a human rainbow of skin color

Coeihn’s (Part one)

Some people wanted to know a bit more about the Alien species Coeihn’s, so here we are!

-They are born from eggs. 

-They are similar to tadpoles till the age of two where they will grow hands and feet and begin to walk around as humans do. 

-They have horn-like ears

-Their skin is a dark gray with black lines running up their face and down their arms/feet. These lines make a circle along the back of their palm. 

-They have four fingers

-It is very rare and considered very exquisite or alluring to have black hair within this race. 

-Hair color ranges the whole rainbow with this race

-Coeihns born of royal blood have slightly different markings on their face. 

-Common Coeihn eyes are usually white or light brown. 

-Green eyes symbolize royalty to Coeihns. 

-Any other colors are considered strange birth defects- Coeihns are often treated or thought of to be weaker than others in this case.

-They are very tall. A Small Coeihn is around 6′1. Some of the tallest range to be 8′2

-They have Equivalents; people considered their mates. They mate for life- often only ever having one Equivalent. 

-Equivalents are chosen through combat

-One can earn citizenship by defeating the Five strongest champions

-Both Males and females can both have and birth children. 

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"I head canon Smokey as latinx/black so if anyone draws them with a slightly lighter color of skin they're racist and whitewashing." The entire gem race is a rainbow of color so are you gonna tell me that the change of tone of lapis' skin from mirror gem to gem harvest is whitewashing. Or is it because Smokey has a skin tone similar to a human skin tone that its racist, despite the three arms, yellow freckles, and literal gems embedded in the skin? How about the fact that they are made of light?

omg another one? ok yeah its because smoky has DARK SKIN their skin is a brown/purple color which would translate to dark brown if they were fully human. gems like lapis and peridot dont have skin colors that translate to human skin tones, but gems like smoky quartz and garnet do, so its racist to whitewash them

later nerd

So why should Oh Sehun?

Okay, so people have been asking me WHY-
Yeah why I stan for this seemingly talentless brat Oh-Sehun, I really don’t care if people think tht I’m too biased or sehun is a useless brat who doesn’t deserve attention (there’s no point of trying to convince someone who doesn’t like him at the first place! OR I’m just as lazy as that HEHE.) and I only like him for his face etc bcoz IDC ALL HAIL OH-SE U LIGHT UP MA WORLD

1. I’m not gonna lie when I said he got this blessed-features. So yeah, I’m up for his handsome face (and i don’t regret it //fullstop//), sculptured-jaw, sharp eyes, and the LIPS OH-

(my fav. pic of master Oh, black hair and simple makeup and style.)

I can get the time only to worship this goddamn lips….i mean…..WHOSE FAULT HE HAS THAT SINFULLY-THIN-KISSABLE-LIPS?!
And I think he is in for most handsome face in exo (although everyone in exo is handsome- I love u all oppas don’t worry)

2. I worship his body, I’M A SUCKER FOR THE SLIM//TALL//! I really do have a weak spot for long legs idk why but it’s such a sight to see so why be bother PHEW.


4. HE IS THE PERFECT ANIME-TURNS-TO-REAL-LIFE YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ME BECAUSE I’VE NEVER SEEN A REAL-HUMAN SUITS THAT RAINBOW/BRIGHT RED/SILVER/TOSCA/BLOND/HONEY BROWN/BLACK//and the list goes on and on…// his face could suit every color u want even the color u’ve never seen before OH! and there was time when his hair reminds me of Miley with that wrecking balls, but i personally think he is still handsome…..


6. I might be too biased, but I found his voice addicting……

7. His personas,

I like the cold-idgaf-man, the sweet-adorable-boy Sehun, the mature oppa or the clingy-boy next door Sehun. Because I know that, he usually doesn’t fake anything on or off cameras, and sometime he is being too honest, he is like a real person. I really appreciate this side because it makes me realized that he is also human-being, not perfect, and just as ordinary as me…(but still handsome HEHE:))
I think he is someone who really cold in the outside and in front of people he doesn’t really know but once u befriending with him, he’s like an annoying mischievous rascal you want to avoid 24/7

8. Sehun is not your ordinary maknae.

Because sometimes his actions speak more than his age,
Because most of the time he is faaar way more hot than cute,
Because in crucial times he becomes serious and more thoughtful,
Because I know, he really cares a lot about EXO, but he just doesn’t show it easily.

thanks Sehun,

for being the handsome-asshole that makes me stay up all night just to watch ur stupid face on youtube and tumblr,

for being heartless sexy criminal who has stolen my heart away,

for being so derpy yet- so cute,

for being so sassy i could jump from a tower but also manly just like my Luhan oppa:)

love u to the moon and back, ohse<3


(gifs arent mine, bless u guys with sehun’s white-flawless-baby-skin cells<3)

Explaining Black Blood

I have received multiple asks confused about how Lexa doesn’t have grey looking skin if her blood is black. I am probably going to bore or lose most of you as I try to explain human anatomy. lol. (also most of this knowledge is from my High School Anatomy class so…yeah…take from that what you will.) 

