a hit of vervain

What about us part 15


Stefan: was I not speaking clearly?

You: I’m not turning my humanity off

Stefan:fine then the deals off

Stefan starts to get up

You: wait!

Stefan sit back down and holds his hands together on the table and looks at you with a smerk on his face waiting for you answer

You: fine

Damon: no

You look at Damon confused

You: if I don’t do it he won’t take he deal

Damon: not yet , Stefan brother let’s get a drink and talk not infront of the lady yeah?

Stefan: sure?

You sit there so confused as Damon and Stefan get up and sit at the bar Damon signals the bar tender for two drink you see them start to talk so you use your super hearing to listen

Damon: brother come on it doesn’t have to be this way

Stefan: you see Damon it actually does cause my life with no humanity is great see I don’t have to worry about anything cause I simply just don’t care

The bartender comes and sets two drinks in front of Damon and Stefan

Damon: well as long as you stick to the deal right?

Damon picks up his drink and takes and sip watching Stefan pick up his drink brings it to his lips and stops

Stefan:Damon Damon Damon

Damon: what?

Stefan drops his drink as the glass hits the floor and breaks into little pieces

Stefan: vervain in the burbon nice one

Damon: yeah well you see I try

They both giggle until Stefan grabs the closest person to him and bites into their neck

You gasp you get up from the table and super speed to them


Stefan let’s go of the person and they fall to the floor
You kneel down to them and feed them your blood the wake up and start to panic

Her: ahh!

You:*compelling* go clean up and go home you won’t remember none of this

She gets up off the floor and walks out of the grill

Stefan: well that was pathetic nice talking to y-

You: I’ll turn my humanity off

Stefan: what?

You: was I not speaking clearly? I will turn my humanity off but you have to stick to the deal!

Stefan: fine

You look at Damon

You: I promised Stefan I won’t stop until his humanity was back on I need you to make the same promise to me

Damon: I promise

You were scared you had all these thoughts racing through your mind you look at Damon then back at Stefan you close your eyes you could feel all your emotions disappear you open your eyes you see Stefan with the biggest darkest smile on his face and Damon with a worried look

You: oh come on Damon stop giving me that sad look , Stefan was right I feel great!

Stefan: it only gets better

You: I sure am hungry

Damon: remember the deal!

You: oh yeah… sorry Stefan looks like you can’t feed but I can

You smile and super speed out of the grill, your walking down the street and two girls walk past you laughing and looking at you

You: hi is there a problem?

Girl 1: not if you like getting your clothes from the dumpster!

Girl2: haha yeah where did you get those jeans? Behind the grill?

They both turn around and walk away you stood there in anger they go into the grill and don’t come out until hours later , they both are walking and giggling in the alley way where their car was parked you walk up to them

You: hi remember me?

Girl1: how could we not

Girl2: did you come to get more clothes from the dumpster? Haha

The veins in your eyes and fangs start to show

You: I came to get something not clothes

You bite into girl 1s neck and feed on her until she drops to the floor , girl 2 starts screaming and running you super speed to her

You: sorry would of got to you sooner but you know these dumpster clothes not easy to run in you know?

You then bite into her neck and feed on her until she drops to the floor as well you clean your face and look at both of the girls

Stefan: dumpster clothes?

You: why are you here Stefan?

Stefan: I mean aren’t you my girlfriend?

You: haha aww when did you start caring

Stefan:haha funny

You: well see you later buddy

Stefan: where are you going

As your are walking away

You: why do you care

Stefan super speeds to you pushing you up against the wall

You: wow that was hot

Stefan begins to talk but then falls to the floor

Klaus Mikealson imagine

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  S3EP21 “Caroline I’m here” I shouted through the school.

  I was on the clean up committee but i was late since my brother Damon woke me up late. I was suppose to get their at 8 but i got there ten minutes late.

“Caroline!” i shouted again hoping she would answer this time. 

  I was passing the halls when I stopped to look at Alaric’s room, he had just died the night before he was my favorite teacher, and my brothers best friend. When i turned my head to look at the classroom to see my best friend tied down to a desk. I also saw Alaric sitting in his desk.

“What’s going on” I asked walking into our classroom.

“Oh Y/n you should’ve never have shown up” Alaric said getting up.


Next thing I know I’m tied down next to Caroline.

“Right on time” Alaric said before elena walked in.

“Y/n, Caroline” she stared at us for a couple seconds before staring at Alaric.”Let them go Alaric”

“Free them yourself” he said before she ran to us.

she started to help caroline first, she was taking out the pencil out of her hand before Alaric slammed the pencil right back in.

“Stop trusting vampires!!” he screamed at her.

