a journal of insomnia


This journal is one of the best presents I’ve ever been given. Whenever you can’t sleep, you can just flip to a random page and it’ll ask you a question or tell you to write about something, and you can just write whatever comes into your head. It’s brilliant. When you wake up the next day and read it back, it can be surprising. Oh, and it’s got quotes in it too, which is always great. It’s the perfect gift for any aspiring writer or frustrated insomniac - or any combination of the two.



- Bennett’s full name is Bennett Cambar Beckett, they don’t like to say that their first surname is Cambar, the reason as to the why is not going to be said in this list.

- Before they died, their blood type was B-.

- Bennett is 10 minutes younger than Yolaine.

- Bennett is bisexual.

- Bennett is able to manipulate shadows and ice.

- Before they died they used to be a redhead.

- Bennett likes cold temperatures and hates hot temperatures.

- It’s very rare for them to like warm but it’s possible.

- Bennett wrote two journals in a half full of information.

- Bennett has secondary insomnia.

- Bennett has mayor pyrophobia.

- Since Bennett has pyrophobia they ask Yolaine if she could bring them some food because they’re so scared of fire to the point that they get paranoid while cooking.

- Bennett can hold a grudge for a VERY long time.

- Bennett can be harmed and die easily.

- Bennett has a customised gun that they made, it can change to different types of guns.

- Bennett sucks at hand to hand combat.

- Bennett knows how to control their powers 87% of the time.

- Bennett doesn’t have any reproductive organs.

- They go by them/they pronouns.

- Bennett is very agile and can easily dodge attacks [not all the time].

- Bennett is a what most people call as “Mad Scientist”.

- Bennett’s best friend is Ady.

- If you thought that being possesed by a spirit was bad enough then, oh boy, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

- Bennett’s “blood” is black and it isn’t actually blood, it’s just a substance to keep them “alive”.

- Bennett is half-french half-british.

- Bennett has a mark on their back that looks like an eye.

- Bennett enjoys chaos and order.


- Yolaine is a redhead.

- Yolaine’s blood type is B-.

- Yolaine is 10 minutes older than Bennett.

- Yolaine is a lesbian.

- Yolaine is really strong but not as strong as Ady.

- Yolaine is very protective towards Bennett.

-Yolaine likes hot temperatures and hates cold ones.

- Yolaine can also hold a grudge but is more forgiving than Bennett.

-Yolaine doesn’t have any weapons.

- She has a good life but she has to work a lot to keep it that way.

- Yolaine has trypophobia.

- Yolaine is a graphic desingner and an architect.

- Yolaine has an allergy to cold.

- She is the only one with golden eyes in her family.

- She’s been dating Ady for a good while [ My beautiful child is dating the fish and I love it ].

- Yolaine helps Bennett at their work sometimes.

- Yolaine get’s really confused when Bennett starts talking about the supernatural and their work but she doesn’t say anything because they look so happy while doing so.

- Yolaine enjoys any kind of art equaly.

- Yolaine has really high defences and likes to annoy Bennett about it.

- Yolaine is most of the time working and when she isn’t working she likes to check on Bennett to make sure they’re ok.

- Yolaine really enjoys order but likes chaos at times.

- Yolaine tries to help Bennett with their pyrophobia but fails miserably because she doesn’t know anything about psycology.

- Part of Yolaine’s to do list is filled with different ways to annoy Bennett.

- Yolaine has some troubles talking in english since her first lenguage was french.

- Yolaine is also is half-french half-british.

- Yolaine has a tattoo of a flower in her wrist.

- Yolaine enjoys nature a lot.

Well that was all for today, hope you enjoy reading and have F U N .

“a product of insomnia”

approaching the end of my second journal, I realised that I had done almost every page after midnight. hence this book is a product of insomnia!

(please don’t delete my caption!)

ig- apricoats ⭐️

The Wall Street Journal commissioned Rachael Saunders to illustrate a recent article about the benefits of drinking special cow’s milk. Drinking cow’s milk produced at night may be a treatment for anxiety and insomnia, suggests an animal study in the Journal of Medicinal Food. Rachael created a lovely illustration in her playful friendly style.

The Killer’s Killer


After yet another restless night’s sleep,

I barely recognized my face in the mirror.

I looked as though I had driven through

the night with murderous revenge on my

mind—so I texted my friend and suggested

we meet for breakfast another morning,

just in case the killer wasn’t here for me

and someone else had it coming.