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-COLLABORATING WITH OTHER ARTISTS (like seriously come on guys)



We're autistic, we're human, get used to it

Some dehumanizing descriptions of autism are negative. For example, some people believe that we are incapable of love, or incapable of imagination, or incapable of understanding anything of importance.

Some dehumanizing descriptions of autism are positive. For instance, some people believe that we are incapable of lying, incapable of being manipulative, and that we always say exactly what we mean.

Autism doesn’t work that way. We are fully human, for better and for worse. We are fallible. We make communication mistakes. We don’t always know what we mean, and we don’t always express ourselves clearly. For instance, sometimes we say things that feel direct but that are actually very confusing. That’s human.

We are capable of treating others well, and we are capable of treating others badly. We are capable of caring about others, and we are capable of indifference. We are capable of being kind, and we are capable of being cruel.

Autism means having disabilities that can affect how we communicate, how we move, and how we understand things. Autism doesn’t make us better than other people, and it doesn’t make us worse. We’re not subhuman, and we’re not superhuman. We’re just people.

Nobody will ever be able to achieve greater beauty than you.
—  Poets Love Her
It’s easy to depict the average misogynist as the stereotypical lone wolf on the margins of society. The truth is, he’s fully integrated into mainstream society, perhaps even occupying a position of privilege. A recent report released by UN Women and Promundo, a global organisation involving men and boys in gender equality advocacy, suggests the more educated men are, the more likely they are to feel entitled to harass women.

hi I’m marathoning the first 4 pirates of the caribbean films so that’s probably going to take over my blog for a while but i warned u in advance so i want no complaining thank u

glitters on the dash.

I just went into my inbox for answering to wcifs and I just saw all of the sweet messages I ignored but I swear that it’s not because I hate you but I just distract myself so easily and I go from “I’ll answer later” to oblivion in like 2 secs. I just apologize with you all I’m the worst I’ll go hide now bye.

exclusionists jumping on thomas sanders or any other Big Name Inclusionist also need to remember that ‘are ace/aro people part of the lgbt+ community’ isn’t a debate for most people. it isn’t a discourse topic. the majority of mainstream lgbt+ organizations (glaad, the trevor project, hrc, etc) now accept and include asexuality, and the movement to exclude ace people is relatively small compared to the number of people who accept ace people as innately part of the community (on tumblr, anyway.) i’d wager a huge portion of the lgbt+ community on here doesn’t even know there’s a push to exclude ace people, let alone support it.

so everyone jumping on him, or on any other vocal member of the community like jeffrey marsh, for taking a Contentious Stance On The Discourse should realize that for the vast majority of the community, there IS no discourse. ace people are just seen as inherently accepted and that’s the default position. they’re not trying to Let Cishets Invade The Community, they’re taking a look around and saying ‘yeah, obviously ace people are included??’ because yes, for the majority of people not actively involved in this stupid discourse, it’s pretty fucking obvious.