a hundred albums

these memes are based on the very lovely blog affectionsuggestion

‘  all i want to do is kiss you breathless  &  watch as your eyes light up when i tell you that you’re my universe.  ’
‘  concept:  just you  &  me,  driving away from the city.  the windows are down  &  the cold air feels amazing.  our songs are playing  &  we couldn’t be more in love.  ’
‘  concept:  we are together  &  nothing in the world can bring us down.  ’
‘  concept:  we listen to showtunes in bed while we eat chinese food under a blanket.  ’
‘  even when i’m not thinking about you,  i’m still kinda thinking about you.  ’
‘  every time we talk,  every time we touch,  i feel more  &  more in love with you.  ’
‘  everything  –  every single thing  –  reminds me of you.  ’
‘  hearing  ‘ i love you ’  from your side of the bed late at night makes my heart feel like it’s bursting with tiny,  happy spring flowers.  ’
‘  i can’t stop kissing you  &  i can’t stop thinking about kissing you.  ’
‘  i can’t stop thinking about you.  i just want to kiss you,  again  &  again  &  again  &  again.  ’
‘  i can’t wait for the next time i get to kiss you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to have hundreds of adventures with you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to raise a dog with you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to see you again.  it’s only a matter of time before we embrace  &  i feel at home once more.  ’
‘  i can’t wait until we’re in the same country,  in the same city,  in the same bed  &  under the same blanket.  ’
‘  i daydream about how your fingers would feel if they were intertwined with mine right now.  ’
‘  i didn’t believe in soulmates until i met you.  ’
‘  i don’t want better.  i want you.  ’
‘  i feel like i could lie wrapped in your arms,  staring at the sky for centuries  &  need nothing else.  ’
‘  i had a dream that we kissed last night.  ’
‘  i just need to be in a meadow right now on a warm day,  with you,  the smell of grass  &  flowers around us.  ’
‘  i just want to be sitting in the sun with you,  not knowing whether the warmth i feel is the pleasant sun or your soft smile warming my heart.   ’
‘  i just want to make gingerbread houses with you around christmas.  ’
‘  i just want to wake up in your arms every day.  ’
‘  i just want you close to me.  ’
‘  i just want you to sleep well  &  be happy.  ’
‘  i love everything about you.  ’
‘  i love how our legs feel entangled with each other.  i crave that feeling.  ’
‘  i miss you all the time.  i’m never sure how i feel,  but i know i always want you around.  ’
‘  i miss your soft touch against my skin.  ’
‘  i need your arms  &  legs around me,  surrounded by your warmth,  holding me tight,  with no intention of letting me go.  ’
‘  i often wake up thinking about you.  ’
‘  i stay up until 11:11 every night just to wish you were here with me.  ’
‘  i think you’re my favorite person in the world right now.  ’
‘  i want nothing but to make good memories with you.  ’
‘  i want to be your past,  present,  &  future.  ’
‘  i want to dance with you while you sing all your favorite songs,   looking lovingly into my eyes  &  meaning every beautiful lyric you sing to me.  ’
‘  i want to fill a hundred photo albums with memories of adventures with you.  ’
‘  i want to kiss every single spot on your body that you’re insecure of.  ’
‘  i want to kiss you each morning  &  each night.  ’
‘  i want to laugh with you  &  hold your cold hands.  ’
‘  i want to make a home with you.  the kind of home that lets you feel the love inside of it when you walk in.  it’ll be a safe place for us  &  the people we let into it.  ’
‘  i want to make chocolate mousse with you  &  then we can eat it together.  ’
‘  i want to see a whole world of different sunsets with you.  ’
‘  i want to take a walk in the snow with you.  ’
‘  i want us to share all of our excitement together.  ’
‘  i want you to kiss me  &  hold me close while telling me everything is going to be okay.  ’
‘  i wish you’d just kiss me.  ’
‘  i would rather listen to your silence when i’m with you than any kind of music on this world.  ’
