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Some Osomatsu-san Headcanons Nobody Needed But Me


*He’s not chubby, but he’s not skinny, either.

*Is not flexible at all please don’t ask him to do anything rash because his dumb ass will try to do it and he’ll end up hurting himself

*Likes races in general. Horse races, foot races, car races, you name it. Likes watching and actively participating.

*He likes to poke things. It’s become a subconscious habit. He doesn’t care what he pokes. He’ll prod one of his brothers or poke consistently at the ground if he’s sitting down.

*He was that one kid who took gym class too seriously

*Can handle his alcohol a bit better than most of his brothers

*He can actually cook??? Decently???

*Doodles a lot but can’t actually draw for shit


*Flexible like DAMN???? Seriously if you tell him to he’ll drop down and do the splits

*Really good at arts and crafts he gave his mom macaroni paintings when he was younger

*Thighs of betrayal

*Taught himself how to hold a rose in his mouth without hurting himself with the thorns

*Actually can’t dance at all

*Pretty decent at holding up his alcohol but his hangovers are a real bitch

*Can’t really cook but tries to help

*Is trash for American pop music


*Is not flexible or athletic but can jump extremely high?? For some reason???

*Cooking skills are limited to toast and ramen

*Counts things when he’s especially nervous

*Has a bad habit of tapping his fingers on surfaces of things or his foot on the ground when impatient

*He can actually sing pretty okay?

*Besides Todomatsu, he’d actually be the one who takes the most selfies

*Wishes to sleep alone but he probably wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with his brothers on either side of him

*Can play violin, everyone wants him to play it from time to time but he hasn’t played it in years.


*Likes dogs, but like cats more

*Likes most animals in general

*The only person he tells shit to is Jyushimatsu he’s sworn to secrecy

*Can’t handle spicy food don’t feed him anything spicy everybody will suffer for the next three days

*Can’t draw for shit, this is a sore subject

*He can bake but he can’t cook

*Actually has a decent relationship with his mom and helps her out but that’s only once every few weeks

*Choking does it for him if you choke him during sex he’s a happy man


*Likes cats, but likes dogs more

*He’d have overlong sleeves on his baseball uniform if it didn’t interfere with his ability to play

*Actually really good at reading the atmosphere but doesn’t let on how much he knows

*He liked other sports such as volleyball when he was younger, but now he just likes baseball

*Holds his alcohol the best

*Is a disaster in the kitchen

*He can’t really hear sometimes which is why he shouts basically everything

*Hypermobile in his knees, elbows, and hips


*Surprisingly lean

*Has an entire collection of hats that include, but are not limited to, fedoras, bowlers, straw hats, etc.

*Is terrified of things such as puppets and clowns

*Is the type to decorate his laptop/phone/book cover with stickers and stuff

*Is a really good poker player

*Can’t sing, this wounds him

*He’s second-worst when it comes to holding his alcohol but his hangovers aren’t that bad and everyone hates him for it

*Hates being barefoot

Muse of the Month, Caroline // The Messy Heads

Make us a playlist with your favorite songs

Silver Springs- Fleetwood Mac (I love this song so much, I almost changed my name to Silver)
Wild Horses- Rolling Stones
Blood Bank- Bon Iver
Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley
Vienna- Billy Joel
Meet Virginia- Train
For Your Precious Love- Otis Redding
Strange Magic- ELO
The Circle Game- Joni Mitchell

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Muse of the Month, Caroline // The Messy Heads

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe post the bios of some of your OCs? I sent another message about it that included my reasoning, but I don't know if it went through.

Okay! I’ll talk about Racetrack as an example, since she’s my favorite!

NAME: Racetrack Zipper
Note: Racetrack is her nickname, her real first name is Annabella.
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Panromantic Asexual
LIVES IN: South Carolina
TALENT: Ultimate Jockey
Racetrack is a peppy girl who’s always up for competition. She likes “exciting” things, and she’ll fall asleep if she’s exposed to something she thinks is boring. She typically wears her cowboy hat, which sits upon her dirty blonde hair, riding gloves, boots, jeans, and a tanktop. She has many weird traditions- most of them laughable at best. For example, she spits in her hand upon greetings. No one has told her otherwise. Her horse is named Penguin, and she goes to the local zoo often, to tend to a penguin she named Horse.


I’M GLAD YOU ASKED DARLING (also hello darling, how are you?)

So, like, my favorite idea of the day was Arthur grudgingly letting Matthew summer with Francis and coming to get him and finding out that Matthew has been traveling in artsy circles and being a model for paintings and sculpture and sketches. And Francis defends it like, “I’d never put my Mathieu in a museum” and Arthur is just like [expletive, expletive, filthy fucking expletive].

Arthur having an awkward boner for his charge. Y’know, the usual. 

And cheerful, unaware Matthew who probably got to keep the horse he posed with in all those equestrian paintings. (”His name is John.”) (Fun fact: all of Matthew’s pets are probably named John.) (Fun fact 2: Matthew’s pets are animals he probably befriended in the woods.) (Fun fact 3: Matthew just fucks off to the woods and the first time Arthur noticed, he nearly mobilized an armed force just to find Matthew. Matthew showed up just before they left with a rabbit. Good times.) (Fun fact 4: Matthew was not a young adolescent. He was old enough to know better.)

ANOTHER IDEA. Arthur sketching Matthew. Matthew thinks its platonic. It’s not.

AND ANOTHER ONE. This one being even less historically possible, but I want Matthew and all the colonies to have a beach day together while Arthur complains and Scotland throws sand at his (Arthur’s) face and Arthur ~notices~ Matthew and Scotland (is like NOT ON MY WATCH, YOU BASTARD) pushes Arthur into a tide pool.