a hockey crush

the first time jack visits tater’s apartment unannounced he accidentally sits on kent parson’s 6 month old espn body issue, hastily showed between two sofa cushions.

what follows is the most awkward conversation since bad bob tried to tell a 20 yr old jack about the birds and the bees. it really solidifies their friendship.

nothing subtle here (1/6)

Dex knew he was in trouble the first time he saw Nursey playing hockey. It was a practice, in frog year, and Dex had already decided that he and Nurse, Derek M. were not going to be friends. Or even acquaintances. Or anything close. But all the irritating comments and rolled eyes in the world couldn’t stop Dex’s stomach from swooping as he sat on the bench and watched Nursey slam a guy into the boards, steal the puck, and shoot for the net. He recognized the fluttery feeling in his stomach, he was a gay man  competing in competitive hockey. It was hopeless trying to ignore the fact that hockey players were hot as hell and Dex had given up trying long before Samwell.

But still, Dex told himself, it didn’t actually mean anything. A hockey crush is different than a crush crush. So Dex swallowed the feeling and once he was paired up with Nursey on the ice, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He had less time to watch Nursey when he was trying to keep his eyes on the puck, anyway.

Dex pushed when Nursey pulled. Their mutual agreement to disagree made the world go round and helped the goals get scored. So what if Dex felt slightly nauseous around Nurse sometimes? It was worth it for the cause. 

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Crush imagine #30

I sat in the bleachers, watching y/c in his game. I cheered loudly when he made a goal, and felt proud of him. Y/c and I weren’t best friends per say, but we had met this year and were fairly good friends, so when he asked me to go to his ice hockey game, I couldn’t say no. Suddenly, someone from the other team slammed into y/c, sending him sliding across the ice, straight into one of the walls. He got up as if nothing had happened, and played on, which seemed like a miracle.
In the end, our team won, with y/c scoring one more goal, to make the score 3-1. The team went into the locker room, and I waited on the bleachers until y/c came out.
“Hey, you were great” I hugged y/c and congratulated him on the win.
“Thanks, I’m glad you decided to come” he squeezed me and let go( so we could walk to my car since he had come with his team on a bus. I drove us to y/C’s house, and helped him get his hockey stuff out of my car.
“Do you want to come in?” Y/c asked, running his hand through his hair.
“Sure” I locked my car and followed him into his house.
We took off our shoes near the door, and headed into the kitchen. Y/c grabbed onto the ledge for a second and put his hand on his head. “You okay?” I asked, walked around him to face him.
“Yeah, it’s just from when I crashed into that wall” he said. “Hold on” I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight. “What are you doing?” He asked, dropping his head to look down at my phone. “Just one second, let me check something. Put your head up” I instructed and placed one hand on his shoulder, while the preheat held my phone, and stood on my tippy toes, on top of his feet. I shined the light into his eyes, checking to see if they would dilate, but they didn’t. “Y/c, I think you have a concussion” I turned off the flashlight from my phone and put it back in my pocket.
“No, I don’t have a concussion” he placed a hand on my waist to steady me. I stepped down from his feet, thinking he would remove his hand, but he didn’t. “Thank you for checking, but I don’t get concussions” he smirked.
“Y/c, lets just get it checked, okay? It’ll put me at ease” I rubbed his shoulder.
“Okay” he hung his head down, which brushed his hair against my face. “But you’re getting us Pancheros after. He lifted his head back up and smirked. "Okay” I rolled my eyes and we headed back out to my car.

1 hour later
“The Doctor will be back with your results soon, just sit tight y/c” the nurse left the room.
I sat in one of those extra chairs in the room with y/c, waiting. “Y/n, come up here” he patted the area on the bed thing next to him. I stood up and sat next to him
“So, what happens if you’re right?” Y/c turned his head,asking me. His lips brushed my cheek for a second and then he moved his head back a little. I hated when things like that happened since feelings I’d been trying to hide would all come back. “What happens if I’m wrong?” I retorted. “Look, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something” y/c shifted a little, so he was facing me a little better. I looked up to talk to listen, but then the doctor came in.
“Alright Mr.(y/c/last name), it seems like you have a moderate concussion, you should be all set to play again in 3 weeks” the doctor wrote something down on her clipboard. “Come back for a follow up in 3 weeks, until then no ice hockey unfortunately, no loud noises, no bright lights, take days of from school if you can’t handle it, your health comes first” the doctor instructed. “Other than that you’re all set to go” she left.
“Well that sucks” he sighed and got off the bed.
“I’m sorry, I hate that I was right” I got down and rubbed his bicep.
“Hey, it’s good we did this. Otherwise I could have made it worse” y/c placed his arms on my waist.
“Also this may never have happened” he whispered and leaned in, giving me a long kiss. “I’ll expect you to be the one taking care of me till I get better” he smirked, and gave me a quick kiss.