‘  if i could gather all the stars in the sky  &  give them to you i would  ’
‘  if there’s a day where i don’t tell you i love you,  there’s a day i’m not living.  ’
‘  in my eyes,  you’re a king.  ’
‘  in my eyes,  you’re a queen.  ’
‘  it’s been years now.  despite everything,  we are alive  &  we are together  &  we are okay.  ’
‘  i’d love to snuggle up to you when you want affection most.  ’
‘  i’m happy you exist.  ’
‘  i’m so blessed to have met you.  you’ve already got me longing to be in your company constantly.  ’
‘  i’m so glad i keep you in my life.  your eyes,  your hugs,  you lips,  your words,  &  your smile keep me going every day.  ’
‘  just the sight of your beautiful smile or the way you say hello is enough to make even my darkest days a little brighter.  ’
‘  just you in my harms,   laying on my chest;  it’s just us being us  &  i think we are simply meant to be.  ’
‘  lay on your stomach as i give you sweet kisses on your back  &  neck while i’m feeling your love tingling in my body.  ’
‘  let’s fight the right wingers  &  make the world a better place.  ’
‘  let’s go somewhere quiet  &  just be together.  ’
‘  let’s see everything together…   the whole world.  ’
‘  let’s sit in the forest together,  the particles in the air reflecting sunlight reminding me of the brightness in your eyes.  ’
‘  my love for you makes me want to be strong for you.  ’
‘  now i know the meaning of  ‘ i wouldn’t change you for the world. ’  ’
‘  now i understand why all my other relationships didn’t work out:  i am meant to be with you.  ’
‘  now it’s back to counting down the days until i get to feel free again,  until i get to be in your arms again,  until i get to see your radiance face-to-face again.  ’
‘  nowhere feels as safe as being in your arms.  ’
‘  one day i won’t be scared to say i love you.  ’
‘  one day we’ll do everything we dream about together.  ’
‘  seeing your eyes in the morning sunlight  &  feeling the warmth of your gaze brings upon me makes me realize i’m in love.   ’
‘  tell me about the things you’re passionate about.  tell me every detail about your favorite things.  i don’t care if it takes all day,  i love you  &  i love to hear you be happy  &  excited about things.  ’
‘  the thought of your voice  &  the softness of your smile keeps me going when we can’t be together.  i hope you understand you’ve given me a lot of faith  &  happiness when i thought it’d be impossible,  when i thought i didn’t deserve it.  ’
‘  the way you look at me makes me feel like i’m the most beautiful goddess in the universe.  ’
‘  there’s nothing i want more than to stay under blankets with you  &  curl up in your lap.  ’
‘  thinking of you makes me think that maybe it’ll all be okay.  ’
‘  we’ll celebrate holidays together  &  make our own traditions.  ’
‘  when i think about you my heart feels funny.  ’
‘  when i’m with you,  i get a feeling like coming home after a long time away.  ’
‘  whether you’re blossoming or struggling,  i’ll stay with you.  i’ll keep on loving you.  ’
‘  you are endlessly,  implausibly fascinating.  ’
‘  you are like hot chocolate,  you make my insides warm.  ’
‘  you are more beautiful than my favorite songs.  ’
‘  you fascinate me.  ’
‘  you make me feel safe.  ’
‘  you make me feel how i never thought i could.  ’
‘  you make me understand lyrics to cheesy love songs.  ’
‘  you make my heart feel light as a feather yet heavy as bricks all at once.  ’
‘  you,  my dear,  have the voice of an angel.  ’
‘  your  ‘ i love you ’  has turned into my favorite lullaby.  ’
‘  your arms are home to me.  ’
‘  your eyes make me think about stormy skies in a different way,  your smile makes me blush just thinking about it  &  i think i am totally in love with you.  ’
‘  your hands are my favorite hands to touch  &  to hold.  ’
‘  your hands are so warm  &  your hair is so soft  &  i want to touch you forever  &  ever.  ’
‘  your love for me reminds me to love myself.  ’
‘  your smile is the most beautiful sight on this earth.  ’
‘  you’re the highlight of my day.  ’
‘  you’re the only person who can make me feel this way.  ’

