a hero is someone who stands up for the safety of the people they care about

Why Otabek is the best.

Wasn’t there a saying that the people who are the most quiet notice the most/has the loudest thoughts?

Well in this case, meet Otabek.

Otabek is a character genuinely misunderstood by a lot of characters but adored by the fandom. 

Here, we have this:

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He takes off his sunglasses when he is talking to people, even when that person is JJ (who no character really likes all that much tbh). This is so respectful. He removes his glasses and makes eye contact when he is spoken to, even if he is just declining a simple offer. He’s badass, but he’s very, very polite. 

At 18 years old and being the NATIONAL HERO of his country, he’s still very, very humble.

He positions his medal so that the media can get an easy shot of him. He’s making their lives easier. He’s looking out for them! And even though he just won gold, he doesn’t show any signs of being cocky. He simply, once again, makes solid eye contact with the camera, showing respect/care. 

We have him here again, giving the photographers a clear shot of him; looking straight into the camera. He’s standing upright, being very, very proper. Furthermore, I find it so sweet that he’d rather cover up his medal and show his country’s flag instead! He truly puts his country’s pride above his own and I find that beautiful. 

However, sometimes his elegant etiquette is misinterpreted as being perhaps too archaic for this generation of bubbly, emotional, and loud skating talents. 

(Notice that his entire body is facing towards the person speaking to him, even though he later verbally expressed no interest in hanging around JJ.)

And even after JJ mocks him, he doesn’t reply or shoot back some snarky remark. 

Instead, he politely declines JJ’s request in the most fucking formal way possible. Not breaking eye contact. What even.

Anyways, let’s move onto his adorable interest in Yuri. After meeting perhaps his inspiration ever, he gets called an asshole. BY HIS MUSE. BY HIS INSPIRATION. PROBABLY HIS ROLE MODEL.

What does he do? Otabae remains silent and simply walks away. He’s unconfrontational, unlike Yuri, but his silence is demanding.

And guess what, it immediately piques Yurio’s interest.

In the video, Yurio’s eyes trail after Otabek. Now Yurio’s curious about him.

Yurio has a weird tendency to look at Otabek this way. It’s almost as if Yurio somehwat reveres his presence. It makes sense because I’ve done a past meta on why Otabek is probably everything Yurio wants to be/likes (physically at least).

I think someone’s mentioned this before but Otabek arrives WAY TO COINCIDENTALLY FOR IT TO BE AN ACCIDENT. Like it or not, Otabek has always planned to talk to Yurio. Hell, he was probably driving around to try and find him…and of course, saves him instead.


And guess what? This cutie pie tosses YURIO a helmet. Because safety is cool kids.

TDLR: Otabek is fucking bomb.

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Now I'm a new follower so if you've answered an ask like this before I apologize, but why do you ship Kachako?


i actually haven’t posted why i enjoy Kacchako so much, tho i have spoken with a few friends about it. but OH MAN…. oh gosh where do i even start jkslg;ha;lghkal;ghskal

ok so. a big part of it comes from their relationship in canon. both characters have a large amount of respect for each other. they’ve only interacted a few times (including in the omake), but each time is fairly insightful to the characters, and particularly when said characters comment about each other to other characters.

but it’s also how their relationship has a lot of potential in the narrative to drive both character’s development further really interesting directions.

to start, their fight. their fight at the Sports Festival was the first time Bakugou ever actually noticed Uraraka. before she was just sorta that unnamed girl who hung around Izuku. 

Uraraka had noticed Bakugou before, but mostly she just wanted to stay out of his way (like with her line after the class president vote when Bakugou asks who voted for Deku, “I hope he doesn’t find out it was me…”)

but oh man. their fight. their fight is AMAZING on so many levels. it’s not just about Uraraka and Bakugou battling each other, there are many, many layers to it.

for example, the reason why Uraraka is fighting so hard in the first place. she wants to support her parents. her family grew up poor, and the whole reason she’s at UA, trying to become a hero, is because she wants to help support her parents financially. this fight is her proving just how far she’s willing to go in order to fulfill that goal.

she’s willing to go toe-to-toe against Bakugou, who never goes easy on anyone, in order to prove what she’s made of. hell, she even thanks Bakugou for not going easy on her.

and it’s not just that. right before this fight, she realized that she was riding on Izuku’s success without improving herself all that much. she thought she was being friendly, but she realized that she really was just hoping that Izuku would get her through the day again.

she feels shame for it. when Iida said that he wants to prove himself against Izuku, she feels shameful of her own actions.

so she decided to change. she decided to put her all into fighting Bakugou, proving that she can make it to the finals just like Deku. that she can do it by herself. she wanted to prove it to everyone. she wanted to prove it to herself that she could do it.

this fight gave Uraraka so much character development. before this fight, she was still sorta… there. we didn’t have much character motivation, and she was mostly just the happy, bubbly Love Interest/main female character. we heard that she was poor, but this fight put that motivation to the forefront of her character and proved just how much potential she has to grow and develop.

and on Bakugou’s end, it’s really interesting. right from the get-go he warns her that if she’s gonna forfeit she needs to do it now, because he won’t go easy on her. and through out the fight he proves just that–however, despite the pummeling Bakugou gave her over and over again, she continued to come back for more.

she refused to give up. nothing he did could put her down for long. she always got back up on her feet and kept running in for an attack. 

Aizawa says it here clearly: by refusing to go easy on her, he’s acknowledging her strength. he’s showing her respect as an opponent. she’s not just a fragile little girl being beaten up by the Big Bad Blasty-guy, they’re equals on the battleground, and Bakugou refuses to let his guard down around her because they’ve both made it this far.

Bakugou lost against Izuku in the first Heroes vs. Villains training arc, and it was largely because he underestimated Izuku, and overestimated himself. Bakugou learned his lesson, and is refusing to do the same thing here. 

Uraraka went through the same things he did at UA. she was there during his fight it Izuku, she was there when the villains invaded, she made it through the Sports Festival and met him as an opponent. clearly, she’s not someone to treat lightly.

what’s particularly interesting tho, is that at the end of the fight, Bakugou looks EXTREMELY EXCITED to keep fighting her. 

Uraraka landed her final attack, which failed (because Bakugou used his largest blast to blow it away–you can see his hands shaking afterwards). Bakugou is ready to keep going, and rushes at her, with this huge, excited grin on his face, and says her name for the first time.

she surprised him. she impressed him. she shocked him.

Bakugou doesn’t remember people’s names. he can’t be bothered. he calls everyone by degrading nicknames, like Drooly, or Soy-Sauce Face, Raccoon Eyes, Deku, etc. The only characters he calls by name are All Might, Kirishima, and Uraraka.

All Might, because he’s the person Bakugou looks up to the most.