How your eyes see color is what is REFLECTED off of an object. In a ray of light there are multiple colors of visible light. Think of a prism and how it splits light into a rainbow of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. These wave lengths HIT an object and some colors are absorbed and some are reflected. Your eyes pick up on the wavelengths that aren’t absorbed, but are REFLECTED. The rods and cones in your eyes read these wavelengths and your brain interprets them. Therefore, an object that you think is red is due to the object ‘absorbing’ the other rays of light and NOT absorbing the red wavelength. The red wavelength bounces off of the object and into your eye and your brain ONLY reads that red wavelength – making you conclude the object is red.

Inside your blood there are red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body; white blood cells fight infections; platelets stop bleeding when a person is cut; and plasma is the liquid that carries nutrients, hormones, and proteins throughout the body. Blood inside your body is naturally a red color. But the severity of the red is dependent on how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. When they are on their way to deliver oxygen to cells, they are a brighter red color. After they have delivered oxygen to the cells, they become a darker red color. When you are cut, your blood becomes SATURATED with oxygen and turns a bright vibrant red color. However, after awhile, it loses it’s bright red color as it de-oxygenates. Your platelets also start getting to work to coagulating your blood to stop the bleeding. 

So, I think that this ‘mutagen’ is another ‘substance’ inside the Nightblood’s blood OR it is somehow attached to the platelets ‘engaging’ mechanism; mechanism that once the blood becomes saturated with oxygen it engages. But, it is always in the bloodstream. The mutagen, like platelets, are always in the blood stream…even when they are dormant. So, this is how the Nightbloods are able to stave off ALIE – it is constantly in their blood. But, it turns black when it is SATURATED with oxygen when a person is cut. 

In a normal person, when they are cut, their blood looks red due to the blood absorbing all light wavelength colors BESIDES red and bounces the red wavelength back at your eyes. This ‘mutagen’, when it is is SATURATED by oxygen, ABSORBS the red wavelength as well as the rest. Therefore, your brain interprets the blood as black

In conclusion, Lexa and the other Nightbloods have normal visibly looking and functioning blood, UNTIL it is SATURATED by oxygen and exposed directly to light. This mutagen doesn’t change the color of blood when it is inside the body. The mutagen, when it is saturated, absorbs the red wavelength of light that is normally reflected off of blood. When all wavelengths of light are absorbed, your brain interprets that color as black. 

I hope this helps explain things. This is of course my theory, but this is how it would medically make sense to me. Also, we have to remember that this is a Sci-Fi show and it is loosely based on science. But, the above explanation makes the most sense to me. 

  • Suho: Chanyeol, Baekhyun, I have finished editing your jokes for our upcoming broadcast. Thank you for submitting them to me ahead of time to avoid any asshattery.
  • Baekhyun: I really don't see what's wrong with our jokes.
  • Suho: The fact that you don't hurts me deeper than you could possibly understand, Byun Baekhyun.
  • Chanyeol: Hey, why did you edit my joke about Kai's skin? You changed it to "Kai's skin is the color of rainbows and dreams." That doesn't even make sense.
  • Suho: Nor did what you originally wrote. And my edit is less douchey.
  • Lay: And I can verify that Kai's skin is, in fact, the color of dreams. As for rainbows, humans can't actually see rainbows so who can really say.
  • Chanyeol: Humans can literally see rainbows.
  • Lay: Can they, though, can they?
  • Baekhyun: You crossed out my entire bit about foreigners trying to speak Korean and just wrote "haha Baekhyun can't speak Chinese and Japanese worth balls"
  • Suho: 0:)

soft, soft, the softest. no, not even soft anymore, i am liquid. i am honey and milk and camomile tea, i am soft lighting and the quiet backgound music in movies. i am soft skin and damp hair, i am sleepy eyes and warmth, i am the essence of calmness, i am all the colors you won’t find in a rainbow, an empty coffee cup, i am the weird, quiet feeling deep inside your stomach that urges you to do something, anything, i am a book you buy and never read, i am a poem written on a napkin, i am the unlucky daisy, i am the moss on an old rock, i am here and i am alive and i will live and i will be and no human is going to stop me from being because i am alive and i am me

The Cesaires are adopting!!