Goddamn I’ve gotten a lot of Summer Album recs!

So my concern that not enough people would come forward with awesome recommendations has been blown out of the water, as you’ll see from this list. I haven’t listened to a tenth of these yet — just compiling the list took me a hella long time —but I will be adding to this on the regular as more people send me contestants for Summer Album 2017. In the meantime, if any of y’all are looking for something new to try, give one of these 100 recs holy shit a try! 

[Note that the parenthetical is the person who recced it; the album and performer aren’t necessarily in order bc to be honest? I don’t know a lot of these and I’m not always sure which is which. Whatever, you’ll figure it out.]

  1. Royskopp — The Inevitable End (mrspeelisreadingthings)
  2. Seventh Tree — Goldfrapp (mrspeelisreadingthings)
  3. puberty 2 —  mitski (trashbagcouture)
  4. Muse — Black Holes and Revelations (orestes-swimming)
  5. The Dandy Warhols — The Capital Years (orestes-swimming)
  6. Tracy Chapman — Tracy Chapman (thegollux)
  7. Everything Under the Sun — Jukebox (posner)
  8. Mountain Goats — Transcendental Youth (tygloch)
  9. Mountain Goats — Beat the Champ (tygloch)
  10. Strange Trails — Lord Huron (extraneousaccessories)
  11. Storm Front — Billy Joel (extraneousaccessories)
  12. Ariana Grande’ — Dangerous Woman (no-giraffes)
  13. The King is Dead — the Decemberists (shadaras)
  14. Chupacabra — Imani Coppola (paybysea)
  15. Throwing copper — live (paybysea)
  16. Mer de Noms — A Perfect Circle (paybysea)
  17. Little Things —  Toby Lightman (paybysea)
  18. Missy Higgins — On A Clear Night (paybysea)
  19. Greatest Hits by Waylon Jennings (paybysea)
  20. Great Big Sea “Sea of No Cares” (history-gurl)
  21. Rogue Taxidermy — days and daze (deliciouscocacola)
  22. Little Joy — Little Joy (eameseames)
  23. Johnny Clegg and Savuka’s Heat, Dust and Dreams (ntj254)
  24. Churches — Every Open Eye (justanxietyasks)
  25. RIOT — Paramore (justanxietyasks)
  26. Paramore — Paramore (justanxietyasks)
  27. Humanz, from Gorillaz (roguewen) [note: this was semi-recced; reccer notes that the album mostly prompted a re-listen to…]
  28. Plastic Beach — Gorillaz (roguewen) [actual rec]
  29. IS — Hey Ocean! (yellowwallsbluesky)
  30. ZZ Ward — til the casket drops (sharasbae)
  31. Waiting for You — Gordon Lightfoot (enter-remiges)
  32. Dessa — Parts of Speech (enter-remiges)
  33. Dessa — A Badly Broken Code (enter-remiges)
  34. Late for the Sky — Jackson Browne (enter-remiges)
  35. Raising Sand — Robert Plant and Allison Krauss (bluesmoothie4u)
  36. Smith Street Band — More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me (thisisaboutnotbeinginclass)
  37. Sting— Nothing Like The Sun (kiranovember)
  38. Odd Blood — Yeasayer (magnesiumqueen)
  39. E-MO-TION B Sides — Carly Rae Jepsen (magnesiumqueen)
  40. Treats — Sleigh Bells (magnesiumqueen)
  41. Rush — Black Gold (telarna)
  42. Florence & the Machine — Ceremonials (telarna)
  43. Racine Carrée — Stromae (flightofmorning)
  44. Delerium- Nuages du Monde (zjofierose)
  45. Basia Bulat — Heart of my Own (zjofierose)
  46. Basia Bulat — Tall, Tall Shadow (zjofierose)
  47. Coralie Clement — Bye Bye Beauté (zjofierose)
  48. Ane Brun — It All Starts With One (zjofierose)
  49. First Aid Kit — Stay Gold (zjofierose)
  50. Charming Hostess — Punch (zjofierose)
  51. Balkan Beat Box — Balkan Beat Box (zjofierose)
  52. Gin Wigmore — Gravel & Wine (zjofierose)
  53. PJ Harvey — Let England Shake (xenophonique)
  54. Radiohead — Amnesiac (xenophonique)
  55. Laurie Anderson — Big Science (xenophonique)
  56. Arcade Fire — Reflector (xenophonique)
  57. Camille — Le Fil (xenophonique)
  58. Les Charbonniers de l'enfer — La traversée miraculeuse (xenophonique)
  59. Brahms/Glenn Gould — 10 intermezzi (xenophonique)
  60. Lhasa de Sela — The Living Road (xenophonique)
  61. Portishead — Third (xenophonique)
  62. Stromae — Racine Carrée (xenophonique)
  63. Basement Jaxx — Kish Kash (xenophonique)
  64. Steve Reich — Tehillim (xenophonique)
  65. Jean Leloup — La vallée des réputations (xenophonique)
  66. Modern Love — Matt Nathanson (departingthetext)
  67. Paul Simon — Graceland (jellyfishfire)
  68. Paul Simon — Rhythm of the Saints (jellyfishfire
  69. Gold Motel — Gold Motel (missbuster)
  70. Gold Motel — Summer House (missbuster)
  71. Hybrid — Elsiane (ellyfishfire
  72. Watsky’s — x Infinity (andimneverhere)
  73. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness — Zombies on Broadway (tofeelnew)
  74. Empires — Orphan (tofeelnew)
  75. Basia Bulat — Heart of My Own (things-with-teeth)
  76. Basia Bulat — Oh, My Darling (things-with-teeth)
  77. Lucius — Wildewoman (things-with-teeth)
  78. Nataly Dawn — How I Knew Her (things-with-teeth)
  79. All Eternals Deck — Mountain Goats (queerlullaby)
  80. Transcendental Youth — Mountain Goats (queerlullaby)
  81. Taking the Long Way Around — the Dixie Chicks (mythologicalmango)
  82. Float — Flogging Molly (teapotdragon)
  83. Speed of Darkness — Flogging Molly (teapotdragon)
  84. Joyful Rebellion — k-os (rob-anybody)
  85. Yes — k-os (rob-anybody)
  86. Massive Attack — Mezzanine (alwaysneverneviditelny)
  87. Emotion — Carly Rae Jepsen (disturbuniverse)
  88. Green Day — American Idiot (underorange)
  89. Lost On You — LP (jellyfishfire)
  90. Siempre Hay Salida — Pistolera (disturbuniverse)
  91. Shinedown — Sound of Madness (queenklu)
  92. Lake Street Dive — Bad Self Portraits (goblinish)
  93. Poe — Haunted and (owlsongsandgoblinlaughs)
  94. Poe — Hello (owlsongsandgoblinlaughs)
  95. Poe — Extraordinary Things [though apparently it’s not “legally” by her? IDK] (owlsongsandgoblinlaughs)
  96. Cashmere by swet shop boys (disturbuniverse)
  97. Indian Summer by Carbon Leaf (meretricula)
  98. Bleachers — Gone Now (fandompope)
  99. Harry Styles — Harry Styles (fandompope)
  100. Mountain Goats — Goths (fandompope)

