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robb stark: can’t help falling in love

ANON REQUESTED: Hiiiii!!! I was wondering if you could do a robb stark imagine where the reader is cersei’s daughter and Jaime is very protective of her and they go riding in the woods when at Winterfell and Jaime and the reader get separated and she is attacked and Robb saves her and cersei yells at Jaime for letting her daughter fall in love with Robb and not saving her

note: im warning yall this is kinda long like 1.5k words long of dialogue bc i got carried away af but anyway i hope u like it (◡‿◡✿)

When you arrived in Winterfell, you immediately smiled at the coldness and all the open space there is. The people were welcoming and they treated you amazing. You walked through Winterfell, through the towers and through the yard.

“Don’t go far,” your mother Cersei said as she tighten the fur around her. She wasn’t really fond of Winterfell and she made that clear. “You don’t know what lurks in this cold place.”

You went back to the plaza and you saw your Uncle mounted and clad in thin armor. He was with his men, and is also with some Stark men. You patted your Uncle’s horse and Jaime just shook his head.

“Going off, Uncle?” you ask as you looked at the hounds and horses.

“Hunting, riding,” he said as he adjusted himself on his horse. “Making the most of the North.”

The horse nuzzled into your palm, and you scratch its head. You flashed a smile to his company and you grinned at your Uncle but he shook his head again at you.

“Uncle Jaime, please!” You really wanted to do something, and riding maybe is the most exciting thing there is.

“Your mother, the Queen,” he said as he emphasized Cersei, “Will get angry, you know how she is.”

“I promise! I’ll be close to you,” you begged him, and the men are smiling at you.

“The woods aren’t meant for a lady,” Theon said as his horse rounded up his party. “Or even a princess.”

You sighed and you looked at the stables, and you saw a stable boy watching the exchanged. You waited for him to acknowledge you, and when he did he bowed and you smiled. “Bring me a horse, ser.”

“Won’t the Queen be furious?” Robb asked your Uncle Jaime and he looked at you.

“My mother, the Queen will be furious, yes.” You said as the boy appeared next to you with a strong horse, and he helped you mount it. “I want to ride and not be stuck in this castle for the week, my lord.”

“Ride close to me,” Jaime said as his horse moved closer to yours, “If you get lost, like back home…”

You laughed at your Uncle and you looked at the amused Northmen, “King’s Landing is huge and crowded. But Uncle, I will not be lost.”

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Oromë is a mighty lord. If he is less strong than Tulkas, he is more dreadful in anger. Oromë loved the lands of Middle-earth, and he left them unwillingly and came last to Valinor. He is a hunter of monsters and fell beasts, and he delights in horses and in hounds. Nahar is the name of his horse, white in the sun, and shining silver at night. The Valaróma is the name of his great horn, the sound of which is like the upgoing of the Sun in scarlet, or the sheer lightning cleaving the clouds. The spouse of Oromë is Vána, the Ever-young; she is the younger sister of Yavanna. All flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them; and all birds sing at her coming.

Sandor Clegane x Reader...

Imagine it’s you who Sandor takes away from Kings Landing during the Battle of Blackwater Bay

Word count: 1,377

You had always known there was more to Sandor Clegane than he would show. Sure, he was rough around the edges a little. He drank and cursed and didn’t even try to show that he gave a shit about nobility and titles. But he was nice to you and Lady Sansa, he truly seemed to care about what happened to you. But it wasn’t until the night of the battle…the Battle of Blackwater Bay when he came back to the castle, to take you away, that you realized how much he actually cared about you…not just about what happened. His hands were rough as they grabbed at your arms, shook you a little as if that would help you make a decision faster, and the wine on his breath told you he was not exactly sober.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Photos: Get You Someone Who Looks at You the Way Tormund Looks at Brienne of Tarth

Heavy lies the crown in Westeros, where the wheel that keeps spinning may soon be broken by blood and fire. HBO has released 15 new images from the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones,” which comes to the network this summer and marks the beginning of the end for the high-fantasy series. Avail yourself of them below.

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Among the highlights: Daenerys and her crew’s slick new outfits, which clearly convey how ready they are to take the Iron throne; Tormund once again gazing upon Brienne of Tarth with what presumably passes for affection among the Free Folk (your day has come, shippers); the Hound looking stoic atop his horse, which is no doubt escorting him to the Cleganebowl we all know is coming; and, of course, fan favorite Lyanna Mormont delivering what’s surely another rousing speech to the men of the north.

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This shortened season of “Game of Thrones,” which will consist of seven episodes rather than the usual 10, premieres on July 16. The eighth and final season will air next year. Many of the pictured characters will surely die in the meantime, so enjoy their company while you can.

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A Hound Tries to Comfort a Wolf...

Imagine being a Stark and Sandor Clegane trying to comfort you after the Red Wedding.

((sorr it’s short))

((Word Count: 1,150))

No. It…it was impossible. It…they couldn’t be dead. No!

