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#mermay2017 Day 26! My miraculous Oc as a mermaid 🐬 I dont post about her anymore because people started to take her image and use it for their own purpose without asking for permission or anything, which became very frustrating for me because i spend a lot of time working on her and i loved sharing her with my followers but seeing people having no respect for me, my art, or her character was just too much for me. Moral of the story, dont use others people oc as your own. #mermay #MerMay #mermaid #oc #art

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Celebrity Preferences: How They React When You Tell Them You’re Pregnant With Their Baby

{Dedicated to: @werewolfgirl1995, @sylviebell, @mrsdavidspade}

Sebastian Stan

Jeremy Renner

Chris Evans

Tom Hiddleston

Jake Gyllenhaal

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jai Courtney

Jared Leto

Robert Downey Jr.

Mark Ruffalo

Chris Hemsworth

Anthony Mackie


THE TABLET WORKS hooray! 8D Feels weird and both these felt funny to draw (the new pen feels like. flimsier than the old one? the old one was heavier and smoother and had this little give and click to it that this one doesn’t have, and also the pressure settings aren’t the same even though I did some adjusting) but that’s why I reserved today for getting accustomed to this. xD 

ETA: added a colorful picture yay!