a journey through space

Aquarians think back to front and sideways, up and down, and everyday you could think a thought. There is something unique glossed in every Aquarius idea, a flash of cosmic genius that leaves a golden glow around the heavenly cherished mind.
Other galactic realities are common daydreams for
Aquarians, who seem to walk through time when they wander through imagination. Reality is a consensual agreement that Aquarians never agreed to, and it dances through their glistening flight through humanity. Chemistry sets filled with glistening stars explode inside, and life is a journey through space, inspiration, vision, and curiosity. The unusual Aquarius expression
can leave people puzzled by their odd habits or rituals. There is always something out of the ordinary about tasks performed, like they read the instructions back to front or read a book out of order. Some of Aquarians hardly sleep, some can eat little for days, and others can heal purely from self made medicine. The magic in Aquarius spans from the third eye to the sun and around the universe again, always elevating and altruistic in its pursuit.


Meet Halley!

⭐Title: “The Comet”
⭐Favorites: Music, outer space, freedom, video games
⭐Dislikes: Tight spaces, authority, sticky things
⭐About: A carefree, tough-as-nails tomboy. Raised on a planet with strict rules and ordinances, she hates being confined, restricted, or ordered around, so she ditched her homeworld to journey through space!
⭐Random Fact: Likes to sing, but keeps it a secret

“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it. Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you; and if you are not willing to change, then don’t expect your life to. The first place we lose the battle is in our own thinking. If you think it’s permanent then it’s permanent. If you think you’ve reached your limits then you have. You have to change your thinking…You have the power to change your life at any given moment. Never forget that.”

Socrates said that, “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Be kind and gentle with yourselves, my friends. With adversity, comes opportunity. Forgive yourself quickly so as to not waste DIVINE opportunity. Do not continue to slap the Universe-Yourself in the face.

Slow down

Take a deeep breath…

…even if it’s just for a few minutes, try to LISTEN and be humbled –
Every single one you is worthy of ALL you hold dear in the depths of your heart!
Do NOT deny yourself of your Divine Truth, your Divine LOVE!

I think it’s crucial (especially now) that we all refrain from seeking external validation for the present that is our existence. Whether you seek to satiate this hunger/loneliness/anxiety/boredom/etc– btw, when you feel this way, the ONLY thing you absolutely NEED and the only person that NEEDS to care for or love you, IS YOU– and silencing your own needs by using other people is pretty rude, completely nonsensical, and seriously fucking unhealthy for everyone involved.

Each of us is here, infinitely learning to understand and ask for what we need, in order to decide how we move forward in creating who we ARE. This perceived fragmented journey through "Time” and “Space” has led you to exactly where you are right NOW. How perfectly imperfect is that?! Because when you look at who you were three years ago, and then ten years ago, you might laugh and you’ll most likely cringe; but this reflection on your journey will always contain a powerful and peaceful nostalgia- one that you can actually have right now, in the present, with plenty of patience, self-discipline, practice, and love. I think that when we reflect back on our lives- regardless of what personal hells we have trekked across, seemed to barely climb out of, and not only survived through, but THRIVED through- those earlier pains have long since dulled, your heart has healed itself many times over; and yes, maybe we can remember the significant Darknesses that have also forged and molded our Strength time and time again, but I believe that we primarily reminisce, FEEL, resonate with, and re-experience the Light. And like very young children, we easily and happily re-welcome and relive those moments in which the Love outside of us allowed us to reconnect to the Love eternally within us. When we look back, maybe we look back to once again know the Love that we have presently and temporarily forgotten. We go back to being naive to remember. And we will do it again, many times over. But you can have that Love now because you are entitled to it!
YOUR BIRTH, YOUR LIFE, THE FACT THAT THE UNIVERSE THOUGHT YOU SPECIFICALLY NEEDED TO EXIST– THIS is the ONLY validation you will EVER need. Speak openly and honestly, with appropriate consideration. People will ALWAYS feel what they are going to feel and it is not your responsibility or obligation to convolute that process by choosing them as you neglect yourself and your own highest TRUTH. You are NOT responsible for or even capable of genuinely/deeply/permanently changing other’s emotions, experiences, decisions, or lives. Look back on your entire life thus far; try to recall each moment, whether you perceived it to be inconsequential or significant, agonizing or ethereal, full of darkness or full of light–now try and remember each passing thought in your mind, each passing feeling that resonated within these moments… and you will discover that you most likely cannot. Reflect upon the infinite nature of Yourself; it is inexplicably complex because you, yourself are a Universe. And so is every One else. So if you desire to truly and deeply Love the people and the world around you, look Inward. You are the One you are seeking. If everyone were to commit to the lifelong (most likely eternal lol) alignment with their Highest Truths, we could know a deep love and true peace on this plane of existence.

