a house to make life eas

My Project:

So I’ve been coming up with something new lately. (with the help of my sister @pixel–simmer101 ) We created M.A.S.H. If you’re familiar with the concept of Mash then you know how everything will pretty much work, if not I will explain. Mash is a cute little game where you can plan out your life basically. When my sisters and I used to play it, we chose the maid of honor, groom, wedding color, car, and so on. Our version of Mash is with the sims. We chose EA townies, or sims that one of us would create and did their life like that, except we had a few changes. We added in a Drama category, Where they would live, Money and Style of their house. I take what we have created and make a save. We created more than one so their will be more than one Season. 

The Sawyer Legacy will continue once I get some things for it that I need, I have not completely gotten rid of it.