leaned back and rolled his eyes, clearly there for her and her alone.

She seemed to squee and jump towards him, hugging him as he struggled slightly but didn’t push her away.

Hearing Classic Amy’s happy, joyful sounds made Modern Amy grit her teeth and tighten her fists.

She flung herself around.

“She’s not going ANYWHERE.”

Classic Sonic had gotten Classic Amy to let go, and had his arms folded as he looked to her, before being shocked and frankly spooked a bit at Amy’s alarming declaration as she marched over and scooped up Classic Amy again, holding her over her shoulder.

Classic Amy blinked her eyes, not sure what was going on, but not fighting it either it seemed.

For a moment, she lay limp, still used to getting captured. But after a moment, she started kicking her legs and flailing her arms out to her hero, wanting to be put down and rejoin with him in his arms~<3

“Hmph.” Modern Amy glared down at Classic Sonic, before swiping her head to the right, and puffing up her cheek.

“If you want her, you fight for her!”

Classic Sonic raised an eyebrow, not sure how to take that declaration, before bending his knees and ducking his head, looking ready to fight.

Amy flinched, lifting and withdrawing a hand back. “Yeesh! I didn’t mean for you to get all serious like that!” she blinked in worry… before…

He spun into a tight ball and started jamming into her head like a homing attack x 4.

She was knocked back quite a few times before summoning her hammer, flailing it around as she closed her eyes, not wanting to get hit anymore.

“Q-quit that! You-!! Why you little-! Stooop!!!” she swung around but he landed a little aways from her, folded his arms and faced her from the back.

He shook his head, thinking this ridiculous, before sighing.

He looked up just then, seeing a taller figure as a hand came down from above him and gestured in a bob of itself to remain calm.

“Don’t worry, buddy. I got this…”

It was a calm and affirming voice, one that sounded trustworthy, as Classic Sonic didn’t quite understand, but allowed him to pass and didn’t torment the older Amy any further.

Classic Amy had her eyes filled with swirls, dizzy from the spinning and rapid movements, as Modern Amy kept trying to dodge invisible attacks she thought were still around her.

With her eyes squinted shut, she didn’t see a hand grip her hammer, stopping it from it’s random movements.

“H-huh?” Amy noticed the power struggle shift a moment, and didn’t remember Classic Sonic being so…


“What are you trying to do? Fight the wind?” Sonic shook his head, and let her hammer go.

“Hand over little you. My other me is worried about her.” he gestured to Classic Sonic a little ways away, as he did look pretty fed up with Amy’s rebellion, and outstretched his hand.

Amy looked at that hand… wishing to trust it again, but feeling hurt from before, and held onto her younger self tighter, bringing her in front of her and pulling her away from him.

“No! I won’t let him miss treat her like a toy!”

The word caught both Sonic’s off guard, and the hand immediately withdrew in a painful flinch.

The look of surprise and hurt was apparent, before Classic Sonic lost his temper, and sped forward.

He stomped the ground and let his anger full force be known, and then threw out his hand, demanding the girl!

Classic Amy looked down, innocent to his actions, and tilted her head, looking like she didn’t quite understand.

Sonic looked down, understanding his frustrations, and how he wasn’t used to Amy’s new behavior in the future…

He glared up at her, showing his frustrations too. “Amy! Quit this!” he swished his hand out in front of him.

“You’re not helping!”

“I’m trying to help, Sonic! If you would only listen to me!”

“Listen to what?! Amy? You’ve been at my throat since I got here. Why are you so against me!?” he spread his arms out, as Classic Sonic tapped his toe, folding his arms again, realizing the only way to get Amy was probably to let them talk things out, but he was growing impatient with that tactic…

“I’m not against you! How could you say such a thing! I thought.. for a moment I thought you weren’t coming back!” her anger suddenly turned to her true sorrow, and Sonic suddenly lost some of his anger’s fire through the water of her beginning tears…

She held them back, beautifully, though.

He also held himself back now, standing more up and trying a new tactic too..


“All I’ve wanted to do is help you! And all you keep doing is ignoring me! You give orders and you leave as if you haven’t been gone for so long! You make such rash decisions and don’t think of the lives at stake here! I’m not trying to fight you, Sonic! I have a bigger issue concerning a common enemy to even DARE and think such a thing!” she pointed an arm out and towards the sky, gesturing to Eggman’s large robots.