Infinite Love, Respect, and Gratitude for You.

Thank you for listening!

—  Alexandria Gabrielle Fuertes

So I’ve made the big mistake to listen to the greatest masterpiece of mankind* for the first time in a long time again.

Brain: hey aside from the fact that you know the song is based off a Swedish poem which you’ve never read, don’t you think that’s perfect inspiration for a sci-fi Zesty/Berseria AU?

Me: ???? The only basis for this is the entire corrupted earth and actually deity plot, and, like, why?

Brain: 8D

…Well, at least I didn’t give in and think about plot bunnies or re-designed any characters for a sci-fi setting (…yet…). However, a really lazy but theatrical low-effort doodle of angel Phi happened.

Brain: But hey, wouldn’t all the girls look amazing in plugsuits!????


Brain: *whispers* Michael is the narrator of the song! 83 Also that 20-year-journey through space is the perfect interval for Sorey and Mikleo to grow up from tiny babies to saviours of the universe that Michael & co fucked up and stuff –


P.S.: I’ve actually recorded myself doodling this, so in case you’re curious how I’m doing my messy low-effort doodles, that might be interesting for you! I’ll try to edit it tonight, but as video editing takes me a while, I can’t tell when it will go online. Plus, my neighbours might want to sleep soon and won’t appreciate it if I record my commentary for the video. But we’ll see. I’ll let you know on tumblr once I’m done, of course!

*For everybody out there who doesn’t know this band, this album, and this song in particular (nope, no loops included in the Youtube video, the song runs for a solid half an hour): it is fucking perfection. Listen to it at least 30 times to grasp a glimpse of its perfection. Just. Just. THIS SONG.

Windows to the Soul - Shiro x Reader

Prompt: Do you think you could write a Shiro imagine where he’s still having trouble remembering everything that happened on the Galra ship until he remembers a girl (the reader) that was captured with him and remembers having feeling of strong emotions around her, though he isn’t sure what kind of emotions those are until they attack a Galra ship (the one with her on it) and sees her again. Thanks! (You can decide what those feelings were ;)


That’s all that Shiro can remember of you.

Bright, beautiful eyes that always seemed to look at him with a degree of warmth no matter how dire the situation was. Those eyes haunted him at night. When Shiro was able to fall asleep he dreamed of those warm gentle eyes. He didn’t know where he knew them from but all he knew was that they felt all too familiar. You eyes called out to him in his dreams but it bothered him that he couldn’t remember anything else about you.

Subconsciously, Shiro was always searching for those eyes on his journeys through space but his search always came up empty. It wasn’t until he saw your eyes in a recently liberated Galra work outpost that he was flooded with memories.

“[Y/N].” He breathed. He wasn’t sure how he knew that name but all he knew was just how natural it felt leaving his lips. You looked up at him when he said your name. His eyes immediately fixated on yours as they transformed from defeated and lifeless to the warm sparkling eyes he was somehow intimately familiar with.

“Shiro? You came back for me!” You cried, throwing your arms around his neck. The force of your embrace knocked you both to the ground. You grabbed Shiro’s face and peppered him with quick kisses.

“I said I would wouldn’t I?” He replied, visions of you being pulled away as he was thrown into his cell with the other gladiators. His foggy memory remembers calling out to you vowing that he would find you again, no matter what. The last image he had of you was your mournful but yet still fiercely determined eyes.

“After all this time I thought for sure …” You trailed off, not able to voice the rest of your dark thought.

“I’m here now. You’re safe.” Shiro reassured, gently smoothing down your hair. He desperately roamed his eyes across every inch of your face to memorize every line and curve. He never wanted to forget you ever again.

“Are we going home, Shiro?” You asked, breaking him out of his concentration.

“Not quite yet, but soon. I promise.” Shiro promised. Shiro pulled the two of you to your feet and held his hand out to you invitingly. “Come with me, [Y/N]. There are some people I’d like for you to meet.”

You took his hand and never looked back.

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1. Diabetes - a very sweet book: 

Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

2. Chickenpox - a book that you read once and will not read again:  

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

3. Influenza - a contagious book that spreads like a virus:  

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. 

4. The Cycle - a book that you read every month, every year, or very often:  

Fairy Oak series by Elisabetta Gnone.

5. Insomnia - a book that kept you up all night:  

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.