Kirishima is interesting. Bakugou has known Kirishima fairly well since at least the USJ incident. he kept calling him Hair-for-Brains until the cavalry battle at the Sports Festival, which is the first time he calls Kirishima by his name.

Bakugou first met Uraraka at the Sports Festival, and fought her for half an hour, at best. at the beginning, he calls her Round-Face. however, in that time, she impressed him so much that he started calling her by her name mid-fight.

when Bakugou starts calling people by their names, he doesn’t go back from that. he keeps calling them by their names. it’s his personal form of respect, that’s very subtle and understated. 

what’s also really interesting about their fight is Bakugou’s reaction after Uraraka falls. 

he looks shocked, in a way that we haven’t ever seen before. she impressed him so much, but then she falls and he realizes that she has a limit. someone he admires and wants to fight, actually has a limit.

it’s similar to his shock when All Might’s true form is revealed for the first time.

and after it’s over, Bakugou actually confronts Izuku about Uraraka. he berates Izuku for giving Uraraka that dangerous, self-destructive plan. in other words: in a very backhanded way, he’s saying he cares for Uraraka’s safety and well being.

he’s reprimanding Izuku for giving her a dangerous plan. Bakugou knows Izuku has a notebook full of notes on heroes and the other kids. Izuku mentioned it to Bakugou in their first fight. it would be a no-brainer to figure out that Izuku must’ve come up with a plan for Uraraka. and Bakugou is right, Izuku was willing to let Uraraka use his notes.

except that Uraraka refused to use them.

Izuku tells Bakugou point-blank that all that Uraraka did on the battlefield was her own plan. he had nothing to do with it. It was all Uraraka.

when Kaminari starts nagging on Bakugou for hurting a “harmless little girl” like Uraraka, Bakugou mutters to himself that there isn’t anything fragile about her. 

this is the first time Bakugou has ever actually praised or defended anyone. he’s always been very much about himself. in the beginning of the manga, he would go on and on and on about how great he was, and how everyone else (in his own class) were all losers, and this attitude is still fairly prevalent. 

he couldn’t even be bothered to remember his own classmate’s quirks. he’s gotten better about being egotistic since his fight with Izuku (and from watching everyone else in the class–he even admits that he didn’t think he could beat Todoroki at one point), but only just.

but he remembered her name. he defended her against Kaminari’s words. he respected her as an equal and as an opponent. later on, during his fight with Todoroki, he even berates Todoroki for holding back against him, and the manga hovers over Uraraka for a second.

Bakugou says only those who try their damnedest to win are allowed to stand before him. he’s referring back to Uraraka. again, in a roundabout sort of way, he’s showing her a lot of respect and praise.

coming from someone like Bakugou, who’s had so many issues with self confidence, ego, and refusing to even acknowledge those around him, that is a lot.

this fight was amazing for both characters, because it gave them BOTH amazing character development. this fight showed just how far Uraraka was willing to go, just how strong her determination is, in fulfilling her goal. this fight was also the first time we’ve see Bakugou develop away from the ‘angry-rival.’ this is the first time we saw him compliment and respect someone else.

this fight is the catalyst for so many amazing things, and the development doesn’t stop there.

after the Sports Festival, when the kids are trying to figure out where they want to intern, Uraraka decides to go with Gunhead. largely because of her fight with Bakugou.

she realized that, while she wants to be a disaster relief hero, knowing how to fight in close combat is an invaluable skill that she should learn, and it’ll be a huge advantage to her. it was thanks to her fight with Bakugou that helped her come to this conclusion, and allowed her to improve herself more.

and to move on a bit, lets look at the Omake chapter [which you can find a translation for here]

oh man. this omake. THIS OMAKE.

Uraraka isn’t afraid of Bakugou anymore. not since their fight, in fact. she’s confident enough around him to willing to confront him face-to-face, about his issues with Izuku.

she sees through his act. she says that Bakugou was so cool during their fight, but when it comes to Izuku, Bakugou tries to push him away, as if he’s scared. and he is. he’s scared of Izuku’s progress. it terrifies him. but he’s in denial about it.

Uraraka confronts him about this, sees right fucking through Bakugou’s denial, fear, and pride, and tells him straight up that she thinks he should try to be friends with Izuku again. no other character has done this before. only Uraraka has been able to see through Bakugou so clearly.

Bakugou, presented with this tho, of course yells, goes into fighting stance, and challenges her to a fight (which she responds to immediately with her own battle cry and fighting stance, lmao). and then after Midnight makes them sit down again, Bakugou is back in denial.

however, he keeps calling her by her name. he’s calling her ‘Useless Uraraka’ in his head, but he’s still calling her by her name, which just continues to show his own respect for her, even as he’s pissed and angry.

this omake is fantastic because it gives us a hint into the characters and their relationships. Uraraka has clearly notices the issues between Izuku and Bakugou, and tried to mend them in her own way. Izuku is her friend, and Bakugou respected her as an equal in their fight, and she wants them to be friends again. and she even notices that Bakugou fears Izuku on some level, which is a fantastic bit of introspection from her end.

and later on, she continues to show that she understands Bakugou well. in fact, she’s one of the few people who understands him the best.

she says right here that Bakugou would probably view being rescued as a disgrace. and considering the last time he got rescued, she’s right. the only reason the rescue mission worked out in the end is because Kirishima was there.

with Kacchako, there’s just so much room for development. even now, each characters have been pushed further into growing thanks to each other’s actions, and they’ve both shown a remarkable amount of respect and understanding towards each other. 

there’s just so much self growth and positivity that could be had with this ship, and i would love to see more of these two interact in canon. if i had to choose a ship that i’d love to see in canon, it would definitely be this, because i think there’s a lot of opportunities for development and growth and for new and interesting places for the narrative to go.

particularly concerning Izuku. Uraraka saw through Bakugou and realized that he fears Izuku. i would love to see her try to become the common ground between them. she, along with Kirishima, could be the bridges that allow those two to mend their relationship in the long run.

again, there’s just so much potential for this ship, both for the characters, their growth, and the narrative.

AHH ANYWAY THIS GOT REALLY LONG BUT i hope that all makes sense!!!

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the saga of is it a fic or are they headcanons continues.  parts one, TWO (this one!), three, four, five.

  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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If Allison could say anything to the pack, like individually, what do you think she would say?

To Malia– Understanding that it’s okay to depend on people, and have them depend on you, is one of the most important lessons you will learn. Keep it close. 

To Liam– Scott didn’t have an alpha to guide him, to protect him, to give him an opportunity to make mistakes. I know you’re young and that this is scary, but understand that there is safety in the family Scott created for you– for all of us. In return, I only ask you to take care of him the way he will always take care of you.

To Kira– I want you to be with him. I want you to bring sunshine into his life, I want him to have someone who understands what he goes through, I want someone who makes him smile. I was glad you were with him when I was alive, and I still am now that I’m gone. 