Sonic’s eyes followed the notion, before frowning deeply and looking back at her, still not sure what she was getting at.

“Then why do you fight me?” He asked this pretty tenderly, as if truly seeking understanding instead of an argument over ideals for a change.

He motioned his arms out, stepping forward, as Amy avoided the gestured by looking away.

“All I’ve been trying to do is save lives here… yours included, Amy…”

Getting annoyed with the touchy-feely way this conversation was going, Classic Sonic twitched an eyebrow, opening his eyes and finally being done waiting.

He saw the opportunity to grab his era’s Amy when her hand moved away, and bounced up to kick her other arm away as she was avoiding eye-contact.


Classic Amy jumped into his arms, wrapping her hands around him, as he quickly got down and took off, having what he came for.

“Little me-!”

Amy reached out and started to run after them, but Sonic turned around and gripped her arm, pulling her back.

“Let them go.”

“N-no! I don’t want her to feel… to feel…” she could barely even utter the word, her mouth trembled shut when she attempted too, and little whimpers slightly escaped her as she tried to form the breath to say it.

He pulled her back into his arms, and put an arm around in front of her, slightly below the neck.

She reflexed a hand up and gripped the arm, blinking her eyes wildly as tears threatened once more, and she looked to the ground, then out to where they ran off too.

She opened her mouth before closing it again, hearing him speak just behind her lowered head.

“Feel what… Amy?”

Classic Sonic sped off as Classic Amy smiled and leaned into his embrace, before feeling something was unright, and looked over his shoulder.

Her eyes filled with compassion when she saw her older self throw her hands over her eyes, and be turned around as the older Sonic held her, tightening his hold and seeming to comfort her.

She made a face of shocked horror, realizing her older self needed her.

She looked angrily up at her Sonic, and kicked and struggled as it threw him off course.

He made a video game noise of slipping up and wobbling, as if being hit, and skidded to a halt over the dew’d grass, and then turned his head to her, narrowing his eyes as he searched for understanding in his confusion of her actions.

She made another noise and pointed behind her, back to their future selves.

He turned around to look over his shoulder, and twitched at the intimate scene he saw going on.

He shook his head, in what looked to be fear, and reered a leg up with Amy to the side in his arms as if ready to dash off.

She puffed up a cheek, and bonked him with her hammer on his head.

His eyes swirled as rings plopped out, and then shook his head from the effect and glared back at her, pouting.

She looked more sincerely to him, tilting her as if saying, ‘come on..!’ and showing she was truly worried about them.

Classic Sonic leaned his head up and away from her, but his eyes stayed fixed.

His ears drooped back in frustration, but he couldn’t resist her heartfelt plea.

He turned back to the Modern tragedy, and sighed, before racing back to them.

Sonic looked up from Amy crying and moved slightly, as Amy felt the shift and turned her head back to their Classic selves.

Classic Sonic stared at her a moment, not really liking her, but put his Amy down and folded his arms, waiting once more.

She nodded to him, a huge smile as to say ‘thank you for waiting for me’ and then ran up to Amy with a skip in her step.

Amy knelt down.

“I’m sorry… I pulled you away from your hero. All because me and my Sonic were fighting…” she put a hand up to her eye, wiping it gently. “I was… I was jealous… and embarrassed… because I knew you expected so much more from your future.” she bent her head down. “Sonic’s not always mean… And he doesn’t mean to be sometimes, but..”

Modern Sonic’s shoulders dropped as air escaped his nostrils, and he looked away, feeling awkward about being called out.

His younger self raised a judging brow to that comment, and looked to his future self.

Modern Sonic doubled-taked his expression before stomping a foot down and lifting a fist, warning him indirectly to quit judging him.

He then pulled back to turn away.

“Either way. I’m sorry for my selfish behavior. Me and Sonic are going to have a long talk now. So you can go. We’ll be okay. Many challenges can come up when you have close friends. But…” she looked down to the side, before up behind her at Sonic.

“Greater friends put differences behind them. And walk on towards a brighter future.” she smiled, as Sonic looked back to her, and then away to scratch his nose, as if embarrassed.

She giggled and turned back to Classic Amy.

Once she turned around, and he checked with his eyes to be sure of this, he leaned up to address Classic Amy, and held up a thumbs up and a signature wink with a smile.

