a hero would be perfect right now

Someone get the new sneak peek clip on tumblr and/or gif it now because I am freaking out over agents “Stark and Martell” because honestly what the fuck John Bring. If Sam is Stark, as it would seem from the order of introduction it’s really perfect. There are so many Starks that have such a complicated relationship with honor and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and then fucking everything up. This could be Sam this season, this could be him playing into the bad guys hands with his ideals - Same with Mary.

But Dean. Dean as a Martell. Who would be the most famous Martell? Oberyn. The extremely bisexual tragic hero. I just…fuck. John Bring gave us Dean being super fucking bisexual all over Gunnar Lawless and now he’s specifically fake naming him after a famously Bi character???

And that’s just the extradiagetic stuff. Think of this in world. Sam or Dean making those IDs and thinking: “You know who Dean is like…”

I’m dying guys. Dying.

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"I'm thinking of asking out Bakugou!!" Kirishima and Denki: "Be careful."

okay as much as i’ve joked about Bakugou knocking Ochako out by misinterpreting her advances, but lets be real here

Ochako can take whatever Bakugou can dish out

i’m sure if he accidentally attacked her because he misunderstood her asking him out, she’d be able to block or redirect or something, and it’d end in some sort of spar

….. Bakugou would probably prefer that anyway since he can barely handle Feelings™, let alone romantic mushy stuff. that’s way outta his league right now. he is not emotionally prepared for Romance™ or the fluttering, stuttering, blushy mess it can make him

but battling. oohh, he loves a good battle, alright. that’s something Ochako can work with, especially since she enjoys how he takes her seriously and doesn’t hold back

basically, what i’m saying is, a perfect date between them (as they are now at least) is probably a heated sparring match

A Minds Deception - Reid/Reader


Her presence lit up his otherwise dull lounge room. The hair that sat in front of her face was soon moved behind her ear.

“Y/N.” He whispered to her, it was a silent pleading.

She stood in front of one of his many book shelves, scanning over the thousands of books stacked in them.

“I miss you.”

Spencer would do anything to touch her one last time, to feel her skin on his.

She turned to look at his slack figure, shaking her head at the sadness residing in his eyes. His head stooped, line of sight resting on his very ‘vanilla’ flooring. He tried his very hardest to keep everything inside, but he felt like a kettle that was so close to boiling over and exploding.

“Don’t do that.” She begged.

Spencer laughed, not at her but at himself. There was no way his mind was going to let him rest, not today of all days.

“You can’t just keep sitting around.”

“Why not?” He struggled, staring at her perfect face, seeing her pupils dilate easily, just like he knew his own would do.

“Because you need to get back out there and be the hero I know you are.” She smiled.

He shakily exhaled, shutting his eyes tightly. He felt her, right there next to him, getting a strong whiff of her fruity perfume.

“I love you, my haunted genius.” She pressed a soft kiss onto his cheek, lingering close to him, just for a sake of it.

“I love you too.” Was said, almost inaudible.

“Now pick up the phone you! It’s been ringing for 5 minutes.” She laughed, the infectious noise ringing through his head.

Spencer’s eyes finally snapped open, looking at his cell phone that was thrown on the ground. He begrudgingly picked up the piece of technology.

“Spence, it’s me. I’m just checking up on you.” JJ’s concerned voice was on the other end.

He swallowed, a lump in his throat stopping him from talking.

“I know it’s been a year.” Silence. “I miss her too Spencer, we all do.”

“Yeah.” His voice broke.  

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I think Pharah should get a damage nerf... she can easily 2 shot any 200 HP hero and its so hard to counter her.

ah yep. thats a floating argument these days. 
Im gonna have to disagree anon.

I think that pharah is in a good place right now. Because I think shes in a good place like tracer. Simply because hitscans dont hardcounter her anymore. 

I never really liked the word “counter”. Because if overwatch was a perfect game… it would be “which hero can duel the other”. Thinking like that doesnt put blame on hitscans that cant take out a pharah. For example, McCree and tracer. McCree is a backline DPS and deals with flankers like tracer. But… if you have a crazy good tracer.. you dont automatically put blame on the McCree. Thats because the two “duel” each other rather than one countering the other. McCrees damage can easily shut down a tracer… if he catches her first. 