To Isaac– You are not alone. You will never, ever be alone. Even when it seems like you are by yourself, you are not. People love you, care about you, need you, appreciate you. Some people in this world think about you every day, know things about you, know exactly how important you are. You matter, both to this world and to other people. You aren’t alone and you never will be again. 

To Stiles– I know you know you’ve changed, and that sometimes that scares you, and you aren’t quite sure of the person you are. I know that you know the mistakes you make and you feel like they’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. But ever since I have known you, no matter how bad things got, no matter how pessimistic you were, you always had one thing: Hope. I remember standing in a parking lot with you, so long ago, and telling Scott that there’s always hope. And do you know how I knew that? Because you were there, stepping into the gasoline with him, risking your life for him. Your hope, Stiles, is built on how much you love other people. That’s where all your light and energy and brightness comes from. When it happens, you shine brilliantly. So don’t let go of it. Don’t let go of her. 

To Lydia– The first day of school, you told me that I was your new best friend. Do you want to know why I listened? Because before you, I had never had a best friend– and now I know that you hadn’t too. Lydia, there are some people in this world who experience so much pain, so much loss, that they wallow in it until they drown. But you never let yourself do that, and sometimes I think that’s why you were so lonely. You shielded yourself from pain instead, never letting yourself feel it until it clawed its way into you. At first, I liked spending time with you because you helped me escape the crazy expectations of my parents and the fear of the real world. But then I liked spending time with you because I realized that the sense of normalcy it brought to me was the exact same one it brought to you. Lydia, you were the one who taught me that it’s okay not to be brave all the time. So I’m going to teach you something in return now. I’m going to tell you that it’s okay to lift up your gates and let people in. I know it feels like everyone in life has left you, hurt you, disappointed you– everyone including myself. But Lydia? There are people who know the bits and pieces of you that are broken and still love you. There are people who see underneath the makeup and fake smiles and know that you’re hurting and want to help you. There are people who think you look beautiful when you cry. And one day, you’re going to walk down the hallway towards someone and your heart is going to hammer against your chest and you aren’t going to be able to resist smiling at how pure all of it is. And when that happens, just for a moment, I want you to think of me. I want you to think of me and imagine me saying I told you so. I told you that you deserve to be open, deserve to be safe, deserve to be loved by someone just as much as you love them. Lydia… you may have taught me that you don’t have to be brave all the time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t brave every moment of every day. 

To Scott–  When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney prince was Shang. “Why?” my parents asked, seeming amused about it, at the time. “Because,” I told them, like it was obvious. “He saves people. He’s a hero.” In hindsight, I think my parents found it fitting that a daughter of an Argent would favor a Disney Prince who was a general. But hindsight works for me too, and now I know, Scott McCall, that I was always supposed to fall in love with you. You are the greatest hero I have ever met. You are a hero to the entirety of Beacon Hills. You are a hero to the supernatural community. You are a hero to your best friends. And you are a hero to a random little girl whose dog you take pain from, hoping he’ll suffer as little as possible. In loving you, in learning from you, in getting to stand next to you for a small pocket of your life, you allowed me to become a version of myself that I was proud to die as. Before you, Scott, I didn’t have anybody in my life who I would sacrifice myself for. But I know that you, every single day, wake up and carry the weight of loving people around on your back. In that, you are heavier than Atlas, you are stronger than Hercules, you are smarter than Odysseus. You are the true hero of my life, Scott McCall. I want to tell you take a second for yourself every few days, but I know that it would be a moot point. So here’s what I will tell you instead: find joy in whatever and whomever you can. Caring about people like you do might sometimes seem fruitless, but you won’t give up, I know you won’t. And when you want to, put some of your weight on me. Know that I’m still here. I’m standing right next to you, supporting you, protecting you, loving you. My first love, my only love, Scott McCall. I’d promise to write you into the stars, but you’ve already made your place in the sky without any help from me. I’ll be here, though. Just promise to take your time coming to find me. 

Quiet Kisses Are So Hardcore

Tried to write a short kacchako kiss fic, and it turned into a full blown character study. So it goes. Thanks to @happyisahabit for taking a look at it!

Read on AO3

It is supposed to be like ripping off a band-aid.

Tell her to get lost. Unfriend and block her on social media. Don’t answer any texts, and block her number too. Uraraka is smart. She’ll get the message. And when the sting of rejection subsides, she’ll move on to someone else. Someone more suitable, someone more deserving. In the end, Uraraka will still be happy.

Bakugou is doing her a favor. If Uraraka never speaks to him again, that’s what he deserves for being dumb enough to catch feelings in the first place.

On the way out of class, Kirishima puts a hand on his shoulder. “So, gym? Or video games? Or gym and video games?”

Bakugou calculates. Uraraka tends to go to the gym around this time, and this whole avoidance thing won’t work if they keep running into each other. But then he catches her in the corner of his eye heading to the dorms herself–his eyes had a nasty habit of following her of their own accord–and realizes that the gym is the better option after all. He wonders how long he’ll have to tiptoe through his own life before it gets easier.

“Gym first,” Bakugou says. “Maybe video games after.”

“Are you ok, man?” Kirishima asks. “You’re kind of broody today. Like, Todoroki-level broody.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Heh, there’s a Bakugou I know.”

Once they get there, Bakugou makes a beeline for the bikes. Spinning is great cardio, but it’s also one of the few activities that lets Bakugou’s mind wander. As his legs start pedaling, he zones out to think about how this whole Uraraka situation went to shit so fast.

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Let’s Break Down the Riggins Scene - Meta

OK so the new comic has lead a lot of people going to the conclusion that Riggins is a total and complete fucknugget. Relying on the comics is dangerous - fuck’s sake, just look at their Ken characterisation - but are they bringing in something we need to be aware of?

For reasons which are ficcish and shall at the moment remain tangential I’ve gone back through the Dirk - Riggins scene in Season 1 Episode 3 bit by bit to try and properly evaluate their reactions to one another. This is my interpretation, and I would love anyone else to volunteer their suggestions!

Dirk has literally just had his purpose affirmed and the case put on the rails: Todd has finally accepted that he needs to work with and help Dirk, there’s another clue, Amanda and Farah are working together upstairs. All. Is. Amazing!

Dirk camps his way down the stairwell and we see Riggins. In darkness. The music - a sharp, high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalk-board sound - begins. Riggins says “Hello Project Icarus” unemotionally. This is a solider. An army man. A complete contrast to Dirk’s colourful craziness that we, as the audience, have been enjoying. 

Something is wrong.

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BNHA: Chance Meeting

Summary: Shouto looked at him again, this time really looking, and noticed for the first time that the boy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt in All-Might’s colors. He almost wanted to laugh; wouldn’t Father curse at that, seeing an All-Might hoodie in a crowd of people spectating one of his fights.