It was as if he was telling her it would be alright too.

Seeing that the two were going to make-up made Classic Amy’s worried expression of love turn to pure delight, and she did her usual dance and happy twirling of jumps before rushing into Modern Amy’s arms and hugging her.

Once done, she raced back to her hero, who casually, as if duty, just scooped her back up without much care for the Modern scenario and walked off a moment, bouncing Classic Amy in his arms to get a good hold on her.

Also… it made her laugh, that could have contributed to the action too.

Modern Amy smiled when she saw them leave, before returning to a small, neutral frown and getting up, dusting off her dress.

“…You ready?” Sonic turned back to her, and offered his hand.

“….Em.” she looked at him, then the hand, and accepting a new trust needed to be formed, along with a new understanding, she took it.

The two, led by Sonic, walked off further down and away from humanity, finding some privacy.

“I’m… not good with compromises Amy… but I can explain… a little, of what I was doing so far away from everything.” he looked down, kicking the ground.

She nodded, her hand still in his.

“…I don’t want you to think… that it’s… entirely because of what I’m going to say. But i hope it explains my behavior lately…. especially towards you.”

She nodded again, wiping her eyes.

“…I… We’ve been getting..*ehem* we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other, you know?”

He let go of her hand, and threw his arms up behind his head.

She was surprised and perplexed by his suddenly shift in uneasiness, and blinked up at him.


He stared off towards the sun.

“…We… We’ve *Ehem* had a lot of adventures together… you know?” he once again dropped his hands and continued to press his toe into the dirt.

“Makes a guy think… exactly… what this is… It’s difficult for me to really call it anything… or place a title on it… but…” he turned away and walked on, looking up again.

“Made me think. That’s all.”

She was suddenly, and very slowly, growing more and more interested in what he was trying to say.

She followed, suspiciously, behind him.

“What you took for um…*cough, ehem* ‘Anger’ was actually a cover.” Sonic placed a fist over his mouth, as if this was hard for him to articulate.

Amy’s stare held, before her eyes widened.


“… was the cover?”

Sonic turned back around, facing her.

The light through the sky seemed to blare over the image of the two, details were lost, but words were crisp and clear…

He looked down again after a moment of staring.

His feet kicked up slowly over the other.

“That’s the thing… that’s hard for me to address… one I can’t name. Nor identify…”

He stopped closer in front of her, and slowly… rose his head up to her eyes.

“Out of fear.”

The wind rushed by.

Amy’s hair gently floated behind her, as she slowly held a hand up to her chest in a tight ball again, her heart pounding.

He looked at her expression, then her eyes, trying to read what she was getting from all this.

He looked away again, and walked briskly ahead once again, swinging his arms around.

“I can’t say I have an answer! But half the reason I wasn’t around for so long was one, the Gears, and two, some thoughts. More things popped up, but the thoughts were the most present and…”

He stopped from his carefree facade, and turned back to her… then swished his head away as if embarrassed or ashamed at his next word.



He immediately noticed her expression and grew shyer, more defensive, and especially continued to avoid being directly assertive again.

“Ehem.” he cleared his throat once more and folded his arms, looking away. “We should head back. I’ll try and be more considerate of your feelings this time. I’ll let you battle more and even take charge of your own positioning. Just… Just promise me one thing, Amy Rose.”

He turned back to her, swaggering up, before stopping the swaying to try and hold himself seriously again, but his nature suggested he tried to play most of his feelings off, and Amy was picking up on that.

His eyes were a serious plea, and Amy could hear the slight shift in tone too…

He wasn’t playing around.

This was a sincere desire of his heart for her too keep.

“Just.. Don’t get hurt. Don’t let me lose anything more.”



She was going to keep that promise, forever..

And ever.

My feels right now, I need to go to bed, goodbye sweet, cruel world.

(AU-y, but I tried to stick to character as much as possible…)

miyakokurono  asked:

Angsty Saeyoung x MC. Maybe a big argument which ends with Seven storming out in tears but when MC tries to make up he wants to push her away and yet somehow they end up making up and getting there relationship back on track. So happy end?

Sorry this took so long, I had a hard time getting imagination to write for seven honestly. Not that I don’t like him, it’s just that he’s a complicated character lol

“Well maybe if you didn’t ignore me then we wouldn’t be having a problem.”