At this point I was missing my idiot brothers, and wondering if they were going to Show up.


  He put more vervain on the towel before putting it back in my mouth, it stinged like a bitch, by now i couldn’t controll my crying. He then started to do the same thing to Care, before he told Elena she had to kill us witch I knew she wouldn’t do.

She aimed the stake at me, but turned around backwards and tried to stab him but he caught the stake, so she grabbed the vervain and hit him in the head with it and then untied Care, and I and told us to get help.

 We ran through the hallways, i almost tripped but Klaus caught me.

“Klaus’ I gasped.

“Y/n, love. Are you okay?” 

“Yes. What are you doing here.” I asked hugging him

“Saving you, now leave, run, and hide” he said letting go of me.

“No! I won’t leave you Niklaus, his going to kill you” I said grabbing his hand.

“I’ll be fine love, now leave”

“I love you, klaus” I said before kissing him.

“I love you to. Now run!”


  I was waiting for everyone at the Gilbert house. I saw the car park, and watched as they walked up the house. 

“Where’s klaus? No one will tell me what happened to him!”



Random Snippet #14

This has angst, hurt/comfort & gore.


Caroline curled her knees a little closer to her chest as the truck finally came to a stop. She was furious, monster crawling along her skin; her throat burned, her gums ached, but she hadn’t let a single tear fall. Dawn was close, and she glared at her bare hand with clenched teeth.

Hadn’t it been just hours ago she was twirling around her room with a little smile, indulging in a momentary rush of girlish delight? She loved this dress. Loved how it made her feel.

Now it was ruined.

She’d been so stunned to see her Dad, had all but rushed down the steps with vampire speed. He’d offered her a corsage and kissed her cheek, telling her she was beautiful. Beaming, she’d never watched for the betrayal. Never saw the vervain needle until it was too late.

“It’ll be alright honey,” he’d promised when she woke, skirts a mess around her legs. They’d placed her in a cage bolted to the back of a truck bed, covered it with tarps. She’d been forced to grip the spelled iron to balance as they moved quickly along dirt roads, hands blistering painfully.

Worse, had been the vervain water they’d sprayed the cage and running mat down with. Every drop on her upper arms burned like acid, and she’d hunched over, resting her weight on the balls of her feet to try avoid most of the mud and water.

She didn’t look up as the tarps were removed, water splashing painfully across raw skin. She let go of the bars, kept her face hidden in her knees. If she’d been human, her calves would have burned from exertion, but as a vampire she felt nothing.

“Honey, I just need you to show them what you showed me.”

Blinking away the darkness, Caroline looked up and stared at her dad. “Don’t do this.”

“I’ll be all right,” Bill promised. “They just need proof.”

Caroline didn’t have time to ask anymore questions as buckets of water were tossed at her from each side. She screamed, eyes squeezing tightly shut, curling in tight to protect her face. It did little good; skirts soaked, water seeping through the intricate beading, and she shuddered in agony.

“Care-bear,” Bill said softly. “Just show them your face.”

She wanted to hurt them. But she knew that if she let a single feature free outside of her ‘real’ face this would go so much worse. Trembling, she peered out of the bars, everything burning.

“See,” Bill told them men who were careful to hide in the shadows. “She has control.”

“But will she help us?”

Caroline held in a snort. Trying to hold perfectly still, she ground her teeth as her dad watched her. “Let me go.”

“Caroline - do you remember how I told you that you were one of the good ones?”

She didn’t trust herself so she just nodded.

“There are vampires who are bad, baby. We need your help to kill them.”

Everything inside her rebelled. She didn’t kill people. And vampires were people - even Damon, though she wouldn’t shed a year if Klaus ate him. She froze, swallowed hard. Wondered how long until someone noticed she was gone. It’d been a few hours, and she wasn’t completely delusional to imagine that Klaus would find a way to see her in this dress.

Since she’d badgered him into letting her borrow it.

“Dad, you need to let me go. My friends will notice I’m missing. They’ll look for me.”

“Bonnie and Elena? They know you’re with me.”

“What?” Caroline whispered.

“I needed to make sure you were still you. You live with so much temptation, it’s so easy to give in.” Bill said gently. “They told me about Tyler. I’m sorry, honey. I know you cared about him. But now that we know about the white oak stake, there is a chance that we can kill him and end this.”

“That would kill me too,” she whispered in horror.

“Sometimes sacrifices need to be made,” a voice murmured from behind her.

“I’m not a killer.”

“They’re not real people honey, they’re not like you. They haven’t kept their souls.”

Curling tight around her knees, ignoring the biting pain of the drying vervain, she shuddered out a breath. “No.”


