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Having to pick between either Mia or Zoe was kind of awful but I feel bad that my first go through I picked Zoe. And that was mostly because Zoe had been helping me through the calls(both of them were suspicious to me at that point but it was like, well gee this one got me out and helped me make blah blah blah). But I did another playthrough to save Mia anyways so maybe that was for the best? Just because I hit the disappointing ending first and had the best for last.

Zoe was a friend in that hell-hole and moved the story forward. Even if I personally wouldn’t pick her just for that, I’m still upset that there’s no good ending for her. She fought Evie as much as Ethan the best she could. Yet she gets the short end.


Elephants watering

  • Yoonbum: There's this guy I like. But I'm too shy to go up & talk to him so I've been obsessively following him on social media...also I'm a guy so I don't think he'll like me b/c all I ever see him w/ is girls.
  • Yoonbum: *breaks into house & sees someone tied up in the basement* He's crazy!...(but I've committed to this crush & dammit I'm gonna have him.)
  • Sangwoo: This fucker's crazier than I am...I like him!

They call it “Blue Hole” or Wai'ale'ale Crater…a depression caused by the meeting of two erosional valleys… ⛰


every westallen scene ever (120/?)


Geological hearts

Since it’s Valentine’s day today and love is being celebrated around our beautiful Planet and sole home, I thought I’d share a few Earthly wonders. The first is a spatter of basaltic lava ejected from Kilauea, that mighty shield of the Hawaiian Isles, our second is a cloud above Florida snapped from space, our third is a xenolith, a chunk of foreign material carried up from the world’s depths by rising magma and erupted onto the surface. The fourth is a lush Brazillian piece measuring 7 x 6 x 2 cm and consisting of a 3cm gem rubellite tourmaline sitting on a quartz crystal and my last is a hole in some lava at Nakalele Point in Hawaii. Happy St Valentines to you all.


Image credit:
Lava Brad Lewis/Science Faction/Corbis
Cloud NOAA
Xenolith: James /BBC Scotland
Crystals: Joe Budd/Rob Lavinsky/iRocks.com
Nakalele: Coty Gonzalez

Pillars or ancient rock jutted out from the pock marked surface.  Adrift in the silence of space, the ship continued on its course to the whirling maelstrom, trailing the vaporous residue of the remains of the engine.  Captain Ulysses glanced down at the engine control panel in dismay.  He rubbed his dampened hands on his uniform, and looked towards the remaining crew on the bridge.   He saw the apprehension in their eyes, the nervousness was thick.

The control panel failed to register as he pressed down upon the control glass, hoping to call up Engineering.  The station was silent and unresponsive.  Engineering went dark after the explosion, and the silence was disconcerting.

“Captain, your orders?” said Ensign Lewis, peering over his shoulder from the navigation station.

Captain Ulysses felt the pulse pounding in his head, and tried to swallow, but his throat was parched. What else was there he could do? The gravitational pull was strengthening, but without the engines, there was no hope.  

“Any word from Engineering?” said Captain Ulysses, trying to sound authoritative and confident.  

“No, Sir,” said Lewis, his voice warbling almost like a juvenile.

Ulysses shuddered as he focused back on the view screen.  The swirling mass was larger now, and seemed angrier than before.  The swirling clouds emanating from the empty blackness in the center.  

“Nine minutes, forty-seven seconds, Sir,” said a crewman.  “After that…” his voice trailed off and he cleared his throat.  “After that, we’ll be unable to reach escape velocity.”  He gulped as he stared into the swirling mass.  The light glistened from the layer of sweat on his forehead.

“Thank you, crewman,” said the captain.  He straightened up in his chair and glanced around the bridge.  “It’s been an honor serving with each of you.”  He hesitated, and made eye contact with the crew on the bridge. “Abandon ship.  Get to the escape pods.”  

A moment passed before the crew began to move from their stations as Captain Ulysses activated the emergency beacon and abandon ship systems.  Swirling red lights flared in the bridge and throughout the ship.  

“ALL CREW TO THE ESCAPE PODS…ALL CREW TO THE ESCAPE PODS…THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” the automated voice repeated throughout the ship.  

The captain settled back into his chair watching the bridge crew quickly leaving.  Captain Ulysses stared into the black hole at the center of the mass, more curious now than concerned.  His eyes grew in fascination and wonder.  

A vision of her beautiful smile entered his mind.  Julia’s windblown, long brown hair tickling his face as she lay atop him.  The sweet taste of her lips was exquisite, and probably the last memory of his beloved wife.  Nine years gone.  Ulysses licked his lips and began to smile, seemingly tasting her kisses.  

“Captain!” said Ensign Lewis, the sole remaining crewmember on the bridge.  “The last of the pods are launching.  Just under six minutes.”

Captain Ulysses snapped back to the bridge, and took a deep breath.  “Alright, let’s go, Ensign.”  

He stood, patting the shoulder of Ensign Lewis as they left the bridge, following the yellow lit line directing them to the last escape pod.  

