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Hi Cassie! I hope you are having a great day, and thank you for creating this amazing world, i love your books so much, and i admire you a lot! So, i know the mayority of people ships Marktina, but i ship so much Cristina and Diego; I love their interaction and dinamic, and the way Diego looked for Cristina to clear things up its very sweet... Is there a possibility that she is still in love with Diego? Are they maybe going to be together again as couple? Thanks, Greetings from Panama!

All I can say is: there’s always a chance for (most) couples (not, like, Emma/Arthur or other very weird and never hinted at stuff but I don’t really get asked about that.)

One of the things that’s interesting about writing, for me, is creating relationships where there’s a complicated and interesting dynamic at play. With Cristina and Diego, it had a lot to do with: if your first love comes back, can you recapture that feeling you once had; what happens when you basically grew up with someone and fell in love but they haven’t told you the whole truth; Diego and Cristina share a lot in their pasts, but does their future include each other, etc.

Of course, with Kieran and Mark, there’s also an interesting dynamic: can mark forgive Kieran, sure, but also, what about their past, the way they met? They came together under desperate circumstances, what does that mean for them now? Can they have a healthy relationship? What would that mean?

And with Cristina and Mark: she’s one of the only people who doesn’t have any expectations of Mark based on who he was before he was kidnapped, or who he was in the Wild Hunt. She offers Mark the chance to just be who he is right now, without the burdens of his past — but she also represents the Shadowhunter world, not the faerie world. And for her, Mark has all the wildness of faerie, which is both appealing and frightening, especially for someone as devoted to home, family, and the Angel as she is.

So I guess I would say: often I think when people are asking “Is there a chance?” they’re asking if a relationship will be explored more, and usually the answer is yes: however there is no chance (none, zilch, zero) I will tell you who ends up with who, nor is saying “Yeah, there’s more to say there!” an indicator of that. I think as authors we’re often more interested in exploration than “endgame” — not that we don’t know who will end up with who, but we’re most interested in how the story gets there. :-)


Let’s have some Connieverse!

All of these pictures are either from the show or from the Steven Universe art and origins book, and appart from the red I put to highlight important parts in the text, I didn’t modify anything.

(There are too many good pictures for their relationship so I had to chose)

Let’s be honest Steven always had a crush on Connie it has benn hinted by the crewniverse over and over and their relation is an important part of the serie and Steven’s growing.

Steven and Connie’s relationship evolved along the serie. It began as a crush and became a strong friendship and we can say their relation is kinda ambigious now. (They even have a fusion) 

Are they only friends? Do they share more importants feelings? The crewniverse has hinted a lot to those feelings during the serie, from Steven only having eyes fro Connie and being obsesed with the idea of being his frien

What we can say is that Connie is an important part of Steven’s life now, her being his best friend or more. 

And I do think Connie is an important character in the show she already proved this by being there at some of the most important moments (Steven’s questioning himself, his breakdown…) and will play an important role in the future. 

Her character changed as well, she is not the shy girl without friends anymore, she became Steven’s friend, then she took sword training to protect Steven and help the crystal gems, she wanted to be “his knight and do it for him”.

 Then Stevonnie was born and her relation with Steven deepened, understanding him better, putting them closer than she may ever be with any other human being.

And Steven trusted her to keep the house and protecting Beach City while they were gone. It’s really important because in the end she’s only human after all and doesn’t have magic powers. 

(Let’s not forget that Ronaldo (yes the guy whose prediction often become real) said that Connie was Steven’s girlfriend, and that Steven never denied it ^__^

Anyway I love their relationship it’s cute, and represent that love you wish canyou can have respecting each other, loving them in the purest way.

And before the off colours reveal, I thought they would be the next official couple after Garnet (and Lars and Saddie I guess?)

(You have to note that the last picture was an early plot for the “we have to talk’ episode were Greg reveal how the gems introduced him to fusion)

So for me it’s kinda official now, when will they make it canon in the serie too?!? Will they do it at all? Or will something angsty happen beteween them that will put this relationship in danger?

There are so many things I would like to say about them but it would be so long, and I’m too passionate about them sorry.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts if you want ^^


So, everyone’s trying to figure out what’s the deal with Jack’s “subvert expectations” twitter bio rn. and coincidentally, this rick and morty bts video popped up in my recommended feed today (i love rick and morty so much btw aaahh ^-^)

Anyway, there’s a small bit where they talk about rick’s “flashback” turning out to be a fake-out, and intentionally keeping his actual origin story a mystery

if you really want to deliberately sap a character of his or her appeal, would be to just say oh this is how they became everything they became…..So we ended up getting the fun of telling a story that felt real and would’ve been somewhat satisfying, and then pulling the escape hatch on that because that’s not the actual story we’re telling about this specific rick.

and i think this can kinda go along with the whole Anti thing going on rn. As much as we think we have a lot of his stuff figured out currently (i.e. Schneeple being corrupted, Chase being targeted by Anti, jack most likely dying in the next bio inc episode, “no strings on me,” etc) i don’t think it would be all that much fun for Anti’s return to pan out EXACTLY how we predict it to be. Heck, for all we know, all these hints might just be setting us up for a trap, much like Rick’s fake memory.