Everyone seemed to be on board for adopting another kid, so here we go! The most popular opinion was a boy and age was kind of all over the board so I decided to just go with child. Mostly because I dont feel like dealing with another infant. 

For those of you who play the sims, you know that adoption allows you to pick from a selection of nine children. This is who I got:

…needless to say I’m kind of regretting the mod I installed to give sims unnatural skin colors because now 90% of the sims in their world have rainbow complexions. 


The was one precious (human-looking) boy to choose from, so please welcome Dominique to the Cesaire family! <3

Augenfresser - 26 (END)

Monsters did not like to hide under beds, as his father had told him. No; he found the monster hiding in his closet.

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26 - ‘accipe hoc’

What could he do?

Darkness, though not really the same comfort he once knew, seeing the glittering stars behind his eyelids whenever he pressed hard enough against his corneas–it wasn’t the same. No, he couldn’t see anymore. Not like Annie and Levi described, not how Erwin saw horrors on every plane of existence. Disabled, but still able.

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verymuchaliive  asked:

I think maybe we should like treat all colors like humans and judge off of the content of their character maybe?? no ok

I think unarmed black people getting shot by law enforcement should be addressed??? And terrorists that kill 3 Muslim students because he dislikes their religion shouldn’t be labeled as a “puppy saving troublemaker???” I think you need to watch Selma so you can understand just a SLIVER of knowledge before spouting Martin Luther King quotes as if you’re actually fucking intelligent?? I think you need to realize the world is not rainbows and Sunshine’s and while it’d be nice if nobody was judged based on their skin color we’d all be happy but that is NOT the world we live in???? Can your feeble mind comprehend what I’m saying??? No???? Ok

"In the second trimester your energy comes back!"

Lies. Dirty dirty lies. I’m still exhausted even after a good night sleep(ish) and a nap. I have zero motivation to do anything. my hair pretty much stays in a bun and with my skin breaking out (which is a totally new occurrence for me) I haven’t worn make up for weeks. I don’t feel human anymore.. maybe tomorrow I will put some color on my cheeks and make myself look presentable…. or I’ll do laundry in my pj’s.

Okay. Since some people feel the need to break out the racism as soon as someone criticizes mattel’s diversity, I’m posting this. I wasn’t going to, but I’m gonna do it now. This is a list of characters that have been mentioned in webisodes, diaries, books, or announced on Trademarkia:

Humphrey Dumpty
Daring Charming
Sparrow Hood
Hopper Croakington
Melody Piper
Helga and Gus Crumb
Lilly-Bo Peep
Nathan Nutcracker
Clara Lear
Brooke Page
Jillian Beanstalk
Meeshel L'mer
Nina Thumbell
Cari Pillar
Farrah Goodfairy
Courtly Jester
Isi Dawndancer
Mira Shards
Justine Dancer
Pyxis Prepstockings

Considering their current lineup for current and future dolls, there are 28 confirmed characters that will have a doll. This includes Daring, Sparrow, Melody, Helga, Gus, and Hopper; dolls who don’t have an official profile, but are so well-known that they’ll be appearing eventually. I didn’t count unnamed dark skinned characters in the webisodes, like the Ice Girl or Blue, but to be fair I didn’t count the Peter Pan and Captain Hook-ish girls as well so it evens out.

Out of those 28, only 8 characters are POC, and that’s being generous by counting Duchess and Cerise who are often interpreted as POC but are still light-skinned. That leaves the percent of diversity in Ever After High at 28.5%, which is pretty bad. To raise it up to 50%, Ever After High would need to make 13 characters out of the above list with dark skin. Preferrably these would be from well-known fairytales, and the dolls wouldn’t be cast as inhuman or evil.

Because the same fairytales are told throughout the world you do not need a specific fairytale that’s set in a non-european environment to have a poc doll. Especially when Ever After High is set in a modern time where immigration from many cultures would be common. You can clearly see it illustrated the webisodes, just not the doll line.

Giving them rainbow colored skin, like in the cases of Kitty, Bunny, and Fayebelle does not count as representation whatsoever. Not only are these dolls’ skin tones very pale regardless of color, but it literally tells consumers that Ever After High believes purple skin would sell more than brown skin. It makes no sense for them to start adding rainbow skin after basing the first and second wave of dolls on realistic, human skin tones. They were given a chance at representation and thought it wasn’t worth it.

Finally, this doll line is made primarily for children, and dark skinned children love dolls that look like them. If you think that denying a black child a princess that looks like her pales in comparison to your need for an white “geographicaly accurate” cast, leave. Leave the fandom, and don’t come back.