She knew she wasn’t going to make it out if this cage. Not unless she agreed to this, but she couldn’t do it. Not after today. So instead, she squared her shoulders and stared her Dad down. “Klaus is my friend.”

Bill stared at her, eyes darkening with emotions she couldn’t read. She swallowed hard, flinched at the burn of her clothes moving against her skin and licked her lips. She wouldn’t do this.

“He’s never asked me to kill anyone.” She stared at her dad, ignoring the muttering around her. “Walk away, Dad. He’s not going to let anyone who knows about the stake live. Please, walk away.”

“He won’t know,” another voice murmured. Caroline heard the slosh of water in a bucket and refused to tremble. Just looked at her Dad, pleaded with her eyes. Run. Just run.

“Ah, but unlike her other so-called friends, I’m quite a bit more invested in her safety,” soft, dangerous words cut into air. “I’d put that bucket down if you’d prefer a quick death, mate.”

Caroline looked at away from her dad, caught Klaus’ eyes as they bled yellow. “Klaus.”

“I’ll be with you in a moment, sweetheart.”

“Not my Dad,” she ordered, ignored her peeling skin and lunged to her knees and stared at him with eyes she refused to let water at the razor sharp pain. Gripping those iron bars, she repeated herself.

“Not my Dad.”

The vervain water hit her straight in the back. She screamed, hunching reflexively and gritted her teeth until bone creaked in her jaw. She didn’t look up as she heard Klaus tearing through them, the hot scent of blood almost too much for her. Her fangs pushed free, and she hissed, hands letting go of the bars as she struggled for control that wasn’t coming. She was in too much pain, needed blood too badly.

The truck shook and her head snapped up, teeth bared and Klaus looked at her, all wild nightmare. Crouching down, he reached for the bars trapping her. His eyes narrowed at the burn, and Caroline watched his muscles bunch along his forearms as he ripped the front of the cage away.

He held out his hands, knowing moving would hurt. She hesitated; knowing what he saw. The ruined dress and blistered skin, her monster on full display.

“Come on, love. I won’t let you hurt him,” his eyes flared, veins stark around his eyes. “Not until you’re healed, at least.”

She tried not to cry out as she moved, each drag of her dress beyond painful. Klaus made a noise low in his chest, as he lifted her, dropping off of the truck; pulling the dress apart beneath his hands in one quick tug. Caroline arched away from the pain of it, bare feet curling into the dirt and she hissed at him, curling her hands in his shirt as she tried to breathe.

“I know,” Klaus soothed. He held a wrist to her mouth, which she gripped tightly and bit into without additional prompting. “Take what you need, Caroline. There is plenty of blood here.”

She felt his attention shift, the laser of his fury directed behind her. “I need to rinse the vervain from her skin.”

There was silence and the sounds of Bill walking away. Caroline gripped Klaus’ wrist tighter, tried to hold the tears that were unexpectedly filling her eyes. She blinked rapidly, felt him go motionless as the few she couldn’t stop splashed on his skin.


She released him, wiping her eyes furiously. His knuckles curved under her chin, urging her to look at him. She glanced at him warily, but there was no pity in the truck lights; just that wildness that left her aching.

“Tell me why he lives.”

“He’s my Dad,” she whispered. Klaus never blinked, didn’t look away as Bill approached, just studied her with a predator’s gaze.

“That’s close enough.”

Her dad stopped, and she shivered in the air.

“The vervain needs to be washed off,” Klaus said at last. “You need to remove the rest of your clothes.”

She felt herself flush, but reached determinedly for the band of her strapless bra. Winced at the tug of skin. Klaus reached over, snapped the fabric and tug it free.

“Tell my Dad to turn around,” she muttered as she hesitated on her panties. His gaze jumped over her shoulder and she heard bone and clothes shift, the dirt beneath Bill’s feet shift. Caroline followed Klaus’ example and just tore the seamless panties free.

Klaus stepped around her, came back with two large water bottles, a rag and a small towel. Still utterly silent, he used one to wet the rag and he carefully wiped her face. The rest he poured over her shoulders and breasts; careful to rinse her back clear.

“How many pins do you have in your hair?”

“Fewer than when this started,” Caroline muttered, before tilting her head to start fishing for them. Klaus caught her wrists, pulled her already burning hands free.

Silent, she dropped her chin and tried to ignore her nakedness and the careful way his hands tangled in her hair. Her scalp was still burning, and she knew each touch had to sting but he was so silent until he was satisfied, the other water bottle carefully being poured through the vervain and hair spray disaster of her hair.

Caroline patted herself dry with the offered towel, rang out her hair as best she could. Biting her lip, she wrapped her arms around her chest. Klaus stepped back around her, and peeled off his shirt. She blinked and took it it with a trembling hand, tugging it on quickly - not caring that it had blood splattered.