Same Goes for Pharah and hitscans. She has to quickly land those 2 direct rocket hits.. or shes shot out. I play a lot of pharah, And from experience… if youre in the back line just shooting rockets behind cover without anyone following up on that damage.. youre kinda useless. (sure it charges your ult but eh). What makes pharah so impactfull is her ability to dive to the back line and take out dps/supports so quickly. but if you miss those direct hits, youre out of the picture because youre no longer in the safety of cover. 

Woof.. that was long. but if you are considering a nerf.. have direct damage run down to 100 instead of 120. Pharah can still 2 shot squishies… but it gives people an opportunity to heal more HP. 

Here’s to Six More Months

Hello, @keejot! Here is your late gift from @mlsecretsanta! Sorry it took a while to get it to you, but I hope you enjoy this supremely fluffy DJWifi fic!

“Hey,” Nino grinned and waved at Alya as she approached the front of the school. “Happy six-month anniversary, babe.”

Alya froze. “Happy…” She paled. “Wait, is that today?”

“Yeah.” He raised a brow. “Why?”

“I have plans tonight!”

“You do?” He frowned. “I thought you said you were working on something for the Ladyblog this week.”

“Yeah, I…” she looked around and lowered her voice. “I got a tip that Ladybug and Chat Noir are making an appearance tonight. They’re keeping it quiet, but they’re supposed to announce something huge.” She grinned. “I think they’re finally announcing that they’re dating.”

“Finally,” he echoed with a small smile. “Hey, no big deal. Why don’t I come with you? I can help film it.”

“Really?” Alya brightened. “You’re okay with that?”

“Sure!” He chuckled. “Maybe we can have dinner this weekend.”

She slung an arm over his shoulders and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “You’re the best.”

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Aaaah I love your blog! I think you choose the perfect GIFS for the asks!! I'm on my phone right now and I couldn't find the rules, so I'm sorry if I ask something I'm not supposed to, but I was wondering if I could request how the league of villains would be if they are drunk!

Woah, thank you very much! I did some members of the League of Villains.

Shigaraki Tomura

Kurogiri (if it possible Oo)

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I love your Terry and your comments on all the Bats Beyond universe. Also, all the drawings of Jason with Starfire and Roy. And I would like to read RHatO but at the same time I don't want to... I read somewhere that that Jason was OOC and that all the New 52 are just a big mess and I'm honestly confused if I should read it or not.

Oh RHatO…..

You can read it IF and only IF you know you can blank out mass parts of the comic. To be truly honest, it’s about 98% Lobdell drivel. It takes itself waaay too seriously, ALWAYS has a misogynistic undertone (or is just blatantly misogynistic, A.K.A. How Kori is handled through the whole damn comic), and is all around infuriating to sit through or pay actual money for- particularly because of what could have been.

(This is gonna be really long I’m so sorry! MORE UNDER THE READMORE!)

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26, ship: Midoryia and Urakara

First attempt at an MHA fic(let) so… here we go!

26. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”

Midoryia’s mind was racing with possibilities as the villains swarmed the school. Currently he and Uraraka were separated from the rest of the class and he had no idea where they were. It was like the first villain attack all over again but this time it was all out war.

“Midoryia what’s the plan?” She asks.

“I’m thinking,” he mutters, looking about for a pro- most of them were on the outskirts keeping the masses of villains at bay while the students were all fighting against those that managed to sneak past. At this rate the heroes would be overwhelmed so the plan was to get the students out since not all of them are trained for these types of situations. “Right now we need to clear a path for the civilians and get them out. You’re quirk is perfect for maneuvering through the debris and covering tracks. While you lead them out I’ll act as a distraction-”


He blinks in surprise. “No?”

“That’s a terrible plan- you’re serving yourself on a silver platter! Your quirk may be awesome but you still need backup.”

“I’m buying you time to get them out- the civilians’ lives matter more than me-”

“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”

He’s stunned into silence- he hadn’t seen her this intense in a long time.

“You’re a great hero but this is a death wish when we don’t know all of their quirks. We need to stick together,” she says confidently.

Having been swayed by her determination he nods. “Right.”


