a i-architecture

ya’ll know i love my documentaries, especially about architecture. i’ve got another one, sort of, that i’m gonna recommend to you. it’s on netflix and it’s called Abstract: The Art of Design and it’s been wonderful so far. so if you’re interested in art and design, i suggest checking it out. so far they’ve featured an illustrator, shoe designer, set designer, and currently i’m watching their episode on architecture. check it out.

anonymous asked:

for some reason I always thought you were an architecture student?

yeah, i can see how you thought that, i really love architecture and interior design. something about how clients interact and create memories with the spaces i develop is really attractive to me 

when im old and retire with a nice cash flow i’d love to go back to school and learn about it 

Don’t you know I miss her, too ?

If you could only know how passionate That Will Be All got me. After watching it ten times and breathing my thrills out, I suddenly felt the need to get back to my watercolors.

Him. He’s the one I want by my side when celebrating good times, and he’s the one I want helping me through the hard times. He’s the only person I want to wake up snuggled next to, the only one that consumes my late night thoughts & my dreams. There’s no one else that makes my heart soar and my mind race and my hands tremble like you do. It’s you, and only you. There’s nothing else I can say, no other words that would be true. You’re the one, why can’t you see that?
—  the words I failed to say around you//