Nine years since I lost her.  Nine years too long…

Captain Ulysses looked into the pod, watching Ensign Lewis strapping into one of the seats, bringing the pod systems online.  

“It’s been an honor, Ensign Lewis.  Take care of our crew.”  The ensign’s face opened in the moment of confusion as Captain Ulysses closed the hatch and hit the manual launch controls.  The hatch hissed as it sealed and he felt the soft vibration of the pod launching from the ship.  The pod accelerated from the ship, veering a path towards the other fleeing pods.  The glow of the engines looked like fireflies in the black sky.  He walked back onto the bridge.

No longer nervous.  No longer concerned.  Captain Ulysses glanced at the black hole growing larger in the view screen.  He relaxed back into the chair, realizing that it was quite comfortable once the burden of command was gone.  Small dots, denoting the pods, on the nav-screen were fleeing free from the ship.  He nodded as the final pods cleared the gravitational pull and were broadcasting their emergency rescue beacons.

Ulysses deactivated the alarms and relished the quiet solitude.  He closed his eyes, tasting her lips in a beautiful memory.  Her warmth felt good, her skin was so soft. Maybe he’d feel her again.  Just a hug would be worth everything.  Making love to her again would be more than a dream. Nine years was long enough without her.

No more.  Nine years will be it.  One way or the other.  

One minute ticked by on the counter.  The ship shuddered and fractured.  He felt the vibrations in his chair from the dying ship.  He deactivated the view screen amid the creaking and groaning of the ship.  He lay his head back into the chair and smiled as he closed his eyes.

The ship continued on its way, cracking apart, silently heading to its destiny.

Art by John Harris.

Bloomtale - Chapter 6 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 6 is up!!! Enjoy!! ^^  I feel like drawing Napstablook right now….

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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So for some stupid reason, in the new 52 Tim’s parents are alive and in witness protection.

But Tim “Died” and nobody has mentioned them

So, If Janet and Jack are still alive has nobody told them their son is dead? Like I feel like notifying someone of that would be pretty important.

Alison DiLaurentis and After Death.

A.D. Two letters, two people…and two meanings.

Two of the most popular explanations for A.D. are that the letters stand for either Alison DiLaurentis or After Death. But what if they stand for both?

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). It’s obvious that there were a number of plot holes in Charlotte’s story from 6x10, and many of them revolved around her CeCe Drake persona. How was CeCe prom queen at Rosewood if she never went to school there? How did she have a roommate at U Penn if she didn’t live on campus? How did she know Eric Kahn and the rest of that generation if she was locked in Radley for most of her life?

Maybe because she wasn’t. At age sixteen, Jessica took Charles out of Radley, but Charlotte never returned. After all, Jessica knew that she hadn’t killed Marion. Why would she leave a child she loved locked up for her entire life over a crime that she didn’t commit? Jessica knew that Ken wouldn’t accept Charlotte, so she bought her an apartment in Rosewood and enrolled her in school under the alias CeCe Drake. CeCe went on to attend her last few years of high school in Rosewood, and then went to U Penn until she was kicked out.

Alison and Charlotte met in Cape May, like the show has stated time and time again. But isn’t it a little unrealistic that Alison wouldn’t find it odd that her new best friend not only looked and acted just like her, but used her mother’s maiden name, as well? I think that Charlotte confided in Alison that summer about their relation, and the two girls bonded over their sister/cousinhood.

But they were angry, too. They felt like their family was being ruined by secrets, and they resented being kept apart. This is when the games began. As revenge, Charlotte dressed up like Alison and tried to check herself back into Radley, just to get a rise out of Jessica. The staff believed her because they hadn’t seen her since before her transition.

When the A notes that Ali was receiving began to get more serious, she confided in Charlotte and the two devised a plan. Ali would fake her own death and run away with Charlotte’s help. She learned of her mother’s affair with Mr. Young in the same mysterious way that she learned about Jason’s real parentage, and Charlotte remembered Bethany from her days in Radley. Alison visited Bethany, gifted her the yellow top, and invited her to the Labor Day sleepover.

Alison, Charlotte, and Bethany all wound up wearing the exact same top that night. This cannot be a coincidence. Alison’s job was to spend the night sneaking around trying to narrow down A suspects.

Charlotte was to distract A by wearing the yellow top, then change into a black hoodie and hit Bethany to trick A into thinking that Alison had been killed. But things went wrong when Bethany showed up early, was hit by Mona, and buried by Melissa. Later, Charlotte spotted a girl in a yellow top and assumed it was Bethany. She hit her over the head with the rock, only to find out that she had accidentally hit Ali.

Jessica buried Alison to protect Charlotte, but allowed her to run instead of calling the police. She never returned to Radley that night. Meanwhile, Alison was at the Lost Woods Motel. The reason why she was so willing to go along with Mona’s extreme plan was because she was already planning on faking her death that night. Why else would she already know everything she would need?