At some point I’ll add some of the comments as to why people have recced these, because they’re all amazing — and please don’t be discouraged that I haven’t responded to your recs privately, it’s because I want to save all the amazing comments for when I listen to each album and with the way tumblr works, that… doesn’t happen.


[about the song ‘Meatplow] “The song had alread been recorded when Kurt shot himself at the start of April. But the song is exactly about what drove Kurt to suicide. Everyone dreams of being up on stage. It’s great to experience how 5,000 people are into your songs. But no one counts on the dark side of fame: when you play the same song 300 times in a row, it doesn’t do anything for you anymore and you come off as a fraud, who’s posing for people and himself. When you sign your 3,000th autograph, you don’t even remember who it actually is who’s signing. When, after 14 months of touring, you have to spent your Christmas holidays at home with your family, signing hundreds of posters and album covers for friends of your family’s neighbor’s friends, then you flip out. And then everybody says: he’s changed. He’s gone arrogant. Something like that can take its toll on you, mentally. Had I not broken off the ‘Core’-tour last year and found a therapist, then I would probably have given myself the bullet sooner than Kurt." 

- Scott Weiland (Bravo magazine - 06/01/94)

A rejects album could be on the way!! ONLY a FEW HUNDRED songs!!! This album would make me so happy, you have no idea how many audio clips from crappy YouTube videos I have of Ed performing these unreleased songs about 5 years ago, so full studio versions of these would be a dream come true!

You honestly don’t know how proud I am for GOT7 and how much I will fight people who say they don’t deserve the things they worked so hard for. Their first album they only sold 166 albums on their first day sales… ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FUCKING SIX albums. They barely started selling albums by the thousands for first day sales when they released MAD and that was at the end of 2015. Now its 2017 and for the last album of their Flight Log trilogy, they surpassed 40K for first day sales. They come from the top three company but people still didn’t recognize their talent, gave so much shit to Youngjae, just problems for them and with each album they keep getting more and more recognition for their hard work. You see how they care for their fans and don’t take anything for granted. If they mess up they apologize for doing wrong. They just work so hard and I’m finally happy that they’re getting the love and recognition that they deserve. It just makes me happy seeing all this and being apart of their fandom.