You had long since stopped struggling in the hounds arms as he brought his horse, Stranger, to a stop and looked down at where you were staring, unfocused, off into the distance. Complete understanding of your situation had finally set in and huge tears began to slip down your cheeks. You were alone now. Truly alone. Getting to the twins, to your Mother and Brother was the only goal you had had upon escaping King’s Landing after your Father’s arrest. And now…now they were gone, betrayed, and the only place you knew of where you might find a family member was the wall a thousand leagues away.

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I’m working on a comic in my free time called Railroad Blues - a western/fantasy adventure, starring this guy! Meet Avery Lau, a rancher-turned-bounty-hunter who roams the desert with only his horse and his hound for company. As if life wasn’t already hard enough, Avery is cursed with undeath, and every day is a test of his will and courage.

Despite this, he tries his best to live as normal a life as possible, earning a meager living hunting down outlaws. Believing himself to be a man of peace, he always takes his targets in alive - though, accidents happen from time to time.

I have no idea when it will be ready. But I’m going to keep posting stuff here as I work on it. 

Winter is coming | @Lady--catelyn-stark

It had been weeks since Arya had left the Hound behind, taken his money and ridden off on his horse. She thought of him sometimes, knowing that he was now dead. It brought a smile to her face when she did think of it in those cold nights.

But most of the time, she thought of where she was going.

She had to go north. Not back to Winterfell, not yet. Winterfell was gone now, as she had witnessed before. The night she’d lost two of the most important people in her life.

No, Arya had to go to the Wall. If there was any chance of hope, it was there, where perhaps she could find Jon. That was what she needed right now. He was all she had now that both her parents and her eldest brother were dead, and her sister trapped in King’s Landing.

So when she stumbled upon the coast, with ships docking and ready to go, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. Having lost her horse miles back, her feet were aching and blistered. One of the ships had to have been going north, or at least somewhere close to the Wall. She had to pray. She had to hold on to the last shred of hope she had.

Stepping forward, the sea breeze whipped at her hair, causing it to fly around her face. Her expression remained indifferent, solid and cold as she stood there, ready to pick a ship to board.

This was it.

The sun beamed down on the harsh Dornish landscape, and Robb Stark thought not for the first time that he really needed to find himself a hat. The Dornish people he had seen sometimes wore scarves over their heads to shield themselves from the blazing sunshine and he thought that might be a good idea as well, although his own scarf wrapped around his neck was nowhere near big enough. Had his mother been around he imagined she would have told him he should have bought a hat all the way back in Nightsong, but then again if his mother had been around then he wouldn’t be on this journey in the first place.

“See that, White Knife?” Robb said, leaning forwards on his horse. The stallion’s ears perked up and Robb was convinced at times that he understood him. “That must be Starfall.”

The city that stood before him was a modest one, although like many of the other places he had across on his travels it looked like somewhere that grown a great deal in a short space of time. People from all across Westeros were migrating to Dorne, and this particular city was yet another popular destination even though it required travelling a bit further south. The most appealing feature of all as far as Robb and he was sure many others were concerned was the fact that it stood on the banks of the shimmering river Torrentine. 

“Even if we hit yet another dead end at least you and Grey Wind can have a long drink,” Robb commented, “I wouldn’t mind one either.”

All of a sudden, the relative calm was disturbed by the sound of a gunshot, and both Robb and his horse lifted their heads. Fear struck Robb and he glanced behind him, but couldn’t see his dog anywhere nearby. “To me, Grey Wind!” he called out, only to feel relieved when he soon heard the soft padding of his dog’s paws. Grey Wind looked troubled, however, and Robb arched an eyebrow as he looked down at his companion. 

“What’s the matter, boy?” Robb questioned. By way of answer, the large hound circled his master’s horse then set off in one direction, looking back over his shoulder to see if Robb was following him. Robb himself hesitated for a moment before he decided that whatever Grey Wind had to show him was probably important, and he turned White Knife to go down the path the dog had indicated.

Robb had only been riding for about five minutes when he heard the sound of raised voices, and his brow furrowed as he realised some kind of argument seemed to be taking place. He slowed his horse down to a very gentle walk, and inched closer to find out what exactly was going on and why Grey Wind seemed so concerned about it.

Interlude: Westron Wynde, Part Two (TMNT 2k12, GAVG 'verse)

Summary: Donnie has always suffered from an overabundance of hope. 

Rating: Mature. 

Note: This takes place a few hours after the end of Walking Wounded, and begins the build-up to the climax of this fic series.

Title comes from this song.

Part One | Part Two

TMNT fic masterpost



The Boar remembers them, just as it remembers mist rising over a lake at dawn, as it remembers running, chill air in its nostrils, as it remembers the dew-stricken morning as it ran, and ran, the only sounds its hoofbeats and the baying of the hounds behind it. 

It remembers the spear in its flank.

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