Eventually, Ali found a way to contact Charlotte, who helped her stay on the run for the next two years. After all, a 15-year-old girl is going to need at least some amount of help, right? She did come back to visit and help the girls, as she claimed. But she also flat out said to Emily in 2x12 that she knew who A was. If she knew that Mona was A, why wouldn’t she tell her friends and actually help them end it for good?

It’s because she liked the game. She liked that her friends were still, in a way, wrapped around her finger. They couldn’t forget about her, they were forced into thinking about her every day because of A, and she didn’t want it to end.

But suddenly it did end. Once Mona was sent to Radley, both Ali and Charlotte got bored. Alison had no reason to stay away from Rosewood, and the entertainment of watching the Liars – her puppets – be tormented by A was over.

Mona thought she was seeing Ali in Radley because she was – at least some of the time. Wren helped sneak them both in under the name CeCe Drake – after all, Alison couldn’t have used her own name – and they stole the game from her.

Since Ali couldn’t very well just waltz back into town, it was up to Charlotte to introduce herself to the girls as CeCe Drake and dig for information. Meanwhile, Ali was lurking in the background, watching them and sending messages. She had to have been stalking them for most of that time. Otherwise, how would she have possibly known the exact moments that one of the Liars was in danger?

Ali revealing herself to the girls in 4x13 was planned. She was sick of hiding out while Charlotte got to interact with everyone and be right in the action, so they set up an elaborate way for Ali to show the Liars that she was alive while making it seem like she was still in danger. Why else would she make the girls chase her around Ravenswood, only to end up right back in Spencer’s backyard? She could have revealed herself to them at any time. That entire episode proves that she still got off on messing with them, just like she did in “The First Secret.”

Wasn’t it a little odd how Charlotte never kidnapped Alison and took her to the dollhouse? After all, Ali was supposedly the one she wanted the most, as demonstrated when she tried to trap her in 6x01. Why would she go to all the trouble of kidnapping Mona and forcing her to pretend to be Alison when the real Ali was right there for the taking? She easily could have kidnapped her on Thanksgiving instead, or during the two months before she was in jail. And it wasn’t as if Charlotte was keeping Alison out of the dollhouse so she wouldn’t have to torture her - Ali went through quite a lot in jail.

Could jail have provided the perfect alibi for Ali? She was the girls’ biggest A suspect in 5A. But how could she send them messages, torture them, and lock them in an underground bunker from behind bars? It took away any potential blame, or any question as to why Charlotte hadn’t kidnapped her. The perfect excuse.

Isn’t it also a little odd how Alison and Charlotte were in a completely separate room from the other girls during the reveal? There’s no reason why Ali couldn’t have watched from the space lair with everyone else. And since it’s more than likely that Charlotte was aware that Spencer was her actual sister, why was Alison the one to get the special treatment? Maybe because Ali was in on the whole reveal. Charlotte’s story didn’t make sense because most of it wasn’t true – it was a cover, and all of 6x10 was a scripted act. She took the fall for being A, letting her best friend get off scot-free.

Ali sure was forgiving toward someone who supposedly forced her to run away for two years, choked her in her own house, and did unspeakably horrible things to her and her friends, no? Family or not, her attitude toward Charlotte during the time jump and in 6x11 was pretty unrealistic. The only way it really makes sense and remains consistent with her independent, head-strong character is if she was on Charlotte’s side the whole time. She promised Charlotte that she would stay by her side and eventually get her out of Welby. The girls were gone, and they could move on from the A game and live normal lives together.

But it’s not so easy to move on from such an addiction. For so many years, the four Liars had completely revolved around Alison – mourning her disappearance, searching for who killed her, protecting her once she returned, and helping her find out about Charles. Suddenly, they were all just…gone. Off to New York, Boston, Washington, California…completely forgetting about the girl they once built their lives around.

Both Alison and Charlotte wanted to start the game again. So it was time for another plan. “You don’t know them the way I do.” Ali knew that Aria, the most unpredictable and emotional of the Liars, wouldn’t be able to handle Charlotte being freed. She expected Aria to break down on the stand, she knew that Charlotte would be released anyway, and they schemed to reverse their plan from so many years before.

This time it was Charlotte who faked her own death, with Alison’s help, instead of the other way around. Why did they focus so closely on the purple roses in 6x11, making us aware that the same flower in Charlotte’s hand when she “died” was also in Ali’s house earlier that night? Why was Charlotte’s body completely void of fingerprints or other DNA? It’s because she never really died. The autopsy result was fake, and whether she used the same “dead drug” on herself that she did on Mona, Jason, and Kenneth, or used one of those hyper-realistic masks that must end up having a purpose to make someone else look like her, Charlotte is still alive.

And she and Ali have been A.D. ever since. Both girls get to keep playing the game that is so much “like a drug,” and the Liars are once again orbiting around Ali, just as she likes it.

This is more of a possible story than a theory, but for clues that Alison has been A since the beginning, check out parts one and two of my Alison is A theory. Of course the motive here isn’t very strong, but it’s better than another sympathetic, tragic secret family member, right?