My Favorite Albums of September 2017

My monthly lists of new albums I was feeling, and some other discoveries made during September.

My Previous monthly lists: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August

You can find my favorite albums midway through 2017 list here


Anna of the North - Lovers
Genre: Synth-Pop

Proof: Someone, Fire

Charlotte Cardin - Main Girl EP
Genre: Pop

Proof: Main Girl, Dirty Dirty

The Cool Kids - Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe
Genre: Hip Hop

Proof: Get Out the Bowl, T.D.A. (Feat. A-Trak, Reese LAFLARE & Larry June)

Cut Copy - Haiku From Zero
Genre: Synth-Pop / Electronic

Proof: Standing In the Middle of the Field, Airborne

Daughter - Music From Before the Storm
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative

Proof: Burn It Down, Hope

Galantis - The Aviary
Genre: Electronic / Dance

Proof: Tell Me You Love Me (w/ Throttle), Call Me Home

Hercules & Love Affair - Omnion
Genre: Electronic / House

Proof: Controller (Feat. Faris Badwan), My Curse and Cure (Feat. Gustaph) 

Hundred Waters - Communicating
Genre: Synth-Pop / Electronica

Proof: Particle, Better

Ibeyi - Ash
Genre: alt-R&B / Soul

Proof: Deathless (Feat. Kamasi Washington), When Will I Learn (Feat. Chilly Gonzales)

Illenium - Awake
Genre: Electronic / Trance / Dance

Proof: Crawl Outta Love (Feat. Annika Wells), Sound of Walking Away (w/ Kerli)

Jhené Aiko - Trip
Genre: alt-R&B

Proof: OLLA (Only Lovers Left Alive) Feat. TWENTY88, Sing to Me (Feat. Namiko Love)

Kaskade - Redux EP 002
Genre: Electronic / House / Dance

Proof: Nobody Like You, Gone (Feat. Late Night Alumni)

The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
Genre: Alternative / Rock

Proof: The Man, Run For Cover

Kygo - Stargazing EP
Genre: Electronic / House

Proof: Stargazing (Feat. Justin Jesso), It Ain’t Me (w/ Selena Gomez)

LCD Soundsystem - american dream
Genre: Synth-Pop

Proof: oh baby, how do you sleep?

Leikeli47 - Wash & Set
Genre: Hip Hop

Proof: Bags, Money

Lights - Skin&Earth
Genre: Synth-Pop

Proof: Savage, New Fears

Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine
Genre: Alternative / Rock

Proof: Amsterdam, Get Better

ODESZA - A Moment Apart
Genre: Electronic / Chillwave

Proof: Higher Ground (Feat. Naomi Wild), La Ciudad

Genre: R&B

Proof: Never Played Me, Damage (w/ Halsey)

R3hab - Trouble
Genre: Electronic / Synth-Pop

Proof: Trouble (Feat. VÉRITÉ), Killing Time (w/ Felix Cartal)

R I T U A L - No Escape Out of Time
Genre: alt-R&B / Electronica

Proof: Real Feels (Feat. Denzel Curry), Wouldn’t Be Love

Rostam - Half-Light
Genre: Indie Pop / alt-Pop

Proof: Never Going To Catch Me, Hold You (Feat. Angel Deradoorian)

snny - Learning to Swim EP
Genre: Indie Pop / alt-R&B

Proof: S, LTS

Tangina Stone - Elevate
Genre: R&B / Soul

Proof: Anxious, By The Sea

TENDER - Modern Addiction
Genre: Synth-Pop / Electronic

Proof: Nadir, Sickness

TOMI - Used To EP
Genre: Indie Rock / Pop

Proof: Carry You, Alien


Previous albums I discovered (or just finally got around to listening to) this month.

Berdmajik - Spells
Genre: Indie Pop / Electronica
Released May 2017

Proof: Circles, Without You

Luna Aura - Luna Aura EP
Genre: Synth-Pop
Released August 2017

Proof: Stronger, Madhouse

Genre: Synth-Pop / Electronic
Released April 2017

Proof: Jarre, Order

Reo Cragun - Growing Pains [Mixtape]
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B
Released August 2017

