a hoot a day

GOLDEN FIGURE FLOATS LIGHTLY.  gold and blue. eyes bright at the sight of the familiar figure. valentine’s day  !  what a hoot  !  back in the future, michael was quite the loner. not a big hit with the ladies, considering the more interesting people around him. 

thick grin as built figure flies steady upside down. the goof of the gang, perhaps. but definitely a genius with advertising. this is what it all was, right ?  just a good sign for his brand  ?  it’s better to believe so.  hand waves, trying to gain attention beforehand.   ❛     hey you  !  —-     ❜   thumbs up before a bag with gifts slips through fingers. but a quick recovery’s in play.    ❛    WHOOPSIE  !   —–  almost dropped that  !      ❜  

/  @purrsuasion​.

AU where kenma is invited to a house party by hinata and dragged into a game of spin the bottle with a bunch of guys they don’t know. he ends up getting really tipsy and kissing some guy named kuroo for a dare while everyone hoots and whistles around them. the next day he wakes up on a couch with his very first hangover while in the arms of kuroo who’s missing his shirt. everyone is passed out on the floor around them, and kenma just wants to die right there from shame.


This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet, I don’t need to taste to believe..what’s December without Christmas Eve?