6. Amnesia - a book that’s been forgotten and failed to leave an impression on you:  

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

7. Asthma - a book that took your breath away:  

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater.

8. Malnutrition - a book that lacked food for thought:  

The Siren by Kiera Cass.

9. Motion Sickness - a book that took you on a journey through time and space:  

The Giver series by Lois Lowry.

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the wedding photo

little drabble based on this post.

She knew it shouldn’t be awkward - it was as much her apartment as it is his. Every corner of the place held a memory that was them, every piece of furniture, every little detail was part of their story, part of their journey. And still, as she made her way through the familiar spaces, she felt like she was discovering it all over again.

He had been carrying their luggage inside and when he came back, he found her standing in front of what was their favorite framed picture in the entire place. It was a candid shot from their wedding, taken surprisingly by Sawyer. Jane was on the left, looking at someone out of the frame, and smiling, deliriously happy, as she had been throughout that whole day. And similarly Kurt, standing right next to her, pressed against her, was doing what he had been doing almost all day - staring at Jane, smiling, his love for her shining through his gaze. 

“You looked so happy,” he whispered as he came to stand behind her, at a safe distance.

She felt her heart break at his words, and for a moment, she could not turn around to face. She willed her tears to not spill and slowly shifted to look at him. “I was happy,” she insisted. She didn’t just look happy.

He gave her a half smile and nodded, looking away from her - from the picture on the wall. 

“Kurt,” she said his name, firmly, urging him to look at her, “I was happy. And not just that day. I was happy every single day with you. You make me happy.”

She’d stopped trying to stop her tears from falling. “You make me so happy. That was never the reason why… why I had to leave,” she was crying now, and he wanted nothing more but to grab her and pull her against him, to hold her until she had nothing left to cry about. “I never had a choice. You have to know… you have to know that if I have a choice I will always, always, choose you.”

“I love you,” she sobbed those last three words and it broke every last bit on restraint he had. He reached for her, wrapping her in his embrace, and repeated those words to her until they both had cried every last tear.


compilation of adelle AUs (2/?)

Doctor Who!AU

A few years after the curse has been broken, Prince Adam and Princess Belle have settled into a comfortable day-to-day life in their royal titles. One day while they’re finally getting started on cataloging the books in the library, they find a strange blue book with even stranger drawings and scribbles inside. 

Both very curious about their find, they research extensively on what the contents inside the book could mean. This leads to an unexpected visit from an eccentric man inside a magical blue box, who offers them an adventure through time and space. 

Thus begins their timeless journey, gallivanting through different worlds and cultures, while also getting into mischief along the way as they let loose and revel in the freedom.

It won’t be quiet, it won’t be safe, and it won’t be calm, The Doctor once warned them, but he kept his promise: it was a trip of a lifetime!

peregrineroad  asked:

Maybe something post gotg1 in which Peter has to fake his death for a job, and isn't expecting much of a response from Yondu because he's already severed those bonds, but...?

Also posted on AO3: Plankton Thieves of Uzebi.

(I love this prompt, and I swear I meant to write something super angsty for this, but … uh … it wandered off in this direction instead.)

Good jobs were hard to come by these days – all the more, Yondu thought, when you were tryin’ to dig your way out of a four billion credit hole. Not to mention Stakar and his 99 cursed Ravager clans had been prosperous lately, which meant they’d squeezed Yondu’s boys out a lot of the more profitable sectors.

So the Eclector’s crew were scraping by, skimming cargos from merchant vessels and hunting bounties, for the most part. And yeah, Yondu knew there were murmurings among the crew, knew more than a few blades were being sharpened for his back. Wouldn’t be the first time, wouldn’t be the last. Staying alert for someone trying to shove a knife between your shoulders was everyday business when his business consisted of running a pirate gang composed of thieves, thugs, and mercenaries.

(And if he sometimes thought of the days when he’d had a better class of thugs to call his own, well, those days were gone. His crew still had a backbone of solid, loyal people, and the good days would come around again.)

In the meantime, he spent a lot of hours alone in his quarters, skimming through the galactic newsfeeds and finding jobs to send his boys out on. It was Quill’s name that caught his eye – not a surprise, wouldn’t be the first planet the kid was wanted on, and it was pure curiosity that made him start reading it (just keeping tabs on the little bastard, see what he was up to these days). It took him a couple of lines to realize he was reading an obituary.

