a hollow queen

One Boy. One Shinigami. Story of Destiny begins.

The Black Sun and the White Moon.

Darkness and his Light.

The King and the Queen

Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia.
Time goes on… but these bonds will never break!!

My bleach OTP Ichigo and Rukia, this ship is worth going down for. I was listening to “Closer” on loop and realized how perfect it fits these two. No matter how much violence is hurled at them, no matter how much their bond is attacked, these two remain strong and inspire thousands of fans still. Bleach exists because of Ichigo and Rukia, not vice versa. These two are yin and yang. They are complete together. Bonus animation with lyrics:

When you hear of a ship that you never thought of before
  • You: Eh never thought about those two together. Its not a great couple
  • (Thinks about it more)
  • You: Ok they don't seem that bad
  • (Thinks about it more)
  • You: You know it wouldn't be that bad if they both became a couple
  • (Thinks about it more)
  • You: Not bad at all
  • (Thinks about it more)

I figured I’d give @deathberryprompts a try!  And I posted on AO3 as well!

Prompt:  Queen
Rating:  G
Characters:  Kurosaki Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo
Warnings:  None
Summary:  The weather is always clear now in Ichigo’s inner world. 


Now that the war was finally over and peace had finally been achieved, Ichigo found himself entering his inner world at least once a week.  It was still full of those weird sideways skyscrapers that Ichigo still didn’t understand the significance of.  But there was a bright sun and the sky was mostly clear except for a few puffy white clouds.

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 parallels between Elizabeth Woodville & Anne Boleyn


2/ favorite female tv characters

Abbie Mills [Sleepy Hollow]