So, i think maybe that’s what “subvert expectations” is trying to mean. while a lot more subtle hints have been revealed this time around, more than the last two times Anti has appeared, maybe this whole debacle will do a complete 180 on us at a time, and in a way, we least expect it to be.

the more we think we know….*nervous laughter*….the less we really do.

No Spoilers (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Spoilers of AOU


Request: If you would be so kind I would like a Avengers x reader (around teenage) request where the reader from our universe gets dropped into the avengers.

Originally posted by g-r-e-g-o

It’s not the first time the Avengers have seen a portal from another dimension. But it was the first time that a person has fell through and then have it shut.

At first they thought you were a possible threat, but quickly realised by the fact that you were in your pyjamas and looking at them in disbelief that you weren’t a threat.

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About Touka, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on her unnatural selfless love and the foil with mutsuki. I was always thinking it was strange that her character developed so much off screen; do you think there is potential for more Touka character development? Also, what are your thoughts about her eventual death (will it get postponed at least for a while so her character develops more)?

What, who said anything about Touka dying?

A few characters developed a great deal offscreen between Tg and :Re. It happens in mostly believable ways, so I don’t think particularly even Touka’s example is surprising. Ayato went from this to this after all.

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Black People and Indentured Servitude Plot

I’m writing a speculative fiction piece about a neighborhood in 2070 Philadelphia getting forcibly evacuated during a ‘flood warning,’ which is in reality a guise for the houses (which are legally squats, though families have lived there for generations) to be demolished because the land has been bought by some big company. The residents are offered places to live and jobs with the company, but the residents know from stories that it’s a situation that frequently turns into indentured servitude, as the company in question lends food and assistance out at first and never pays you enough to entirely work off your debt and also keep eating. The main characters do not go with this option and the story does not follow this vein, but it’s still there. 

It’s inspired by similar situations in Parable of the Sower, my favorite work of speculative fiction, but I’m becoming increasingly worried that all of it, especially the indentured servitude detail, is going to be very different (and downright insulting) coming from a white writer, especially since three out of four of my main characters are Black and this is real history being projected into a dystopian future. I’m almost halfway done now and wondering - should I even be writing about this at all? 

The answer to this is a common one, and it comes with questions:

  • Why are you writing this subject matter?
  • How much research have you done or are willing to do? (Hint: a lot)

  • Are you speaking over the people you’re writing about?
  • Have you checked the content with proper readers?

It’s not a definite “no way” for me if you know what you’re doing and can write it with respect, but as an outsider you will be missing nuances. Probably many. You’d need to be well immersed in research because often these topics are either done well or are a tangle of good intentions that become a racist mess.

I do like that your plot has more depth than those that simply connect Black people to slavery and go off of that infuriating trend for no other obvious reason but Black! Slaves! I can see your idea has real meaning.

~Mod Colette.

I feel like this does have more depth than average, because it’s taking it along the lines of “this is the next hypothetical step in gentrification and capitalism” and it’s shining a spotlight on both without focusing too much on the trauma porn aspect.

But tread with caution.

~Mod Lesya

Some Reactions to Baby/ Running with Scissors

Can I just say… these episodes are why I really like Star vs. 

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

Star vs is a show that can be a bit hicuppy from time to time, but man when its good, its really good. It balances character and world building, adventure and comedy, and comic shenanigans with some amazingly relatable character moments. And considering these episodes come immediately after the much maligned Trickstar… well there’s clearly a huge leap in quality there.

Baby continues a few of the ongoing plot-lines the series already presented us with, but it also builds upon Star Butterfly’s character in a genuinely meaningful way. Not only does she not want to go back to Mewni, its heavily implied that she genuinely considers Earth to be her home now. And. yes, Marco certainly has a lot to do with that. But I think her loves goes a bit beyond romance. Its her friendship with Marco that she values, and whether or not that implies a future relationship is up to future episodes of this show.

Plus, I really like Baby’s design.

And then there’s Running with Scissors. Dear god, nothing is the same now. Marco has changed as a character, and I’m not quite sure how this is going to play out.

I suppose there is a slight exaggeration… I don’t think Marco is going to be constantly dropping hints at the sixteen years he was gone… but he has to be much more mature now. Plus, he knows how to use swords. (Maybe Marco is thematically related to Eclipsa, who has the Spade card motif).