AU: Meeting As Children

July 5 - Day 1

    Theme: first impressions

    Quote: “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man or woman.” - Arthur Schopenhauer


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Chapter 136

People. People, this chapter was so good!

I can’t really explain why I feel this way. Perhaps there are people out there who will say “But there didn’t happen much in this chapter!” and I will absolutely agree with them. And disagree right in the same breath. Because while we haven’t even switched places or perspectives much, while there hasn’t been a fight or a sudden revelation in this chapter – there was so much in there.

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This is Bakugou’s version! This one is so long omg~Admin K🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


“Move! Everyone, go now!” Bakugou shouted, pushing people out of the way. “Move! ___? ___! Out of my way! ___!” he screamed. ___ was nowhere to be seen. The freakish hybrids were wreaking even more havoc than they had at first. Where in the world was she? Bakugou told himself he had to save her, and fast. If Katsuki could be her hero…it would make up for everything. Every time where he treated others so poorly, or he did something that terrified himself…he could make up for that if he were there for her now.

Because every time he called Deku worthless, or got excessively violent with any of the students, it reminded him of his power. If he could not control his temper, his pride, his ever inflating ego—would he be able to make it? Not just as a hero, but at all? His pride… his stupid pride! Bakugou tortured Deku for years, he made himself out to be better than all of his peers, but was he really? No. Katsuki was terrified with himself. The power, the need for control… if his intense desire for saving others and doing the right thing wavered for even one second—if he questioned the reasons why someone with such a powerful quirk should obey the laws made by those he felt were beneath him, Katsuki would no longer be a hero. He would be a villain with professional hero training.

So even if he had not been so in love with ___, he had to save her and everyone who was there, or at least hold the situation down until the pros could arrive. Bakugou needed to redeem himself from the incident in junior high as well—he had not forgotten about that. He bolted over to them, not worried about the possible repercussions of his actions.

I need to find you. I have to. Find me. Help me find you. ___, I need you here right now.

When the monster hybrids opened their mouths, their fangs dripped with a sickly green venom, and even from 20 meters away, Bakugou could tell that the stench coming from their mouths must have been foul. Even with this in mind, and doing his best to swallow down his own fears, he continued to charge at them with both hands blazing. As he got closer he saw it. The flames around them were not caused by the collapse of anything electrical in the buildings nearby, the flames came from the mouths of the creatures themselves.

“Fantastic,” Bakugou thought sarcastically. “Flames and poison.” Katsuki’s courage never wavered. But when he saw ___ stuck in a corner of the alley, trying to get away, but stay hidden sufficiently so that she would not be noticed, he felt his mind go blank. Just seeing her there, with her mind so preoccupied and her face covered in dirt and grime, panic struck his heart like a lightning bolt. He felt himself slowing down. ___ was a thinker, unlike Bakugou’s usual brashness, and Katsuki felt that he could see the wheels in her head turning like a thousand gears.

Clearly, ___ had to be quick. She had to be stealthy enough not to be noticed, but she also needed the speed and agility not to get caught and taken hostage. She was behind them, flattening herself against the brick wall of the office building that housed the current situation. ___’s hair had come undone, Bakugou could see tears in her sleeve and her stockings, and she had a bleeding gash on the side of her head. They were supposed to meet up in that spot when the explosion first hit, and Katsuki gathered that his beloved girlfriend must have been at the front lines when it occurred. She was not even looking at Bakugou, though he desperately wanted her to.

Look this way, he begged in his thoughts. Look over here. See that I’ve not abandoned you. I’m here. I’m here.

Bakugou’s legs felt like cement, like he could not have moved them even with a crane. The flames in his hands were put out involuntarily, his mind so worried with other things that he could no longer focus on keeping them lit. It became apparent to him quite abruptly that if these things could spit fire, it meant that they were impervious to it. A fat load of good Bakugou would be in this situation. Did they have to breathe fire? When he saw ___ grip her head with what he assumed was pain, he made his decision. If he could not stop them, he could at least get the attention off of ___.

You always liked being the center of the room, ___ would have joked if she had been standing next to him. Now is as good a time as any. What makes now different than normal?

You, Bakugou would have responded. It’s different because of you. I’ve never needed anyone the way I need you. I’ve never loved like this. Any misstep, and I could lose you forever.

“What would ___ do in this situation?” Bakugou asked himself. Of course, ___ being quirkless meant she always used her natural intuition and street smarts. In a situation where explosions would do nothing except more damage to civilians, Bakugou himself was as good as quirkless, and yet…

___ seemed to notice Bakugou quite suddenly. Her eyes said fear, though her body looked prepared for a fight. He more than just loved her for her spirit despite being literally powerless, it was something he admired greatly. He grinned at her from afar, telling her with his eyes not to worry because he would do something to get her to safety. She shook her head fervently, desperate to get him to stay where he was, but Bakugou had made up his mind already; he was going to be a distraction.

Bakugou charged. “I’ll kill you, you creepy bastards!” he screamed to the creatures at the top of his lungs. 

“Wait! Bakugou!” ___ shouted, running out into the open where the hybrids saw her too. Two of them focused on her, and one on him. They lunged at her, and she dove to the side, narrowly avoiding being struck by one of the creatures’ lion paws. In a desperate attempt to focus their attention on him, Bakugou launched a fireball into one of the creatures’ faces, careful of not hitting ___. They roared at him, starting to run his direction. Somewhere in the background of his impending fight, Bakugou heard someone cry out—in some far crevice of his mind, he instinctively knew that it was ___ calling out to him. Bakugou continued to run toward the beasts, who were racing to him as well. He braced himself mentally and physically for battle, and they got close enough to spit their poison at him, which was still several meters away. He noticed it too late, and just as the poison should have hit him, someone landed in front of him with a loud metallic clank!

It took a minute to process that in was in fact ___. The shock of seeing enormous bird wings folding out of his girlfriend’s back was overwhelming. No, not bird wings. They were made of metallic feathers in bronze, copper, and titanium colours, but layered and formed exactly like the wings of an eagle. From tip to tip, they easily measured 3 meters across. They had stopped the poison with ease, protecting the both of them from getting hit. In an instant, she picked up Bakugou by his arms and dropped him a few meters back, standing with him.

“What?!” Bakugou shouted in anger. “You said you were quirkless!”

“I lied!” she screamed back, as the creatures hissed and lunged again. ___ whipped around, and Bakugou could do nothing but stare as razor sharp metal feathers came loose from her wings, firing at the creatures and clipping the hybrids as if ___ had been throwing knives. They howled in pain, ripping the feathers out of their wings, which Bakugou could tell were too injured for them to use, and went to attack ___. Like an expert, ___ skillfully avoided both flames and poison while simultaneously going on the offensive—shooting feathers left and right, very seldomly missing her targets. She twisted, fired, turned and used her wings to shield herself and Bakugou and then started over, all in the time it took for people to blink.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this!” Bakugou shouted, sending fireballs at the faces of the creatures to help fend them off. One of the hybrids snapped at ___, and she jumped, pushing off of the thing’s head like a springboard and shooting into the air, where she continued to fire. Bakugou was pissed. How dare she look so attractive when he was so angry with her?

