a history of photography

On October 24, 1911, a press photographer for NY Times captured Orville Wright in the midst of a record flight in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. “Glider in the Air Nearly 10 Minutes,” read the headline the next day. / source: New York Times


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Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska erupts with color during the short fall season. You can find more than gorgeous views and amazing wildlife here, though. Field research continues to uncover evidence of prehistoric animals and the first people to settle the continent. Photo by Katie Cullen, National Park Service.

Native American man, circa 1900. He was photographed by Edward Curtis as part of a project to create a nearly comprehensive record of the indigenous peoples of America and their quickly disappearing way of life. This photograph was published in the resulting 20-volume compendium called The North American Indian.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to uncover anything more about the photograph, not even the man’s tribal affiliation. I am hoping you all can help!