I thoroughly expect crossover fanart of Older Marco, Rick Sanchez, and Ford Pines now. 

I also find it interesting that Marco is the one who owns the dimensional scissors now, as opposed to Star. There’s a theory floating around that season 2 of Star vs is something of a soft reboot of the show, with several ideas dropped from the first season becoming relevant again in the second. If anybody remembers the end of Quest Buy, Marco now has in his possession a magical portable vacuum cleaner seemingly set up to be to Marco what the wand is to Star. It also never shows up again. I feel like the scissors might be an alternative to that idea.

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

And now I feel I have to address the Elephant in the room. Marco is technically an adult now, stuck in a teenagers body. He’s lived longer than Star, and quite possibly possesses knowledge Star isn’t even aware of. This change is ridiculous, to say nothing of the problems shippers now have to face.

Which is why I feel obligated to mention that this is a just a cartoon. The worst thing they could do is constantly shove Marco’s new found maturity into the audience’s face, refusing to let us forget that this character is more than twice Star’s age. Though the character development of this episode shouldn’t be ignored, and older Marco is exactly the type of canon fodder that fuels fanfiction, I think its safe to say that Marco is still a teenager by the end of the episode, mind and all. Think Chronicles of Narnia, which treats the characters as actual children throughout the series, despite the fact that the Pevensie children have all grown up in canon, only to revert back to their original age once they step out of the Wardrobe. If we’re to continue to enjoy this show, we’re going to have to accept this. 

One more thing

I can’t help but notice a common theme between both episodes: where/ what is home?  In Baby Star doesn’t want to leave Earth for Mewni, and she has to pass an evaluation to continue her stay on Earth. Mewni is her home, at least in the sense that she was born there. But Earth is also her home, and she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

In Running with Scissors Marco also has to figure out whether he wants to go back home or not. He’s been adventuring by himself for sixteen years, trying to get back the dimensional scissors. He’s spent more time between universes than he ever did living back on Earth. He’s something of a nomad now, and it appears that everything he did hunting in those sixteen years has ultimately been pretty positive.

In both examples, the main character is given the chance to go back home where they belong, or else stay in there new home. But at the same time, their adventures are kind of flipped. Star has to do something incredibly mundane in order to continue living in the mundane world, away from the magic and adventure in Mewni. Meanwhile Marco has to do something magical and adventurous is order to return back to the mundane world where he was born. And though both characters were given the option of returning to where they came, Star refuses while Marco accepts. Just as Star and Marco function in the series as foils to each other, these episodes similarly play into similar but opposite themes.

And yet the result for both of them is the same. They’re meant to stay on Earth with the other.

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hiiii, sorry i only just got caught up on recent stuff on your blog this afternoon, what makes you think dan and phil will move this year and get a dog n stuff? (specifically in may or whenever you said?) x

well recently it seems as if dan and phil are hinting at being together for the long run? they’ve never been closer (or shown themselves to be closer to their audiences) and in their liveshows they continue to hint at ‘exciting things’ and ‘life things’ they plan on doing this year. their behavior is just a lot different than before. also the dog mentions have accumulated over the past year to the point where phil mentioned getting a dog in the near future on a main channel video. also they continue to mention issues about their house. of course don’t take anything i say 100% seriously but they are strongly hinting at moving and getting a dog.

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I'm beginning to slip over to the sonally side oh noessss. Please help convince me that sonamy is still great??? D:

No problem, although, I want to state that first and foremost to those who do support Sonally that I am in no way against the couple. I don’t specifically ship it, but I respect that you want too and won’t start a war or anything. I’m fine with discussions :) But I don’t want to start anything, this is my opinion of my research involving games and other media like Sonic X.

Okay, first thing’s first!

I once read somewhere that in Kid video games there are certain ‘limits’ drawn out by I believe Japanese origin concerning how certain things can go or proceed. There’s the “One-sided”, “Mutual attraction but never confessed.”, and “Both don’t know the other likes them.” scenarios.

(Here’s advertising done for Amy Rose where it states Sonic was ‘smitten by this cute new hedgehog" I mean, COME ON. SMITTEN!? If that doesn’t scream 'Sonamy’ I don’t know what does!)

So when SEGA declared their ‘Lovely Couple’ tease to be “Ambiguous”, meaning you can see them as a couple or not, really shook things up and made the two more interesting in their relationship.

Let’s talk about beginnings. In a Panel at Sonic Boom I believe, Kazuyuki Hoshino described his process of creating Amy. He stated, “Sonic needed a Girlfriend” but elaborated on how Sonic wasn’t really the kind of guy to ‘be’ in a relationship. He was always running to the next adventure, and never really was able to stay in one place too long. So a relationship like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or Mario and Peach, just didn’t really work for him and his character. So he created Amy Rose, someone whose mind is set on Sonic, but he kinda just thinks she’s weird… It makes it interesting though, because this was just the beginning of what would be the most debated couple of the franchise.