“I didn’t tell anyone!” She yelled back, barrel rolling into all three creatures and landing next to Bakugou.

“But I’m your boyfriend!” he protested. “You could have at least—duck!” they sprang in opposite directions, avoiding another poison blast before continuing their assault. “You could have at least mentioned it!”

“Can we maybe talk about this later?!” ___ yelled. Bakugou saw her getting tired, losing her balance in the air, and he prayed to every god he could think of that someone would show up quick. Just as ___ narrowly missed a fireball to the face, she lost her balance in the air, and started to fall. She landed in what probably would have broken someone else’s leg and rolled to a stop, coughing from the smoke surrounding them. The creatures, knowing ___ was the bigger threat, dashed to her, reading themselves for a final attack. Bakugou grit his teeth.

Brashness won’t do any good here, he thought quietly. I have to do something. Fire alone won’t help…

And then, like manna from heaven, Bakugou saw high above them a cable holding up a container that easily weighed 100 tons on the other side of the street. The construction that had been going on for two months to build the apartments across the street. Every old cartoon he had ever seen came to mind. The construction crew was going to hate him for this. He sprinted over there and blasted his way up on top of it. He singed the cable halfway, and with his flames as stabilizers, jumped down to the ground beneath it. Bakugou ran forward and shot a tornado of pure heat at the hybrids.

“Hey, you smelly bastards!” Bakugou taunted. “You look like rotten garbage! You guys kiss your mother with that mouth? I bet not even a mother could love something as ugly as you morons!” Apparently, this hit close to home for this guys, because they completely forgot about ___, and Usain Bolt’ed in Bakugou’s direction.


Bakugou rushed back to the far side of the container and waited for them to get closer. They had to be under the container for it to work. Finally, they were close enough with their speed for Bakugou to shoot another flame up at the cable to finish melting it, and it sent the container down three hundred meters and right on top of all 3 freaks.

Before he could celebrate his obviously genius idea, he punched himself mentally. With the amount of force that the container fell, it exploded on impact. If it had been a normal explosion, Katsuki would have been fine—but this was not fire, it was a hailstorm of metal shrapnel that would have thrown him into the wall and cut him like hamburger meat. Would have, if his girlfriend had not already been flying over to get him already. ___ swooped, picked Bakugou up, and they flew off just before the container hit. She landed on a rooftop far from where the danger was.

“Did you see that?” Bakugou shouted excitedly. He punched and kicked the air in front of him a few times with a massive grin on his face. “We totally whooped some reptilian-mammal arse back there!” ___ smiled.

“Yeah, we did,” she said. Bakugou looked at her, still beaming, then frowned as he remembered how angry he was with her. ___’s shoulders slumped and she looked at him sheepishly. “You’re still mad,” she inferred.

“Of course I am! You’ve somehow been hiding…” Bakugou spread his arms out wide, mimicking her wings. “Those from me all this time! I thought we told each other everything. And they’re so kickass! Why would you pretend you’re quirkless?”

“Because having a quirk means people expect you to use it,” ___ said bitterly. “Look at your quirk. When people saw it they said it too didn’t they? ‘Katsuki, you’ll be a great hero someday!’ Well who says I want to be a hero?! Why-why is it so expected of someone with a great quirk that they have to be a hero? Why can’t I be a history teacher, or an actress or whatever I want? Just because of my stupid quirk?”

“But…you could have flown us to school all this time…” Bakugou said stupidly, immediately regretting the words. ___ glared at him. “I’d never thought about it that way before, but you’re right. Being forced into a job because of your quirk, or people expecting you to be something specific because of it—it’s profiling.”

___’s face softened. “Thanks for understanding.”

“Well now you have some questions to answer.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Bakugou touched one of ___’s wings tentatively. The feathers were so detailed, and all of them thin like paper.

“What kind of metal is this?” He asked.

“Think of steel and multiply it to the power of about a thousand.”

“So kind of like vibranium? The thing Captain America has for his shield in the comics?” ___ raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Yeah, if Godzilla’s a gecko,” she answered sarcastically.

“Damn,” Katsuki whispered to himself. “Now I know why I’ve never gotten past first base with you.”

“I can assure that the wings had nothing to do with that.”

“How did you hide them all this time?” He asked, still in awe. ___ turned her back to him and he saw the back of her shirt was ripped where the wings came out of her skin. He watched as she carefully folded them over her back—literally. The wings folded themselves and continued to do so until they were the size of Bakugou’s arm, and then they looked like they melted into her skin once again.

“It wasn’t hard to hide them,” ___ said quietly. Cautiously, Bakugou touched the exposed skin on her back where the wings had gone back and he shivered, noticing how red her skin was from the points the wings emerged from. If the feathers could make such powerful cuts then…

“Does it hurt?” Katsuki asked her. “When they come out?”

“Always,” ___ answered. Katsuki kissed the fingers of his hand and pressed them lightly against the red marks of her skin. It was not like it would heal her, but if he put his lips there now, ___ would get terribly uncomfortable.

___ smiled a bit, but she looked sad. Bakugou embraced her, because he now for the first time, he knew that above all else, she needed him just as much as he needed her.

~Admin K 🎶

Giant: Ch. 12

Tell everybody waiting for Superman
That they should try to hold on the best they can
He hasn’t dropped them, forgot them or anything
It’s just too heavy for a Superman to lift

The longer that Kara worked it over in her head, the more that she realized how Lena got the opinion that she was second in Kara’s life. Never once, did the hero feel like that about Lena, and if anything, she started to see how she actually was a priority in the CEO’s day. The entire conversation from that night burrowed and infected her thoughts, and while the fight came and they moved forward, Kara lingered, mulling such things over repeatedly.

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How To Help Somebody Being Abused

Oh man, there’s an entire section in here on how to help someone being abused and it’s just so good. Please pick up a copy of this book and read at least that section. 

Quick Run Down:

“Your goal is to be the complete opposite of what the abuser is.”

  • Abusers pressure. So don’t pressure her into leaving, standing up to him, calling the police, etc.
  • Abusers talk down. So talk to her as an equal without any condescension.
  • Abusers think they know best. So remember that she’s an expert on her own life and needs.
  • Abusers dominate conversations. So listen more, talk less.
  • Abusers feel entitled to control. So respect her right to make decisions and stick with her even if you disagree with those choices.
  • Abusers think they know best re: children. So remember that she is a competent and loving mother who knows the full context of the decisions she must make.
  • Abusers think for their victims. So think with her. You’re not her hero, you’re a team mate.