She stared at him and swallowed. “Now what?”

“That depends on you,” Klaus told her.

“Okay,” she held her arms away from her sides. “I need a hug.”

Caroline watched his muscles go rigid, tattoos flexing in the light. He stared at her for a long moment before stepping forward and letting her press against the warm skin of his chest. She let her hands dig into his back, pressed her cheek to his shoulder with a shuddery breath.

“I’m supposed to be at prom.”

“I know.”

She almost smiled at the mild tone to his voice, that reference to her furious rantings earlier. Lifting her head, she looked at him.

“How’d you know I was missing?”

He tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear, something violent crawling through his eyes. “Your mom.”

Caroline’s eyes went wide. “Mom?”

Klaus dug into his pocket, pulled out a cell. He swiped it open and looked down. It started ringing and he handed it to her.

“Did you find her?”


A shuddering breath. “Caroline.”

“I’m okay.”

“Did Klaus eat him?”

She jerked, nearly dropping the phone. “What? Mom!”

“I don’t like him, but everything has a use. You tell Bill I expect him at my office in the morning, Caroline. And you let that murdering monster make whatever threats he wants, because I’m going to make him wish Klaus had killed him.”

“Delighted to,” Klaus murmured.

Caroline hung up with more promises and finally turned to face her dad. He was watching her with a perfectly blank face, eyes too dark to read. Klaus was hot against her spine, and she let that brace her.

“Mom’s probably going to shoot you,” Caroline muttered, crossing her arms. She set her chin and took a careful breath. “You deserve it.”


She held up a hand and squared her shoulders. “I love you, Dad. But we’re done. I think it’s probably best you stay away from mom and I. I don’t want to have to kill you.”

“You won’t have to, sweetheart. Bill Forbes will live a very long life, should he attempt to contact you ever again.”

The threat behind Klaus words had her biting her lip. Bill looked over her shoulder and blaunched. She almost turned to look too.“

"Don’t make mom look for you,” Caroline said instead. “That’ll just make it worse.”

“If you start driving you might make your appointment,” Klaus told him. “She’ll need her daylight ring back.

Caroline said nothing until Bill had pulled back onto the road, fiddling with her ring now that it was just her and Klaus. Without her Dad there, it was unnerving wearing nothing but his shirt. A low, agonized moan had her turning and peering into the dark.

"You didn’t kill him?”

Klaus laughed, the sound startling her into looking back up at him. He smiled with fangs on full display. “They’ll get around to it in a few hours.”

“How are we getting out of here?” She asked instead of commenting on the deaths of the men around her. Klaus closed the small distance between them, cupped her face.

“I heard you.”

She went still under his touch, gaze turning wary. His smile widened, dimples becoming more visible with the dawn light as the sun rose. But he was still shadowed, beardless flecked with blood.


“Oh no sweetheart,” Klaus chided. His thumbs ran along her cheekbones, something nearly feral and all claiming crawling through his gaze. “They offered you the same deal as your friends, and you turned it down. Burning from vervain, starving for blood - you picked me.”

“Don’t be an ass,” Caroline grumped, eyes narrowed. “I thought we were friends?”

He kissed her forehead, lips curling as he pulled away. “We’ll never be just friends.”

She parted her lips to retort when he suddenly bent and picked her up bridal style. She settled against his chest with a gasp, was relieved when his shirt stayed pined by his arm and her knees.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you home.”

“We’re going to flash like this?”

“I thought we’d take our time, enjoy the morning,” his head tilted, gaze catching hers. “Give you time to think.”

About what her dad had done, that Bonnie and Elena had known. That they’d told Bill about the stake, that others might know now. There would be hell to pay when they arrived back at Mystic Falls. He was giving her time to process.

That she’d chosen him.

If only she was wearing actual clothes.

Crossing her arms, she slumped against him with a groan. “This is ridiculous.”

“I’m enjoying myself,” he mused. “Just think sweetheart, this give you a few hours to figure out how to keep me from eating your friends. The Salvatore’s are already dead men walking, but I think I’ll let them watch Elena bleed out, rope her intestines around her neck. The little witch might take a bit more effort, but so delicate; a little blood, a wrench of her neck and she could join Elena.”

Caring jabbed him with a nail, glowered up at him. “No.”

He lifted her, until their noses were nearly touching. “They gave my family’s weakness to hunters, sold you out and nearly got you killed. I have no reason to show mercy.”

“They’re my friends.”

“But you’re not theirs.”

His blunt words hurt and she sighed, letting him lower her back to his shoulder as he started walking again. She was silent for a long time before speaking. Trying to work through her feelings.