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last film I watched: Shoot, I don’t remember… You know, I think it was Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
last song I listened to: Pretty sure it was Nate’s cover of “Sora Ni Utaeba” from My Hero Academia
last book I read: …This one I really don’t remember. Love and Gelato?
last thing I ate: Blueberry pancakes :D
if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: There’s this small gelato shop in Little Italy that I’m really in the mood for right now. It’s perfect for sitting outside on a warm night.
where would you time travel to?: Um, Vidcon? xD But other than that, maybe the Romantic era. I feel like a lot of great literature came out at that time–and I’d love to be a gothic novelist in the time of Poe and Shelley like imagine that lol
fictional character you would want to hang out with for a day: That’s so hard?? Maybe the Waffle Crew, as long as I don’t die. Simon Lewis from the Mortal Instruments series would be cool too… Or Pyrrha from RWBY… :’(

Alright! For those of you who’d like to, I tag: @lum1natrix @highwarlockofhogsmeade @dark-youtubers @lesfayettes @writingevil @natewantstobattlekilledme @emeralddoesthings @encxre

Let Me Love You

A/N This is my version of 722.

“Thanks” he told the human that was kind enough to receive the package for him.

He walked back swiftly to the twin room he shared with Caroline.

“Caroline” he called out to her as he opened the door.

“Where have you been?” She asked, there was a tiredness in her voice that she had stopped masking weeks ago.

“Here.. theres something for you” He said waving the package at her.

“What is it?”

“Open it” he said smiling warmly. She rolled her eyes in return.

She tore open the package and froze.

“How did you?”

“I asked Ric to send them.. told him you were feeling down and out.. thought this would cheer you up” He said looking at her astonished, teary eyes.

A small smile began to light up her face. “They look so cute” She said looking at the pictures of the girls.

It had been just 5 weeks that they were on the run, but as each day drew to a close he could see her resolve and optimism chipping away bit by bit. The package contained pictures and drawings, basically a montage of everything she missed and an ode to how much they missed her.

“They miss you” He whispered. 

“I miss them too”

“I know. .”

“But they need you to come back home when this is all done.” He said, his voice cracking slightly.

She looked up at him, her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“You can’t give up.. even if you feel this is all..pointless..”

He tapped at the polaroid of the girls smiling widely. “Do it for them” He said and swallowed the lump in his throat. She nodded slightly.

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome.” He said stepping away slightly, allowing her to go back to gazing at the picture of her girls.


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Can’t Be Fixed (Clint Barton x reader)


1. Imagine Clint seeing the guy that hurt his girlfriend (the reader) in the past

2. Do you do song fics? If you do, can you please do one with the song “Arms” by Christina Perri. With Clint and the reader please?

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart

But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start

You put your arms around me

And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go

You put your arms around me and I’m home

“Why are women so hard to figure out?” Clint groaned, resting his head on the kitchen table on top of his crossed arms, his posture looking completely defeated.

Steve stopped mid-chew and looked at him, clearly and completely confused.  “Are you afking meef?” he asked, with a mouth full of cereal threatening to spill.

“Do you see anyone else here?”

The Captain looked around the room as he finished chewing, completing with a forced swallow and returning to looking at Clint with confusion.  “No, but you ask me of all people?  I have a less than stellar track record with the ladies. At least you have a girlfriend.”

Had…a girlfriend.”

Steve leaned back in his chair and set his bowl down on the table, the room now holding a silence so uncomfortable that the sound of his spoon hitting the side of it resonated around them.  He took a deep breath and waited for Barton to say any more, but when he didn’t, he finally broke the quiet with a single word.


How many times will you let me change my mind and turn around?

I can’t decide if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me ‘cause I’m already falling

I’ll never let our love get so close

You put your arms around me and I’m home

The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved

I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone

Dating Clint was exactly as you imagined it would be from the day that Natasha had introduced you to him.  Sure, she had talked him up, making him sound like the world’s perfect boyfriend, but she really wasn’t far off.  It was an easy friendship that didn’t take long to develop into love, but your own fears of how to be in a relationship kept getting in the way.  You had been hurt too many times and it clouded your attempts at happiness, with your last attempt before Clint being much more traumatic than any others.