Proof: On My Way, Frustrated

Saro - In Loving Memory EP
Genre: alt-R&B / Indie Pop
Released December 2016

Proof: Test, Flora


Alvvays - Antisocialites,Angus & Julia Stone - Snow, Bicep - Bicep, Corbin - Mourn, Danny Watts - Black Boy Meets World, Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me, DJ Kay Slay - The Big Brother, Echosmith - Inside a Dream EPFoo Fighters - Concrete and Gold, Fergie - Double Dutchess, Four Tet - New Energy, Hoodie Allen - The HypeHuntar - Your Favorite Worst Mistake, The Jet Age of Tomorrow -  God’s Poop or Clouds? [Mixtape], Jack Johnson - All the Light Above It TooJoseph - Stay Awake EP, Kari Faux - Primary EP, Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference EP, Klein - Tommy EP, Knox Fortune - Paradise, Lecrae - All Things Work Together, L’Rain - L’Rain, Lunice - CCCLX, Macklemore - GEMINI, Masta Killa - Loyalty Is Royalty, MAYDAY! - Search Party, Miley Cyrus - Younger NowMount Kimbie - Love What Survives, Musiq Soulchild - Feel the Real, The Neighbourhood - Hard EP, Nosaj Thing - Parallels, Opio & Homeboy Sandman - Wounded Healer EP, Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps, QUIÑ - DREAMGIRL EP, Rapsody - Laila’s Wisdom, Robin Schultz - Uncovered, Sammie - Coming of Age, The Script - Freedom Child, SoMo - My Life III, Starrah & Diplo - Starrah X Diplo EP, Superfruit - Future FriendsSyd - Always Never Home EP, Tamar Braxton - Bluebird of Happiness, Tank - Savage, Tennyson - Uh Oh! EP, TORRES - Three Futures, Tori Amos - Native Invader, Torri Wolf - Flow Riiot, Tricky - UnuniformWolf Alice - Visions of a Life, Wyclef Jean - Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee, Zola Jesus - Okovi

Not Feeling:

G Herbo - Humble Beast, Young Nudy - Nudy Land

Regarding Great Comet

I do not want Great Comet to close. This is absolutely the last thing I would want to happen. It is my favorite show,
It means the absolutely world to me. I’ve traveled to NY twice to see the show, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the show. I’ve spent countless hours crafting gifts for each and every cast member. I’ve listened to both the Broadway as off Broadway cast albums hundreds of times. Dave Malloy is a personal hero of mine and I would give anything to be able to work with him. I don’t know what I would do if the show closed and that is looking like a looming probability.

But none of this excuses the poor way the production treated Oak nor the lack of professional respect they appear to have shown Mandy. It is a PR nightmare.

I don’t know what to feel anymore and I am just so, so tired.

Look at how cute this creature is. This is from the Birmingham gig. After he’d signed every bit of paper thrown at him, he went to get on his tour bus but stopped when he heard a crowd of people screaming for him on the other side. There was a moment where he just looked at them. He was being told he would be late for his Paris gig if he didn’t leave that second. He threw his head in his hands, laughed a little, and then ran over to them, much to the annoyance of his crew members who tried to stop him, where he signed another hundred or so album covers. He’s just the cutest thing <3


Top 50 Albums of 2014

Here it is! My top 50 albums of the year.

1. FKA Twigs//LP1
2. Caribou//Our Love
3. Ty Segall//Manipulator
4. How To Dress Well//What Is This Heart?
5. Flying Lotus//You’re Dead!
6. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib//Pinata
7. The War On Drugs//Lost In The Dream
8. Todd Terje//It’s Album Time
9. Run The Jewels//Run The Jewels 2
10. Real Estate//Atlas
11. Iceage//Plowing into the Field of Love
12. Aphex Twin//Syro
13. Perfume Genius//Too Bright
14. Woods//With Light And With Love
15. Hundred Waters//The Moon Rang Like A Bell
16. Mac Demarco//Salad Days
17. Cloud Nothings//Here And Nowhere Else
18. Ariel Pink//Pom Pom
19. Ought//More Than Any Other Day
20. Sun Kil Moon//Benji
21. Spoon//They Want My Soul
22. Vince Staples//Hell Can Wait
23. Grouper//Ruins
24. Parquet Courts//Sunbathing Animal
25. Clipping//CLPPNG
26. St. Vincent//St. Vincent
27. A Sunny Day In Glasgow//Sea When Absent
28. Angel Olsen//Burn Your Fire For No Witness
29. SBTRKT//Wonder Where We Land
30. Mr. Twin Sister//Mr. Twin Sister
31. Sharon Van Etten//Are We There
32. The New Pornographers//Brill Bruisers
33. Ben Frost//Aurora
34. Total Control//Typical System
35. East India Youth//Total Strife Forever
36. Lykke Li//I Never Learn
37. Makthaverskan//II
38. White Lung//Deep Fantasy
39. The Men//Tomorrow’s Hits
40. EMA//The Future’s Void
41. Swans//To Be Kind
42. Isaiah Rashad//Cilvia Demo
43. Tinashe//Aquarius
44. Ex Hex//Rips
45. DJ Dodger Stadium//Friend Of Mine
46. Open Mike Eagle//Dark Comedy
47. Owen Pallett//In Conflict
48. Toki Wright + Big Cats//Pangea
49. Protomartyr//Under Color Of Official Right
50. YG//My Krazy Life