We’re now gonna skip into the future, where these two have grown accustomed to one another’s antics and their friendship and loyalty has grown stronger as well. There are many hints of ‘dates’ and missing them in games like Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed, plus many scenes in the Sonic X T.V series.

(they have 2 theme songs dedicated to this couple, come on people.)

Amy is known and described in Bios of herself as Sonic’s “Self-proclaimed Girlfriend”, we wonder if she’s self-proclaiming cause he won’t do it himself, as in one of the Olympic Games tidbits once put it, “No one really knows if Amy is Sonic’s actual girlfriend or not…” So the company does a great job at keeping it up to the fans, as they once did in Sonic Chronicles where you, the player, could decide whether Sonic and Amy had a moment together and grew closer or not.

American games usually have Sonic pushing Amy away or being very ‘out-winded’ around her, but in Japan, Sonic’s mostly awkward and sighing at her antics, but he never tries to be rude or directly shoving her away like in Sonic Generations, which, by the way, the Japanese completely took that scene of him doing that out entirely! Claiming it was out of character.

Sonic is described as, “Liking her more than he lets on.” In some bios of Amy Rose. But it’s quite clear he may like Amy Rose, but definitely doesn’t want a relationship. He’s been shown to worry about her and play the hero in saving her often, and his most famous quote to her, “Amy.. Take care of yourself.” or “Thanks Amy, I appreciate it.” can read into how he actually is fond of her, just maybe not to the extent she wishes he’d be at by now. XD

and now we come into a whole new universe, parallel to Canon, Sonic Boom holds many possibilities for these two. As it has been said, “Sonic is a lot more comfortable around Amy in this continuum.” which could mean some more interactions on a more ‘closer to heart’ scale, as the Modern Sonic likes to possibly avoid most of the time.

There’s also Archie Comics, but in that alternative universe, it’s clear that nothing is really happening all quite yet. It’s clear that there are some rules too… SEGA rules… “Sonic can’t show any interest in Amy Rose.” Is a rule that is in the SEGA Mandates to all Sonic Media. He also can’t have a ‘permanent’ girlfriend or relationship, which leads to him and Sally being so on and off.

Fleetway Sonic is hard to say, I haven’t looked into that one, but I think they’re close and just good friends, though Amy might secretly have a crush on him.

So when it comes to Sonally, you have to remember that is sectioned to ONE universe in MANY. And the main ‘canon’ universes have Amy and Sonic being rather humorous, mostly because Sonic Team treats their ‘romance’ as a joke to play around with, but it’s all fun and good in Japan, as Amy is seen as lovable and endearing.

It’s America that really screws her up, but let’s just move on from THAT long topic XD

In the end, Sonamy is just more deeper under the surface than most ‘right there obvious’ relationship chemistry like Mario and Peach, Minnie and Mickey mouse, etc. They’re both very odd characters. One is direct and open about her feelings, and the other is awkward and shy and doesn’t really want himself in a serious relationship or ANY real relationship like that at this time.


Sonic is always evolving, always changing with the times. SEGA likes to change to stay with the current times and trends, so if romance in video games grows popular (A lot like how Nintendo are starting to market zelink lately… in small hints and baby steps mind you) then perhaps Sonic and Amy will begin to show small hints and signs, though, in my opinion, they’ve already dropped quite a few… ;)

Sonic and Amy are a timeless game of Chase. One where the company doesn’t really want to change it either, stating, “Amy will never get over Sonic.”. I love the couple because it’s adorable, funny, and there IS reasonable proof concerning them maybe, someday in the distant (and boy do I mean DISTANT) future that they may show more signs of affection for each other (mostly Sonic opening up, that’s all we really need xD).

So stick with the couple, learn how to identify those hints, cause most of us are just looking forward to what is to come. With all those built up feelings, I’m just waiting for the bottle’s lid to fly off and to see what amazing Sonamy scene may await me in the future.

With Romance in Video Games starting to trend, maybe…. just maybe… something will happen with those two. And you better believe I’m gonna stick around to find out WHAT! :D

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How would you pair the Got7 members with an introvert or an extrovert? Or maybe like your dream placements of the partners for each of the members?

Well, I don’t really have any dream placements per say for all of them since I only have Jackson’s and Youngjae’s birth time… But it’d be a huge post, I was thinking of writing only about that in the future (what placements their partners should have to fit them). But it’s a lot of theory and writing so I’ll do that later, ok? I’ll put it on my schedule. For now, I’ll answer about the extroverts / introverts thing:

Youngjae | Needs an introvert, definitely. Someone that is quiet and pays a lot of attention to him because a lot of the little things he says go unnoticed - an introvert would be good at catching those hints. Also, as agitated as he can get, he needs to calm down now and then and that person would help him with that.