“Was this argument any different than the last one?” Maria asked, handing you a glass of wine, though you only pushed it away. “Or any different than the last hundred?”

“Smartass,” you scoffed, “don’t you think I know how this looks?  When I say ‘it’s not him, it’s me’, I mean it.  I screw these things up, no matter how good they are for me.  He’s better off just moving on once and for all.”

She sat herself down at the table across from you, gently swirling her glass in her hands, careful to not allow the dark red liquid to spill over the rim.  Several minutes had passed with her watching you, maybe waiting for you to say something, or maybe waiting to know what to say, but the silence was grating on the both of you.

“Maria, just say what you want to say.  I can take it.”

She cleared her throat and took a long drink from her glass, setting it down and waiting for a moment again before she spoke. She looked at you until you finally relented and met her gaze, making it clear that she wanted you to hold it.  “(Y/N), have you ever thought that maybe the reason you keep going back to him is because that’s where you’re supposed to be?”

“But I’m a mess.  He deserves better.”

“Says you.”

Finally giving in, you took a drink and didn’t stop until the glass was empty, cringing at the dry burn in your throat as you swallowed heavily.  With a small cough and a quick rub of your eyes to stop the tears that were ready to drop, you stood and began to pace in front of her, but she remained motionless as she watched you.

“Yeah, says me.  Listen, I’ve proven time and time again…well, maybe not that many times…but repeatedly that I’m broken.  I can’t maintain a healthy relationship to save my life, so why would I put him through that?  Hmm? Tell me, Maria.  I’m open to suggestions.”

“Okay, how about because he wants you to.”


After you had left Maria’s and headed back to your own apartment, she called Clint to let him know that you had been by and to give him an idea of how your conversation had gone.  It wasn’t that she was betraying your trust, per se, rather that she was trying to get you to see that you were wrong, because she knew that she was right.

Clint also knew that you were wrong, and he was on his way to do his best to convince you of that when he ran into the boyfriend that had come before him; the guy who Clint felt was the biggest responsibility for the current situation.  He might have let his presence slide if he hadn’t been standing in front of your building and yelling up to your window, appearing to be in a state of sloppy drunkenness.

“Hey, man.  I think you should take the hint that (Y/N) doesn’t want to talk to you by the fact that her window’s still closed.”

Your ex turned at the sound of Clint’s voice and immediately slouched, disappointed that his efforts to get your attention were stopped by him of all people.  “Well, shit,” he groaned, “of anyone to walk along this sidewalk right now, it had to be you, huh?  Mr. Big Hero Man.  Obviously not Mr. Perfect though.”  He gave a sideways smile and turned back towards your building, again making far too much noise, “(Y/N)!  Come out here and talk to me!”

You had been able to ignore him for the past thirty minutes, but now you were worried that your neighbors would start to get pissed at the incessant noise.  Pushing the smallest opening that you could in your curtains, you peeked out to the sidewalk below, gasping and throwing them open when you saw Clint next to him. With a little extra effort, you were able to push your old and weathered window open so that you could hear them more clearly.

“I may not be perfect, no, but I’ve heard the same about you.  And I think it would be in your best interests to leave.”  Clint took a few more steps towards him but stopped when he saw you from the corner of his eye.  “If she wants to be left alone, I’m going to make sure that she’s left alone.”

Your ex towered over Clint by at least a foot in height, but he was no match for the Avenger if a fight were to break out. Though you wouldn’t admit it out loud, there was a part of you that wanted to see Clint unleash on the guy, and to see him beat some sense into him after the agony he had put you through. Clint had only known about a half of the details, but they were enough for you to know that he wouldn’t hold back.

“Clint, I’m fine, just go,” you yelled to him from above.  “I’m not letting him in.”

“Come on, (Y/N), I just want to talk to you!  Don’t be such a bitch!”


He looked over at Clint with a quizzical look, his head tilted to the side.  “What?”


“What the hell are you doing, bird brain?”

“Counting,” Clint paused, an eyebrow raised as he waited for a response of either a fight or a flee, but neither came.  