Repressed Crush - Mitch Marner

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Note: lol bois its been like 6 weeks since I’ve been productive, so sorry. But here’s the long awaited imagine, love yall. also pls enjoy my meme.

Mentions: Auston Matthews, JVR

Warnings: like idk man, rude mitch

Requested by Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and auston are best friends but the reader and marner act like they hate eachother but they actually love each other? Maybe they figure out that they love each other by auston teasing them that the reason they act like they hate each other is because they both secretly have a crush on each other? Maybe Marner kisses her to prove that there are no feeling but there actually is? idk if that makes sense but thank u :)            

Up Next: Man, who knows. Probably Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “cOnGRaTUlaTe hIM oN tHe gOaL (Y/N).” Your mocking tone inspired the glare that your best friend sent to you, as a few of the surrounding Leafs chuckled.

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White picket fences in your eyes

Title: White picket fences in your eyes
Author: lanyon
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3729
Summary: An alternate universe, in which Jack is drafted first but fate is fate and he meets a young figure skater at the Sochi Olympics. A story about gold medals, promises and Kent Parson’s hockey crush.

Most memorable line: “So, there are rumours that you’re defecting,” says Kent. “I won’t lie, we could probably use you on the power play but I don’t want you stealing my thunder.”

N is right. There is not enough Potatomann in this fandom. To make up for that fact while recognizing I am elbows deep in too many fics as it is, have a few of the Potatomann hockey rpf fics that exist out there in the CP-verse.

Private Lessons
Tater comes to Jack for drawing lessons after losing yet another face-off. Jack decides nudes are the best practice. Explicit.

Alexei Mashkov was supposed to be in the same draft as Jack, but then Jack dropped out with no word and plenty of rumors. Now they’re on the same team and Alexei is caught between a small measure of awe at an early role model and the growing warmth in his chest when he catches the rare sight of hockey robot Jack Zimmermann’s real smile. In getting to know the new rookie, Alexei finds more of what brings out that smile hidden amongst secret memories, heartache and a torn history with a new hockey rival. Past Jarse. Trigger warnings: accidental overdose, alcohol use and abuse, unhealthy relationships, past drug use and abuse.

The Wooing of Jack Zimmermann
Georgia Martin really wants Jack Zimmermann to sign to the Falconers, so she sends out the big, friendly, Russian guns when he agrees to come to a practice. 5+1 fic. 5 times Georgia uses Tater in her attempts to woo unrestricted free agent Jack Zimmermann and the 1 time Georgia finds out Tater actually wooed Jack.

A Bushel of Love
Obligatory Farmer’s Market AU. Alexei Mashkov has been helping at his family’s potato stall at the Farmer’s Market for years now. When a new face starts showing up on a weekly basis, he takes note. When that new face happens to be his hockey crush, Jack Zimmermann, captain of the Providence Falconers, Alexei—dubbed Tater by some of his friends at the market—decides this is going to be his best summer yet…the moment he’s capable of not making himself sound like a starstruck idiot. (please don’t judge by the title. I hate coming up with titles.)

Obligatory Farm AU. Jack Zimmermann has just been released from rehab and hockey and his father’s legacy are still touchy subjects. Deciding to remove himself from the sport as much as possible, Jack moves to Idaho and gets a job on a potato farm. Enter Alexei Mashkov, potato farmer and ex-hockey player—forced to retire early from a lasting injury by a bad hit. As the two get to know each other, they each find closure in their past, healing in their wounds and hope for the future.

Tater is a literal potato. A sentient potato. Crack. How is this not even the weirdest fic I’ve written?