Jaebum | Needs an extrovert to make him talk and have an easier time dealing with people. Could even be Jackson loud, but not all the time.

Bambam | Needs an extrovert to be able to handle his loud personality. lol Someone that can talk a lot, have fun with the most random things, etc.

Mark | An extrovert that makes him talk but doesn’t mind just hanging out around the house, doing nothing. So someone that likes talking and doing things but also wouldn’t mind just being with him? That kind of extrovert that isn’t too agitated would be best, I think. (but also wouldn’t mind going on random adventures/travels with him, that’s why it has to be an extrovert too)

Yugyeom | Definitely an extrovert. Yugyeom is very agitated, can talk for days and someone that’s too quiet would easily bore him. He may no be aware of it yet since he’s young, but strong and extrovert people are the best for him.

Originally posted by marksseunie

(this guys is a lot more challenging than he looks, trust me)

Jinyoung | Needs an introvert that doesn’t mind talking to people when necessary. So like, someone that is an introvert but can handle social situations anyway. Does that make sense? ‘Cause then the person would be just like him - someone that loves being alone but knows how to deal with people.

Jackson | A mix of both, I think. Someone that can have fun like he does is best since someone too quiet would eventually make the relationship go dull, but also can’t be someone as loud as he is or else the relationship wouldn’t work either ‘cause it would involve a lot of yelling and it’d be too much for both.


Do you agree, anon? Let me know what you think. :)

What message is the OW team trying to portray with Mercy’s character?

I love Mercy. She’s my main. But I fear her character is starting to take a turn for the worse. What I mean is: I’m scared they’re trying to portray her as the weak damsel in distress who has to rely on others for protection. They have nerfed her into the ground and took away one of the most powerful ults in the game. It feels like she needs protection more than ever to use her most powerful ability, and it can be interrupted now. 

Since the game’s release over a year ago, most of Mercy’s character development has revolved around a possible relationship with Genji. The only character Mercy has a line for seeing them die is Genji, and he’s the character that she interacts with the most in game. And Mercy’s interaction with Pharah has been changed so it no longer sounds like them interacting. After they hinted that they might get together, Mercy has become weaker. This has happened in various manga before. Touka from Tokyo Ghoul and Sakura from Naruto come to mind. She is probably going to reduced to a weak character who needs to be protected and can’t fight on her own (she already kind of is), and a lot of her future character development is probably going to revolve around Genji. Hence why I do not ship them, because if they get together, Mercy is likely to become nothing more than an accessory to Genji. 

All I ask of Blizz is for Mercy to get more character development outside of a possible relationship with Genji, and I want her to be strong enough to defend herself at least a little. 


This is @keyofjetwolf‘s commission for this month, where she asked for fine vintage Holligay angst, with hint of Dead Rei. I HOPE I DELIVERED. 

The wail screamed high above Tokyo, shrill and piercing through the air, the knife she never knew she could be. No, not the knife. The arrow, The arrow that was lost had found its way again in Usagi’s voice.

There was no logic Ami knew, no joke Mina could give, no cake Mako could provide that would soothe the ice cold of Usagi’s world without her firelight. The darkness surrounded her, unlit, leaving only a space for the memory of it all.

In the moment, it had happened quickly, though now the memory of it dragged in her mind, each second ticking by like a perfect painting, leaving her plenty of time to take in the feeling, the shadow, the quality of movement. This way of talking about images had never made much sense to her, before now, but now she understood all too clearly.

A flash. Rei’s furrowed brow. The flare of her skirt as she ran. Usagi, frozen. Mina’s arm stretched out in front of her, in pursuit. Haruka, grabbing her. The world turned white for a moment. Mina and Haruka in the dirt. Mako’s hand on Usagi’s shoulder.

A red ribbon, falling through the air.

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Hi first of all sorry if I write something wrong, my English sucks.

Okays so I was re watching chapter 3 and I came to the realization of something…

So here when we are like having a flashback we see this, but this hasn’t happen yet so are we seeing the future? Is this foreshadow?

Hell yeah it is! Just a moments later we watch the same scene with some differences but that make me think in someone…

The Author or The Host.

I know that this theory has been around and I personally like it a lot but this could be a big hint! Just like some dialog around there in the chapters.

Maybe we really are playing as The Host. Maybe this is really the story of his origin.

Besides the in the past month(s?) he had been dropping hints of the Host here and there!

When he do his video about writing fan fiction he says that he won’t be hosting


So he was referring that in the future he will do something to do with the Host? It is this recent project?

