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Even before doing my previous Zelda painting, I already knew that I wanted to do this. It’s themed Ocarina of Time, however there are one or two easter eggs hanging around.  ;)

I struggle to paint architecture, and if you haven’t noticed pretty much all my previous paintings have been based in nature. Couldn’t avoid it this time, so I  learned a few things!

Based on Edmund Leighton’s painting ‘Godspeed’ (1900).

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Castle walls

This is a humble post on some castle and fortification architectural terms - specifically, walls.  When writing, sometimes I cannot find the right word for a… *flails hands* thing, and I like to be accurate, when possible.  This is not The Definitive Post on Castle Architecture.  I’m sure someone else has made such a thing and they deserve applause.   

A balustrade is a railing piece along a bridge, stair or balcony.  It is supported by balusters, which are short, typically decorative columns.  Balustrade may also refer to the entire column/railing construction.  Balusters along a stairway are often called bannisters.

A parapet is a short, protective barrier, usually no more than head-height, along a terrace, balcony or roof.  When a parapet is crenellated, meaning it has indentations at regular intervals, it is called a battlement.  The gaps in a battlement are called crenels or embrasures; the solid upright sections (the not-gaps) of a battlement are called merlons.  

A bulwark is any kind of defensive wall or embankment.  A bastion is a structure projected outward from a castle or fortification.  The connecting wall between bastions or towers is a curtain wall.  

A rampart is a thick defensive wall with a broad top, which is often crowned with a parapet or battlement.  A chemin de ronde is a protected walkway atop a rampart and behind a battlement, sometimes called a wall-walk if you don’t want to sound too fancy.    

There are many more parts to castles and other fortifications.  Explore them and enjoy.  But if this helps anyone just a little, I will be pleased.  


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A bit about me:

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I’m from Virginia originally and could have never dreamed that I would be here now, working in fashion. I studied architecture at UVA, volunteered in the Peace Corps, worked as a day laborer with a construction crew and now I live in Brooklyn with my amazing wife Christine McCharen-Tran

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Hey archy, in your opinion what are some of the funniest well known architecture projects done. Funny is your interpretation. As always I love your blog and I appreciate all the info and words you share. Also I got accepted into my unis program and started last monday!!


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I donโ€™t like ridiculous or kitschy architecture. Architecture meant to look like animals or giant objects offend me. I guess the only architecture I find funny is the imaginary surreal work of some artists, like the following:

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