It was impressive how fast Clint had the jerk face down on the ground with his heel dug into his spine so that he couldn’t move.  It wasn’t that you enjoyed the sound of him crying, but the smile that crossed your lips felt good.  And watching Clint in action was something that you rarely had a chance to do; if you stayed with him, you wanted to make it a point to see more of it.  “Clint, let him go,” you called down to him, “I think he gets your point.”

“Do you get my point?” Clint smirked, kneeling down next to the man who now looked at him with fear in his eyes.  “Is the lady correct?”

“Ow…ugh…yeah…yeah, I get it.”  Once he was released he quickly made his way down the sidewalk with a slight limp in his step, not looking back, and not likely to return. You closed your window without another word to Clint, who was standing in place, staring up at you with surprise and and a hint of hurt as you slowly pulled the curtains in to cover the glass and block his view of you.  You wanted to spare him the sight of you falling apart, knowing that he would try to fix it.  He would try to fix you.

I try my best to never let you in to see the truth

And I’ve never opened up

I’ve never truly loved till you put your arms around me

And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go

You sat in your apartment in silence for over an hour, still in place on the floor beneath the window.  A part of you expected Clint to knock on your door, but it never happened. You were relieved but also sad, not knowing if this was really the end or if it was another rotation in the cycle that the two of you seemed stuck in.  You had broken up and reconciled so many times, that to think it would stick this time hurt more than you had anticipated.  

You wanted to call him, but your hand wouldn’t move; this was the right thing, you were sure of it.  He deserved someone who knew how to love him back, and you couldn’t bring yourself to believe that it was you.  Finally convincing yourself to stand, you shook off the pins and needles sensation in your legs to pull yourself up along the windowsill, peeking out between the curtains at where Clint had been.

Except that he was still there, looking up at you.  

Your hand raised to give a small wave, but it wasn’t reciprocated.  He simply smiled softly and slowly turned to walk away, not looking back but knowing that you were watching.  He had waited for you one final time, so that you knew he was giving you what you wanted. So that you knew that it was done.

But now that you had what you thought you wanted, all you wanted was him.


“Here we are, pining for people we can’t have.

It’s almost surreal, how connected these two scenes are. Both Oliver and Felicity talking to Barry about Iris. Both of them using the advice they want to give him into a small way to express what they can’t to each other. (“Like you and Oliver.”) Both of them sounding as if the other person is the dream, the perfect happiness, that one thing they want the most. They’re both really good at that they’ve focused on doing: Oliver hiding under the Arrow persona and focusing on mission after mission, allowing himself only really small moments of joy in order to keep his soul from fading away under the hood, and Felicity doing whatever she can to move on.

What are these two scenes showing us? That they’re both failing. Miserably.

Yes, they seem to have accepted that they can’t be together. But what’s really most striking about these two scenes? How what the one is saying, is linked to what the other one’s doing. Both of them start and end with a sad, longing smile. Notice the words Felicity says to what Oliver’s doing in the scene from 1x08. He constantly has a small smile on his face for Barry; a smile he fakes to play the part. Then, he turns around and lingers on her when she isn’t looking. And lastly, he whispers the last line “Guys like us don’t get the girl.” His voice is breaking as he’s whispering his dream, that quiet dream he can’t have so he keeps it to himself. And that dream? To get The Girl of his life. To get Felicity.

From Felicity’s part? We’ve often discussed how this is, absolutely understandably so, the only time where Felicity didn’t fight for her reunion with Oliver. The same Felicity who always pushed him past what he thought he was capable of, the same Felicity who has either silenced his demons or lit a fire in his heart, giving him all the motivation he needed to do what was needed to get done. The same Felicity who has always stood by his side, has always had his back, has always believed in him and has got to be the person to know him the most. The person he listens to. The person he looks up to. The person he cherishes more than the most sacred thing in his life. That woman, has had enough. She couldn’t and didn’t want to be the one to make him see that we don’t fight only to honor the dead; we’re fighting to cherish the living, too. Some lessons, each one of us needs to learn by themselves. So, Felicity let him go. For his sake, and mostly hers. She has accepted that she can’t have him; that that’s not going to work out for her. So she’s trying to hold on to anything that might replace the void. The thing is, nothing can replace him. No matter where she goes, no matter how much she tries, and even if she has found a guy who would be the perfect “replacement” in the face of Ray Palmer…Oliver cannot be replaced. Because he is The Guy for her. He is It. But she can’t have it. Which leads us all the way back, since when Felicity first appeared on Arrow. We all remember what she was representing back in the beginning, right? The ordinary girl and her growing feelings for the hero. Now, you must also remember what they often say in a case like that: “Girls like me don’t get the hero.”