Also this!

Writing his life story to everyone to witness

Is he talking about us? He want us to watch his life story?

I don’t know

Tigress Goes Dark...

First off, let me just say, I’m not a Tipo shipper. Not that I hate the ship, I’m just kind of neutral on it. If it happens. Great! If it doesn’t. Great! I could care less. But even from my neutral standpoint, I have to admit, there have been several hints dropped that there is something going on between Po and Tigress.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Not to mention that when in the third film everyone was getting turned into jombies, Tigress was the one Dreamworks chose to survive and find Po, and was the one to join him in the final battle. 

Coincidence? Probably not, but is this indicative of a future relationship between Po and Tigress? A lot of fans will say yes, and I will admit that I do see this as a distinct possibility. However, soon after I watched Kung Fu Panda 3, I began to wonder, what if this is all pointing to another outcome? What if Tigress is going to turn evil in a later film?

Now before you all start yelling: “No Way! Uh-Uh! Tigress would NEVER turn evil!” Let’s take a look at Tigress’s backstory. 

First off she’s an orphan who spent her early years in an orphanage that treated her and convinced her that she was a monster.

She was later taken in by Shifu, but thanks to Tai-Lung going evil, Shifu was always hard on Tigress, overly critical, harsh, and angry. He was rarely encouraging, forcing her to work overly hard just to be good enough. 

She finally has an opportunity to prove herself by becoming the Dragon Warrior, and some random flat, flabby, panda steals it and becomes the center of Shifu’s attention.

Oogway is really the only kind parent figure she’s ever had, and not only did he not choose her to be the dragon warrior…

…but straight afterwards he dies (or ascends, which is kind of like dying, isn’t it? I dunno, I’m no expert on this stuff whatsoever!)

Then she’s got to come face to face with her long-lost adopted brother who screwed her’s and Shifu’s lives, and gets her butt kicked. 

Yeah, she seems to get over all this, but soon after, just as she’s starting to make friends with Po, she has to watch him get hurt (physically and emotionally) and nearly get himself killed repeatedly, which, as we see, almost breaks her.

Not to mention she nearly dies five minutes later…

Then she has to watch her home, and all the memories of Oogway, again, the only kind parent figure she ever had, be destroyed…

And her, let’s face it, family become jombies…

And nearly loses Po, again!

Who, by the way, go his family back while she’s still an orphan!

And, yes, Tigress has managed to overcome all of this, but Dreamworks is (or was last time I checked) planning on making 6-8 KFP movies. How much more hardship is Tigress going to have to face. Yes she’s tough as nails, but there’s only so much someone can go through before they snap. Tigress has managed to keep it together for now, but how long will it last?

Maybe the reason Dreamworks keeps putting Po and Tigress in situations that strengthen their friendship so that when Tigress does go dark, it’s even more heartbreaking. 

Now, be roe you go saying “No! Dreamworks wouldn’t do that!” Let me take you through a tour of times Dreamworks has shattered our hearts in the past:

Yeah, don’t underestimate Dreamworks. They have no chill! So, will Tigress go dark? I don’t know for sure, but it seems like it could be a possibility. 

But, then again, so is Tipo.

Or maybe they’re just besties with no romance whatsoever between them and I’m just full of it! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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When you have a second, I need your advice: should I get Destiny 2? I played the original a lot, but it seemed like I always ran out of things to do about an hour after I started. I know there's a lot of good things being said about it now, but I remember the same thing happening with Destiny 1 until the hype wore off. I don't want to spend $60 on a game I'll get fed up with so soon, so hype aside, is it a good game?

Well, I will be very honest with you. The game is fantastic. The story is great, there are hints about future content that actually mean something, the scenery is as beautiful as ever, and it is always fun to shoot aliens in their respective faces. THere are some quality of life features/updates here and there that could be adjusted or fixed, but there isn’t anything that makes the game unplayable. 

However, at some point, you are gonna hit a bit of a leveling wall. And it WILL make you play the same strikes over again, run the same patrol missions over again, play crucible over again. The grind is still there. And like Destiny 1, it is more enjoyable with friends, but you can do a lot of the game solo and still have a good time. In fact, there is a feature that will be in Beta soon called Guided Games. This lets Clans take solo players under their wing temporarily into Normal Mode Nightfalls and Normal Mode Raids. It could even ignite a spark of friends and good times, and you’ll want to join that clan and do the Prestige difficulty of Nightfall or Hard Mode of the Raid.

It’s up to you really. Destiny 1 got better over time. Destiny 2 hasn’t been out a full week yet, you have plenty of time to make the call.

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Hello hai, I was wondering if you could do a headcanon for an Alakou marriage and child? Preferably daughter? Need my fix. Holding Volume 37 has a little something but I think Ohtaka sold me dreams in 315. Thanks.