Peter Quill, hero of the Battle of Xandar, was confirmed dead in a rare Krylorian sharknado, a local weather phenomenon in which severe localized winds sweep up oceanic predatory fish in a whirling spiral of death. Quill was attempting to rescue a boatload of orphans from a sudden storm when his body was obliterated beyond recognition –

Yondu’s first reaction was a feeling akin to being kicked very hard in the stomach. If he were willing to examine that feeling a little more closely, there might be a whole lot of feelings underneath there that he was refusing to give too much thought to.

His second reaction was a suspicious squint at the screen.

“Good plan, huh? Good plan!” Peter declared, poking at the screen while flashing a triumphant grin over his shoulder at his erstwhile crew.

“Excellent plan!” (Drax, followed immediately by, “What plan?”)

“Terrible plan.” (Gamora. She thought all his plans were terrible, so nothing unusual there.)

“I am Groot!” (Tiny, shrill, and cheerful.)

“Pass the biphasic decoupler, wouldja?” (Rocket. Not listening.)

“Guys! Come on! We can’t operate easily in Uzebi space because they’re one of the most bureaucratic planets in the entire Hoffed Confederacy, papers and retinal scans for everything, and I’m wanted there, but not if I’m …” He flicked his fingers lightly across the screen. “Daniel Hasselson, Terran purchaser of rare biological specimens. No relation at all to Peter Quill, who died a week ago on Kryloria in a freak accident. The important thing is, Uzebi doesn’t keep retinal scans or DNA on file for dead people. And we can waltz off with a shipload of Uzebi psychic plankton, which are dead cheap here because they’re a pest species, but are incredibly expensive –”

“And illegal,” Gamora added.

“… and frowned on by the morality police –”

“– also the actual police –”

“– in the Nova Empire, where they’re regarded as an illicit drug.”

“Due to being an illicit drug.”

“Gamora,” Peter said, “if you have a problem with the plan, just say so. I mean, the way I see it, we’re doing them a favor, taking a biological pest off the hands of the Uzebi, by purchasing it through totally legal channels –”

“And then becoming drug dealers in one of the few places in the galaxy that we are considered heroes rather than wanted criminals.”

“Only because that’s the only place it’s worth any money. And,” Peter added, grinning, “it is worth a lot of money.”

Rocket waved a paw in the air. “I’m in.”

“I thought you would be.”

“I am Groooot!”

“I … have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing it has nothing to do with the current topic.”

“He wants to be moved closer to the sunlamp.” Rocket straightened up, brushing grease off his palms, and rotated Groot’s pot. “There ya go, little buddy.”

“Anyway, see? Good plan? In, out, what could possibly go wrong –”

“This,” Gamora yelled at Peter, “was a terrible plan!”

“There’s no need to shout!” Peter covered his ears with his hands, as if it made the slightest difference. “I can hear you just fine if you don’t talk at all. I can also hear every single –” He scowled at Drax. “If you have to go so bad, just go!”

“I prefer not to defecate while departing a planet’s atmosphere. There are sudden pressure changes which can cause –”

“Aargh! Stop!”

Rocket had very discreetly skulked off to the farthest corner of the Milano, which made absolutely no difference whatsoever, since it was not a large ship and most parts of it were equally far from the cargo hold, currently full of barrels of psychic plankton.

“I am starting to see why these tiny beasts are considered a pest species,” Gamora groaned, pressing her fists to her temples. “Peter, what is that monstrous thing you are thinking of?”

“It’s an elephant,” Peter said between his teeth. “From Earth.”

“I assumed it was some manner of oddly deformed Earth animal, but what bearing does it have on the present situation?”

“None!” Peter said triumphantly. “None whatsoever! On Earth, it’s what we think of when we’re trying not to think about – oh, fuck – Gamora, I swear that wasn’t your, I mean, any part of you – ow, Gamora, that’s my ear, I need that –”

They ended up jettisoning the psychic plankton cargo just outside Uzebi orbit because there was no freaking way they were willing to go through a twenty-jump journey to Nova space like this.

As the plankton barrels tumbled gently above the planet’s seven small moons, freezing rapidly in the utter cold of space and extinguishing, one thread at a time, the psychic warp and weft that had been woven between the crew, Peter looked up. He thought he’d felt, for a moment, a quick flicker of profound relief and annoyance and possibly just a bit of pride.

He couldn’t imagine where it had come from; there was no close traffic. They were all alone out here, away from major Uzebi shipping lanes and headed as quickly as possible for the jump point.

Some of the sources he’d read while he was researching this job had suggested that the plankton, in sufficient concentrations, were capable of establishing psychic connections to loved ones anywhere in the galaxy, but that wasn’t possible in this case since everyone he (loved) cared about was here on this ship, and anyway –

Anyway, it was gone now.