anonymous asked:

How do you actually get into the fansigns? Also good luck!

BigHit posts information on the fancafe about fansigns including when it is, the location, where to buy albums at, and how long the purchasing period is for. You have to buy it at the store that they list or it doesn’t count towards attending the fansign. It’s basically a lottery and every album you buy is an entry. Some people get in with only buying a single album, some people buy 70+ and don’t get in. The procedure for buying and registering varies by store so I’ll just explain what I had to do earlier.

For this particular store, they had a table set up outside and you filled out a form with your name, phone number, and how many albums you wanted to buy. If you live in Korea, you could choose to have your albums shipped to you (helpful if you’re buying hundreds of albums). You then took the form inside to another desk where they registered your info the computer (this info must match your passport/ID because if you get into the fansign, they’ll check your name against the list of fans who got in; if it’s not accurate, too bad). The poor girls were having an awful time with my nightmare of a last name, I felt so bad (I ended up just giving them my passport so that they could read it clearly lol). You then pay and are sent to another desk where they check how many albums you buy and get them for you. You’re not allowed to pick which versions you want because they are trying to keep the stock balanced. I only bought 4 today and got an L, a V, and two Os. I’m getting at least another 12 tomorrow so we’ll see what that ratio is like.

Thank you for wishing me luck, I definitely need it! If I get in, I’ll make two posts: one about my experience meeting the boys and one about what you actually do/procedures at a fansign^^

Show Me Love
Hundred Waters
Show Me Love

Hundred Waters | Show Me Love | The Moon Rang Like a Bell | 2014

I’m sitting alone in my new apartment, listening to the rainfalll, and enjoying today’s release of Hundred Waters’ brand new album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell. Absolutely perfect listening for this moment.

I hands down recommend purchasing this record. The emotion and soul that resonates from every track makes for a spellbinding experience, especially during the very first track “Show Me Love.” I’m already predicting this as one of the best albums of the year. 

Don’t let me show cruelty

Though I may make mistakes

Don’t let me show ugliness

Though I know I can hate

And don’t let me show evil

Though it might be all I take.

Don’t let me think weakly

Though I know that I can break

Keep me away from apathy

While I’m still awake

And don’t let me think too long

Of the one I’m about to face.

I honestly can’t even believe that seventeen is a real group. An adorably energetic, funny, cheerful group that only debuted a year and a half ago yet get hundreds of thousands in album sales with every comeback with their cute, catchy self-made music and choreography who are perfectly humble people with flawless manners and great teamwork like am I dreaming?????


Albums of the Year Thus Far

Sun Kil Moon - Benji

Far and away the best album Kozelek has released since 2003, Benji is a beautiful exploration of death, music, and artistic relevance.

St. Vincent - St. Vincent

Consistency seems to be her greatest trick yet. Another album released, more expectations exceeded.

How to Dress Well - “What Is This Heart?”

The biggest grower of the year, one thing is clear about Tom Krell - he’s making the music he wants to make.

Hundred Waters - The Moon Rang Like a Bell

A huge improvement for their sophomore effort, this album reminds me of why I wanted to live in the south.

Future Islands - Singles

Their least cohesive album, but it’s as advertised: ten stand-alone great tunes.

Sylvan Esso - Sylvan Esso

I never though they’d live up to the hype of “Hey Mami” but they did. Sure, I’m already sick of this album, but it certainly made a mark on my musical year.

Flying Lotus - You’re Dead

It’s not even technically out yet and it’s obviously mindblowing with its jazzy goodness.

FKA twigs - LP1


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata

Three months into the year we had a frontrunner for best hip hop album of 2014. Nine months into the year we still have that same album and it sounds even better now.