Hello ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

I think AlaKou is hinted enough to think that it will happen in the future ( a lot of things were left open at the end of Magi) let’s see if i can do this, i’ll try my best!

  • It was a slow burn relationship, Kougyoku started looking at Aladdin in a different light around his 18 birthday, after a lot of time of being close friends.
  • One day, after a celebration, they ended up staying alone until the end and when the time to say goodbye came, Kougyoku suddenly realized she had feelings for him.
  • After that their relationship gradually evolved in the most natural way, just spending time together and appearing more and more together in public. Alibaba, Hakuryuu etc started to ask about it, and they denied it at first “it’s really nothing!!” because neither of them had said anything to the other, until one day Kougyoku made the comment over dinner “people are saying we are together, can you believe it?” while slightly covering her mouth with her dress sleeve,  and Aladdin said: “Would it be so weird?”, and she was like “what” and he was like: “would you like us to be? i would”…. ( and then, they would be officially together!)
  • They got married 2 years after that, and Kougyoku got pregnant a year after that. 
  • Aladdin is nervous at first because he didn’t grow up with his father and their daughther situation would be very different from his ( growing up in the SP alone with Ugo), but Kougyoku reassures him that this girl will have the best dad of the world, because Aladdin is a person who’s full of love to give, and he has made her so happy! she’s sure her daughter will love him too and the 3 of them will be very happy together ^^
  • Their daughter would have Aladdin’s eye color, but they would be Kougyoku’s shape, and she would have her eyelashes too, though the way she looks at people and her facial expressions remind everyone a lot of Aladdin since she looks super cute an innocent all the time!, and her smile is also his dad’s smile ^^
  • Her hair is a shade of pink lighter than Kougyoku’s, fact that makes Aladdin think she might have taken after Sheba a bit. She wears her hair up to her shoulders as a kid, in a hairdo similar to this one and when she’s older she grows it out, she favours loose hairstyles ( like this or this the first 2 pics ), although she enjoys trying her hair accesories with mom and get cute stuff for her hair. She wears bangs and are very similar to Kougyoku’s.
  • She likes beautiful dresses but she prefers to wear less layers than her mother, because althought she’s the first imperial princess, she has to practice her magic after all, dad is the best magician, and once was one of the mythical “Magi”,  she must be at his level some day!
  • She knows she might be empress some day, and she sees all the effort and love her mom puts on her work, so she also studies hard to be the queen the Kou empire deserves. 
  • She’s very proud of her country, but she also loves all the other countries, they are full of new people and adventures! she likes to meet new people and can become friends with almost everyone, thought she has a group of close friends she knows can entirely trust with anything.  she’s very protective of her friends too, and she values family and frienship a lot!

I really hope this isn’t very bad xD

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hi (same anon who just asked about the ships in vld) so do you think they'll do slow burn klance? i agree that i see a lot of on-screen chemistry between them even tho I multiship, and maybe they'll continually make klance get closer and drop hints and give them more moments in future seasons? at the very least, confirm lance as bi/pan sometime soon, since jeremy said lance "flirts with every person on two legs" instead of just saying every girl?

i reaaaaaally think they are. At this point, with the amount they developed, and the multiple faces that they make at each other, it would be weird if they didn’t. like you dont look at you friend like that if you didn’t feel something more, ya feel me?

Cheeky (Soriel Week Day 2: Sleep)


((totally plotless, pointless fluff, aka my specialty \o/ AO3))

That first time, it took her a little while to notice; it was, after all, not unusual for them to fall into companionable silence in between jokes, or as the conversation came to a natural pause and she was content enough just to lean back against the door, comforted by the knowledge that there was still a friendly voice on the other side.

Said voice, however, had now been absent for long enough that the silence was growing less comfortable, and more awkward. Toriel frowned, fidgeting with her paws as she ran through the conversation in her head – she had been enjoying the company as much as every other time, but now she was beginning to worry if she could possibly have upset or offended him in some way.

“My friend?” It occurred to her that perhaps he had already left, but that would have been very unusual – they always said goodnight before parting ways, and in any case, she would surely have heard…Then, pressing her ear to the door, she heard it: the quiet but distinctive sound of snoring, a steady, rhythmic rumble reassuring her that her friend was still present – in body, if not in consciousness.

Toriel pressed a paw to her mouth, stifling the giggle that bubbled up in her throat so as not to startle him. She would leave him in peace for a few more moments, she decided, smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Moments soon turned into minutes, until it became apparent she would have to take action: as unexpectedly endearing as it was, she could hardly leave him asleep in the snow all night. Besides, she was unsure what could be considered an appropriate amount of time to sit watching – well, overhearing – a stranger sleeping, but she was fairly certain they were about to surpass it.