“They’re the only people left who knew human Caroline and liked her.”

“Then tell me about her.” He offered, voice a rumble beneath her ear.

“You wouldn’t have liked her,” Caroline dismissed. “I make a much better vampire.”

A displeased growl, and his hand squeezed her thigh. “Try me. How much further down the rabbit hole can you fall?”

She fiddled with the cuffs of his shirt. She knew as far as Klaus was concerned, she’d picked sides. She wasn’t completely certain he was wrong. Licking her lips, she started to talk, little things about her life - offering more when he didn’t scoff or laugh. Talked until the sun had truly broken the horizon, turning the landscape brilliant with daylight. Until she fell asleep, the night before finally catching up with her.

Klaroline AU: Caroline turns off her humanity and Klaus saves her.
After her mother’s funeral, Caroline goes on a killing spree and the most feared being in the world has to bring her humanity back. 3,8k little drabble

These have not been easy times for Caroline Forbes. She lost friends, the only relative she even had, her mother, and now she had lost faith on herself. After her mother’s funeral the meaning and consequences of being immortal hit Caroline. Her family was gone. She wasn’t human, she wouldn’t age, she wouldn’t get sick or easily die. As a vampire she knew she would eventually lose her mother, Liz hated vampires and wouldn’t turn into one. However, she still loved her daughter and protected her like she was still the little childish Caroline.

The young vampire just did not expect to lose her mother so soon, so fast and on a time at her life where everything she had planned was burning to ashes. The pain and the hole on her soul hurt like hell. She wanted to scream, to run away but she couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think. It was like the world was soundless and time stopped. Caroline realized she was utterly alone, for all eternity. She closed her eyes and a familiar voice came to her mind “You’ll have to adjust your perception of time when you become a vampire Caroline. Celebrate the fact that you are no longer bound by trivial human conventions. You’re free.”.

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"Klaus, hi, it's Caroline, and um- well, we're all in New Orleans and this weird blonde called Carrie- Cami, or whatever, says that she won't tell me where you live and Damon is getting annoyed, and um- look, there's a problem, where can we find you? I miss you, by the- whatever, just call me back as soon as you can it's important" (or something like that??? sorry it's long lmao)

“How do you not know where your boyfriend lives?” Damon grumbled as he trailed behind a determined Caroline down the sidewalk of the French Quarter. The blonde was following a map on her phone, only to find themselves on Bourbon Street with nothing that looked anything like a mansion around them.

“I did know, but there was some drama and some wolves burnt his house down, so he’s moved and he didn’t really tell me where,” she grumbled, regretting the decision to allow Klaus to keep his home a secret from her.

They barely spoke about New Orleans’ affairs unless it was done and dusted, with the problem sorted or resolved. She knew he did it to protect her and to keep her from worrying (or coming down to visit), but it never worked. She was safe, of course, but she naturally worried and here she was, down in the Big Easy.

Damon chuckled dryly at her words, stepping up next to her quickly. “They didn’t huff and puff, and blow it down? He already has you Goldilocks,” he remarked in amusement.

“Shut up, Damon,” Caroline sighed. She had had to put up with his comments all the way down. Thankfully they had flown rather than driven, however that had still been 4 hours too long with someone who couldn’t keep his trap shut about the tiniest things. Before she could open her mouth to add to it, she caught sight of a bar on the other side of the road; the name sounding familiar to her (though in her mind, it was said in a crisp British accent). “Oh, Rousseau’s! He’s always going on about meeting vampires here. I’m sure someone will know where he lives.”

“Or we could just compel someone off the streets for the address of the most evilest person they know,” he suggested, raising his brows with a smirk as he held the door open for her to walk through and into Rousseau’s.

“You didn’t have to come, you know? I told you we would be doing it my way,” she snapped at him, keeping her voice low. It may have been the middle of the day, but that didn’t mean there weren’t vampires around. She knew there were a handful of them with daylight rings in the city, and they were the ones in Klaus’ inner circle.

“Well, its for Elena, so it’d either have been me or Stefan. Considering the awkwardness between the two of you at the moment, I thought I’d do you a favour,” Damon retorted, his words quiet in a conspiring whisper. Fighting the urge to blush at the reminder of the sudden turn in events in her friendship with Stefan (if only it had been three years earlier when he had first come to town, she wouldn’t have had to turn him down for the Original hybrid), she shot him a suspicious look. She hadn’t mentioned Stefan’s feelings for her to anyone else, and she was sure he wouldn’t have either. “What? He’s my brother; he tells me things,” he added innocently, though she saw right through it. Fixing him a glare over her shoulder, she led them to the bar area. “Alright, fine, I read his diary. Like I said, he’s my brother.”