But she did. She got her hero; her quiet dream. And even if it fully came true just for a few moments, she has conquered the hero’s heart. His heart belongs to her. And he? In a way, he got The Girl. Because he owns her heart. If it was up to her, Felicity would never look away from Oliver. And if the life of a hero didn’t require so much sacrifice, Oliver would never let Felicity go. Never again.

Addressing Every Aspect Of Sheik

 ”Sheik’s gender is one of the most heated topics of discussion when it comes to arguments in Zelda fandom. Some say that it’s simply Princess Zelda in disguise, and therefore Sheik is still technically female. Some would argue, however, that Zelda physically transforms herself into a man using magic, as opposed to simply putting on a costume.”

Today is the day that for me, all hell broke loose. It is news that Sheik has been “confirmed female.” Everyone’s either gloating or sulking, but I stand strong. This is because this topic is very important to me, and I have of course, by now, formed my opinion over the years. Before I was a big Zelda fan, I was a big Smash Bros. fan. (That’s what led me to The Legend of Zelda.) I was young, uninformed, and didn’t even care. At that point, if you had told me that the character you play as is Link, not Zelda, I would have been shocked. I didn’t know the story. But I did know of Sheik; “an androgynous character in the Smash Bros. series.” “Do you think Sheik is a boy or a girl?” I ask my brother. Little did I know that what I was asking has worlds and hell to it. But if even a little kid like myself ponders such a question, wouldn’t others? of course! After a short chat mid-fight with my brother, we have put to rest based on our own observations that Sheik from Melee is a boy, and Sheik from Brawl is a girl. Now I know that most people today would say that young me would be half wrong about that. But in this day and age, I have the insight to prove my argument. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me to explain each design of Sheik, canon or not, in detail.

Here’s my reference sheet; it is showing each Sheik from the most current model, up to the very first. 

Let’s start with Hyrule Warriors Sheik.

My argument for this Sheik is that Sheik is [obviously] female. Now, this requires little to no proof, because I believe that everyone is at peace with this Sheik. I’d say that this is the least androgynous model of Sheik that the light of day has ever seen (even though that’s not saying much), and it’s most closely associated to the model of the concept if Twilight Princess Sheik, who only ended up in Smash Bros. Brawl. She and her body have feminine features, such as her obviously non-manly voice, and the shape of her body (Thin legs, small feet, girly hands, “hair bow,” and girly hair.)

Next, allow me to direct you to Twilight Princess, or Brawl Sheik.

This Sheik too, is in fact female. The prime evidence of this is that in Smash Bros. Brawl, she has her own trophy, one on which she is referred to, when described, as “she.” But if that’s not enough for you, allow me to go further into the depths of the only model that undisputedly puts the “she” in “Sheik.”
-Small waist

-Chest, which for once, is definitely breasts, and cannot even be argued as muscles.

-Overall girly features; arms, legs, face, hair.

The least girly thing about this Sheik is her voice. 

Our third model of Sheik up for examination is the Smash Bros. Wii-U Sheik. I call this one “Smash Sheik.”This Sheik is male. From these eyes–,

All the way down to the big feet, and everything in between. (Thick wrists, straight waist, shape of butt, height, chest muscles, not only muscular upper arms like most Sheiks have, but muscular and thick forearms.)

I’d also like to point out that the fact that this character stands alone and away from Zelda as his own person, so much increases the chances of being male. I simply do not see one mistaking this person for a girl; testosterone definitely pours from this one.

What we have next and lastly is the elephant in the room; the source of all these sprouting Sheiks, the reason why so many Zelda fans argue with each other. [Cue dramatic drum roll]

This is Ocarina of Time Sheik. 

We have a lot here, so before anything, let’s just lay down a whole bunch of facts.

