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To add onto February being three weeks away - I want to draw attention back to the very fact that February is so close, and that they have not even decided 100% whether or not this will be an entirely new album, or a repackage. 

Three weeks, or even four weeks maximum, from comeback, if it is prior to the tour. They cannot decide the album design, shoot, manufacture and package the hundreds of thousands of albums in less than three weeks unless they already have components taken care of. What is possible is that they already have they theme cemented from Bang PD님 when WINGS was in production and more than likely already filmed the MV prior to this announcement. 

This only cements how long they have been planning this. Please keep in mind, while yes, our wallets (most definitely mine) are crying, and we are worried for the members, this is what they love to do. They would release albums every month if they could do so and still keep to the quality they adhere themselves to. Just take a moment to remember and appreciate the efforts Bangtan, their producing teams, the designers, Bang PD님, and of course all of you go through with each album, each promotion and each tour. This is a wonderful, beautiful team of people that come together time and time again. 

We have three weeks to prepare ourselves. Fire was an insane promotion period right before their Epilogue concert and tour, and it looks like we are in for it again. Be ready! I will be bringing back all my old comeback tutorials, linking to @fyeahbangtaned when I need to, and here as always for any questions and needs. 

I honestly can’t even believe that seventeen is a real group. An adorably energetic, funny, cheerful group that only debuted a year and a half ago yet get hundreds of thousands in album sales with every comeback with their cute, catchy self-made music and choreography who are perfectly humble people with flawless manners and great teamwork like am I dreaming?????

Look at how cute this creature is. This is from the Birmingham gig. After he’d signed every bit of paper thrown at him, he went to get on his tour bus but stopped when he heard a crowd of people screaming for him on the other side. There was a moment where he just looked at them. He was being told he would be late for his Paris gig if he didn’t leave that second. He threw his head in his hands, laughed a little, and then ran over to them, much to the annoyance of his crew members who tried to stop him, where he signed another hundred or so album covers. He’s just the cutest thing <3

@prozacpill lemonade still better, sorry, she may have wrote every song by herself in a mountain at -40 degrees and lemonade is still a more complex, innovative album even if beyonce had four hundred writers. 21 got album of the year instead of my favorite album ever, Born this way, back in 2011 and i know Gaga wasn’t robbed because 21 was an outstanding album, 25 isn’t, srry 

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I can’t wait for Torin and Cinder to become so close that Torin starts acting like a proud mother and literally sits down with cinder and goes though hundreds of albums of baby pictures of kai and cinder loves all of them until she sees something peculiar and she is all like “Torin wtf is that” and torin has to explain that yes, toddler Kai was convinced that he and princess Selene were to get married and instead of being disgusted, Cinder kind of looks up at Kai, who is slouching in his Big Emperor Chair™ in embarrassment and just says, “Well, I mean, if he wants to know, the answer is yes.” And Kai doesn’t understand because he’s fucking oblivious BUT OF COURSE WITHIN SECONDS HE’S SOBBING AND WHISPERING “I LOVE YOU” into her ears and wow that’s a lot @kindasortaameyzing I think u would like this @allfortheloveofabook you too @carswell-thorne-is-my-precious you too

BTS is currently one of the top groups in the industry and have sold hundreds of thousands of albums, held sold out concerts in huge stadiums, appear on pretty much every variety show including running man, and every Kpop listener in the world knows their name… And yet I see some A.R.M.Ys complaining about how an album’s B track needs more recognition. Like geez how much more do you guys want?

Superbowl Commercial Idea: these two boys meet at a reality show. They want to be…singers? Singers! They see each other in line, meet officially, and then bippity boppity boo we have a hundred corresponding tattoos, multiple albums, and songs written for their high points, low points, and sex life. Commercial ends. Ed Sheeran can sing in the background. 


I’m  leading the largest group of the Russian part of Deo’s fans. So, there is some interesting fact: there is more than 8400 people in our community. So at least 12,5% of Dappy’s fan r Russian.
In our album hundreds gifts for cosmic nerd, but I can’t show them all :( 

I just want to inform about us. Just some useful information, but hope u like that

A rejects album could be on the way!! ONLY a FEW HUNDRED songs!!! This album would make me so happy, you have no idea how many audio clips from crappy YouTube videos I have of Ed performing these unreleased songs about 5 years ago, so full studio versions of these would be a dream come true!


-Hold on till forever
-I don’t care if your waiting for months
-stay away from our new album
-one hundred sleepless nights of waiting
-Just the way the album isn’t
-The boys who could not give us the release date
-I’d rather wait then be famous
-Wait for a day
-Whats so good about giving them a Release date?
-Im low on gas & you need the new album
-Tangled in the great wait