Exhaling deeply, Caroline pushed down the want to snap his neck and muttered sarcastically, “Or you could have just trusted me to do it myself.”

“With you and Klaus, you could never know whether you’d get the job done or get him done,” he said with a dirty smirk, settling onto the barstool next to her after a casual glance around the area. She had done the same before taking her seat. Most of the bar was empty, with only a few people scattered around, either sitting alone and nursing a drink or in small groups having an early lunch in one of the booths at the back.

“What can I get you guys?” a pretty blonde asked them, wiping down the counter in front of them as she did. There was something oddly familiar about her, but Caroline couldn’t place it. Mentally shaking her head, she put it out of her mind. There was no way a bartender from New Orleans would have ever visited Mystic Falls, and considering that was the only place she had ever lived apart from Whitmore, it was highly unlikely they actually knew each other.

Damon beamed his charming smile at her, though she didn’t seem as impressed as girls usually were at his good looks. “Scotch on the rocks, thanks, Cami,” he requested, squinting in a show as he read her name badge.

“An orange and vodka,” Caroline added when she turned to look at her questioningly. Catching her eyes, Caroline decided to bite the bullet and dilated her pupils to do some innocent compelling. “And you could tell us where we could find Klaus Mikaelson too, thanks.”

“This is New Orleans; I’m on vervain,” Cami’s cold voice informed her, snapping back from them in anger. Furrowing her brow, she looked between the two of them before asking, “Who are you?”

“We’re friends of Klaus’,” Caroline informed her as politely as she could.

Damon let out a sound of disagreement deep in his throat. “Well, ‘friends’ is a bit of a stretch. We’ve tried to kill him on occasion, he tried to kill us, and then these two decided jumping each other’s bones would be a great idea,” he informed the bartender, jerking a thumb over to her with his last line and a wriggle of his eyebrows.

“Damon! Overshare, much?” Caroline gasped, slapping away his hand before turning back to the other blonde. “But seriously, we’re friends of his.”

“If you were friends, wouldn’t you know where he lives?” she countered, suspiciously.

Caroline nodded slowly, wondering how it had become so difficult to track down Klaus of all people when there had been a time when all she had to do was turn around or say his name and he’d be right there. “Ok, sure, that makes sense, but we don’t and you clearly do, so how about you just tell us and we’ll leave you alone?” she asked, her words coming out quicker towards the end and with a clipped edge to them, so she added her patent, ‘aren’t-I-sweet-and-innocent?’ grin and said, “Please?”

“I think we might be slightly out of the region where your Miss Mystic Falls sunshine smile and attitude can work its magic,” Damon stage-whispered to her, eyes still on Cami even as he leaned in to bump his shoulder against hers. Caroline ignored him, but unfortunately, this might have been one of the rare occasions where he was right as the bartender walked away without another word.

Fine, I’ll just call him,” she sighed, pulling her phone back out of her pocket.

Tossing his hands out, Damon looked over at her incredulously. “Why didn’t you just do that earlier?” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“I did, but it kept going to voicemail,” she informed him, rolling her eyes. Of course she had considered calling him as soon as they had entered the city limits. Anywhere further and Klaus would have persuaded her to stay wherever she was and allow him to meet her. With the fight still brewing between the vampires, werewolves and witches in the French Quarter, he was reluctant in having her visit just yet.

“Leave him a message, then!” he insisted roughly, and Caroline threw him a sarcastic look as she climbed off her stool when it went to voicemail once again. She knew she would be overheard no matter where she went, but the illusion of privacy was powerful enough to make her move towards the empty kitchen area.

“Klaus, hi, it’s Caroline, and um- Well, we’re in New Orleans and this weird blonde called Carrie? Cami? Or whatever, says that she won’t tell me where you live and Damon is getting annoyed, and um- Look, there’s a problem; where can we find you? I miss you, by the-” she cut off suddenly, realising that telling him she missed him would lead to her saying other things that Damon would no doubt throw back at her to tease her with until Klaus did make an appearance. Sighing wistfully, she saved it for when they met instead. “Whatever, just call me back as soon as you can. It’s important.”

Hanging up, she made sure her phone was on loud and charged enough to last the day as she joined Damon. Her drink was placed on the bar, waiting for her, but she managed to catch the narrow eyed look Cami threw her as she passed by to another customer.

“What?” Damon asked when she frowned, glancing from her to Cami and then back again.

Caroline shook her head and picked up her drink. “I don’t think she likes me,” she stated, shrugging. He rolled his eyes at her comment, and she realised how pointless her observation really was. The last thing she cared about was whether the local bartender liked her or not. Sipping her drink, she hummed in appreciation as the alcohol hit the right spots. “At least she didn’t vervain me.”