-Princess Zelda’s alleged “mysterious but really really strong and great power” is always spoken of. But it is clear that regardless of having such power, Zelda rarely turns to it. Why, you ask? Who knows? Maybe she believes that depending on something so much could lead to failure, or maybe she doesn’t want to abuse her Goddess-given power to get what she wants like Ganondorf does, making a point of there always being a peaceful way to live without being ignorant of the matters of life. Perhaps all reasons that lead to hope, which I would only expect as something someone as pensive as one with the Triforce of Wisdom has, would think.

*If you’d like specifics, referring to Zelda’s power, you can read just about any one of the mangas. But that may seem pointless because really only one or two would be referring to Ocarina of Time Zelda, right? Wrong. Consider the following: 

This is the top of the chronology of Hyrule. Let’s take note of the different forms that Zelda takes on, starting from the top:


-Reincarnation of a goddess


-Princess, descendant of the sages

Now let’s look at Ganondorf.

-Actual Absolute Demon King




Have you noticed the pattern yet? Is there any specific reason why I’m spewing all of this? Well, yes, precisely.

The pattern here is that from the beginning, Each being is in its most godly and therefore strongest form. This is relevant because Any alleged power of Zelda spoken about in A Link To The Past, for example, has to be scores over stronger with the Zelda in Ocarina of Time.

Yes, Princess Zelda is all powerful; A Witch, A Sage, A Sorceress, A Genius, and a whole bunch more of capitalized titles I’m not coming up with.

*Link doesn’t have natural god-given power like the others, this is why his strength is not affected and it is a mystery in regards to which hero is greater than another.*

Now that I’ve stressed Zelda’s power, I want to explain her brilliancy.

Princess Zelda not only has a different type of wit because of her triforce, but she crawls into the minds of others. Who else would be able to recreate herself in such a perfect way that not even Ganondorf would sense a trace of Zelda in Sheik?

By the way, don’t even think about underestimating Ganondorf’s smarts.

His plotting and scheming was perfect and brilliant. Of course, I shouldn’t have to explain his plot though, right?

Let’s not forget about our Hero of Time. He bursts through temples and dungeons filled with puzzles in each room effortlessly and without hesitation. I firmly believe that each person who represents a piece of the Triforce still has a greater understanding of the other two parts than most people.

After all this, I pray that you don’t underestimate Ocarina of Time Zelda in any way. Now is the time to repent, though. Repent through acknowledgement. But before anything, let’s get this out of the way.

This is clearly talking about Ocarina of Time Sheik, that one being the only one who’s canon and in a Zelda game. I simply will not accept a fragment of a sentence as proof that Sheik is a woman.

So, what do you think? You think that this quote is going to negate this whole thing? Nah. I’m writing this to prove this quote wrong, regardless of whose mouth it’s from- unless it’s Shigeru Miyamoto. And even if so, I believe that I could make someone open-minded believe me. If not, I apologize for failing. Sheik is one of those rare things in which he/she becomes whatever you want he/she to be, as long as you can prove it, that is. So this is my story. And until someone can prove me wrong with cold hard facts, it will remain so for me, whether you join me or not.

Let’s describe the differences between these two:

Here are the physical length differences between Sheik and Zelda


Apparent Visible Differences:

-Eye color

-Hair color

-Skin color


-Ears that are so long, they couldn’t possibly be hidden. Especially with Sheik’s short hair. (You can’t bend or clip ears behind something either. For seven years. That would really  hurt.)

So, here are the copout explinations you can expect from people who will still defend feminity of sheik

-        “Dark skin? Zelda obviously got a spray-tan.”

-        “Eyes changed from blue to red? CONTACTS.”

-        “Different hair color? Hair dye!”

-        “No chest? It was just bound by bandages!”

-        “Crazy big muscles? Either Zelda became a body builder, or those are definitely pads.”


-And we all know she has the power to do it. We also know that she didn’t even have to stop there, because we know about how powerful she is.


 (Try it if you don’t believe me.)

Other note: Even if she was able to, there would be roundness from the breasts on the side. Sheik’s side is flat.

It’s insane how people actually believe that Zelda can make her breasts disappear without making them, well, disappear. I think that most people don’t understand that, which is why most people who believe Sheik is a man are girls.

