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Black Emporium gifts for you AND me! *_*

The @black-emporium-exchange collection is live, though authors and artists remain anonymous for the time being. But if you take a look, you might be able to find a few things from yours truly… I will of course be posting those here when our secret identities are revealed, but until then why not see if anything catches your eye? Tons of great stuff in there if you’re into Dragon Age and rare pairings!

This year I got three totally amazing gifts from three totally wonderful creators and I’ve got to share them:

One Jump, Dalish/Skinner
An ENTIRE COMIC, like, three times as long as anything I’ve ever made, which is an absolutely incredible feat and I am in awe of the creator’s hard work. It’s an exciting action/adventure story that explores how Skinner ended up with the Chargers and fell in lesbians with Dalish, with bonus background Adoribull, also featuring Dalish and Dorian playing off each other hilariously. It’s so great and I am so blessed to have been the recipient.

[NSFW] Sweet Talk, Cassandra/F!Adaar
This artist heard my plea for Cassandra getting *** ***** ***, THANK YOU, KIND ARTIST, BRAVE HERO. And the result is so lovely and warm and pleasing to look at, just a super gorgeous drawing.

and the one that came in late this afternoon as a treat/birthday gift from a totally mysterious person I’m sure I don’t know, hm, who could it be,

Pathways, Nathaniel/Velanna
I don’t even know how to explain how much I just spent the last hour screaming into my own ass over how much everything about this was directed specifically at me with the intent of making me scream into my own ass. ADVENTURE FIC. AVVAR SPIRIT NONSENSE. CULTURE-ACCURATE POETRY. All of it a delightful backdrop to Nathaniel and Velanna being infuriatingly, stupidly in love. Seriah makes a cameo! MY VERY OWN DAUGHTER. My heart was hammering the whole way through and when I wasn’t smiling over how much I love the characters I was clutching my face and trying not to cry about it. My head caught fire and I died. That’s about as ringing an endorsement of a thing as I think a person can offer.

i do notice people unfollow when i hyperfixate on something now. this isnt  a callout, because thats perfectly reasonable- they followed me for certain content, and if i stop posting that content, its their right to unfollow me. 

at the same time though, serious shout out to those who have kept following me through all my jumps and subject changes. i appreciate you all so much, and youre the people who make it worthwhile. i log in everyday and post in the hopes that i can make you guys happy, and as long as you follow, i know im doing my job right.

please have the loveliest of days, all of you

so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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i try to enjoy the little things in life. good coffee. cute dogs. the smell of almonds roasting. killin nazis. big cuddly sweaters. sleeping in.

since I started working as a teacher, I couldn’t stop thinking about this post by @batcii

so here’s professor Longbottom and professor Potter

All Too Well (M) | Pt. 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,061
Author’s Note: I always wanted to try my hand on a Yoongi chapter story, and then I saw this prompt on tumblr and decided to go with it. I also want to note up ahead that I’m not super familiar with how the recruiting process for Kpop groups go and my knowledge only extends to really quick skims of articles just to get the basis. Regardless, I hope I can get to more parts, so let me know what you think.

also idk if this should be considered a prologue or a part 1 but oh well im just leaving it as part 1


You suppose that it all starts and ends with a letter.

Dear Mr. Min Yoongi,” Your boyfriend reads across the kitchen counter, fingers curling tightly around the paper in his hands, eyes blown wide with a gaze depicting such rare intensity that you’ve actually stopped fixing your morning coffee just to catch a sight of his expression. You can’t entirely place the feeling weighing itself into your stomach, so you settle with staring at him and trying to keep your own facial features as neutral as possible. “We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the final audition at our label and therefore are officially recruited into our newest group Bangtan Boys. You are going to be one of seven other boys joining our label as trainees and we are excited to finally bring everyone together to prepare for debut. Although training won’t officially start until next week, we ask that you come to the studio tomorrow morning to meet the other members as well as be prepped on our expectations and scheduling. We wish to congratulate you on your hard work and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming years. Sincerely, Big Hit Studios.”

When Yoongi doesn’t react immediately to the positive news, you flicker your gaze up to study him. His eyes, once again, are scanning the paper, quicker and quicker with each line as if he didn’t read it or hear it correctly the first time around. His eyes have grown to the size of saucers at this point, and you would have thought him to be a statue had it not been for the rather loud inhales and exhales coming from the boy. The sight itself would have been rather comical had it not been for the context behind the stare.

So you try for a gentle smile, leaning a little on the counter to try and further gauge his expression. “Yoongi?” You inquire softly, reaching a hand across the space to run your hand along his shoulder blade. “Baby, are you alright?”

Yoongi blinks, snapping himself out of his trance as he shifts his gaze from the letter to you, back to the letter, and back to you. “I did it?” He whispers, the statement sounding more like a question above anything else and you find your lips curling up into a fond smile in light of Yoongi’s confusion—even though he was the one to read the letter multiple times, running over the words in his own mind repeatedly.

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Why Beyond is the best new Star Trek?
  • Bones has finally more than one line
  • We get to see the deep friendship and trust between Jim & Bones
  • We get to see the bonding of Spock & Bones and their trust forming
  • We hear from more than just Jim how much he needs Spock
  • We didn’t even need them together to realize this
  • As soon as Jim lost connection with Spock he’s running after him
  • Uhura not just show her deep respect for Jim but also her love for a friend
  • Uhura knows instantly Jim is in danger and saves his ass
  • Uhura also saves Spocks ass
  • Bones gets recognition from Jim because he’s not a damn pilot ;) but did an amazing job!
  • We get a slice of Jims insecurity about his life and being or not better
  • We also get a big understanding who Jim really is
  • We finally doesn’t see Jim being a ‘flirt’ because he isn’t!!!
  • We see Chekov being a little flirt & a ‘russia has made Scotch’ reverence
  • We get to see what’s Star Trek really is - Trust & Teamwork
  • We finally get stripes on the uniforms of every woman (real Uniforms :))
  • We get a full mission on a planet
  • Jim realized before everyone else he’s getting fooled by the alienwoman
  • We have so much aliens and beautiful species
  • We get a glimpse from Jims & Spocks bathroom (the blue towel isn’t Jims)
  • We get Sabotage of Beasty Boyes wich is the song Jim heard as ne droove himself nearly off a cliff in Iowa
  • We see Spock enjoy the music because he’s moving his head (maybe he knows this song already from Jim?)
  • We get Spirk through the whole film also flirting in the turbolift
  • We get another crewmember - Jaylah who’s amazing!!! & Kevin
  • Scotty gets a new friend - Jaylah
  • Scotty calls everyone lassie & laddie (even correct in german synchro :))
  • Jims Uniform gets ripped and not for the first time
  • We get another 5 Year Mission
  • We get crew bonding over Jims birthdayparty and he enjoys it for the first time
  • We see finally what’s in Spock-Primes box
  • Spock Prime get’s a rightful last mention in this movie
  • Jims words in the end are pure esteem for Spock Prime and also the lost actors of Star Trek
  • And best for the last: We have the triumvirate :)

Have I missed something? Then please don’t be shy and add your points of ‘why Beyond is the best new Star Trek film’ :)