They were on their third drink when her phone came alive, buzzing against the wooden table top they had claimed and singing out the beginning notes of her ringtone. Klaus’ name flashed on the screen, and she finished her drink before picking it up, preparing herself for his anger.

What are you doing in New Orleans, love?” Klaus asked through his teeth, words clipped and tone cold.

Biting on her bottom lip, she glanced up at Damon, who was openly listening to their conversation with a wide smirk, before replying. “I came to see you,” she said, just about making it out as a statement rather than a question.

“With Damon Salvatore, of all people?” Klaus questioned sceptically and in disbelief.

Huffing, she glared at the man opposite her and gritted out, “Unfortunately, yes.”

Damon shrugged off her words easily. “Save your flirting for when you get it on, Blondie. Will you get the address already?” he snapped, pushing her to do what they were there for.

“What are the chances of your ditching your companion and meeting me alone?” Klaus asked before Caroline could get a word out, practically spitting out the words. His hatred of the elder Salvatore wasn’t a secret, but she figured there could be worse people she could have brought along. Tyler came to the front of her mind instantly, closely followed by his former friend Stefan, considering their current predicament.

“I’ve tried and failed, so pretty slim,” she joked, though there was a part of her that wished she really had tried to lose Damon and succeed. It had been far too long since she had seen the hybrid, and some alone time would go down nicely.

There was a pause before Klaus let out a deep sigh and relented. “Very well. I’m sending someone to come get you. They will bring you here,” he informed her matter-of-factly.

Taken aback by his words, she took a quick look around the bar. The crowd was virtually the same as it had been when they had walked in over an hour earlier, and there was nobody paying particular attention to them that she had seen. “How do you know where I am?”

Klaus chuckled dryly. “Oh love; I know everything that goes on in my city. Including when a beautiful blonde vampire visits,” he told her haughtily.

“Creep,” Caroline scoffed in exaggerated disgust, before breaking out in giggles and ruining the effect. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“I’ll be waiting,” he told her earnestly before hanging up, leaving the dial tone ringing in her ear as he left them to wait for their guide in the form of one of his lackeys.


Porcelain by Mariana’s Trench + Klaroline for roseoswiins.  I’m pretty sure this was supposed to lead to a sweet story about Klaus comforting Caroline in her time of need… but somehow it turned into Caroline vs. Klaus in a manipulation showdown, where she’s broken in all sorts of ways, but instead of feeling sorry for herself she makes powerplays against vampires far older than her. Also, it’s longer than the other drabbles.

               She was the youngest vampire in Marcel’s inner circle, and Klaus found himself looking for ways to manipulate what he viewed as the weakest link in his protégé’s armour.

               “Leave her be, Klaus,” Marcel said, because he was watching his sire watch Caroline, and while there was calculation in his gaze, there was also interest.  Neither of which boded well for a vampire of just under two years old.

               “Now Marcellus, surely you’re not warning me off the lovely Caroline.  What do you think of that, Love?  Doesn’t it prick your pride a little?”

               “I think you should listen to him,” Caroline replied coolly, making a note in her notebook.  She was forever writing in that book, things to plan and remember as liaison between Marcel and the human faction.  “You won’t get any information from me, and I’m not interested in you in any other way.”

               “Now those are big words… I know a thing or two about torture, Love.  You’d be surprised what I can make you say.”

               Caroline made another look and then looked at him, her eyes devoid of any emotion that might have hinted at how he should proceed. He often wondered if the girl had turned her humanity off, but he had never seen her drink from the vein, nor did she seem interested in the chaos that humanity-less vampires usually thrived on. Instead she seemed just… empty.

               “You should listen to Marcel,” was all she said, repeating her earlier words.

               Marcel doted on the girl, which caused obvious tension between her and Thierry – at least on the male’s part.  Klaus was not in the least above using the man’s jealousy to seek information.

               “What is her story?”

               Thierry froze when Klaus took a stool next to him, and looked around uncomfortably.

               “I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

               “Let’s not insult our intelligence like that, Thierry. You know very well of what I speak. And if you answer my question… well, perhaps you’ll be rid of a thorn in your side.”

               Thierry looked torn, fear of Klaus and dislike of Caroline warring with loyalty to Marcel.  But loyalty never won.

               “She showed up here about a year ago with some vampire they called Katherine” – Klaus very nearly jolted with surprise at the name, and he only just managed to shutter his reaction and keep it hidden. Katherine Pierce… such an interesting connection.  He hadn’t seen her since she managed to escape the sacrifice in Mystic Falls, when he had succeeded in breaking his curse, but failed in making the species he’d longed for – “Marcel took pity on her.  And then she took control of brokering peace between everyone.  And I don’t like her, but the girl is good at what she does.  Even if she is a stone cold bitch. Almost two years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her show an emotion stronger than mild distaste for when the humans get a little handsy.”