Because empowerment and recovery for an abused woman can be a long process, people who want to be there for her tend to go through periods when their patience wears thin. They are tempted to aim their frustration at the woman herself, saying, “Well, if you put such a low value on yourself as to choose to be abused, I can’t keep hanging around, ” or “If you care about him more than you care about your children, you’re as sick as he is.” I understand why you feel irritated, but it doesn’t make sense to put her down. The message you send with such an outburst is that you think she is causing herself to be abused, which is just what the abuser is telling her. And the last thing you want to do is support his message.

Bancroft also reminds the reader that you shouldn’t measure your success in helping her by whether or not she leaves her partner, but rather by “how well you have respected the woman’s right to run her own life—which the abusive man does not do—and how well you have helped her to think of strategies to increase her safety.”


One more word of caution: I observe that many people are eager to find something wrong with an abused woman, because if they can’t, they are confronted with the uncomfortable reality that any woman can be abused. The urge to find fault in her interferes with your ability to help her—and ultimately colludes with the abusive man.

SasuSaku Festival 2017
Days 8 and 14- Protective of Us/ Domestic Disagreement
: It’s Late
Summary: She just found out that he’s leaving again, and this time, she really is tired of being left behind. With their daughter asleep, the Uchiha couple will have to fix things one way or another.
A/N: Prepare yourself for some angst, everyone! You know, this one showed itself to be quite a challenge because I couldn’t really convince myself of a good reason for him to leave again… I personally hate the fact that he had to leave again, so don’t expect any logical explanation for it in this story XD Still, hope you all enjoy it, and please, tell me what you think!
The atmosphere around them was heavy and the silence that was left ever since Sarada went to sleep was simply torturous. They had barely exchanged any words since the kage meeting earlier that day, and now, every time a plate made contact with the sink, they could feel as if they were being stabbed straight to their hearts.

Even if the cold water was running through her delicate fingers, she could feel his burning stare on her back, memorizing her curves, the length of her hair and how she wore the Uchiha crest on her back, as if that was the last time his eyes would be seeing his wife. He was waiting for her to turn so he could see her face and her eyes one last time that night, and most of all, he was waiting for her to say something. To say anything, so he could listen to her voice one, last time before he left.

As always, Sasuke was waiting for her to do something. However, Sakura was not going to do anything. Not this time.

Just as she had foreseen, doing the dishes was not helping her distract her mind from the bomb that had fallen over her head earlier that day. Ever since he had said those words during that official meeting, Sakura hasn’t really been able to focus on anything else. He caught her and everyone else by surprise as soon as he announced his new plans, and even if he tried to sound as professional and as logical as he could, for her, his words only meant one thing:

He was leaving. Again.

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Snape is neither unequivocally good nor bad, and that is what makes him interesting: an analysis

Fan conversations about Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series are very polarized. There are fans who are very sympathetic towards him and others fans who think he is the worst, to put it in simplified terms. I can’t help to think both of these stark sets of opinions are wrong and I really wish fans were more willing to analyze Snape’s role in the overall story (rather than just his individual actions) and what they mean thematically and symbolically. So here we go…

We’re supposed to draw specific parallels between Harry, Snape, and Voldemort. In Deathly Hallows, Harry specifically refers to the three of them as the lost boys of Hogwarts. They all are (1) half-blood wizards with (2) not-so-great home lives (3) who have some particular magical talents (4) who find a place and home at Hogwarts.

Now the connections and similarities between Harry and Tom Riddle have been pointed out explicitly since at least Chamber of Secrets. However, this is also the book where Dumbledore tells us that it is our choices, far more than our abilities, that determine who we are. Snape fitting into the comparison with Harry and Voldemort is only uncovered in the last book, when his full backstory is revealed. Because there is so much going on in that book, including just what’s going on with Snape, this nuance gets overlooked in the analysis of the Harry Potter saga.

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anonymous asked:

Bakushima, who do u think is the spy/traitor/mole??

|| ooc: tbh i just don’t know what to reply because I can’t think of anyone myself. But with all the Kaminari theory I had one idea along with @chibichibisha and I’ll use your question to explain it because it’s related.

In case someone doesn’t know Kaminari is the traitor theory, here it is:

–Part One: http://msleilei.tumblr.com/post/147804297589/have-you-ever-put-any-thought-into-the-traitorspy

–Part Two: http://msleilei.tumblr.com/post/147851899969/the-kaminari-theory-part-2

And once we know Kaminari’s theory, here comes the idea with Kirishima. This is more an AU than a real theory, but I still like the idea so here it goes:

Horikoshi said Eijirou was kind of introduced in chapter 3, today I somehow remembered that I went and checked.

This is the only guy that has a hardening quirk like Eijiro’s, but he doesn’t look like him at all, does he? Where’s our flashy and cheerful sunshine boy and how could that emo-like kid be him? The reason why I think it’s him it’s due to this funny thing he said at Tokoyami’s room.

I remember how we were all joking on edgelord Kirishima after that chapter, but seeing “him” in chapter three made me think a bit further. 

Why did Horikoshi wanted us to notice him when he was so different from who he is now? How could we have guessed it was him without the info from Tokoyami’s room? 

As much as I think about it, emo!Kirishima is just not fitting him. He’s just too cheerful, flashy and happy-happy. Sure he may only like the aesthetic, but what if his true personality was more… antisocial like? What if his outgoing personality was the facade one?

Going back to Eiji’s profile, we also find this:

Kirishima is the perfect friend. He’s someone who gets along with everyone and who’s always there for you. He was first seen only with Kaminari but it doesn’t take long to see his friends with everyone. No one would ever suspect of him because he’s literally an angel. He’s the perfect disguise.

He cared about Midoriya and All Might’s safety first than himself when they first encountered the villains. He’s even friendly with the most difficult kid: Bakugo –and he has some special interest in him he doesn’t have with anyone else. He has the perfect attributes for a hero. He’s such a cinnamon roll… maybe too much. 

He started a rivality/friendship with Katsuki because he admired him –he thought he was “manly”– but why did he team up with Bakugo at first place? It could be possible that Eijiro was the one on charge to look for some potencial villains and Katsuki took his attention. It could also be this why Tomura got interested in him.

Eijiro won’t leave Katsuki’s side since then and always seeked for his attention. He tried his best to be his friend. And, in my opinion he achieved his goal. 

There isn’t one traitor but two: Kaminari and Kirishima with the first as the mastermind. 

But as I can see Denki being two-faced, I can’t say the same from Eijiro. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. And, unconsciently, he really grows an admiration for Bakugou. He cares about him but he doesn’t fully realise.

Kaminari tells him to persuade everyone on rescuing Bakugou and set them a trap. Eijiro already had some doubts and he isn’t that sure of being on the good side anymore, but he proceeds with the plan.

It’s when Izuku says that he’s the key for the succeed that he realises he loves those guys. They weren’t like all the people he had met in the past, they were real friends and they really cared about him /insert dark angst past for our cinnamon here/.