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A Brother Not By Blood

This is a Spencer x Reader requested by anon (it ended up being quite o/c with hints of Reader insert just because of the way the prompt was put and I apologize for that but I still think it turned out pretty cute so…)

Future you and Reid have a daughter together who is in high school with Hank, Derek’s son, but younger. Your daughter has a lot of trouble with boys bullying her at school so Hank decides to step in and inevitably you and Spencer and Morgan and Savannah get called to the school.

Originally posted by netflixandi

It seemed like hours for Hank and Diana to sit in that small, confining room, left in there to do nothing but kick at the dirt beneath their toes. Hank’s eye still throbbed despite the frigid cool of the ice pack and every few seconds Diana would look up and check to look if her older friend’s eye had gotten any worse.

In all honesty, if you were to look at the pair of them waiting, you wouldn’t have known what exactly they were waiting for. Diana, though shy and obviously anxious, looked proud and grateful and she shone ever-so-slightly in the direction of Hank. Hank, on the other hand, despite the bruise on his face, was grinning with unapologetic pride. Neither of them quite looked like students grimly sent to the Principal’s office.

As a senior, Hank had naturally taken up a “big brother” role of the freshman cousin-that-wasn’t-technically-a-cousin that was Diana. Their parents had been close since before they were born, a friendship so infinitely knotted and tangled that it would last forever. And so, they were cousins. And that’s how they ended up in the Principal’s office.

Spencer and Derek and Savanna and you finally made it to the Principal’s office as a roaring mob aflush with questions and accusations, all pointed toward one unfortunate man stuck balding behind a desk.

“Mr. Friedman!” You barked at your daughter’s principal, strong and commanding among the voices of your friends, “Why are you holding my daughter hostage in your office?”

“As far as we’re concerned, there is nothing Diana wouldn’t do without logical reasoning!” Spencer answered, brow furrowed and getting into a rare case of anger.

Derek was just as bad and terrifying, Savannah at his elbow, “What did my son do?” They both demanded.

Mr. Friedman stood up, fruitlessly attempting to control the situation with the four raging adults, “It seems,” He started with an air of undeserved self-respect, “That Miss Reid here incited a fight between Mr. Morgan and a number of other students at this establishment.”

Derek turned and immediately glared at his son, “What the hell, Hank?” He asked upset, “What did you think you were doing starting a fight?”

Hank only shrugged, satisfied with himself, “What? They were giving Di problems. I had to let them know that she had somebody looking out for her.”

All eyes settled on Hank for a moment, of appreciation and thank and yes, a little bit of surprise. All except for the principal who continued glaring.

“Now, the other students involved are receiving their own punishments, I tho-”

Derek’s grin broke over Mr. Friedman’s words without apology, “That’s my boy!” The once-member of the BAU exulted, patting his son on the back cheerily, “Now that’s a reason to get in trouble!”

“Thanks, Hank,” Spencer smiled shyly, calming down, in just the way he always did. It was a smile your daughter had thankfully inherited. Choruses of the same sentiment blew through the room until you smiled, your arm around your daughter.

“What if,” You grinned, “We all go get some ice cream or something?”

“Oooh, how about tacos?” Your husband remarked hopefully and you couldn’t help but chuckle.

The two teenagers laughed and agreed and soon you and Savannah were leading your children and husbands out of the school. Morgan and Hank and Diana and Spencer all had their arms wrapped around each other in some oddly raucous interweaving quilt.

“Wait!” Mr. Friedman hollered, scurrying to follow the six of you, “I seriously suggest disciplinary actions be taken!” His head bobbed down the hallway and he pushed up his glasses, stopping dead in his tracks at the threshold of his office.

Nobody paid him any attention. Nobody turned around. Nobody responded.

Everybody laughed and moved on and soon you were getting in your car and on your way to somewhere else, away from the school. You were glad your daughter was safe and you were glad Derek’s son was there to protect her.

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How do you see RWBY being paced in the future because part of me thinks that Salem will be faced sooner rather than the 12th volume that’s slated to be the last?

I think there is a lot of stuff to come we don’t really know about. There definitely will be an Atlas storyline because we haven’t seen Mama Schnee yet, Jaques might escalate at some point, Penny’s “father” was hinted at and Weiss still needs to take back her company. Also there’s the possibility of a war between the kingdoms. A connection to the Great War and the King of Vale. STRQ flashbacks. Things they haven’t even hinted at yet. 

In Volume 2 it looked like the story would follow the main girls through their years at Beacon, but now they’re suddenly in Mistral. Some future twists might lead the show into directions we wouldn’t imagine in our wildest dreams. 

So it’s pretty hard to say at this point. But I’m really excited to see the story unfold.