a hisory of magic

  • them: are you okay
  • me, thinking: throughout all of history women with any considerable amount of influence or power were almost immediately written off in a derogatory manner as having some sort of supernatural backing. even today, popular television and media grasp onto these old claims and undermine strong women throughout history by portraying them as 'magic' or having some unnatural attribute or connection that allows them to become what they are. ie; Elizabeth Bathory in literally everything she's in, Elizabeth Woodville/Elizabeth of York in The White Queen and The White Princess, Madame de Montespan with her card reader in Versailles, etc. in this way we continue to reduce the actions of women to things out of their control, insinuating that women need to be greater than their natural selves in order to make an impact on their surroundings.
  • me: I'm fine.