So Kirishima decides to betray the villains and follows Midoriya’s plan to rescue his friend. And he feels free, he feels happy, he feels relieved. He feels alive for the first time in his life: because, even knowing his actions will have fatal consecuences for him, he did what he truly wanted.

But he can’t help to feel bad when Katsuki is nice to him. He can’t –he doesn’t want to– tell anyone. He doesn’t want to tell the truth. He just wants to live the short life he has left before he gets killed or discovered with his beloved friends.

The reason why I think Eijiro won’t be the traitor it’s because it would be bad for Katsuki’s development. Kirishima is his only friend and he has an important role as a future companion. He’s also the one that will make Katsuki be more social and, eventually, more friendly with his classmates as well. 

It’d be counterproductive, so it won’t happen. And, to be honest, I couldn’t stand to know that Eijiro isn’t the pure cinnamon roll we love.

Edit: I’ll edit this tomorrow and add more info, if someone wants to give us some ideas from this theory/au they are totally welcomed!

orcinace  asked:

Omg your last ask about Slytherin made me wonder if you've ever made a post about what Hogwarts houses the Megamind cast would be in (if you talked about this in the past I must have missed it :'D) But anyway. I headcanon Megs as a Ravenclaw and Roxanne as a Slytherin personally, but I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm a huge fan of your work btw, you would not believe my excitement every time I see you post a fic ;u; Thank you for being awesome!

!!! I did respond to someone else about this a long time ago BUT I IN NO WAY PROTEST TALKING ABOUT IT AGAIN :DD (also, thank you for the lovely compliment! <3 )

So! My sorting headcanons:

Megamind is Slytherin.

He is smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, certainly, but I think the most important aspect of his character is the way that he wants things. He wants attention, he wants success, he wants the city, he wants Roxanne.

He wants so badly to be great–even if the only way to be great is to be ‘evil’–if he’s the bad boy, then he’s going to be the baddest boy of them all.

Megamind, for all his intelligence, makes all his really important decisions with his heart, not his head. Slytherins will plan and plot–Megamind can make an evil plot with the best of them–but then his emotions get engaged and he’s liable to throw all his plans away based on his feelings.

Slytherins are like that; Narcissa Malfoy went behind the Dark Lord’s back and lied to his face because she loved her son more than her social standing or her own safety. Regulus threw away his place in the Death Eaters because he cared too much about his house elf. Snape was one of Voldemort’s favorites–a half blood, considered lesser by wizarding society but finally he had the social standing he’d worked so hard for and wanted so desperately–and then Lily was threatened and all of that went right out the window.

Megamind works so hard on his plan to train Titan and give himself the professional rival his ambition craves–but when he has a chance to be with Roxanne instead, he says “I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore”. 

Slytherins fight in a really personal way. It’s not so much “this is wrong” as it is “I HATE YOU PERSONALLY AND SPECIFICALLY” (Megamind’s feud with Metro Man is deeply personal)

He’s also cunning, as Slytherins are–the disguise watch, lying to Roxanne so that he can date her–deception and trickery.

Roxanne is a Ravenclaw. 

She’s so extremely intelligent. The ‘look back’ coded message to Megamind during the fight with Titan; she comes up with that in a split second. 

She figures out Megamind’s idea cloud. The utter brilliance of that moment just–it’s really quite amazing to me. And her breathless excitement at finding the idea cloud, the way she looks at this huge complex riddle and goes “Wow,” in that awed voice–and when she gets home she copies the idea cloud and reassembles it oh my god she reassembles the gigantic idea cloud in her living room and she researches things at the library trying to understand it and she just cannot leave it alone until she figures it out.

Also, she’s the kind of person who gets so distracted by figuring out a mystery that she forgets to change out of her fuzzy slippers and into real shoes; Megamind might be the mad scientist, but Roxanne has the most absent-minded-professor moment in the whole movie–she forgets to put on shoes for god’s sake, forgets because she’s too busy trying to think her way through the riddle of the copper.

Metro Man is a Gryffindor.

Although I do think that he went about his retirement from heroism in the wrong way, changing your life so completely like that does take a lot of courage. Also, the way his childhood bullying behavior is framed by him and by society as heroism, the way he seems to do a lot of it for the adulation and gold stars that it brings him–Gryffindors are like that. They don’t just want to win–they want everyone to say they deserved to win because they’re good people. 

(Whereas you’ll notice Megamind is beyond shocked when people try to thank him after he defeats Titan. He’s not expecting anyone to praise him or thank him or tell him he’s a good person.)

Hal is Slytherin.

He is also motivated by emotions and by the things that he wants. Hal agrees to be the hero because he wants Roxanne and thinks this is the way to get her. When he turns evil, it’s because he’s angry with Roxanne–the fight is personal for Hal. 

And he loves power. A love for power is not intrinsically evil; abuse of power is. Tom Riddle is not evil because he desires power; he’s evil because he uses the power he has to hurt people. Same with Hal. It’s Slytherin–but not evil–that he wants to have power. What is evil is the way he abuses his power.

The way he’s so enraged at being told that he’s just a villain and not a supervillain, that he has no presentation, no style, is very telling: that insult is a denial of the greatness that he desires.

And when Hal is taunting Megamind, he tells him that “no matter which side you’re on, you’re always the loser”–this is an insult that strikes at Megamind’s desire for greatness, too.

That whole exchange is very much, I think, an exchange between Slytherins.

Minion is a Hufflepuff.

He is so hardworking and loyal. After his fight with Megamind, he goes back to the Lair and finishes the Black Mamba for Megamind anyway–the collar wasn’t done when Minion left, so he had to have gone back to finish it. And he’s the one that has to pick up the slack during Titan’s training, when Megamind is so distracted by spending time with Roxanne. 

He’s unselfish and nurturing and supportive–the offers of food, the way he asks Roxanne in such a reasonable tone to scream for Megamind, the way he is so quick to tell her that Megamind is the real hero. 


THOSE ARE MY SORTING HEADCANONS and I hope you enjoyed them! Thank you so much for asking me <3

My entire dash is posting Tony discourse so here’s mine:

+ I didn’t like Cap in Avengers.  I didn’t like Cap in Captain America (whatever his first movie was).  I thought he was boring.  However, Cap is 100% all about getting shit done and he understands that means people dies and maybe he dies and maybe we all die but the man has already literally committed suicide to save people.  It’s not even a little bit shocking that he wouldn’t like Tony when they first met.  Tony rolls onto the scene brash and arrogant as he usually does.  These are things I like about Tony, he’s confrontational and he’s a trouble maker and YES he also is a genius and he has recently dedicated his life to trying to better the world and that’s are admirable but their core personalities still aren’t people that would get along without effort.  This doesn’t make either of them villains.

