a jar of fairy dust


Summer: *gasp* Is this…is this what I think it is?!

Kalen: Open it…

Summer: Oh my goodness, Kalen…it’s a Young Again Age Potion! How in the world did you find one of these?? They’re almost impossible to find!

Kalen: That little bugger was so difficult to track down, but I finally found an old woman over in Hidden Springs who makes them. It took me months to find her, and bargaining with her was almost as difficult as finding her! She finally settled for 8,000 Simoleons and 10 jars of my fairy dust…she cleaned me out good *chuckles*.

Summer: I-I can’t believe this…And to think, I can be young again AND save our legacy! Thank you, honey, thank you!!

*looks down at the bottle and back up at Kalen*

Wait…you spent how much?

Kalen: *chuckles* It was worth it, honey.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for *whispers* Dragon Queen?

DO I?! *grabs metric ton of papers*

Before it was canon I had pegged Regina and Mal as drinking buddies. Every time Leopold locked Regina in her room Mal would poof in. They would drink wine, study magic and enjoy each others bodies for days and nights on end.

Maleficent almost killed Leopold on two separate occasions. Once in dragon form and once in human form. He had left marks on HER Queen.

On the night of Leopold’s burial, Maleficent presented Regina with a crown made of silver, ivory,and rubies. Then she stripped off her dress and worshipped Regina as she sat on her throne.

When The Queen of Hearts kidnapped her father, Regina was frantic and it took Maleficent hours to calm her.

Knights from Midas’ s kingdom once tried to hunt Maleficent in dragon form. Regina ripped out each of their hearts and crushed them. She sent their bodies back to Midas in pieces and he never sent another person to the Forbidden Fortress.

When drunk, they would sneak to the fairy dust diamond mines and capture fairies in enchanted jars to use as lamps. Fairy dust is a powerful aphrodisiac for magic users so they would steal pinches if it for…recreational uses. Nova is still traumatized from what she saw.

During the height of her war against Snow White Maleficent turned all of the dwarves into donkeys as an amusing birthday surprise for Regina.

Regina loved Mal’s hair and would spend hours brudhing, braiding and touching it.

When Mal and Regina grew apart, Regina’s temper became worse and she killed quicker and in greater numbers. She cried every night for two months.

Only many years into the dark curse did Regina acknowledge that Mal had been trying to protect her when she had refused to give her the Dark curse.

Every year on Mal’s birthday, Regina took a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine to the library.

I had a dream Hakyeon stole my virginity. Like no you don't understand. I had a jar and on it was written virginity and it had colorful fairy dust inside and that Bitch came into my room and took it.

I want my damn sparkling virginity back Hakyeon!
These are the type of dreams I have.

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I just recently started following you, and I'm having a hard time believing you're a human being. Are you actually a painting that grew legs and hair and you forgot to tell us? Or maybe you climbed out of a jar of fairy dust or something? You baffle me in wonderful ways.

Awww.. this made me giggle so much! I try to live each day as if I climbed out of a fairy dust jar.. At least those are the best days.. When I remember to stay in that magical wonderful state of being where you can see the beauty in all things, and in all beings *~* hehe