It was there that it all went wrong. You knew you shouldn’t have said it, and you wanted to take back the words as soon as they left your mouth but it was impossible. 

Saeyoung blinked. The light coming in from the window reflected the glare off of his glasses, making it for a second hard to see his eyes.

“What?” His tone was heavy, crisp, and you winced. He had been working harshly the entire week, basically absentmindedly putting you aside, and you had had enough. You wanted to have a conversation with him about it but not like this.

Not like this.

“Saeyoung, I didn’t-”

“No I heard you perfectly well,” He began to laugh and you furrowed your eyebrows. He ran a hand through his hair, still laughing. “I just- I thought we had gotten past this Y/N. I really did. I thought you respected my need for time.”

“I do,” You said, unwilling to step down. “But I also want time for us.” 

He sighed, further inflaming the fire building inside you. Why was he taking this so lightly?

“So do I, honey. You know I love you-”

“Do you?”

The thought had been bubbling in your mind, and it overflowed from your heart and onto your lips. You hadn’t meant for it to come out and let out a silent gasp, covering your mouth. It was too late.

Saeyoung stared at you, face frozen before he grinned. It was shaky, broken, his fall back mask for whenever he was suffering, the false joker persona he put on breaking through.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” His mask was failing, and the hurt drenched his voice. “Huh?”


“No. Stop. I don’t want to do this right now,” His fist clenched into his jacket and he began to walk through the door. “I’ll see you later.”

You couldn’t let him leave. If this left off on a bad note you knew how he’d react. You knew he would completely recoil from you. And that was the thing that would leave you crying on the pavement.

With this in mind you rushed forward, grabbing his arm. 

“Don’t!” Saeyoung ripped his arm from your grip like your touch was fire. You stared at him in surprise, his eyes just as wide. He gritted his teeth, regret pooling in his molten gaze but pride preventing him from saying anything.

You could only watch as the door slammed behind him.

Saeyoung mumbled underneath his breath as he flipped the house upside down. A pillow went flying over his head as he checked the couch.

“Where is my laptop..??”

He had gone out for a breather and upon returning noticed his precious possession was missing. He could always just continue on the main computer but all the information was on the - ugh!

Footsteps trailed behind him and he spun around to see you nervously playing with the edge of your shirt. Pain went through his chest.

“I thought I said I didn’t want to see-” He stopped when he saw you reveal his laptop from behind your back. “It was you?”

Well no duh, a voice inside him mocked. Who else would it have been?

You opened your mouth but he interrupted. “I don’t want to hear it.”

You closed your mouth back, giving him an exasperated look. He knew he was being insensible and essentially pouted, crossing his arms with a glare. You shook your head, opening the laptop.

‘No words then’, you seemed to say as you didn’t respond. Just as he was about to ask you what you were doing you turned the laptop towards him.

The screen was black before words flashed, big and bold.


He could only stare.

A sad face blinked on before more words appeared, diagonally sliding across.


He couldn’t help the slight upwards twitch of the corner of his lips. 


He frowned. The words didn’t stay still, glitching and bouncing everywhere on the screen. You narrowed your eyes in confusion at his frown and looked at the screen, only to freak.

“What?” You said, embarrassed as your face heated. “It’s not - ha - not supposed to do that!” You smacked the laptop.

“Is this what you were doing the whole time I was out?” He asked, and admired the way your cheeks glowed brighter as he walked up to you with a knowing inflection in his voice. He took one glance at the laptop. “You probably wrote in the html wrong.”

“You’re the computer genius here, not me,” You muttered, looking away. Saeyoung lifted your chin gently.

“I should be the one saying sorry,” He said. You were quick to argue but he put a finger to your lips with an amused smile. “Shhh. Let me apologize. I promise I’ll make more time for you.”

“Really?” You grinned, eyes shining.

He chuckled, a joyful sound, scruffy, vermilion hair highlighting his golden eyes as he rolled them. “Well don’t sound so happy about it. How about we go on a trip to the moon?”

You shook your head in disbelief, still grinning. If he was saying nonsense he was back to normal. “Sure.”

Saeyoung dipped down to give you a sudden kiss, cupping your cheek before breaking away with a playful nip on your bottom lip. “That’s my girl.”