               Klaus said nothing, ruminating on the new information.  Katherine Pierce two years ago… the same time he would have been breaking his curse. He found himself curious for more.

               “Her last name?”

               “Never got one” – Thierry shrugged – “Look, Klaus, I don’t like Caroline, so I do actually wish I could help you.  But I can’t.  There is literally nothing to tell.  She came here as a blank slate.”

               “I was born Caroline Forbes in Mystic Falls, Virginia in 1992, and in another life, you sacrificed my best friend to create a species that never got off the ground.”

               Thierry jolted at the cool voice, Klaus merely smirked as Caroline took a seat on the stool between he and Thierry.  She waved a finger at the bartender, and she must have been a regular, as he immediately placed a glass of scotch in front of her.

               “If you wanted to know all of this, you could have just asked me.”

               She sipped the scotch and watched him, and Klaus quirked his head.  Thierry disappeared into the crowd, and Caroline’s eyes followed him for a moment, before turning back to him with the same look of disinterest she always seemed to wear.

               “I didn’t think you’d be so vocal when I did.”

               Forbes. He remembered that name.  The sheriff of the tiny little town.  A vampire hating, gun toting fool if he recalled. He wondered if she was Caroline’s mother.  He thought he could see some similar features, though he couldn’t be sure, having only ever seen the elder woman from a distance, and then not with must interest.

               “I haven’t exactly been keeping anything a secret,” she watched him.  “I dislike it when people go behind my back.  Next time, ask.”

               “Fine.  How did a girl from Mystic Falls end up a vampire in New Orleans… brought here by Katerina Petrova of all people.”

               “Katerina… I didn’t know that was her name.  She was always just Katherine to me” – he thought the clouded, distant look she wore might have been the closest thing to emotion he’d ever seen her express – “She turned me.  And then she manipulated me.  By the time you came to town, she was all I had left.  Then you killed them all, and she gave me an offer – flee with her, or stay and die.  I chose to live. And then I chose to leave her, because I was sick of being Katherine Pierce’s little toy.  Marcel has been good to me.  I won’t let you kill him.”

               “You really get no say, Love.  You’re just a baby vampire.”

               Smiling at her, Klaus got up and left.  Sad little girl from Mystic Falls that hated him for killing the Doppelganger.  Figured out and filed away, until he needed to destroy her.  Which, if he kept his schedule, should be soon.

               “There are still white oak stakes out there.”

               Klaus froze, not believing what he had heard, because the words – words that endangered his entire life – had been spoken with the same cool indifference she showed everything.  He spun around with a snarl, ready to tear her heart out, to see her holding up her glass and looking at it as though it were something interesting.

               “You know, I hate scotch,” she commented idly, before finishing the contents of the glass and sliding it towards the bartender with a finger for a refill.  Klaus snarled again, and she looked at him impassively.  “Ready to listen then?”

               “I could simply kill you.”

               She pulled out her cellphone and clicked a few buttons, and Klaus gritted his teeth.

               “Do that,” she said lazily, holding the phone up, “and the location of those stakes gets sent to every one of my contacts. Marcel, Davina… Katherine.  It’s set to a timer only I have the passcode for.  Or, you could negotiate.  And then I take the knowledge to my grave.”

               “And you expect me to believe that?” Klaus hissed.

               “Believe what you want,” she began to drink the second glass of scotch, and the brief thought of why would she drink something she hates crossed his mind, shoved harshly aside.  “But that timer is ticking… tick, tock. And before you think compulsion, you should know that the timer will hit zero before you can bleed the vervain out of me.”

               “What do you want?” he demanded, sitting down once more.

               “My life,” Caroline replied easily with a shrug. “It doesn’t change.  You or Marcel, I don’t care who’s in charge, as long as it doesn’t affect what I do.”

               Klaus rocked back on his stool with surprise. He had thought she felt such loyalty for Marcel… yet…

               “I tried loyalty once,” she commented idly, as though reading his thoughts.  “All it got me was smothered and then abandoned.  It’s not something I do anymore.”

               “Then why would I trust you?” he leaned towards her. She leaned in as well.

               “Because, you now know not to.  Six hours, Klaus, and then everyone knows about your little white oak shaped problem.  Up to you.”

               She finished the scotch, set the glass aside, and gave him a smile.  There was a look in her eyes – victory and a vicious, self-satisfaction that said she knew very well that she had his hands tied.

               It was the first true emotion he’d seen her show… he wished very much he could make it her last.