*** Pads, you say? I say nay. Unless there are pads for even collar bone and ribcage protrusions, along with neck-vein-tendon-line pads. We don’t even have that today—that’s some high-tech shit they had back then. Those are REAL muscles. rEAL REAL REAL REAL REAL


-Zelda’s transition to Sheik alters the length of her arms, legs, torso shoulders, and hips: FACT.


If you say to me that Sheik altered her breasts but didn’t change her vagina to a penis, I will throw eggs at you.

Let’s talk about Ganondorf. Like I said, Ganondorf is no fool. Do you really think that someone with a trace of Zelda could flaunt by Ganondorf’s huge nose unnoticed? No, you don’t. It’s not possible. She would surely get caught. And like stated, (in the smash bros. trophy, I believe.) Zelda hides every trace of her identity. If Zelda has the power to alter the top half, along with the rest of her body, she surely can alter the rest of it.

((I encourage you to disprove this; for if you could, I would listen to your arguments. It would definitely be a difficult thing to do, this argument is long. I’ll also gladly respond to any questions or arguments. I’ll accept all takers. And lastly, even if you still do not believe Sheik is male, it is intended by Zelda that he only be referred to as a he, for that’s what he’s meant to be..))

Everyone hates on the past two spidermen but I think it was a great play in the MCU/Sony or whatever

Tobey McGuire was the original ..the spidy that people could relate to ya know awkward and a little lame

Andrew Garfield was the spidy to bring back viewers…he was hot so girls would be more interested and had more bravado so people would see him more as a hero

Tom Holland is going to be the spidy to make everything right…he’s the perfect age the perfect amount of awkward yet cool and relatable he’s a squishy kinda cute and it just gonna be good now

  • Regina: Why do people still call me the “Evil” Queen. Always the villain, even when i’m not. Rumple made me the Evil Queen, it wasn’t my fault. Why don’t people just forget my past and pretend it never happened? People need to let it all go. Forgiving my past crimes isn’t enough, people need to believe in me and tell me hourly that i’m a strong and capable hero. I can be the Savior if I want to. I deserve happiness. Why is the world out to get me?
  • Also Regina: Stop playing the victim. You don’t deserve any more chances, you’ve already had too many. I may have done far worse things than you but I am so much better than you are, i’ve changed and am now the perfect example of growth and reform. I’m going to take your child away from you, after all, it would be irresponsible to let a psychotic remorseless murdering rapist see her child, right? But never forget, I am the Evil Queen.
50 tit·il·lat·ing questions
  1. What is your biggest dream?
  2. If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have the chance to do?
  3. Which family member are you closest to?
  4. How many times did you curse today?
  5. What famous person would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with?
  6. What inventions can you not live without?
  7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever bought?
  8. On a scale of 1 to 10 how sad are you and why?
  9. What was the last risk you took?
  10. What topic are you bored of talking about?
  11. Who is your hero and why?
  12. What do you have no patience for?
  13. Is your room clean?
  14. What is your resolution for tomorrow?
  15. What are the ingredients for a perfect day?
  16. Who is your best friend?
  17. What is your motto?
  18. What is the last beach you’ve been to?
  19. What can you live without right now?
  20. What is the last song you listened to?
  21. What is your next social engagement?
  22. When was the last time you cried?
  23. Who do you want to know better?
  24. What would the first sentence of your autobiography be?
  25. What made you worry today?
  26. What is your favourite thing to do on a Friday night?
  27. What makes a good friend?
  28. Who do you miss the most right now?
  29. Should you trust your instincts?
  30. If you didn’t have any responsibilities, what would you do today?
  31. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
  32. When was the last time you had an inspiring conversation?
  33. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?
  34. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
  35. What makes a good enemy?
  36. How do you want to be remembered?
  37. If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be?
  38. Who would you trade places with for one day?
  39. How would your parents describe you?
  40. What do you want to do?
  41. What is your biggest flaw?
  42. If you could acquire one talent, what would it be?
  43. Where do you feel most at home?
  44. What is your secret passion?
  45. If you could have one wish come true today, what would it be?
  46. Who do you aspire to be like?
  47. When was the last time you felt like you were on top of the world?
  48. What was something you wanted today but couldn’t have?
  49. What would you like to ask your mother?
  50. What is the last dream you remember?