+ For that matter, they were supposed to have reached a point of mutual respect for their very different but equally important skill sets.  That was the point of the whole final battle (In The Avengers).

+ There’s no telling how many missions they did together as Avengers, or how much time they spent hanging out together.  We don’t get to see them getting along because the MCU doesn’t show us that.  We only get to see them when they’re at odds; maybe that’s because in the MCU Tony and Steve aren’t pals or maybe that’s because Age of Ultron was predominantly a clusterfuck.

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Saviour Todoroki

Warnings: Suicide attempt.

Todoroki was walking home from school. It had been a noisy day as usual in his class. Normal day like always, until now. He was walking past an old, abandoned building. The building was rather high and there was still a fire escape on the side. Todoroki didn’t usually pay attention to the building, but this time something caught his eye. There was a person on the edge of the roof top, just standing there, like they were ready to jump. If they jumped from that hight, they’d die for sure. Todoroki didn’t hesitate, he started to climb up the fire escape to the roof.

You were standing on the edge if the roof. The sidewalk was far beneath you. You had been standing on this same rooftop a few months before, but back then, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t let yourself fall. This time it was different, you had no second thoughts. You took a step forward, but someone took your arm and yanked you back to safety. You had no idea who this stranger was and you didn’t know how to react. Should you thank him or start to scream at him? You did neither, you just sat there, away from the roof’s edge, where he had pulled you. You were lost for words. You had never thought that someone saving you was even a possibility. Nobody cared, after all.

Todoroki was relieved. He had managed to grab your hand just in time. He watched as you sat there. He didn’t know if he should say anything to you. Was there anything appropriate to say in a situation like this? He didn’t know what to do, so he sat down. Even if he couldn’t say anything to you he could make sure you didn’t try it again right away.

“Why are you here?”, you whispered.

“I was passing by and saw you. I wanted to stop you from jumping is all.”, Todoroki explained.

“You don’t even know me. Why would you help a total stranger?”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a stranger if I can do something to save someone’s life I’ll do it. I don’t want people dying if I can do something about it.”

“Sounds nice, I just wish more people cared.”, you sighted.

“Just common courtesy to help people.”

You ended up telling him about all the shit that was going on. He just listened. He didn’t tell you to “think positive” or “just get over it” he just listened your rambling. When you were done you felt just a tiny bit better. Talking really does help.

“I’m a total stranger. Why would you tell all this stuff to me?” he asked, copying you from before.

“I don’t know. You just seem trustworthy I guess.”

“Can I walk you home?”, Todoroki asked, he wanted to make sure you wouldn’t try anything, again.

“That was a fast change of topic, but why not. What’s your name by the way?” you asked.

“Todoroki Shouto. What’s yours?”

“(Full name). Nice to meet you Todoroki.”

“Nice to meet you too (Last name).”

Arya: Badass, but Traumatized

Whether it’s the opening scene in the latest Game Of Thrones episode, or Arya killing Walder Frey and Meryn Trant, any scene that features Arya Stark killing a ‘bad guy’ will garner much discussion. Whilst I don’t intend for this to be a show meta, I’ll also mention the books and hopefully give more insight about how trauma works in relation to killing.

Killing someone, let alone a group of people- will be traumatic. Especially if you are doing it out of ‘vengeance’ (meaning that you are acting because of a trauma- Arya’s traumatized by the Red Wedding, and later on she engages in a traumatic activity, killing people.) A moment in A Storm Of Swords, Arya kills The Tickler. There’s no triumphant music in the background. Just Arya stabbing The Tickler.

The Tickler backed away. Arya could smell his fear. The shortsword in his hand suddenly seemed almost a toy against the long blade the Hound was holding, and he wasn’t armored either. He moved swiftly, light on his feet, never taking his eyes off Sandor Clegane. It was the easiest thing in the world for Arya to step up behind him and stab him. “Is there gold hidden in the village?” she shouted as she drove the blade up through his back. “Is there silver? Gems?” She stabbed twice more. “Is there food? Where is Lord Beric?” She was on top of him by then, still stabbing. “Where did he go? How many men were with him? How many knights? How many bowmen? How many, how many, how many, how many, how many, how many? Is there gold in the village?” Her hands were red and sticky when Sandor dragged her off him. “Enough,” was all he said. He was bleeding like a butchered pig himself, and dragging one leg when he walked.

(ASOS, Chapter 74)

She had to be stopped by Sandor. When I think of this moment- I think of just how traumatized Arya has been by Harrenhal. I also think about how The Tickler was evil and doesn’t deserve my sympathies. But taking a human life- even if they deserve it (which is a discussion for another time) will leave a trauma. Killing is traumatic. Arya is certainly feeling trauma from this.

Any experience with death, torture, dehumanisation, abuse is traumatizing. It impacts on you. And I think it’s impacted on Arya, she is traumatized. At the end of the day, I’d rather a traumatized Arya (ASOIAF Arya) than a Lady Stoneheart / Show! Arya mashup. My problem with how Arya is written and fandom reception of her is that its just so unsatisfying. You’ve got people who will acclaim Arya- and by all means, if you think she’s a badass, fine. Yet it’s possible to be a ~badass~ and have trauma. What makes Arya a badass is her resillience, her kindness and caring nature, her strength, her nature to stand up for people and her quick wit. I think advocating for justice is badass but it can also be traumatizing- because usually, those advocating for justice have been through traumatic experiences.

But what if the person you are killing deserves it? What if you are making the world a better place by getting rid of them?

That’s what soldiers in war throughout history has faced. And you can’t treat PTSD by saying ‘oh my god you were such a badass slaying those evil people!’ My point: all this discussion about how badass Arya is, doesn’t change the fact that she’s someone who is already traumatized and is about to enter more situations that feel traumatic. I wish we could actually discuss the mental health of Arya Stark without it being screamed down my throat that she’s a ‘badass’. Badasses can have mental illness, everyone.

Morality? Is it right to kill your abuser? It is right to kill a murderer? That may justify the morality of the act, but it doesn’t take away from the trauma of the act. If a character can coldly kill someone without much reflection or reaction- that is truely frightening and scary (think Joffrey coolly giving the order to execute Ned). I’m not angry for Game Of Thrones giving as a shot of Arya smiling- what I’m angry about is them framing this opening scene as something we should actively encourage. 

If Arya is put into situations where all she can do is kill and fight…. then frankly, that’s depressing. She should be put in situations where she has choices, surrounded by people who love and validate her. Her ‘list’ is worrying not because Arya’s morality is in danger, but her safety would be.

Arya is a badass who is traumatized. Those two terms aren’t mutually exclusive. It seems whenever someone talks about Arya & Trauma- people will either minimize it or mention that she’s a badass. If people talk about Arya & Badass Heroics, people will say that she can’t be a hero or even a good person because she’s so traumatized. Such binaries do not do Arya any favours as a character.