The Price to Play
Jack Zimmermann is 18 years old and supposed to be on top of the world when his heart stops from an overdose. He wakes up in a Russian hospital four inches taller and in severe body pain. Alexei Mashkov is 17 and preparing for college when he is hit by a drunk driver and dies on the way to the hospital. He wakes up in a Canadian hospital with one of his hockey heroes calling him son. Jack finds himself freed of the shadow and weight of his family name and father’s legacy but with a body that has never known professional hockey. Alexei finds himself with the resources he never had growing up but with a shot reputation. When they both set the NHL as their goal, they end up on opposite paths careening towards each other until they finally collide in Providence, Rhode Island. Bodyswap AU.

Protect Your D-Man
Hockey’s rule #1 is to protect your goalie. No one had followed that rule more than Alexei Mashkov. But who protects the protector? When Mashkov goes down after a particularly brutal hit and doesn’t get back up, he ends up out for the season. It’s up to the brand new team Alternate, Jack Zimmermann, to help his friend and teammate get back up on his feet. Zimmermann never expected to get swept off his own while doing so.

Locker Room imagine *light smut*


        (y/c) = your crush (y/n) = your name (y/f) = your friend
For the longest time, you had had a crush on the cutest boy ever. His eyes and basically everything else gave you butterflies, but you didn’t only feel them in your stomach ;) One of your friends had dragged you to her boyfriend’s hockey game, so she could shove your loneliness down your throat (as usual). You had only agreed to go because you were pretty sure that (y/c) was on his team, and who would miss that opportunity?
They lost their game, and you were kind of disappointed. But you had gotten your fill, (y/c) was on the ice pretty much the whole time. For once, she had no reason to brag, since her boy-toy had been on the bench for most of the time.
After the game, the boys all headed to the locker room and you and (y/f) waited for her mom to pick the two of you up, but the roads were terrible, so she was going to be a while. One by one all the guys had left, and you and her were alone (or so you thought) in the arena waiting for her mom to finally show up.
“Want to take a peek at the guy’s change room before we have to leave?” She suggested with a mischievious grin.
“Sure,” you said, feeling just as adventurous as she was. The two of you quickly got out of your seats and headed for the change room. You stood with your hand on the door, bracing yourself for the horrible stench you knew was coming. As soon as you opened the door, (y/f) shoved you in and held it shut behind you. You heard her pulling a chair in front of the door, and you yelled at her.
“This isn’t funny! It reeks in here! Let me out!” But as much as you pleaded, she refused. You sighed and sat on a bench between the lockers, waiting for her to give in, when you heard the shower turn on. Thinking it was extremely creepy you went to check it out, thinking the shower was just messed up or something. But as soon as you got to the showers it turned off, and one of the curtains slid open. (y/c) walked out with a towel around his waist and a bead of water slowly racing down his gorgeous abs. He stopped mid towel tying, and stared at you wide-eyed, unable to find any words.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” You said, turning and walking towards the door.
“No, it’s fine! Stay!” He said quickly. You stopped and turned on your heel, to face him.
“Wait…why are you still here?”
“I hate showering with a bunch of other guys. And I could ask you the same thing,”
“I don’t see why,” you said with a smirk, “(y/f) and I are waiting for her mom to pick us up, and she locked me in here.”
“Us. She locked us in here,” he said, smiling at the ground. “Gosh (y/n), you’re eyeing me like a piece of meat.”
“Sorry,” you said, laughing. “I just, wow.” He laughed, not knowing how incredibly flawless he was.
“(y/n), you like me, right?” You thought you literally felt your heart stop. You tried to speak but no noise came out, thankfully, he continued. “Because I like you…like a lot. I think you’re absolutely incredible in every possible way.” The corners of your mouth pulled up into a smile, and you felt your cheeks flush. There was a warmth inside you that could only be caused by him. You nodded your head and smiled at him. He took a step closer, the two of you a foot apart rather than two.
“You played really well tonight,” you said, but instead of thanking you or saying anything at all, he leaned in and closed the gap between the two of you. He pressed his lips to yours, softly but so surely, and you felt like everything was right in the world, like all the pieces were all fitting together. He stepped ever closer to you, and your bodies pressed together, the warmth of his chest seeping into your forearms, which rested there. You moved your hands, which were resting on either side of his face, to his stomach to feel the rock hard abs you had admired for so long. You smiled into the kiss, unable to comprehend that this was really happening. RIght when things were slowing down again, his towel dropped from around his waist, and the two of you stood there, still pressed together. You didn’t notice until he pulled away quickly and used his hands to hide himself. As he leaned down to pick up the towel, you leaned next to his ear and whispered, “don’t”. He smiled and stood back up slowly, pushing you against a locker and planting kisses down your neck and over your collar bones. His hands slid down your torso and into the back of your shirt, and he began rubbing the small of your back. His hands were like fire on your skin, and he spread the flames everywhere he touched. He switched from touching your back to holding the hems of your shirt, and he slowly slid it up over your head, leaving you in a bra and leggings. He beamed a smile at you and kissed you again, his hands on the lockers beside you. Feeling risky, you took his hands and placed them on your breasts, smiling deviously up at him. He grinned right back, and you felt those butterflies again, but this time more intensely than any of the other times. He moved his hands in large circles, at first slowly and delicately, but gradually he went faster and more roughly. His kisses became more desperate, and you could hear a low moan building up in his throat. He pulled you away from the lockers and quickly pulled down your leggings, helping you step out of them. Thankfully that was the one night you had worn matching bra and underwear. He sat down on the bench and you sat in his lap, facing him, your legs on either side of him. You kissed him passionately, and you still couldn’t believe this was really happening. As your lips danced around each other, his hand slowly moved up your thigh. Beside the knee, inner thigh. Halfway up, inner thigh. All the way, on you. He snuck his hand into your panties, and you took a sharp breath in. He tested you first with one finger, and gradually slid in the other. He never took his eyes off of you, and you screamed…loudly. You forgot the entire world existed as he made you feel a way you had never felt before. You could feel him poking your leg, and felt kind of guilty. But with the things he was doing to you…the guilt didn’t last long. As you came he did too, just from making you feel that way. He kissed you hard, to quiet you down a bit. It didn’t work. The two of you got dressed in a comfortable silence, and you found the chair blocking the door to be gone. The two of you stepped out and you saw that (y/f) had already left. How long had the two of you been in there for?
“Well since your ride is gone, guess you’ll have to spend the night with me.” (y/c) said, smirking. “My parents aren’t home this weekend, and my house is within walking distance.”
“Well, lucky me.”
“Lucky you,” he said, taking your hand in his.

~Kayla c:

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What pisses me off about women's hockey is the no contact rule- even on the national level! If grown ass people are hitting other people of the same size WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?! THEY ALLOW CHECKING FOR BOYS AFTER AGE 16!!!! I STARTED PLAYING HOCKEY ONLY TO FIND OUT I CANT GET ROUGH WITH IT?! Getting aggressive is 60% of what makes hockey fun!

Bone crushing injuries are for everyone. 

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Are you taking prompts? Inverting the "Dex has a crush on the Pens/Letang" theme, I literally had a dream last night that Sid had a crush on Jack - unclear whether it was during Rimouski or post-Samwell, during Jack's first season and he made it to All-Star, idk - but I AM HOLDING YOU PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for this! (My fam is from/I grew up around Pittsburgh, but my IRL hockey!fandom grew exponentially under your headcanons and tutelage).

disclaimer that sid, geno, and all irl hockey players that are referenced in this are how i see them in my head in the check, please universe, not irl. so, like, irl hockey players, but my check, please interpretation of irl hockey players. 

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@ myself, look at this post next time you feel any attraction towards sidney crosby and take a deep breath. it’s going to be okay. you totally do not have a crush on him. look! he wore a puka shell necklace for what seems to be multiple years!! he put a life jacket on the stanley cup?? also, he wears crocs. JULIE HE WEARS CROCS ALL THE TIME.


Request: Can you do own where the reader is sam and dean’s little sister and the reader plays street hockey and they made it to their first championship and sam and dean are really excited and eventually the reader wins? I absolutely adore your writing by the way c:

Request: Can you write one where your the winchester’s little sis and they’re at your school for a case and try to set you up with your crush?

Request: A cute Winchester Sister imagine?

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